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BCS HIGHER EDUCATION QUALIFICATIONS PROJECT PROPOSAL Candidate Name: Membership No: Course Provider: (if applicable)


Project Level:


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Project Title:

Professional Graduate Diploma


Proposal Submission Date: Authenticator: (Tick as appropriate)

BCS Professional Member (i.e. MBCS/FBCS) (CV not required)

Authenticator’s Membership No.: IT Professional (e.g. Manager, Supervisor or Tutor) with a minimum of 5 years relevant work experience. CV enclosed (mandatory) Planned Project Submission date:

October 2011

NOTE: Please complete your proposal in the relevant section overleaf.

April 2012

Background of the Project < Company> is a semi-government organisation and provide electricity service in Sri Lanka. < Company> IT branch consist with three main sections. Those are application development, Infrastructure Management and Clerical Operations. Proposed project “IT-INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - (IMS)” is relate to the Infrastructure Management section. It will reduce obstacles in management activities and streamline all the processes within the Infrastructure section Activities of Infrastructure management Section.

Infrastructure Management Section consists with several processes to help day to day activities of developers, administrators, management and < Company>customers. Processes are as follow. 1.

Administration of Datacenter

• Administrate server farms related to Internet, email, databases and application servers. • Hosting of internally developed new applications and serve them to end users. 2.

Handle IT related purchasing

Handle tenders of IT equipment and software purchasing Handle hardware maintenance Agreement Handle Software Licence renewals Hand WAN Link purchasing and maintenance agreement



• • • •

Repair and troubleshoot PCs and Server hardware Software installations Establish wired and wireless network Configure end-user equipment to access < Company> network


Network Infrastructure management

• •

• • •

Provide Network Solutions related to business requirement Manage internal IP schemes for all business units of < Company>) Manage various operator WAN links connections to < Company> (IP


Scope of the Project

Scope of the project is decided with considering the immediate requirements of the management. The network infrastructure management process and work shop process are given top priority to stream line and automate immediately. However the software solutions should be capable to extend its functionality to other processes as well (single interface to manage all activities). Deliverables of proposed system System Deliverables relate to the Workshop process • •

workshop helpdesk will assign a job number to the customer complain Analyse the nature of the job and assign a person to solve the problem

• Provide customer to inquire status of the job • Ability to close successfully completed jobs • Facility to generate various MIS reports regarding workshop activities  Repetitive nature of problems.  Efficiency of the workshop activities etc... Deliverable related to the Network Process Following facilities will be accessed by the IT administrator’s located island wide. By authenticate with the system, they will be able to manage their resources. WAN Link management  Keep records regarding WAN Links in the entire Island (ISP details, Bandwidth, Circuit ID, IP configuration, Cost of link...etc)

Remind service provider agreement expirations. Generate MIS reports (about agreement expiry, Bandwidth wise, Available links service provider wise ....etc.) LAN Management  Facility to keep IP configuration of the LAN (assign IP addresses, Free IP addresses..etc)  Facility to keep VLAN configuration details  Facility to generate PC labels (to Stick on network devices, PCs, Printers) to identify network configuration of each device.  Provide massaging system to educate end-users regarding maintenance down times.  

Approach of the project

• •

Interview and prototyping will be used to gather the requirement of users. Incremental development process will be used to develop the system.

Development Tools • •

VB .NET 2005 or above PHP and Java Scripts

Confirmation of the fitness of the System Use Unit testing, White box testing, Black box testing incrementally with each face. •

User feedback with early system experience.

System Requirement Hardware Requirement Client Side Windows 2000 or above IE 6 or Firefox 3.5 or above browser 512 MB RAM 500 MB Free Disk Space Server Side Requirement Windows 2003 or above windows server

IIS or Apache web server, My SQL Database 1 GB RAM 2 GB Free Disk Space Milestones

See separate attachment as a JPG file

Examiners Comments (to be completed by the Examiner) From the elements provided, the Examiners believe that there should be sufficient breadth and depth in the proposed work to satisfy the requirements at the level chosen (final year undergraduate). They recommend that the candidate consults the authenticator to ensure that the scope remains appropriate; and that attention is paid to the strategy and realisation of the demonstrations that the final system is fit for its intended purpose.

Proposal Approved Date completed: 8 November 2011

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