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BASF Regional Headquarters Pacific Regional Headquarter

BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Ltd 42/F, Floor, Jardine House, No.1 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2731 0111 Fax: +852 2734 9636

Greater China Region

BASF Polyurethanes (China) Co Ltd No.408, Huanshi Road South, Guangzhou Nansha Economic & Technical Development Zone Guangdong, 511458, P.R. China Tel : +86-20 8498 2560 Fax : +86-20 8498 2561 BASF Polyurethane Specialties (China) Co Ltd 300 Jiang Xin Sha Road, Shanghai, 200137, P.R. China Tel : +86-21 3865 2000 Fax : +86-21 3865 5516 BASF (China) Co Ltd (Beijing) 15/F, Beijing Sunflower Tower, No.37 Maizidian Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100026, P.R. China Tel : +86-10 6591 8899 Fax : +86-10 8527 5609 BASF Polyurethanes (Taiwan) Co Ltd No.11 Jen Cheng Road, Hsinchu Industrial Park, Hsinchu County, Taiwan, R.O.C Tel : +886-3 598 2525 Fax :+886-3 598 2521

Asia Pacific Region

BASF Australia Ltd Altona Manufacturing, Kororoit Creek Road, Altona 3018, Australia Tel : +61-3 9281 6300 Fax : +61-3 9281 6366 BASF Polyurethanes India Ltd Thane Belapur Road, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai, 400705, India Tel : +91-22 6712 7665 Fax : +91-22 6712 7628 PT BASF Indonesia Plaza GRI, 10th & 11th Floor, JI. HR Rasuna Said Bl. X2/1, Jakarta, 12950, Indonesia Tel : +62-21 526 2481 Fax : +62-21 526 2533 BASF INOAC Polyurethanes Ltd 1-196, Kawada Aza Hongudo, Shinshiro-shi, Aichi-ken, 441-1347, Japan Tel : +81-536 23 5599 Fax : +81-536 23 2557 BASF Company Ltd 14/F, KCCI Bldg, 45, 4-ga, Namdaemunro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea, 100-743 Tel : +82-2 3707 3100 Fax : +82-2 3707 7807 BASF Polyurethanes (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. No.2, Jalan U8/87, Seksyen U8, Bukit Jelutong, 40706 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Tel : +60-3 7847 3196-7 Fax : +60-3 7847 3192 BASF Chemicals & Polymers Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd 46-A, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S., Karachi, 75400, Pakistan Tel : +92-21 431 4084 Fax : +92-21 431 4085 BASF Philippines Inc 103 Progress Ave, Phase 1 GIZ, Carmelray Industrial Park 1, 4028 Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna, Philippines Tel : +63-49 549 0001 Fax : +63-49 549 1026 BASF Singapore Pte Ltd 7 Temasek Boulevard, #35-01 Suntec Tower One, Singapore, 038987 Tel : +65 6398 5000 Fax : +65 6430 9883 BASF Polyurethanes (Thailand) Ltd 308/1 Moo 4 Soi 5, Bangpoo Industrial Estate, Sukhumvit Road, Preakasa, Muang, Samutprakarn, 10280, Thailand Tel : +66 2324 0518 Fax : +66 2324 0290

BASF Polyurethanes Rigid Foam Building a Greener Future


Comprehensive Service for a Greener World 2

Outstanding Insulation, Outstanding Service 4

Applications 6

1. Sandwich Panel 7

2. Wall and Roof Insulation Board 8

3. Spray Foam 9

4. Pre-Insulated Pipe Insulation 10

5. Wood Binder 11

6. Cryogenic Services Industry 12

Properties 13

Fire-Resistance, Sound-Insulation, Environmentally Friendly 13

Better Efficiency 14

Boosting Adhesion 15

Fire Resistance 15

Insulation and Energy Efficiency 17

Energy Efficiency Model Calculation 18

Example of the Energy Efficiency 19

BASF Product Advantage 20

Sustainable Development 22

Legal Disclaimer 24


BASF Polyurethanes Worldwide Network Map

Comprehensive Service



Yokkaichi Shinshiro, Japan

The search for energy efficiency is one

BASF Polyurethanes is one of the

of the defining characteristics of our

world’s largest and most established

age. No matter who we are or where

producers of polyurethane rigid

we come from, we are all in some way

foam systems, and with decades of

concerned about pollution, global

production application experience,

warming and the kind of world we’ll be

supported by dedicated technicians

leaving for our kids. And yet often the

and customer service team at all

most surprising thing about the whole

times, we provide our customers

issue of energy conservation is just

with a comprehensive mixture of

how safe, easy and cost-effective the

outstanding products, solutions to

solutions can be.

application requirement and many other

Polyurethane rigid foam is the world’s


most effective insulation material. It is

With an Asia Pacific Regional

also extremely light and versatile.

Development Centre and a

In field test, installing insulated windows and polyurethane rigid foam boards on the walls, roofs, floors and ceilings of existing houses have contributed to reducing the houses’ heating energy

comprehensive product development program, we have strengthened our local sales and technical teams throughout the region. We understand their needs by speaking their languages.

consumption by more than 50 percent. So it is a clean and cost-effective way of cutting fuel cost and saving precious energy resources.

Outstanding Insulation, Outstanding Service BASF Polyurethanes has two key rigid foam systems, Elastocool H, which is solely used in the insulation of refrigerators and freezers, and Elastopor H, which is used for a whole range of insulation applications and has the most relevance to the construction industry. BASF Polyurethane’s core advantage in is to provide our customers with The closed cell structure of PU rigid foam allows superior thermal insulation ability and lower density.

a complete package of tailor made products and application oriented services. This means that a customer can find all of the answers in a single enquiry.

Rigid foam

For example, when customers use

Unlike many other suppliers, BASF

Elastopor H, they need to apply other

Polyurethanes provides customers

chemical products in the process, such

not only with essential MDI and

as blowing agents and flame retarding

polyol components, but also advise


technically or know how to apply the other additives. Using BASF Polyurethanes’ Elastopor H brings you many other advantages as described in the next chapters.

rigid segment polyol

Applications In technical terms, polyurethane is a

In the construction industry, some of

prevention including DIN 4102 Part 1

They can be produced quickly and

plastic polymer derived from mixing two

the key applications for Elastopor H

(B1 Class), GB 8624-1997 (B1 Grade),

efficiently, and they come with

components, Isocyanate and Polyol to


KSF 2271-1998 (Grade 3), FM 4880

problem-free toggle-joint systems to

(Class 1). Furthermore, BASF innovative

enable rapid installation. They also

products – Elastopir H rigid foam has

come in a wide range of colours, making them easier to match all colour

create a chemical reaction. BASF Polyurethanes recommends

1. Sandwich Panel

cyclopentane, with its patented blowing

Sandwich panel is an invaluable

passed high level fire test like LPS 1181.

agent to turn polyurethane into foam.

product for all kinds of construction

The panels retain their dimensional

This is an environmental-friendly

usage including warehouses, factories,

stability, used long-team over a

product that does not contribute to

supermarkets, car showrooms,

temperature range of –30ºc to +90ºc.

ozone layer depletion.

stadiums, swimming pools, cold stores,

It can withstand temperature up

shipping containers and vechicle super-

to 250ºc for short periods with no


adverse effects. Furthermore, special

can be expanded into any given shape,

Panels are made up of polyurethane

polyurethane products can be used

making it extremely versatile.

insulating core and an outer layer of

under withstand temperatures of

diffusion-resistant metal sheet.

+200ºc with out additional heat

The interaction of polyurethane and the blowing agent produces foam that

These panels produced with BASF PUR & PIR (poly-isocyanurate) rigid foam not only provide very low lamda value

in construction design.

protection, or can be used for coldtemperature applications down to -180ºc.

in terms of thermal conductivity , they also offer an outstanding combination of excellent flame resistance while sustaining other specified physical properties. Sandwich panel produced with BASF’s PUR & PIR rigid foam conforms to international standards for building material classification and fire

More living space with PU insulation board

2. Wall and Roof Insulation Board

3. Spray Foam In construction, spray Elastopor H

BASF spray foam products Elastopor

BASF spray foam boosts smooth

Elastopor H can also be applied as

provides a simple, economical and

H could be applied on versatile

surface, which facilitates the external

insulation board for walls and roofs.

highly effective way of insulating a

surfaces with any irregular shapes and

insulation finishing system (EIFS). In

These boards are lighter and easier to

building and sealing a roof. Since it

penetrations. Horizontally or vertically,

addition its low weight due to low

handle. They are made of tongue-and

is sprayed by trained and qualified

BASF spray foam adheres strongly to

density of the foam hardly forms any

-groove connection that not only makes

technicians, the foam formed a

almost every building material. The high

additional load on a building’s structure.

them easier to install, but also ensure

seamless layer of insulation that is hard

dimension stability of the foam ensures

that the joints are seamless.

enough to walk on. It has proven to be

sustainable thermal insulation over the

highly popular in the renovation of old

application lifetime.

The PU boards also have a higher degree of dimensional stability, which


is the key characteristic to ensure sustained insulation properties over time. Other insulation systems, for example, tend to settle over time, causing a gradual reduction in the degree of thermal insulation performance. The other advantages of the PU boards are that they are thin, resulting in more internal living space, and they are versatile enough to be used both in the construction of new buildings and in retrofits.

4. Pre-Insulated Pipe Insulation

5. Wood Binder

Used as pipe insulation, Elastopor

BASF rigid foam system conformed

With Lupranate isocyanates as

Lupranate M20FB is a more

H is invaluable as a means of both

to all requirement of EN 253. Its high

binders, Elastopor H is used in the

sophisticated binder with a faster

preserving the low temperature of

insulation performance, with long-term

making of composite wood panels

setting time, allowing manufacturers

temperature resistance of 140±30ºc

and engineered wood products in

to increase productivity by reducing

over 30 years, is of critical importance.

construction. Wood composites made

their press cycles time. Lupranate

in this way have strong internal bonds

M20FB also generates stronger internal

and excellent water resistance.

bonds at the same binder dosage as

transported liquids and maintaining efficient heating systems. For example, Elastopor H insulates the full length of the Trans-Alaskan pipeline.

Elastopor H cyclopentane blown system has high insulation

It is used to make pipe-within-pipe, with

performance, with temperature an

For this application, BASF

a layer of rigid foam binding an inner

operatis (CCOT) of about 161ºc over 30

Polyurethanes offers a choice of

and an outer pipe. Insulated pipes can


Lupranate binders:

The Government Materials Testing

Lupranate M20SB is our standard MDI

Centre in Hannover has officially

binder suitable for most composite

confirmed the result.

wood applications, including

be thus prefabricated, which is one of their key advantages, allowing for quick installation.

Lupranate M20SB.

oriented strand board, medium density fibreboard, particleboard and engineered wood products.




6. Cryogenic Services Industry Our customers are using Elastopor H to produce many types of insulation used in the transportation of liquefied gaseous at extremely low temperatures, an application that requires maintaining at low temperatures with the minimum energy consumption.

Fire-Resistance, Environmentally Friendly Elastopor H is an environmental friendly product because it helps reduce energy consumption. BASF Polyurethanes’

With demand for liquefied natural/

barrage of proprietary technologies

petroleum gas surging, Elastopor H is an

also includes cyclopentane, a blowing

attractive solution for installation in carrier

agent that turns polyurethane into foam

ships, pipelines and receiving tanks.

without causing any depletion of the

Therefore, as an environmental-friendly with high-performance, and excellent fire-resistant product, Elastopor H is held in high esteem in the construction industry. It also conforms to the international standards for building material classification.

ozone layer. Elastopor H also has a long life cycle, retaining its properties for 10-50 years, and is recyclable by various methods including glycolysis, adhesive pressing, pulverisation and incineration to generate heat. Unlike the others, BASF Polyurethanes also has the technology to increase fire-retarding performance of rigid foam without causing it to lose any of the other key properties. 12


Boosting Adhesion

Better Efficiency What‘s your fuel consumption per m2

The cost savings offered by Elastopor H

What is even better is a thin layer of

Polyurethane can adhere to a wide

go far beyond the energy consumption

Elastopor H can last a very long life.

range of substrates before curing, so it


As an illustration of below, you can

Its binding properties, for example, are

compare the thickness of other building

so great that it functions as an adhesive.

materials required to achieve the same

As sprayed foam, it is hard enough to

thermal properties.

does not require additional adhesive.

Fire Resistance depends on its shape and chemical

Elastopor H is simultaneously rust-

composition. A PIR foam formulation

resistant, fire-resistant and easy to


ASTM-C 421 * Butler Chimney Test **

The fire-retarding rate of polyurethane

walk on to be used as roofing. Also,

Influence of index on flexibility and flammability of isocyanurate modified PU foam

ASTM-D 3014

Index 105












* Weight loss measurement of foam cubes, which are rotated together with wood cubes in a cylinder. ** Under certain test conditions, test samples are burned over a period of 10 sec. The remaining weight is reported in percent

can significantly increase the fire


resistant, enabling it to meet fire safety standards.

Brick – 30 times thicknes

Concrete – 15 times thicknes Wood – 5.5 times thicknes Elastopor H – 25mm thicknes



For standard polyurethane, the amount

structure. For commercial foam, the

of isocyanate used is usually about

polyurethane foam is modified with

105% to match the chemical equivalent

Polyisocyanurate structure, creating

of the polyol. Foam made with that

superior fire resistant while maintaining

recipe would have an index of 105.

required physical strength. For

Theoretically, Polyisocyanurates can

example, the index of polyisocyanurate

be produced with no polyol, using only isocyanate, catalysts blowing agents

Insulation and Energy Efficiency About 50% of a building’s heat loss occurs through the roof, walls and floor. Insulating these with Elastopor H can deliver a saving of between 18 to 85 litres of heating oil per square meter per

foam insulation product is usually over


250 ºc.

and surfactants. Instead of reacting with the polyol, the isocyanate reacts with itself to form a highly cross-linked thermosetting polymer with a ring-like

Required thickness with an equivalent thermal insulation 860 mm Brick 380 mm Concrete Block 140 mm Wood 65 mm Fiber Board 50 mm Cork 45 mm Mineral Wool 40 mm Polystyrene 25 mm Polyurethane



Energy Efficiency Model Calculation

Example of the Energy Efficiency Apartment in Germany

1. Conditions 100m

Outdoor Temperature : -10 ºc 7m

Construction year 1964 Living space 184 m2

Indoor Temperature : 20 ºc

Installation of new windows

Temperature Difference (∆t ) : 30 ºc

Walls, roof, floor and ceiling insulated with PU boards

Heating Time : 16hrs / a day


Wall – outside to inside:

Panel Thickness : 50 mm

Thermal conductive resistance (R)


1/αi + ∑d/λ + 1/αo (˚C/Kcal)

Thermal conductive rate (K)


1/R (Kcal/˚C)

Total energy consumption


K × ∆t × area × time

Thermal Conductive Resistance Wall (˚C/Kcal) Roof (˚C/Kcal)

1/αi, at indoor surface 0.130 0.100

External plaster

20 mm

Hollow block stones

240 mm

Gypsum plaster

10 mm

PUR insulation boards

80 mm


2. Formula


Building Dimension


1/αo, at outdoor surface 0.050 0.050

3. Energy Consumption & Energy Cost Density (kg/m3) Panel Thickness (mm) Thermal Conductivity (kcal/mh ºC) Energy Consumption (kcal/day) Energy Cost (USD/day) Relative Cost Effect (%)

Glass Wool 64 50 0.028 128,402 9.77 100%

Thermal conductivity : presented by the panel manufacturers Heat capacity of diesel oil : 9,200 kcal/ℓ Price of diesel oil : 0.7 USD/ℓ


PU 40 50 0.018 82,809 6.30 64% (a saving of 36%)

Before renovation

After renovation

Overall Fuel Consumption

~ 3.600 litre oil

~ 1.600 litre oil

Energy Consumption / m2

169 kWh/(m2•a)

75 kWh/(m2•a)

Savings [%]

~ 55%

*Savings / [US$]

~ 1,400 US$/year

* Heating oil price : 0.7 US$ per litre


BASF Product Advantage Application



Sandwich Panel

Elastopor H Panel System

Energy Saving

High thermal insulation with low product weight


Rapid installation with accurate fitting

Good Appearance

Various designed and colored panels available


Dimentional stability of panel from -30 ºc to +80 ºc

Fire Resistance

Good fire resistance conforming to DIN4102 part1, B1 class

Energy Saving

High thermal insulation with low product weight

More Space

Panels are thin, allowing for more living space

Easy Handling

Wall Insulation Board, Roof Insulation Board

Sprayed Foam


Elastopor H Panel System

Elastopor H Spray System





Elastopor H Pipe System

Energy Saving

Useful for a district heating system, and good for thermal insulation

Outstanding performance

Consistant thermal insulation over 30 years at high temperature

Cost Saving

Trouble-free laying, dispenses with costly coupling


Can be adhered to most surfaces, steel and Polyethylene, without any additional adhesives

Energy Saving

Useful for insulation of liquefied gas transportation and storage

Easy to handle. Their light weight ensures stability

Structural strength


Suitable for all types of tiling. Suitable for new buildings or renovation

Good mechanical strength at extremely low temperatures

Physical Properties

Good adhesion strength to most substrates.

Energy Saving

Maximum energy saving by optimal insulation with no joints or thermal bridges


Environmentally-friendly blowing agent (water) applicable.


Permanent insulation


Binder sets faster, reducing press cycle


Can be applied to most horizontal and vertical surfaces as well as surfaces with irregular shapes and penetrations

Physical Properties

Strong internal bond strength

Strong Properties

Tolerant to moisture and temperature variation


Suitable for most composite wood applications, including OSB, MDF, PB and EWP.

Low Weight

Hardly and no additional loading on building structures

Strong Properties

Chemical and rot resistance

Easy to handle and process

Easy to renovate on old roof surface

Cryogenic Industry

Wood Binder

Elastopor H Insulation System

Lupranate M20FB


Sustainable Development For BASF, sustainable development

conservation of our natural resources,

sheets are the most important means of

means combining long-term economic

reduces emissions and waste, and

communicating safety information and

success with environmental protection

provides economic and environmental

are updated when new data becomes

and social responsibility. Sustainability


available. Product Information can be

is therefore a crucial aspect when we develop new products and processes.

BASF has globally binding standards for the transportation and storage of

obtained around the clock by using the emergency hotline system that we have established worldwide.

BASF have decided to focus on four

chemical products. Our global network

key areas – climate change and energy,

of safety distribution officers play an

Our commitment and goals in the area

renewable raw materials, corporate

important role in implementing the

of environmental protection and safety

social responsibility, and Responsible

standards listed in our Transportation

are also aligned with the principles of

Care .

and Distribution Safety Guide. These

Responsible Care , a voluntary global

experts ensure that national and

initiative of the chemical industry to

international regulations are observed

which BASF has been committed since

for all shipments irrespective of the

1992. Responsible Care® enables

mode of transport.

the sharing of information, checklists,


High energy prices call for innovative concepts to utilise energy more efficiently. BASF have numerous products that enable more efficient use of energy, these range from fuel

Product stewardship is also important

additives to insulating materials that are

to BASF. We are responsible for

used in construction and appliances

ensuring that our products are safe for

like refrigerators. Furthermore,

people and the environment. Safety

BASF’s Verbund networks enable

data sheets inform our customers

us to efficiently use energy and raw

about the properties and possible risks

materials. This concept facilitates the

of the products they buy. These data


Example – BASF’s Elastocool Plus® is an example of an eco-efficient product. • Elastocool Plus® consists of vacuum insulation panels (VIP) with polyurethane cores (PU) and the PU hard foam Elastocool®. • VIPs have a complex construction and are applied to the outer shell of refrigerators and freezers. Heat conduction can be reduced to an absolute minimum. Refrigerator energy consumption can be reduced by roughly 30 percent compared to traditional forms of insulation. • Insulation thickness can also be reduced with Elastocool Plus®. This leaves more useable space within the fridge. • Consisting exclusively of organic material, recycling of VIPs is no problem at all.

performance indicators and verification procedures. This allows the industry to demonstrate how it has improved over the years and to develop policies for further improvement. Responsible Care® helps the industry build trust with the public whilst operating safely, profitably and with due care for future generations.



Legal Disclaimer ® = registered trademark of BASF and Elastogran GmbH The information submitted in this publication is based on our current knowledge and experience. In view of the many factors that may affect processing and application, these data do not relieve processors from the responsibility of carrying out their own tests and experiments; neither do they imply and legally binding (assurance) of certain properties of suitability for a specific purpose. It is the responsibility of those to whom we supply our products to ensure that any proprietary rights and existing laws and legislation are observed. 24

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