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Fig 5-1 Assembly diagram of lifting motor

Fig5-2 Lifting motor


5.2 SME three-phase AC motor The power system of four-wheel electric forklift truck is composed of three-phase AC drive motor and three-phase three-phase AC lifting motor. It’s with function of speed sensor, temperature sensor, simple construction, reliable performance, free of maintenance. (Fig.5-3)

Fig.5-3 Structure of AC motor 1. Front cover

2. Bearing

3. Temperature sensor

4. Support cap

5. Stator Stator

6. Rotor

7. Rear cover

8. Gear sensor

9. Speed sensor

5.2.1 Operating environment Operate normally under the following conditions: (1) Elevation is lower than 1200 meters. m eters. (2) Air temperature ranges between -25℃ and +40℃. (3) Relative humidity is 100%. 5.2.2 Daily inspection and maintenance (1) Always keep clean and no water, oil pollution or dust in the motor. (2) Check the bearing for heat or leakage. (3) The load current of the motor m otor can’t be over rated current. (4) If there is friction, scream or other noise, stop working at once, after removing the failure, the motor will keep on working.


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