Basal Angiosperms - Chloranthaceae

February 2, 2019 | Author: Charlene Elio | Category: Flowers, Petal, Horticultural Techniques, Branches Of Botany, Pollination
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Basal Angiosperms Family Chloranthaceae Diagnostic Features: •

Chloranthus elatior 

Chloranthus elatior 

Sarcandra glabra

Trees, shrubs, and herbs bearing essential oils. Leaves opposite, petiolate, connate, aromatic, simple, epulvinate, stipulate. The leaf lamina dorsiventral ith margins serrate. !oung stems usually cylindrical ith solid internodes. "nflorescences terminal, or  a#illary$ spi%es or cymes Floers to bracteolate$ small$ &reduced'. (erianth sepaline )female and hermaphrodite floers*, or absent )male floers*$ hen present, +,  oined, - horled. horled. Fruit fleshy. The fruiting carpel indehiscent$ drupaceous.

eference:/chlorant.htm Chapter 6: Evolution of Flowering Plants • • • • •

Floering plants )angiosperms* 1 Angiospermae, 2agnoliophyta, Anthophyta 2onophyletic group 3ister group to the gymnosperms 2ost numerous, diverse and successful e#tant plant group 456 of all land plants

 Angiosperm  Angiosperm Apomorph Apomorphies ies -. Floe Floerr )/ )/ peria periant nth* h* 2ost obvious distinguishing feature 2odified, determinate shoot system bearing stamen/s )A* and carpel/s )7* Bise#ual or perfect 1 both stamens and carpels 8nise#ual or imperfect 1 either stamens or carpels • • • •

(erianth 1 modified leaves at the base of a shoot system$ protects floral parts during dev't and functions as attractant for pollination 2ost have 9 distinct horls uter caly# 1 green and photosynthetic$ composed of leaf0li%e sepals or )caly# lobes* "nner corolla 1 colourful, sho, odoriferous$ composed of petals or )corolla lobes* Tepal )inner ; outer* 1 undifferentiated perianth parts Tepals, perianth parts or segments 3tamens ith to lateral thecae, each ith 9 microsporangia educed, +0nucleate male gametophyte Carpels and fruit formation vules ith 9 integuments educed, >0nucleate female gametophyte @ndosperm formation 3ieve tube members •

• •

• •

9. +. .

Chapter 7 - Family Descriptions •

• •

• •

eading 1 family name )scientific and common*, etymology, no. of general and species -st paragraph 1 plant characteristics 0 habit, vegetative features )root, stem, leaf*, reproductive features )inflorescence, floer, perianth or caly# ; corolla, androecium, gynoecium, fruit, seed*  anatomical or chemical characteristics 9nd paragraph 1 infrafamilial classification, distribution, important members of the family +rd paragraph 1 diagnostic features )most important 1 boldface-italics * Floral formula 1 ending$ summaries the no. and fusion of floral parts ( 1 perianth parts )undifferentiated* o  1 no. of sepals or caly# lobes o C 1 petals or corolla lobes o o  A 1 androecium$ no. of stamens o 7 1 gynoecium$ superior/inferior position o )* 1 fusion of similar parts o  0 separates discrete horls of parts E 1 less common or rare condition o G 0 numerous )-H0-9 parts* o Figures of photographs and line draings of e#emplars Floral diagrams 1 diagrammatic cross0sectional vie of a floer bud, shoing the relative relationship of (, A, 7 components

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