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• Minky/Fleece Plain Fabric (~15 x 9 in) • Patterned Cotton Fabric (~9x10 in) • Felt (2 scrap pieces needed) • 1 Pair 9mm Safety Eyes • Pen, Chalk, or Similar • Polypellets or Weighted Beads • Stuffing • Scissors • Sewing Needle/Sewing Machine • Thread in Matching Colors

Intermediate This plush is rather quick and easy to make. However, it will require a comfortable knowledge of plush sewing. Specific techniques used include sewing opposing curves, top stitching, stitching in the ditch, and minor hand sewing.

Important Notices

Size Your finished bat will be approximately 6 inches long (including ears), 2.5 inches wide, and have a 12 inch wing span. Pattern © 2013, BeeZeeArt All Rights Reserved

You are free to sell items created with this pattern provided that you credit the pattern to BeeZeeArt. A link back to my site ( is appreciated when possible. You may not, under any circumstances, redistribute, sell, or otherwise claim this pattern, including associated photos, as your own.

Getting Started - Printing These patterns are sized for 8.5x11 letter sized paper. When printing this pattern, print actual size. Do not scale to fit. If you get a notice saying some clipping may occur, simply ignore it. TIP: For sturdy pattern pieces, print on cardstock. Cover the back of the paper with duct tape and cut the pattern out as you normally would. Your pattern pieces will be thick enough to trace easily while also being resilient to water damage and tearing.

Scaling your Pattern If you would like to scale your pattern, you can do so quickly and easily using Adobe Reader which is a free program. You will need to increase the size and amount of materials to compensate. Click on the “Poster” box. Enter the scale you would like. 100% will print it at the normal size, 200% will double the size. Overlap will determine how much each tile overlaps the ones nest to it. Enter 0 for no overlap. Selecting Cut Marks will add guides to each page to help trim the overlap. Selecting labels will add a file name and page number to each page printer to help arrange pages in the correct order. Before printing, double check to make sure you are only printing the pattern in this manner and not the entire set of instructions. If you are currently viewing the pattern, select “current page”. Otherwise, you can manually select the page you would like. Generally, this is page 3.

Pattern © 2013, BeeZeeArt All Rights Reserved

1. Trace and cut all pieces. Align 2 each pieces (1

patterned and one plain), pin, and sew them together. Leave the bottom open to turn right side out. After turning them, you may wish to iron them flat.

2. Fold the ears pieces in half. Insert them into the slits int he head piecs. Assure they are facing the right way. Sew them in place.

3. Sew the dart in the bottom of the head gusset. Align and 4. Insert the safety eyes. Stuff the head and set it aside. pin the gusset along the side of the head. Be sure the ear isn’t caught in the seam. Sew the gusset to the side of the head. Repeat for the other side of the head. Sew the bottom of the two head pieces together, leaving space to turn. Pattern © 2013, BeeZeeArt All Rights Reserved

Fold your front body piece in half and sew the dart. Pin the patterned wing pieces to the sides of the front piece. Sew them in place.

5. The back piece has 3 darts. It may be easier to assign

6. Pin the plain wings to the edges of the back and sew

7. Lay the two sides of your bat together, right sides in,

8. To separate your wings from the body, you will need

them points and labels. Fold so points B to D meet and sew from C to B-D. Repeat for point E to D-F. Then fold the entire back piece in half so points A and G meet. Sew from the B-D-F point to A-G.

and pin them together. Sew around the edge, leaving the neck open. Turn your bat right side out when finished.

Pattern © 2013, BeeZeeArt All Rights Reserved

them together, similar to the front piece. Place your feet along the bottom of this back piece. Pin them in place.

to use a technique called “stitching in the ditch.” Line up the wing seams on the back and front. Then sew along the seams. Your stitch should be directly in the middle (or ditch) of the two seams.

9. To add detail to your wings, top stitch approximately

10. Place the head on top of the body. Using a ladder

11. You can leave your ears as they are, or perk them

12. You’re done! Enjoy your bat :)

where the dashed lines are on the pattern. When you are finished, fill the body cavity of the bat approximately half full of pellets. Then stuff the rest with stuffing.

up to point more forward. Pull the inner edge of the ear up agaist the side/top of the head. Pin in place. Then make a few stitches to connect the side of the ear to the side of the head. Pattern © 2013, BeeZeeArt All Rights Reserved

stitch, sew around the neck to attach it to the body.

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