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The following post come from a thread I saved years ago. I don't have the author who posted it. This is a basic outline on how to start and prepare to analysis a BAZI chart. It is just one method, I am posting for information and learning. I can't say I follow this outline fully. Part One: Step 1: Plot the BaZi Information required to plot the BaZi are: Gender DOB Time (Also need place of birth to do time correction and day light saving info if applies. Chart can be plotted from online software, software / apps or hand plotted.) Step 2: Identify the Day Master (Day master is the stem element in day column) Step 3: Determine the DM Characteristics Step 4: Determine DM Strength Basically to determine DM Strength is an art. However, Xu Zi Ping 徐子平 had at least provided a guide on determining the DM strength by 3 criteria - In Location, In Season, In Formation/Support a) DM In Location 日元得地 Using the attached "12 Stage of Growth" 十二长生 to identify the Month Branch is belongs to which stage.

Using Table 1 to determine if DM is in location or out of location. Table 1 DM Polarity: Yang Month Branch: Growth 长生, Thriving临官, Prosperous帝旺, Weak衰, Grave墓. DM Polarity: Yin Month Branch: Thriving临官, Prosperous帝旺, Youth冠带, Nurture养. (I read this Table as; if DM 12 qi phase is listed in table, DM is in location.)

b) DM In Season 日元得令 Identify the DM strength by referring to the attached "In Season" table.

c) DM In Formation/Support/Power 日元得势 If there is element that produces DM or same element as DM especially rooted in earthly branch it is considered as "In Formation/Support/Power" In Stem, Branch, Hidden Stem Finalization Table 2

Note: Determining DM Strength is an art. It has to be based on your own judgement and through experiences in order to be sharp on determining the DM strength. The above guideline origins is Xu Zi Ping 徐子平 Part 2 Step 5: Identify Favourable and Unfavourable ElementsAfter knowing the DM Strength, we need to know which element is Favourable and Unfavourable to the DM. Favourable Element that helps to strengthen the DM when it is Weak. Element that helps to weaken the DM when it is Strong. Unfavourable Element that further weaken the DM when it is Weak. Element that further strengthen the DM when it is Strong. In a BaZi chart, we talking about the balance of 5 elements. If the person has a balance chart, he/she has a smooth life. When the DM is Prosperous (Too Strong) or Strong, we would like to weaken the DM in order to achieve balance. When the DM is Extreme Weak or Weak, we would like to strengthen the DM in order to achieve balance. Therefore, the above Favourable and Unfavourable elements identification is necessary. First of all, we need to know the 5 elements relationship cycle. Productive Cycle

Water --> Wood --> Fire --> Earth --> Metal --> Water For example of the Xin Metal DM: Metal produces Water and Earth produces Metal Exhausting Cycle Water --> Metal --> Earth --> Fire --> Wood --> Water For example of the Xin Metal DM: Metal exhausts Earth and Water exhausts Metal Controlling Cycle Water --> Fire --> Metal --> Wood --> Earth --> Water For example of the Xin Metal DM: Metal controls Wood and Fire controls Metal Table 3 5 Stars -|- Relationship -|Wealth -|I Control -|Output -|I Produce -|Influence -|- Control Me -|Resource -|- Produce Me -|Companion -|- Same as Me -|-

Strong DM -|Favourable -|Favourable -|Favourable -|Unfavourable -|Unfavourable -|-

Weak DM Unfavourable Unfavourable Unfavourable Favourable Favourable

For example, Xin Metal DM that is Weak. Refer to Table 3 and identify the 5 elements relationship to the Xin Metal. 5 Stars -|- Relationship For Xin Metal DM Weak DM Wealth -|- I Control -|Wood -|Unfavourable Output -|- I Produce -|- Water -|Unfavourable Influence -|- Control Me -|- Fire -|Unfavourable Resource -|- Produce Me -|- Earth -|Favourable Companion-|- Same as Me -|- Metal -|Favourable Note: When you are at advanced level the above Table 3 will not be applicable. For basic level of study, we need to know this in general. Also as a shortcut to checking whether or not a DM has location or the proper Qi Phase simply look at the month branch and see if there is a root. A root is basically the same element as the DM in the hidden stems of the Month Branch. The reason why they chose those certain Qi Phases to count as being support even though they may be grave or root is because they have self-elements in the hidden stems. Thus counting as roots. That's why the ZPZQ always says that Yang DMs have root in Graveyard and Dying etc. Wei has hidden Yi, Chen has hidden Yi etc. No other hidden stems have hidden wood stems. So yeah, just a shortcut.

Actually we look not just at the month branch. As long as there is a same element in the branch in any of the pillars, it is counted as being rooted. The only thing to concern about is the quality of the rooting, whether it's the main Qi or the residual Qi that is providing the rooting i.e. having 3 main Qi as roots is definitely better than having 3 residual Qi as roots. Hence this is the reason why we should never count the number of elements present in the chart as a gauge of the quality of Qi of a particular element. Step 6: Identify the Favourable and Unfavourable Luck Periods Group the luck cycles into season. Refer to the attached "Luck Pillars.jpg"

Step 7: Analysis the Relationships via Palaces Table 4

Decoding a BaZi chart can be based on Palaces and 10 Gods. Example of Palaces reading: Refer back to the Example of Xin Metal DM chart. Look at the element at the Parents Palace. It is a Ding Fire. Xin Metal is afraid of Ding Fire (in elemental relationship) - here we know that this Xin Metal DM is afraid of her mother. Example of 10 Gods reading: Resource Star represents mother - This Xin Metal resource star is Earth. You can see Earth is strongly rooted in Year Pillar. It means the mother is very strong and prominent in the chart. Continue Step 7: Analyse the Relationships via Palaces Quick Readings of BaZi using Age Range in each Pillar Since we know this Xin Metal DM is favourable to Metal and Earth only. We can generalize her luck based on the elements at each pillar. For example, Year Pillar: Ji Wei - the Earth element is rooted in the Wei which is extremely strong. Although we know that this Xin Metal is favourable to Earth because of Ji Earth produces Metal but not too strong. Too much of Earth will covers the Xin Metal. In this situation, the Ji Wei covering the Xin Metal. The Xin is being suppressed - Not happy and not in good luck during age 0-17. Month Pillar: Ding Mao - this Xin Metal is unfavourable to Ding Fire and Yi Wood. Generally, she is not in good luck during age 18-35. However, Ding Mao represents intelligence. So, this Xin Metal can achieve good results in academic without extra effort. Day Pillar: Xin Chou - this Xin Metal is favourable to Metal and Earth. This time the Earth is not as strong as in Year Pillar. So, in general, this Xin Metal is enjoying good luck during her age 3660. Age 36-60 comparing to the earlier analysis based on favourable Luck Pillar (LP), she is in good luck during Luck Pillars 40-69 (Metal LP: 40-49, 50-59, and 60-69). Hour Pillar: Geng Yin - Metal is favourable and Wood is unfavourable. During age 61 onwards should be average.

For the beginning of LP, let say 40yr old. This is refer to chinese age. Do it start at the beginning of Lunar New Year (Li Chun) or on the birthday? It is Chinese age of 40. Based on the Solar Calendar. Usually it is 4th of February. Check Tong Shu for the fluctuation. Let say born on 1980 and next luck pillar start at age 5. (Ignore the small luck pillar) Does this mean will start in date of 3-4/Feb/1985? 4 Feb 1985 - 1980 = 5 + 1 = 6 years old (Chinese Age) 4 Feb 1984 - 1980 = 4 + 1 = 5 years old (Chinese Age)


CASE STUDY: Hello, Can someone read me and my sons bazi & luck pillar ? Female, 29 march 1985, 08:00am Son 1 : 11 october 2012, 16:58pm Son 2 : 2 may 2014, 10:10am Indonesian Especially for luck, wealth, and carreer Thank you before.

ANSWER: A quick amateur look as I've been kinda out of touch and rusty. Career wise: Fire professions are suitable, anything from F & B to beauty / IT / Petroleum / Sales / Public Speaking. An extroverted, aggressive, expressive personality. Gui Wei decade will transit around July this year, about a month's time. Transition is coming, maybe a new job / career change. May want to study more / go courses to upgrade oneself to prepare for this transition. Spouse has a tendency to reduce the quality of your life, but that also depends on yr spouse's chart. You may be single or divorced or separated (single mom). Got married in Ren Wu decade since 2007. 2011 was a difficult year both career wise and marriage. Events in 2010 might serve as a 'trigger'. You seem more interested in spiritual pursuits than academic ones. Don't think u really like to study. Apologies if my accuracy has been kinda off lately. Feedback appreciated.


Hello, thank you for the 'look'. I've been looking for a good changes in my life. Since financial really been so hard for my family. A new job or career change would sounds good for me. A separated lived from spouse already started from around a year ago. A little upgrade for myself, already on my mind too, but it depends on the finance. Going abroad, to have a better life, already in my plan, the application was submitted, but i've been not selected. Another application are waiting for my ielts skill, which is seems so hard for me to reach the minimum score. 😕 I have to work hard, since i dont like to study 😊

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