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March 3, 2019 | Author: Sese Seko | Category: Mantra, Devi, Chakra, Kali, Meditation
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Some seed "beeja" mantras...


Beeja mantras Beeja Mantras  or Seed-Mantra-s are the "seed" sounds associated with different aspects of Universal Manifestation. A few Beeja Mantras  associated with Deities. Beej-Mantras are also associated with Mahabhutas  (Gross Elements) areas of one!s od# etc. Each of these $i%a Mantras is the perfect sound representation of a particular deit# &ross element etc. Beej Mantras related to deities' Sarasvati (&oddess of nowled&e and elouence) Durgaa (the inaccessile &oddess) Ganesha (the son of Shiva who removes all ostacles) Shiva (the Supreme Auspicious Self) Bhuvaneshvari  (the Mistress of the world) Krisna (the Supreme Dar *ord Guru of this universe) Kaamadeva (the &od of love) Kaali (the &oddess rulin& over +ime) Nrisimha (Man-*ion or the fourth incarnation of *ord ,isnu) Mahaalaksmi (the &oddess of fortune) and Shakti (in the form f orm of the Supreme oman oman rulin& over the entire universe).

viousl# the repetition of a $i%a Mantra lined to a particular deit# will develop in a person the ualities and attriutes emodied # that ver# deit#. /or that reason if #ou want to develop nowled&e and elouence it would e reall# propitious to #ou to repeat the and so forth. 0n turn ever# $i%a Mantra ma# e also used for a worshipper to offer his1her love and devotion to his1her chosen deit#.

Om, Aing, Shreem, Kreem, Hleem, Nim, Nrim, Kleem All these Mantra 2reates a stron& ase for all sadhanas. $ee% Mantras are sin&le character Mantras which are as capale as an# i&&er Mantra. Sansrit is called the lan&ua&e of &ods ecause ever# character of Devna&ari current script for Sansrit is a $ee% Mantra. $ee% Mantras are free from all restriction3 there are no rules no rosar# or 4antra is reuired and no disha is necessar#. And est of all these can e recited mentall# an#where while doin& an#thin&. +o recite mentall# ima&ine to e hearin& the Mantra a&ain and a&ain in own voice. $ee% Mantras are availale for each deit# or &od thus have solution for an# situation.ne of the  est e5ample of their power is the $huvaneshwari Mahavid#a Mantra - Hreem which is a $ee% Mantra. +he method is simple. 6ic a $ee% Mantra of #our liin& or ased on the situation and recite it as much as #ou can till ti ll the prolem is solved. 4ou 4ou can do it in office in &#m in restaurant and even while sleepin&. 6ic a $ee% Mantra of #our liin& or ased on the situation and recite it as much as #ou can till the  prolem is solved.

Kali: Kreem /or reali7ation for Goddess 8ali health stren&th protection elimination of enemies solution of &rave prolems and all round success. Also creates a stron& ase for 8ali Mahavid#a Sadhana.

Mahalaxmi: Shreem /or reali7ation for Goddess Mahala5mi wealth material &ains success in usiness or profession 9

elimination of ailments : worries protection &ettin&a eautiful wife happ# married life and all roundsuccess. Also creates a stron& ase for other Mahala5mi Sadhanas.

Shiv: Hroum /or reali7ation for *ord Shiv protection from deadl#diseases immortalit# mosh and all round success. Also creates a stron& ase for Mahamrut#un%a# Sadhana.

Durga: Doom (D as in Durga) /or reali7ation for Goddess Dur&a power stren&th protection health wealth victor# wisdom nowled&e elimination of enemies : &rave prolems happ# married life and all round success. Also createsa stron& ase for other Dur&a Sadhanas ShatiS adhanas and Mahavid#a Sadhanas.

Bhuvaneshwari: Hreem /or reali7ation for Goddess $huvaneshwari &ettin& ever#thin& includin& ut not limited to 8undalini ;a&ran. +he est and the most powerful. +his also the Mantra for $huvaneshwari Mahavid#a Sadhana. Alsocreates a stron& ase for all sadhanas.

Saraswati: Saraswa ti: Ayeim Ayeim /or reali7ation of Goddess Saraswati nowled&e wisdom success in e5ams pleasure and all round success. Also creates a stron& ase for other Saraswati sadhanas.

ana!ati: am /or reali7ation of *ord Ganapati nowled&e wisdom protection fortune happiness health wealth elimination of all ostacles and all round success. Also creates a stron& ase for other Ganapatisadhanas.

Hanuman: "raum /or reali7ation of *ord arsimhasadhanas.

Ni$hileshwaranan&: Nim, Nam 6aramhans Swami >ihileshwaranand is a *e&end.
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