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October 22, 2017 | Author: Nando Urang Tasik | Category: Hotel And Accommodation
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BANK SOAL SHORT FUNCTINAL TEXTS Read the text to answer questions 1 and 2.

ARTICLES ARE CONSIDERED SOLD IF YOU BROKE THEM 1. What does the caution mean? A. The shop sells special broken articles. B. You don't have to buy articles that are broken. C. In this section you will only find broken articles. D. If you break any of the articles, you should pay for it. 2. Where do you usually find this caution ? A. Library B. Bookstore C. Greengrocer D. Department store Read the text to answer questions 3 and 4


WE WILL SERVE YOUR BREAKFAST UNTIL 10.00 AM. 3. What does the notice mean? A. You will have breakfast at 10. 00 am. B. The breakfast will be served at 10.00 am. C. You will have breakfast till D. The breakfast will be served after at 10.00 am. 4. This kind of notice is found in a … . A. café B. hotel C. hospital D. restaurant Dear Kartika

Read the andCongratulations answer questions 5 and 6 as Ourtext sincere on your success The Best Washington City Journalist Prize 2009. This will support you to write more articles.

The manager and staff of Moonlight Publisher

5. A. B. C. D.

What does Kartika do? She is a … staff manager journalist publisher

6. The text is written in order to … A. congratulate Kartika on her success. B. inform people about the best journalist. C. announce people to give praise to Kartika. D. invite people to come to the Moonlight publisher. Bram …. I just got bad news. As you know Nita’s father Read and answer questions and 8 away had the beentext hospitalized for two months. 7He passed last night. Please forward to other friends.

Sender Jack 081899734670

7. Who just passed away? A. Jack’s father. C. Nita’s father. All of Students Grade 9 B. Bram’s friend. D. Writer’s father.

8. “As you know Nita’s father had been hospitalized...” You are invited to: . The underlined word refers to … A. Jack C. Reader GRADUATION PARTY 2010 SMP NUSANTARA B. Bram D. Nita’s father Read the following text to answer questions 9 and 10 Day/Date : Saturday, 15th July 2010 Time

: 10 a.m. – 01 p.m.


: Art Room Pramesti Hotel Jl. Sudirman kav. 9 – 11 Bandung

Come and help us celebrate it *Invitation card available at OSIS

9. Where will the graduation party be held? A. At Osis room. B. On Sudirman street. C. At Nusantara school. D. At Art room Pramesti Hotel.

10. How long is the graduation party supposed to last? A. 2 hours. C. 9 hours. B. 3 hours. D. 11 hours. Read the following text to answer questions 11 to 13. ANNOUNCEMENT To : All Department Managers A meeting will be held to discuss the customer’s complain this afternoon Jan , 4th 2010 at 01 p.m. in the meeting room. Please bring along the necessary documents. Thank you

11. What will be discussed at the meeting? A. The customer’s order. B. The customer’s needed. C. The customer’s documents. D. The customer’s complaining. 12. Who will attend the meeting? A. Customers. B. All managers. C. Director secretary and all managers. D. Director, secretary and all managers 13. “… the meeting to discuss the customer’s complain.” The underlined word means …. A. to speak C. to talk B. to say D. to tell

Read the following text to answer questions!

DO NOT FEED THE ANIMAL 1. A. the zoo B. home

We usually find the caution at these places below except at…. C. the safari park D. the farm

Read the text to answer question! Wildlife Nature Park ---------------------------------Ticket: Rp12,000 (adult) Rp6,000 (child) Opening hours: 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. Monday –Sunday --------------------------------Features: • Nature talks • Jungle trekking • Nature quiz • Free bookmarks

2. Who must pay a half for ticket to visit wildlife nature park? A. Adult C. Teen B. Child D. Baby Read the following text and answer the question 3 and 4 I’ve read your poem in Junior Mag this week. The title is ‘The Dead Tree’ Great! It’s really a good poem. The poem inspires me. Our body may be like the leaves. They will fall down to the ground, but our soul will be still alive. Our soul may be tired. You say it is waiting in agony. But, it still gives us beauty. So let’s do our best today and get the beauty of life. It is the inspiration that I can get. And it’s interesting for me. Well, Juita, I’m waiting for your poems. See you soon. L ove



3. What does the text tell us about? A. The beauty of life B. The soul and body C. The interesting letter D. The inspiring poem ANNOUNCEMENT 4. “But, it still gives us beauty” (line 5) The word It refers to…. To celebrate the School Anniversary, SMP GPS will A. some the poem hold English contests: C. the agony B. the soul D. the The Spelling Bee Contest (forleaf Class VII) The Writing Fable Contest (For Class VIII) The English Speech Contest (for Class IX) This textcontests is for number 5 and 6 All the will be held on Monday, November 17th 2008. Each class must send at least three participants for the contests. For more information, contact the committee c.o. Ary Widyawati (the Head of OSIS). The committee only accepts the names of the participants before November 15th, 2008.

T h e C o m m i t t

5. “Each class must send at least three participants….” What does the underlined phrase mean? A. maximum C. more than B. minimum D. less than 6. The purpose of the text is to …. A. contact the committee B. send at least three participants C. celebrate the school anniversary D. inform the students about English contests This text is for number 7 and 8

7. The notice is suitable for … Except A. bikers C. trainers B. drivers D. motor riders 8. From the notice we know that …. A. If we regret, we will be safe. B. We will be regretful if we drive safely. C. We should be safe if we regret tomorrow. D. If we don’t drive safely, we will be regretful. text is for number 9 to 12 BUGIS HOTEL There is a new hotel in my city. Bugis hotel is a four-star hotel. It is located downtown. Many foreigners stay the night in the hotel. Bugis hotel is not very big, but the architecture is very beautiful. It looks like a classic castle in Europe. According to the brochure it has 100 rooms, a fancy restaurant, and complete sport facilities including a swimming pool, a tennis court, gym and sauna. There are also a coffee shop and a karaoke room. The pictures of the rooms in the brochure are very nice. The rooms look very comfortable. They contain a big

spring bed with big pillows, a nice sofa, a wardrobe, and a television system with programmers from all over the world. The bathroom is very beautiful although it is not very big. It has a bath tub with hot and cold water so that the guests can take a bath in it comfortably. The brochure says that the hospitality is its trade mark. The staff of the hotel from the receptionist, the bellboy, and the house keepers is very polite. They help the guests in any way they can.

9. What does paragraph three tell us about? A. The bathroom is very beautiful. B. The rooms contain a big spring bed and big pillows. C. The pictures of the room in the brochure are very nice. D. The guest can take a bath in the bathroom comfortably. 10. “The brochure says that hospitality is its trademark” What does the word “its” refer to…. A. Bugis hotel C. the hospitality B. the brochure D. te staff of hotel 11. “They contain a big spring bed with big pillows, a nice sofa, a wardrobe and a television system” A wardrobe means a place to put … in A. foods C. clothes B. shoes D. beverages 12. Which statement is incorrect based on text? A. Bugis hotel is not foreign tourist. B. We can enjoy some songs in Bugis hotel. C. We will have a comfort in Bugis hotel. D. The staffs are very helpful to the guests. Text 1. (for number 1 only)

1. What does the caution mean ? a. We have to cross the street carefully. b. We shouldn’t stand at the side of the street. c. We mustn’t cross the street because it is very crowded. d. We must look at the left and the right sides to cross the street. Text 2. (for number 2 only) Welcome to Happy Lake Garden Open : Monday to Friday : 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday : 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Admission: Monday to Friday : Free Saturday and Sunday : Adults Rp5,000 Children under 12 Rp3,000

2. Shinta is thirteen years old. She goes to the Happy Lake Garden with her father on Sunday. How much does her father have to pay for the tickets ? a. Rp 3,000,- c. Rp. 8,000,b. Rp 5,000,- d. Rp. 10,000,Text 3. (for number 3 and 4) To Mom and Dad, Congratulations on your 15th wedding anniversary. We wish you a happy life together. From:

Freddy & Irene

3. Freddy and Irene want to …their parents. a. announce c. inform b. invite d. congratulate

4. “ We wish you a happy life together “. The underlined word has similar meaning with … . a. enjoyable c. pleased b. comfortable d. nice

Text 4 (for number 5 & 6) CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS Bryan English Course (BEC), a modern English course in your town invites you to join a special conversation program. This program will begin on : Date : March 19th, 2009 Time : 2 p.m. Place : The Student Centre of Bryan English Course It is free of charge, so join us to improve your English. Head of BEC

5. The text is written to … . a. announce people about a new English Course b. inform the way to join a conversation program c. describe about Bryan English Course d. invite people to have a special conversation program 6. “ It is free of charge …. “ ( Line 6 ). The word “ It “ here refers to … . a. a special conversation program b. Bryan English Course c. the student centre of BEC d. Modern English Course Text 5. (for number 7)

7. The text above means … . a. We must keep trees for our good environment b. We have to keep trees to avoid from disaster c. We can cut down trees for some advantages d. We may destroy trees Text 6. (for number 8) Date To From Phone

WHILE YOU WERE OUT : August 10th, 2009 : Mr. Johny Lorang : Mr. Hasan : 081326967836

MESSAGE The meeting will be held on Monday at09.15 Please contact him this afternoon

8. When will the meeting be held ? a. Five to ten c. Half past nine b. A quarter to ten d. A quarter past nine Read the text and answer question 1.

1. What does the above caution mean? A. Children are playing games around the place. B. Children are not allowed to play around the area. C. It is the place for children to play. D. You have to be careful because children usually play. Observe the picture to answer question number 2



The notice means that…. A. the parking lot is only meant for visitors B. only people having permission can park their car at the parking lot C. the visitors are permitted to leave their vehicle at the parking lot D. people must take the parking tickets before entering the parking lot

Read this text and answer questions 3 and 4 . Bandung, January 1st, 2010

Dear Lusi,

This card comes with living wishes especially for you. To wish you lots of happiness today and all year through.

A. B. 3. A. B. C. D.

3.The word “wish” in the text nearly means …. see C. hope look D. want The purpose of the text above is…. to remind someone about New Year to greet someone for the New Year to inform everyone about New Year to invite someone to a New Year Celebration

Read the text below and answer question 5 and 6.

To: Dona

Please let others know that the scout meeting is postponed until Mr. Brown is back from Egypt.

4. The scout meeting is postponed because of Mr. Brown’s…. A. absence B. meeting C. coming D. information

5. ‘’Please let others know…” The word others refers to … A. B. C. D.

Dona and Riri Riry and Mr Brown Mr. Brown and Dona scout members Read this text and answer questions 7 and 8.



The party will be held … A. in the morning B. in the evening C. in the afternoon D. at night The purpose of the text above is …. A. to forbid someone to come to Kelly Madison’s birthday party B. to invite someone to attend Kelly Madison’s birthday party C. to inform everyone about a birthday party D. to remind someone to celebrate a birthday

Read the following text to answer questions 9 and 10. ANNOUNCEMENT

To: All students of Junior High School 1 Jetis.

To celebrate the National Education Day the Board of Student Association will hold some interesting programs. They are English Speech Contest, English Story Telling contest and Wall Magazine Competition. The programs will be held on January, 4th , 2010, 8 am – 1 p.m. All classes must take part in the programs and should report their participation to their home teachers.

For detailed information, please contact Mrs. Erika, the coordinator of this program.

9. Who is in charge of the program? A. B. C. D.

The students. The teacher. Mrs. Erika. Board of Students Association.

10. The text is about …. A. B. C. D.

Programs to celebrate the National Education Day explaining special programs in January inviting students to come to school in January informing some programs on Jan 4th, 2010

Read the following announcement and answer questions 11 to 12. SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT FRIDAY January 25TH, 2010 The girls’ basketball meeting is held after school today in the school library. The meeting is expected to last around 45 minutes and finish by 5. Every member must be present in this important meeting. Should anyone be unable to attend the meeting, find Mr. Elder for permission and further details about the agenda.

11. When will the meeting start?

A. Around 4.05 p.m. C. B. At about 4.15 p.m D.

At 4.50 p.m At 5.00 p.m

12. What should a student do if she is not able to attend the meeting? A. B. C. D.

Go home. Go to the library. Ask for permission from Mr. Elder. Let the class teacher know about her absence.

Read the text and answer questions 1 and 2.


1. What is the purpose of the above text? a. To inform visitors about breathing and heart problems. b. To remind people about the danger of the area. c. To avoid people from approaching hazardous women. d. To ask people to visit the area to make the body healthy. 2. Where can you find such caution? a. At the volcanic area. b. On the smoky mountains. c. At the amusement places. d. Inside the dangerous fumes. Read the text and answer questions 3 to 5. Dina, Mom’s training in Bogor will be over tomorrow at 2 p.m. Mom called Mr. Doddy several times this afternoon, but he did not answer. Please tell Mr. Dody to fetch Mom before 1 p.m. if you meet him. Tell him that traffic jams often happen in this area in the afternoon. Oh yes, Mom plans to go to souvenirs shops with friends tonight. What do U want me to buy for you, honey?

3. From the text we know that Mr. Doddy is the writer’s …. a. husband c. teacher b. driver d. friend 4. What is the writer’s plan tonight? a. Meeting friends. b. Calling her daughter c. Going shopping. d. Fetching Mr. Dody. 5.

Mr. Dody should fetch Dina’s mother before 1 p.m. because …. a. she does not want to call Mr. Dody many times b. she has already finished all her jobs in the training c. she is going to the souvenirs shop to buy something d. she is afraid that Mr. Dody will get a traffic jam

…… ….. …… ….. …… ……

Read the text and answer questions 6 to 8. On behalf of the teachers of SMP Jaya, we would like to welcome and congratulate

Mr. Willy Utomo M.Pd on your promotion to be the new principal of SMP Jaya for the period of 2009-2013 With your knowledge, skills, and experience in managing a school together with your dedication, perseverance, and winning attitude we know you will also excel in your new position. We do hope this school will be the best school in our sub district in the future.

6. The text is meant … on his success to get a new job. a. to inform someone’s position b. to dedicate one’s devotion c. to congratulate someone d. to support one’s opinion

7. Mr. Willy Utomo M.Pd. will be the principal for … years. a. 5 c. 3 b. 4 d. 2 8. The text shows that there is another school which is … SMP Jaya in the sub district. a. as good as c. as high as b. bigger than d. better than 9. “We know you will also excel in your new position.” The word “excel” means … the previous personal achievement. a. b. c. d.

do better than to be successful as earn more money than really get higher rank

Read the text and answer questions 10 to 12. ANNOUNCEMENT

SMP Cendikia Negara will celebrate its 10th anniversary on: Day/ Date : Saturday 25, June 2009 Place : Sport Hall Time : 10.00 am – 14.00 pm To enliven the event, we will hold a music show featuring the Indonesian idol Anggela and a school bazaar. All the teachers, students and their parents are supposed to attend this celebration. For this reason, there will be no school extracurricular activities during the event at school. Principal, Ardono Tahita

10. What is the announcement about? a. The school bazaar. b. The school anniversary. c. The Indonesian Idols. d. The music show. 11. The celebration will last … hours. a. 6 c. 4 b. 5 d. 3 12. The text shows that the school was established … years ago. a. 7 c. 9 b. 8 d. 10 Read the text and answer questions 13 to 15.

13. What is the text about? a. Goods up for grabs. b. 10th floor GMT Building. c. d. Prestigious trade. 14. The prizes giving to the customers will last for … days. a. 13 b. 12 c. 10 d. 9 15. “Goods up for grabs.” The phrase “up for grabs” means … . a. available b. reasonable c. agreeable d. capable

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