Beginner Jinn Master Instructions

August 4, 2017 | Author: jmcb | Category: Jinn, Karma, Religion And Belief
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BEGINNER JINN MASTER INSTRUCTIONS Welcome to the wonder and magik of Mastering Jinn. If you have no knowledge of the jinn in any way, or you have researched the jinn online I highly recommend that you read our ebook from the Al-Fulani family, as it covers the truth about jinn and will clear up any misconceptions you might have due to the abundance of fictional writings about jinn. Being a Jinn Master is not to be taken lightly; these are real beings, with long standing historical documentation of their existence and interactions with humans. This is not a fantasy game, or a simple get rich quick lucky charm. Mastering a jinni requires understanding of their nature, a grasp of metaphysical laws, faith, and patience. To say that all of your troubles will immediately disappear upon owning a jinni is not accurate. To say that all of your troubles can now be handled in ways that you benefit from them is a fact. The greatest factor of receiving the best from your jinn is… YOU! “I JUST RECEIVED MY JINNI, NOW WHAT?” The first act in the process of being a Jinn Master is to bond with your jinni or invoke it to introduce yourself and establish the relationship. Before I describe exactly how to do this, I want to explain why your item is bound to jewelry and a little about the different ways you will experience different seller’s jinn. In Islam-associated mythology, the jinn were said to be controllable by magically binding them to objects, as Suleiman (King Solomon) most famously did; the Spirit of the Lamp in the story of Aladdin was such a jinni, bound to an oil lamp. Many Master Jinn Conjurers as a group found it wise to stop using the easily identifiable oil lamps, as they were greatly sought out by thieves, as a symbol of the owners wealth, and many masters were killed and robbed blind, as the thieves discovered the old spells that required summoning the jinn by rubbing

the lamp, left the master at great risk, if others stole the lamps. Presently most jinn are now bound to ornate objects, but also they are bound to ordinary objects to prevent their discovery. As the internet has greatly led to the spread of conjurations and spells for sale, it became necessary to create more secure ways of uniting the jinn and master. In addition many Master Jinn Conjurers now use spells called “open” binding, which no longer require the jinni item to be rubbed to summon the jinni. A jinni can be bound to the item, and is available to its master usually after bonding with the item, (not the jinni), the items are spell cast with a special ingredient that bonds the jinni in servitude to the master that spends the most time with the item touching it. In general, this item bonding takes 24 – 48 hrs, however in our own auctions we recommend 3 days to bond. The jinni cannot be lost, or escape, unless it is released by the conjuring family. To bond; you need to wear or touch the item daily and this needs to happen for at least three days in order for the spirit marker to transfer the jinni to you. This allows the "spell of bonding" on the item, to infuse you with a spirit marker, like a name tag, the jinni then unites with the marker and bonds to you from that point on, regardless of whether you wear or touch the item any more or not. We recommend that you continue to use the item as a representation of your jinni, because until you are used to and comfortable with dealing with invisible beings, it helps your brain have something to grasp on to while learning to interact. The marker is not transferable to others so if you loose the item you do not loose the jinni, unless it happens before the three days of bonding. Avoid letting others touch the item during the first three days of bonding. If you loose the item before the bonding has taken place, contact us immediately, so we can attempt to recall the jinni and rebind it for you. The fact is, that although you are now the master, unless you did the actual conjuration and initial binding of the jinni yourself, your jinni can be located and found by the original Master Binder, in this case, The Al-Fulani Family. This is why it is imperative to trust the seller you use and to never give your jinni information (name) to anyone else, as they might be phishing for your jinn identity in order to steal the jinni, replace it with an evil lesser spirit and resell your jinn. Beware of sellers offering to do “activation” spells to help you experience a real “manifestation”. What you might be experiencing is a lower level demon and trouble will always follow.

Ok, now just to summarize, the first thing you do when you receive your jinni, is start the bonding process, by wearing or touching your item for three days. The bonding will unite the jinni with you personally so you can never loose the jinni, even if you loose the item. Note: we understand that others in your home may open your mail, or due to excitement touch your item as soon as you receive it. Avoid this, however do not fret, if it occurs once or twice when you first get the item. That is why the bonding takes 3 days, to allow for consentient connection so the marker is set correctly. It takes the time of three days to bond, it does not bond upon the first person who touches it., but upon the one person who touches it the most in the first three days.

“HOW DO I ACTIVATE THE JINN?” Unless otherwise stated in your auction, the item bonding process “is” your activation. Once you have bonded with your jinni, it is activated and you can begin interaction and wishing from that point on. There is nothing more that needs to be done. You do not have to ring a bell, say a chant, or do a ritual. However, if you buy a jinni from other’s their bindings may not be “open binding” and you should always follow the instructions offered by that seller. Note: We do offer an extensive ritual with some of our jinn as it helps the buyer “feel” or experience the bonding process better. It is dependant on the personality of the jinni, and the experience level of the buyer. I never charge for the jinn ritual and I will offer it upon request to anyone who wants it. HOWEVER, IT IS EXTENSIVE, AND BEST USED BY THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND MAGIK. I simply cannot take the time or exhaustive effort to teach each single person from step one to step one hundred. You need to know how to meditate, you need to understand the laws of metaphysics, and you need to have some level of spiritual belief, to use the ritual effectively. Again, I emphasize, it is NOT required to activate your jinni! It only serves as an emotional aid for the buyer to help them “feel” or experience the bonding process.

“HOW DO I MAKE A WISH?” In order to make a wish that WILL come true, you need a strong understanding of the law of attraction. I highly recommend that you read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, you can locate her works by visiting The laws of attraction are the foundation in the making of a wish, whether wishing on a falling star, a birthday candle, or a jinni. Your wishes come true because of the law of attraction. Therefore understanding it, is IMPORTANT! If you do not learn the law of attraction, your wishes WILL NOT WORK! IT’S THAT IMPORTANT! Now, wording your wishes is also important. Mischievous genies will take advantage of poorly worded wishes. Many stories about genies tend to follow the same vein as the famous theme of "be careful what you wish for"; in these stories, wishes can have disastrous, horrific, and sometimes fatal consequences. Often, the genie causes harm to the loved ones or innocent people surrounding the wisher, making others pay for its master's greed or ignorance. Exploiting loopholes or twisting interpretations of wishes is a classic trait amongst genies in Western fiction. For example, in one episode of The Twilight Zone, a poor shopkeeper who finds a genie wishes to become a leader of a great nation - and is transformed into Adolf Hitler at the very end of World War II. Often, these stories end with the genie's master wishing to have never found the genie, all his previous wishes never to have happened, or a similar wish to cancel all the fouled wishes that have come before. However, the reality of wishing with an Islamic Jinn is mush easier and safer! The believer jinn, Islamic Jinn, are bound by a covenant to Allah, that they will serve Allah through good and honest service to us. You should always know if the jinni you want or do own is a believer or not. If the seller can’t tell you straight forward, then reconsider your decision. Wording your wish is based on a few principals of physics. First, there are multiple dimensions in space, time, and reality. I cover this more in my other ebooks about manifestations; however, for this purpose let’s keep it simple.

Jinn exist in a different realm or time than we do, therefore it is important to express to your jinn “when” you want a result. By stating, “in my present time” you are communicating to the jinni to bring the results to you in your realm or your time frames. So, always be clear to the jinni that you wish to see the results in your present time. Otherwise, your wish might be put into action in the jinni’s time or realm, and the domino effects of its results are not seen in your reality for 6 months or longer. Next, consider your wishes carefully. Don’t think haphazardly about achieving something, without considering how actually having it will change your life, and the lives of others, as we are all interconnected. What you do will affect others and you will be responsible for the karmic affects of your actions. Always consider your motives! Always consider all possible outcomes! Next, be specific! State clearly what you want. Generalities, lead to the need for the jinni to read your true intensions. Which may result in something completely different that you expected. For instance, if you ask for more money and to be out of debt. You might have been expecting to get a raise or win the lottery, but the jinni can easily interpret that the end result will best be served by causing you to loose your job, have to file bankruptcy to become free from the debt, loose your over priced home to get out from under the stress of the mortgage, and end up living on a smaller income, but have more of your income free, thus you now have more money! I am not joking! I have seen it many times! People are vague with the wishes, and it seems their life starts to suddenly fall apart, their money situations get drastically worse, then they come crying to me, saying this jinni does not really exist, or it cursed them. All of which is not the case! They are experiencing the manifestation of a poorly worded wish! Also, they attracted this into their lives with their karma and mental attitude. (PMA) Read more about PMA in our ebook titled “When Dragon’s Speak”. So, the foundations of making a wish are this: 1) Learn about the laws of attraction! FIRST 2) Consider how the wish will affect your life and karma 3) Be specific

4) Write the wish down and reword it until it reflects exactly what you expect to receive 5) Make sure you state the wish in a time frame. 6) Keep your PMA in check 7) Be realistic! 8) Start small as your wish’s difficulty will succeed dependant upon your faith 9) Learn to recognize the results, as they often appear as opportunities not puffs of smoke. 10) Never doubt! Never Doubt! NEVER DOUBT! DOUBT is the kill switch for all positive energy. It literally erases your wish and prevents you from experiencing the jinni at all!

“HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO MANIFEST?” It completely 100% depends on the above! How you wished and the efforts you put into believing! A manifestation requires a grand effort on our part to supply the positive energy that puts the law of attraction in to action. I can say I have seen wishes come true before the first night after bonding started! I can also say I have seen many wish remain unanswered! Much like a prayer, it has more to do with you than god! “WHAT WILL A MANIFESTATION LOOK LIKE?” Okay. Now we are going to clearly explain that the word manifestation has more than one meaning! A manifestation is a perceptible, outward, or visible expression of the being. This means that a manifestation is the evidence or results of a wish, either good or bad; as well as, the paranormal phenomenon of materialization. This means to be experienced or perceived as evidence of its existence.

To manifest a wish: to experience the granting of your wish. Manifestation as evidence of a result is the circumstance or outcome of a situation that lends to confirm the wish. Example: wish for a better job = you finding yourself laid off which leads to you searching online for jobs, and applying for an obscure position that you would have never thought of before, which leads to you interviewing, and being offered a different job than the one you applied for that is better suited for your talents and “poof ” your wish is granted! It took three months from the time you wished to the first day of your new job, the three month period was your manifestation. To manifest as a being: Appear in a paranormal way. Manifestation as a paranormal materialization can happen anytime with or without warning! Example: The “thought” that occurred in your mind telling you to apply for that obscure job position, is a manifestation materialized, through telepathy. Your manifestation can look like literally anything. Therefore it is important to not disregard things that occur as circumstance, as the jinni will often work with circumstance to create your desires! Be willing to open the eyes of your heart and learn to recognize a manifestation or a miracle can be tiny or grand! But both are important to the end result. Materialization can be many different experiences, from telepathy, to vivid dreams, to audible experiences, to visions. This topic is just too vast to cover here. We offer an in depth ebook about how to experience manifestations. I highly recommend that you read it, as it also covers the known and unknown blockages of manifestations! If you have a birthmark, you need to read it right away! Priceless information on the exact ways a jinni communicates what those manifestations look like and how to experience them! Look for the ebook titled, “When Dragons Speak”.

“HOW DO I KNOW THE JINNI IS REALLY THERE?” Read our ebook titled: “Knowing is Next” How do you know God is really there? You don’t! You must decide to believe. You must consider any evidence, testimony, internal reactions, and personal experiences then DECIDE TO BELIEVE! This is not something anyone can do for you. You must do it for yourself! If you seek… you will find! If you choose or decide not to believe, you WILL NOT find. Only in very rare cases, have I seen a jinni go out of its way to prove to a non believer its existence with a physical materialization or manifestation. In these VERY RARE cases, the non believer, was emotionally overwhelmed, and experienced a life changing event that led to their opus, (greatest work). In most cases, our destinies are not so grand that we required a spiritual awakening in order to be brought on path to our calling. Therefore, if you choose not to believe I PROMISE you will get what you give. NOTHING! If you find a seller who has a “technique or trick” to test your items, beware. I know that confirmation of the existence is deeply sought after, but, in reality the lack of it does not “prove” the lack of the existence of your djinn. There are too many variables that can interfere with any form of test, to be able to rely on it as proof of a spirit being there, or in some cases not being there. If any such reliable proof of their existence were possible then an expose’ on all national news stations would be globally launching headlines: “PROOF OF GOD NOW EXSIST” or perhaps they might read, “TEST REVEALS PROOF: GHOSTS ARE REAL”. The sellers that have these “Tests” using oils, mirrors, or smoke are misleading people and creating great doubt. They are actually defeating the ability for you to believe or experience. DOUBT = Fear and they both block our ability to see through the veil to the otherside.

If you used a “test” to determine if an item has a spirit on it, and the item failed the test, IT DOES NOT PROVE THE ITEM HAS NO SPIRIT! It only proves that you were unable to perceive the spirit at that specific moment. Spirits are difficult to contact even by the experts at times. Even on TV the “Ghost Hunters” show their advanced technology can miss the presence of a spirit, even when they are certain one is there. That is why they often desire to go back and try again at a later date. If their “tests” sometimes fail, what makes you think a silly mirror is 100% accurate? It is disturbing to think that any effort by an authentic seller would be promoting doubt. Never DOUBT! NEVER DOUBT! Even if your “Test” fails, NEVER DOUBT! It might not be the real reason you are not getting a result. There is a power within you to create and survive, that power is the energy that the universe was created from, when you Doubt or Fear, you diminish that energy and this can lead to poor immune systems, mental confusion, and spiritual imbalance. PLEASE! Do not allow any seller to create even a seed of DOUBT in you ever, for any reason! Your ability to believe is your key to the kingdom of ABUNDANCE!

“I NEED HELP RIGHT NOW! WHAT CAN I DO?” I hear this often. It concerns me because, the law of attraction does not play favorites, and a physical law cannot change for anyone. Therefore, the answer to this question is exact and true, but the reality that people will DO what is required is not likely. IF YOU NEED HELP RIGHT NOW YOU MUST DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE YOUR PATH! You got to this place by the path you chose by making bad decisions or by not making decisions and allowing yourself to go blindly steering you astray. Either way, it is a result of what you attracted into your life. There is one way to fix it!

TURN AROUND! Change! LEAVE YOUR OLD WAYS BEHIND! STOP DOING OR NOT DOING WHAT GOT YOU HERE! You must start attracting the positive energy in order to receive the positive results! A CHANGE IN PMA IS REQUIRED! MAKE A CHANGE! I know that is scary, but it is the only way! Everything else you try WILL FAIL! You can’t wish away karma! But you can CHANGE IT! You did not get into this situation overnight; it will not go away overnight! But you can stop the stress it creates in your life RIGHT NOW! By recognizing that by changing you are now working hard to improve the outcome, you can recover! We always recover, We can Survive! We can OVER COME! WE CAN CHANGE! WE CAN HAVE A BETTER LIFE! Does that mean if you believe in the power of the law of attraction and wish that your jinni help you change that you won’t have to face the consequences of your actions? NO! It means that you will receive help! Peace of Mind! Strength! Power to Carry On! Insight! Instruction! Opportunity to Turn this Bad Situation INTO A GOOD ONE! And this will make it seem easy, and even bring a great end result from the entire thing! HAVE FAITH! YOU ARE NOT READING THIS BY ACCIDENT! THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL! MAKE THE CHANGES!


“DOES IT NEED CHARGING?” NO. Your jinn item is not spell cast to require charging! Your jinni draws its energy from the universe, and you. If you are not getting the results you wanted, then I suggest RECHARGING YOUR BELIEFS! Get connected with others who believe, recharge yourself by being near other positive people! READ INSPIRATIONAL AND MOTIVATION MATERIALS! FEED YOUR OWN SPIRIT WITH POSITIVE CHARGED ENERGY! YOU are the secret to the jinn’s ability to serve you! Charge Yourself! PMA! “HOW DO I CARE FOR THE JINNI ITEM?” The jinni item requires care based on its composition. This means if it is jewelry then treat and care for it according to the standards of care for jewelry. All .925 Sterling Silver can be resized and resizing will not affect the jinni once it has bonded to you. Therefore do not resize until after the bonding is completed on the third day. If it is not .925 or it is coated with a protective seal like Rhodium resizing is not recommended however please check with your local jewelry store for advice. Jewelers use different techniques and compounds to create effects and styles in making of jewelry. It is always best to avoid water that is treated with chemicals, like swimming pools, and spas. It is preferred to avoid showering with the item as the chemicals and solvents in shampoo and body wash can loosen the gemstones and corrode the finishes. Also avoid hairspray, hair gels, and other hair styling products. You can clean your item safely by using a silver cleaner or jewelry cleaner or buffing polishing cloth. .925 Sterling Silver that is not treated with the protective Rhodium coating WILL TARNISH and require cleaning! If you see the item pic is different coloring than when you received it, CLEAN IT! It tarnished and we can’t control that process.

A safe trick that you can use to clean .925 sterling silver is to clean it with tooth paste, (non-whitening) and rinse with warm water. Avoid using Whitening toothpaste as it contains sand (silica) to clean your teeth and it is abrasive and will scratch your finish.

“CAN I WISH FOR ANYTHING?” Yes, you can! Whether or not you receive it is completely dependant on the information we covered earlier. I cannot emphasize this enough! Be responsible! You will reap what you sow! “CAN I WISH FOR OTHERS TO RECEIVE?” Absolutely! In fact, the energy we put forth for others is usually quite a bit stronger than the energy we use for ourselves. Thus, the results are better, and we receive karmic benefits from the action of putting others first, this makes the positive energy that is used to answer our own wishes much stronger! Wish for others, realistically, can cause your own wishes to come true faster! Keep the focus on others though! If you do for others with the expectation of receiving for yourself, your motive was “self ” and it nullifies the karma. Pure hearts create pure energy!

“CAN BAD THINGS HAPPEN IF I WISH WRONG?” Yes, we gave examples of how this can happen earlier. But, if the end result of a bad experience is that you grow spiritually or benefit by helping others through your experiences, isn’t that even better? My point is be wise, but never shy away from hardships they are the keys to your success!


I hear this often! I have to keep the actual way it occurs for us secret, only because, it requires the skill levels of a grand master of jinn, and we ourselves do not even have the ability, we are present when it occurs to document and support Ra’id Al-Fulani, as it is extremely dangerous, both physically and spiritually. The likelihood of your item breaking out in flames is rare and not likely to occur. None of my personal jinn have ever manifested in flames for me on my own. Thankfully! It is perfectly okay with me to experience my jinn the more traditional way. I can’t promise that it will never happen to you. But, the chances are slim. Do not be disappointed! You can be certain that if a paranormal experience as powerful as flame manifestation ever occurred to you without the spiritual preparations that these grand masters go through, you would probably be struck by the power of it and have the results that many others have had. The risk of jinn possession is real. In several historical spiritual and biblical accounts of those who experienced such powerful manifestations without preparations, physical side effects occurred like blindness, muteness, and death. Two famous examples included Moses as a Sheppard, and Saul who became St. Paul in the Christian Bible. “IS THERE ANYTHING I SHOULD AVOID?” Avoid DOUBT! Avoid any negative energy or thoughts like uncertainty, fear, worry, concern, stress, anxiety, depression, poor PMA, and DOUBT! These are the death of positive energy which completely blocks you ever experiencing your jinni, its manifestations, and your blessings!

“DO I NEED TO FEED MY JINNI?” It is completely up to you. The jinn do eat! They are more than capable of taking care of themselves! To share a meal or feed your jinn is to encourage a

stronger bond between you, increasing your beliefs and faith, and promoting a quicker result. What do you feed a jinni? Anything you like! They will feast on the spiritual energy of the efforts and intension you are creating. In essence they are feeding on the love you’re creating for them by doing such a kind thing. How do you feed a jinni? You cook or prepare the kosher food, serve it at night, and leave it untouched, in the morning you dispose of the food. Do NOT eat it yourself! Your food offering is a sacrifice a gift, you cannot partake of it. If you want to share a meal, prepare it, set aside what you offer to the jinni, eat your portion, and discard of theirs in the morning. Take into consideration that BEIEVER JINN can only partake of Kosher foods! Therefore, be careful what you serve. We now offer a special kosher prepared food for jinn, available in our store! If you are unsure about what or how to prepare jinn food, please use this GENIE FOOD that we offer as it will save you time and effort and bring fantastic results, as the jinn love the flavors and they are traditional Arabic and Islamic Spices which will please the jinn. This usually leads to a more responsive jinni and seeing the genie food gone after a feeding certainly helps your faith. Stronger faith leads to faster and stronger manifestations of your jinni. It is good for you and the jinn! Now, I am certain that you will have more questions. We offer several very good ebooks that cover most topics that you will want to know about. Please see the ebooks in our ebay store: Jat-jinn. If you find you need help or have questions we have not addressed, please contact me, as I will always be more than willing to help. It is very important that you enjoy this experience, so please try to relax, educate yourself, and always be grateful for what you have, as these are the ways to greatness! Blessings! JinnAndTonics Contact Us via email: [email protected] Visit Our Outlet Store:

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