Belzona Emergency Leak Repairs - Method Statement

September 12, 2017 | Author: Faiz Ahmed Ibrahim | Category: Leak, Pipe (Fluid Conveyance), Wear, Building Engineering, Industrial Processes
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Method Statement for Belzona Emergency Leak Repairs in Metal/Plastic Pipes 1. General: This method statement is for carrying out emergency leak repairs using Belzona Products. 2. Common Problems: Common causes of fluid leakage from pipes are as follows: i) Mechanical Damage ii) Wear due to fretting iii) Erosion – corrosion iv) Frost Damage 3. Set-up: Belzona Product selection and application technique should be made based upon the time available for the work to be carried out, the system pressure and temperature and the consideration of the chemicals present. a) Low pressure pipe repairs (below 7 bar) In this case the repairs are possible using a combination of a selected Belzona Product (refer the Belzona Product Comparison table below) and Belzona 9341 (Reinforcement Tape) b) High pressure pipe repairs (above 7 bar) In this case Belzona material* is used in conjunction with a suitable reinforcement patch, which can be fabricated from the similar material to the damaged substrate.

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4. Surface Preparation: a) Wash down the area to be repaired with a suitable cleaner/degreaser to remove all dirt, grease and other contaminants. b) Roughen the area in the best manner possible. c) As a general rule, the less effective the preparation the larger the prepared area should be thus increasing the bond area in order to compensate for the lack of prepared surface profile. 5. In case of LIVE leakages: a) For sealing repairs using Belzona products, it is ideal to isolate and drain the pipeline and then carry out the repairs as described below. b) In cases where complete drainage is not possible and liquids are flowing from damaged areas, stem the flow by caulking or peening. Where there is a definite hole, then wooden or metallic bungs should be used. c) Alternatively, stem the flow by mixing Belzona 1291 (ES Metal) and when semi-cured force it into the damaged area and apply pressure until it hardens.

d) This is best achieved by using Belzona Tourniquet. Peel away the Velcro fastener and unroll the rubber strip. e) Whilst pressing the inward curving end of the rubber strip onto the Belzona 1291 applied, stretch the Tourniquet tightly around the repair ensuring each wrap overlaps approximately half way over the previous wrap. Secure the Velcro end. f) After approximately one hour remove the Tourniquet and then secure the repair by one of the following two methods –

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6. Belzona Reinforced Repair: a) Apply masking tape to clearly mark the edge of the length to be repaired b) Apply a thin layer of mixed Belzona Material* to the prepared area pushing the material well into the damaged area. c) Wet out a length of Belzona 9341 (Reinforcement Tape) with the mixed Belzona Material. d) The length of Belzona 9341 must be at least twice the pipe circumference. e) Apply the tape coated side down, to the repair, and wrap firmly around the pipe until the Belzona material is forced through the outer surface. f) Apply further layer of Belzona Material on top to completely cover the Belzona 9341 tape and finish off the repair. g) Remove the masking tape and allow curing as per the Product Specification Sheet.


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7. Belzona Patch Repair: a) Mix and apply a layer of Belzona material* to the damaged area as well as the reinforcement patch. b) Apply excess material in the centre of the patch forming a peak. c) Push the patch into position over the damaged pipe surface ensuring no air entrapment. d) Clean off the excess material overflowing from the edges. e) Allow curing as per Product Specification Sheet.


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8. *Belzona Products Comparison: PRODUCT







Very Good

25 minutes




4 minutes




25 minutes

Belzona 1111 Belzona 1221 Belzona 1831

9. Choosing the right Belzona Product: SYSTEM BELZONA 1111 REQUIREMENT General pipe repairs  Emergency pipe repairs Surface tolerant repairs



 

10. Enclosed Documents: a) b) c) d) e) f)

Belzona 1111 Product Flyer Belzona 1111 Product Specification Sheet (PSS) Belzona 1221 Product Flyer Belzona 1221 PSS Belzona 1831 Product Flyer Belzona 1831 PSS

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