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October 2, 2017 | Author: Kshitiz Jain | Category: Html, Graphical User Interfaces, Input/Output, Feasibility Study, Computer Hardware
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Management Information System Project On FLIPKART

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements For the award of the degree of


Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi Under the Guidance of: Ms. Hemlata

Submitted by: Kshitiz Jain BBA-V Sem. Enrollment No.: 02517001712

Session 2014 – 15



Completing a task is never one man effort. It is often the result of invaluable contribution of number of individuals in a direct or indirect manner that helps in sharing a making of success. I was really fortunate that I got every type of help I required from the respected chain of people. Hence, it becomes my humble duty to express my sincere gratitude to all those people who helped me in my project work. I would like to thank Ms. Hemlata Mam, project guide, for providing an opportunity to do my project. She helped me at every step, whenever I faced a problem. Her feedbacks were enormously helped. Her valuable suggestion, encouraging advises, constructive criticism and proper guidance helped me tide over the difficulties.

Ms. Hemlata

(Kshitiz Jain) BBA (M), V Sem. 02517001712



I Kshitiz Jain, Enrollment No. 02517001712, BBA 5th Sem. (M) of the Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies, Delhi hereby declares that the Project Report entitled is an original work and the same has not been submitted to any other Institute for the award of any other Degree.

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Recognition Of Need



Feasibility Of study



Database Design






Screen Shots and Coding






INTRODUCTION Html, an initialism of hypertext markup language, is the predominant Markup language for web pages. It provides a means to describe the structure of text- based information in a document- by denoting certain text as headings, paragraphs, lists and so on- and to supplement that text with interactive forms, embedded images, and other objects. Html is written in the form of labels, surrounded by angle brackets. Html can also describe, to some degree, the appearance and semantics of a document, and can include embedded scripting language code which can affect the behavior of web browsers and other html processors. At Flipkart we are passionately committed to continual delivery of clothing and footwear. We uphold the highest ethical standards and believe in creating new benchmarks in the industry, to make our services far more better people at Flipkart are consistently trying to make different & attractive online shopping offers. We are joining hands with various clothing and footwear brands to bring more value to what we provide & promote in Market .


OBJECTIVES Objective of this project is to develop a tourism system with the help of html. 

To make ordering the clothing and footwear online, easy and hassle free.

Choose from a selection of different categories of clothing and footwear.

Browse through given products, order them and get them delivered at home.

Making the customers choose from various payment options which includes Credit Card/Debit Card/Cash Card, Net Banking and Cash on Delivery.


Recognition of need One must know what the problem is before it can be solved. The success of a system largely depends on how accurately a problem is defined, thoroughly investigated, and properly carried out through the choice of solution. User need identification and analysis are concerned with what the user needs are rather that what he wants. Not until the problem has been identified, defined and evaluated, should the analyst think about the solutions and whether the problem is worth solving. The need for current project of arises as following: 1) This project will need to know about the 2) This website will help to know about the packages of 3) This website will help to know about the information of various types of fashion accessories. 4) This website have easily accessible information about the online shopping.


FEASIBILITY STUDY The objective of a feasibility study is to solve a problem, but to acquire a sense of its scope. During the study, the problem definition is crystallized and aspects of the problem to be included in the system are determined. Consequently, costs and benefits are estimated with greater accuracy at this stage. The aim of a feasibility study is to access alternative system and to propose the most feasible and desirable system for development. Thus, feasibility provides an overview of the problem and acts as an important checkpoint that should be completed before committing more resources. The result of the feasibility study is a formal proposal. This is simply a report- a formal document detailing the nature and scope of the proposed solution. The proposal summarizes what is known and what is going to be done. The proposed system can be assessed in terms of four major categories as summarized below: Organizational Feasibility: The extent to which a proposed system supports the objective of the organization (i.e. group members). The objective people or a net used to a shop conveniently is the objective of organization and that is achieved to a certain extent by the proposed system. Economic Feasibility: In this study costs and returns are evaluated to know whether returns justify the investment in the system project. As this is a research project done by an individual the cost involved is to extent of just making the documentation of the project and the returns from the proposed system are; user friendly online shopping site and project report on application of html. Technical Feasibility: In this it is evaluated whether reliable hardware and software is used for the proposed system. For our proposed system hardware like personal computer and software of Microsoft office is used which is considered reliable and efficient for the proposed system. Operational Feasibility: The willingness and ability of management and customers to use and support a proposed system is studied and operational feasibility. Our proposed system is supported by our management and if put into use on net it will be supported and by net users for shopping.




Each system needs some sort of hardware and software for it to function properly. The hardware and software requirement of the student database system are as follow: HARDWARE SPECIFICATION The software requires IBM compatible machines with the following recommended specification. Processor: Pentium III / AMD Alton or higher RAM: 128 MB or higher Hard Disk Drive: 20 GB or higher Monitor: 15” SVGA Colour Mouse: Standard 3 button scroll mouse Keyboard: Standard 101/102-Key Keyboard Optical Drive: 52X CD- ROM Drive Removable Device (Optional): 512 MB USB 2.0 Pen Drive


Operating system : Window XP, 2003 and 2007 Micro soft office 2007, 2003 or earlier version HTML NOTEPAD


SOFTWARE DESCRIPTION Microsoft Windows:Microsoft Windows is a graphical user interface. It uses graphics to organize the user’s workplace. Users can select and execute program with the help of a mouse. The program that runs from within windows also has a graphical user interface; for example, MS EXCEL, MS WORD etc. Windows provides a board range of graphical functions for drawing lines and geometric shapes and changing colour. It also provides library functions for accessing screen, printers, keyboard, mouse and functions for working with various other types of objects like menus, bitmaps, icons etc. These libraries are a part of operating system. The system- defined functions that an application can call are provided by an interface known as the Application Programming Interface, or API. It is the interface between an application and Windows environment. ABOUT HTML: HTML, an initialism of Hypertext Mark-up Language, is the predominant mark-up language for web page. It provides a means to describe the structure of text-based information in a document-- by denoting certain text as headings, paragraph, lists, and so on--- and to supplement that text with interactive forms, embedded images, and other objects. HTML is written in the form of labels (known as tags), surrounded by angle brackets. HTML can also describe, to some degree, the appearance and semantics of a document, and can include embedded scripting language code which can affect the behaviour of web browsers and other HTML processors. ABOUT NOTEPAD Notepad is a basic text editor that you can use to create simple documents. The most common use for Notepad is to view or edit text (.txt) files, but many users find notepad a simple tool for creating a web page. Because Notepad supports only very basic formatting, this is especially useful when creating HTML documents for web page. You can save your notepad file as Unicode, ANSI, UTF-8, or big-endian Unicode. These formats provide you greater flexibility when working with documents that use different character sets. 10

ANALYSIS PHASE: The system that is generally used for the purpose of online transaction is manually controlled and handled .the proposed computerized system makes the work a lot easier, efficient and less time consuming. A brief description about the existing system and the proposed system is given below:

Existing system: The shopkeepers and the customers mainly use the manual system for transaction purpose. But it has some disadvantages also: *The concept of manual system is very time consuming and expensive. *There can be difficult in recording all the transaction. *It is not very easy for human being to keep an account of each & every transaction.

Proposed system: Taking into consideration the drawbacks of manual system, one can suggest the need of making each and every thing online. The advantages of online system over manual system are*It is time saving * One gets the knowledge of each & every product of same company under one roof. *User can have a jest of all products and services with a click. *No result of breakdown if software is properly installed


DATABASE DESIGN: A database is an integrated collection of data/files tables related to one another in support of a common purpose. Each file in a database is made up of records, which in turn made of data elements. A database provides a working environment where we store tables/files; establish relationship between tables, set properties and data validation rules that control how the related tables work together. The database files in this program provide effective storage capacities and contribute to the overall efficiency of the program. Input Design:Proposed software uses user- friendly graphical user interface for input purpose. Data can be easily input by the user through this screen. Repetition is avoided in data entry screen. Whenever data, which is already input, is entered again, the system alerts you with error messages. The major form of input is HTML coding. Output Design:The computer output is the most important of information to the user. Efficient intelligence output design would improve the system relationship with the user and help in decision making. In online applications the information is displayed on the screen. A major form of output is the web page or the online shopping site and the hard copy of project report from the printer. Printout should be designed around the output requirement of user.

SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION Implementation means converting a new system into operation. The source code that is actual program is developed in this phase. In the proposed system, the source code is written in notepad. The installation of the software is also done in this phase. Testing and Modification System testing is the stage of implementation, which is aimed at ensuring that the system works accurately and efficiently before line operation commences. The following types of tests were performed after developing a test plan. The approach was to test each entity with successively large ones, up to the system level. 12

Program Testing A program represents the logical elements of the system. With program testing, the actual output was compared with the expected output. This test checks for syntax errors and logical errors. When there was an error, the sequence of instructions was traced and the problem was determined. String Testing The individual program modules that work perfectly when tested alone were integrated with the related program modules to test how they interact with the total system.

System Testing System testing was designed to uncover weakness that was not found in the earlier tests. The total system was validated, as the users in the operational environment would implement it. User Acceptance Testing This testing was performed with the objective of testing the users on the validity and reliability of the system. It was verified that the procedure operate to the specifications and also that vital data integrity was maintained.



There was limited data available.

There was time constraint.

There was cost constraint of getting best available hardware and software.

As we are students and this is the first instance of making the proposed system, thus it is of Amateur Form.


Screen Shots and Coding:


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