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A downloadable Baldur's Gate walkthrough playing Cleric/Ranger, including Durlag's Tower walkthrough and Tales o...


Walkthrough for Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast By: bg2mez © 2012-17 All Rights Reserved. Version 1.0 July 20th, 2017 Game version: 1.3.5512 with BG1 fixpack, Unfinished Business and Mini Quests and Encounters installed

Available for download at and (for free)

With Good/Neutral Companions: Imoen, Jaheira & Khalid, Minsc and Dynaheir; playing Cleric/Ranger

With part-time companions: Ajantis, Kivan, Branwen, Coran, Yeslick and Alora

BALDUR'S GATE: Developed by and ©1998 BioWare Corp. All Rights Reserved. TALES OF THE SW ORD COAST: ©1999 BioWare Corp. All Rights Reserved

A Baldur's Gate walkthrough and strategy guide pdf for BG Original with Tales of the Sword Coast Send feedback to (-bg2mez-) ( at ) (-gmail-) ( dot ) (-com-)

Contents Why Cleric/Ranger and party remarks ………………………………………………………………………..

page 2

Other parties played …………………………………………………………………………………………….


Install order, tweaking and mods ……………………………………………………………………………….


Main Character creation (Protagonist) …………………………………………………………………………


Style of play remarks ……………………………………………………………………………………………


Baldur's Gate beginner tips ………………………………………………………………………………………


Baldur's Gate bugs ……………………………………………………………………………………………….


Walkthrough Overview (Map) ……………………………………………………………………………………


Walkthrough for Baldur's Gate (BG1 Original Walkthrough) ……………………………………………… 8 Chapter 1 ……………………………………………………………………………………… 9 Plan for phase 1 …………………………………………………………………………… 9 Chapter 2 ……………………………………………………………………………………… 16 Chapter 3 ………………………………………………………………………………………… 23 Plan for phase 2 ……………………………………………………………………………. 23 26 Melee Buffing tips (Baldur's Gate buffs) ……………………………………………………… The values of gems, necklaces and rings ………………………………………………… 34 Chapter 4 …………………………………………………………………………………………… 35 Plan for phase 3 ……………………………………………………………………………. 35 Chapter 5 …………………………………………………………………………………………… 42 Plan for phase 4 ……………………………………………………………………………. 42 52 Plan for Baldur's Gate ……………………………………………………………………………. Poisoning Quest (Marek and Lothander's quest) …………………………………………………… 55 Main Quest in Baldur's Gate ……………………………………………………………….. 58 TotSC (Tales of the Sword Coast) Ulgoth's Beard Walkthrough …………………………………………………………..… 64 Durlag's Tower Walkthrough …………………………………………………………..………. 66 Chapter 6 ………………………………………………………………………………………….74 Chapter 7 ………………………………………………………………………………………….76 Plan for phase 5 ……………………………………………………………………………. 76 Baldur's Gate endgame …………………………………………………………..……………76 Final Battle and Preparation ……………………………………………………………………… 77 Exporting to BG2 (and BG2EE) …………………………………………………………………78

A few reasons to try Cleric/Ranger *THAC0 and number of attacks per round as Fighter *Can use Stealth: strike first; explore without being detected! *Racial Enemy: hit with a THAC0 bonus of +4 vs. your selected racial enemy! *Can cast good buffing and healing spells, and can cast Animate Dead, while wearing armor! *Can Charm Animal, such as a Winter Wolf or Bear, which is very useful if the party is at a low level! *In BG2: can cast Righteous Magic (Level 5 spell): all hits are at maximum damage, and other bonuses *In BG2: optional/if enabled in EE: can cast Iron Skins (Level 5 spell): immune to melee weapons *In BG2: optional/if enabled in EE: can cast Creeping Doom (Level 7 spell): interrupts spell casters and affects several opponents

Party remarks Good/Neutral-alignments only: *Khalid: an excellent fighter; Jaheira's partner *Minsc: an excellent fighter; has stealth to do sneak attacks; quite funny; continuity to BG2 *Jaheira: can cast buffing, healing and damage-dealing spells; a good fighter; Khalid's partner; continuity to BG2 *Imoen: can become a very good mage; can dual class to mage at thief level 3; de-trapper, buyer; continuity to BG2 *Dynaheir: very good mage; Minsc's witch; continuity to BG2

© bg2mez


*Part-time: Ajantis, Kivan only to safely get the core party to Nashkel and the Gnoll Stronghold; optional *Part-time: Alora (Baldur's Gate west) for pick pocketing only; optional but fun

Other party's played My first Baldur's Gate party for BG1: Cleric/Ranger, Khalid, Minsc, Jaheira, Imoen and Coran Notes : This was a very strong party and very fun! Coran can be reached fairly quickly by following this walkthrough; he'll be Fighter 3/Thief 3, 8126 xp with the protagonist having only 10-11k xp. My first Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition party: Cleric/Ranger, Khalid, Jaheira, Rasaad, Imoen and Neera Notes: The party easily succeeded but I missed Minsc. Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition and Siege of Dragonspear party: Cleric/Ranger, Khalid, Minsc, Jaheira, Imoen and Coran->Dynaheir Part-time members: Neera, Rasaad and Dorn for their quests only Notes: Coran was switched-out for Dynaheir for story continuity upon hearing of the new Siege of Dragonspear add-on. Coran instead of Dynaheir would probably make for a stronger party in BG1, although Dynaheir can cast area of effect spells and summon creatures. Using Coran may be a more fun party if you don't mind him being over-powered (DEX 20). Fighter/Mage party for Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, second play through: Fighter/Mage, Khalid, Minsc, Jaheira, Imoen and Branwen -> Yeslick Part-time members: Neera, Rasaad and Dorn for their quests only Notes: The party easily succeeded! Fighter/Mage walkthrough is very similar as below (same as Cleric/Ranger). Yeslick was reached early with the protagonist having only 21k xp; Yeslick had 27380 xp Fighter 4/Cleric 5. For role playing purposes, I prefer Cleric/Ranger rather than Fighter/Mage.

Install order, tweaking and mods *Install Baldur's Gate (BG1) (can buy the DVD's on, or original CD-ROM's from *Install Tales of the Sword Coast *Install Tales of the Sword Coast patch BGTalesUS5512.exe from Optional: do a very brief test play of the game (currently running Windows 8.1 and it has no problem running BG1 vanilla); make a back-up copy of the installation *Then install BG1FixPack11.exe from *Optional: BG1 Unfinished Business from installed all except for Permanent Corpses; Flaming Fist Mercenary Reinforcements *Optional: Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters v13 (BGQE) from installed all *Then install bg1tweaks-v5.exe from; these conveniences were installed: *cosmetic changes such as remove helmets *max hp on level-up and for all creatures *100% spell learning and no cap *ammo stacking to 40 only; no other increased stacking or bags of holding or such Lastly install the widescreen mod (very optional, 800x600 still looks great!): *Widescreen mod from Extract to game folder, run SETUP-WIDESCREEN.exe; set to 800x600, yes to saves *BG1 interface improvement from Extract to game folder, run Setup-TWM_GUI.exe Optional: improved GUI for 1280x720 specifically: Must set Widescreen to 1280x720 before installing the improved GUI for 1280x720

Settings: Start the game and select Configure: *Play "middle" difficulty; however, move slider to "hard" after anyone in the party reaches Level 5 *Frame rate: 35 or so (increases game speed); keep at 30 if playing BGT (Trilogy) *Cache Size 1024MB (max); no need to adjust the Pathfinding nodes; can use way points in BG1 and BG2, if it helps *32 bit graphics or the game might run very slowly Start the game and select Options: *Set Auto-pause for "enemy sighted" "trap found" and "character injured" (and for BG2: "spell cast")

© bg2mez


Main Character *Selected Half-Elf, Cleric/Ranger, rolled 97 points in total with 18/90 STR *Have rolled: 93 points with 18/00 STR, and 96 with 18/00! Have played with 18/66 STR and all went well! *STR 18/90, DEX 18, CON 18, INT 18, WIS 18, CHA 7; Spiked (flail/morningstar)** Blunt (war hammer)** *STR 18/00 is not necessary since the STR stat can be raised by 1 point in Chapter 6; game is not tough, anyway *INT more than 5 is not necessary, but higher (10) is nice to have for surviving Mind Flayers in BG2 and for some Lore *Select spells to memorize: Remove Fear, Sanctuary and Cure Light Wounds *Select Racial Enemy: Ogre *This character becomes very strong; having two proficiency points (pips) only in a weapon skill is actually just fine! *Starts with THAC0 17 if STR 18/51-99, war hammer or flail/morningstar equipped; +2 to hit/+3-5 damage; 1½ attacks/round *Starts with 13 hp, innate AC of 6, Stealth 35, Lore 21 if WIS and INT 18, 0 xp *Starting with 90 gold pieces (gp) is enough (have started with up to 180 gp)

Style of play remarks *This walkthrough enables early joining of most of the good NPC's: Imoen, Jaheira, Khalid, Ajantis, Viconia, Garrick, Kivan, Branwen, Minsc, Dynaheir, Xan, Coran, Faldorn, Yeslick and even NPC's found in Baldur's Gate: Alora The party had only 55k xp in total when reaching Coran; 65k xp total when reaching Yeslick; The city of Baldur's Gate can be reached shortly thereafter, where Alora and others await to join at a relatively low level *Focus firstly on getting your party members so you get them at an earlier level and can chose how they advance for more levels *Focus firstly on getting the best weapons and equipment, and doing the main plot quests; there are a huge amount of xp's in the game! *Completionist: all maps explored in this walkthrough! All side quests in BG city are done as well! *Anti-cheese:

*No stealing items from merchants *Good or Neutral aligned companions only (no Happy Patch) *Do not use the mage spell Improved Invisibility (way overpowered!) *Recent play through's with the enhanced edition or Baldur's Gate Trilogy (BGT; currently): *Do not dual wield weapons (use a weapon and shield) as this is BG1 *Do not use or sell the items added by BGEE or mods *Do not use the mage spells added by EE: Protection from Fire, Protection from Cold

*Remember to: *Buff especially with Haste, or use an Oil of Speed, and Draw Upon Holy Might for tough fights; cast Doom *Remember to use special abilities like Stealth / Hide in Shadows to gather intelligence and get a THAC0 bonus for melee *[…] = could do this but don't: it's not necessary to succeed and either it's evil or pushing the limits of what can be done a little too far IMHO

Thank-you / credits To: Dan Simpson! I have referred to your fantastic FAQ for years! (see To: creators of fixes, tweaks and mods! Thank-you for your dedication to improving this fine game!

© bg2mez


A few Baldur's Gate beginner tips Pause:

Use the pause key (space bar) often to plan each battle; plan each party member's action and their target Set Auto-pause for "enemy sighted" "trap found" "character injured" and for BG2: "spell cast" Hit pause as soon as a party member isn't doing what you want or is in trouble


Target enemy spell casters, especially mages, first; arrows of fire or acid can disrupt their spell casting; likewise can Magic Missiles and other spells (Fireball) and weapons (Ashideena, Varscona) that deal elemental damage Cast spells that summon creatures for tough battles, they will distract the enemy; send them into battle first! Use Stealth or cast Invisibility or drink a Potion of Invisibility to see what may lie ahead, and then pause to plan the battle Stealth grants a +4 THAC0 bonus to the first hit Ranger class can use the special ability "charm animal" on wild animals such as Wolves and Bears (useful while at low levels)


See page 26 for some Baldur's Gate buffing tips (Baldur's Gate buffs) Buff the party with Bless, Chant (Cleric spells) and Haste (Mage spell) or drink an Oil of Speed before going into battle Buff with "Draw Upon Holy Might" before going into battle (a special ability given in Chapter 6; a Cleric level 2 spell) Drink a Potion of Hill Giant/Fire Giant Strength to deal more damage; Potion of Heroism is very good as well Drink a Potion of Agility or Defense to improve AC of Minsc and Khalid

Serious trouble: Gulp a Potion of Invisibility and the enemies will ignore you! Cast Sanctuary (Cleric spell) which buys you time to heal and buff yourself

Weapon details:Ranged weapons are extremely effective in BG1 (try Coran or Kivan) Get the very good weapon called "War Hammer +2: Ashideena" early in the game, from south of High Hedge (p. 28) Get the "Long Sword +2: Varscona" if you want a very good long sword, from Nashkel Mines (p. 23)

Buff vs mind effects:

Use Resist Fear/Remove Fear or a Potion of Clarity to avoid being panicked in fear The Cleric/Druid level 5 spell Chaotic Commands prevents mind control; scrolls can be bought in Temples Offense is best, though (see next tips)

Fighting spell casters:

Elemental damage interrupts enemy spell casting, e.g. Magic Missiles, Wand of Frost, weapons that deal cold/electrical/etc. damage, and arrows of fire/acid Use Stealth to sneak-up; first hit in Stealth mode gets a +4 THAC0 bonus Summon a creature and send them into battle first, becoming the target (cannon fodder) instead of your party

Basic spell casting:

Set Auto-pause for "spell cast" (can't in BG1 original so use the space bar instead) Magic Missiles: very good spell against spell casters and tough melee-fighting enemies; interrupts enemy spell casters Cast Fireball (mage spell) and at the same time protect a melee fighter or two against fire = simple and effective Use Protection from Fire and Resist Fire/Cold (Cleric spells), or drink a Potion of Fire Resistance

Rest & save:

Rest as often as you like to regain health and spells; there is no penalty at all Save the game (and keep the save) before travelling to a new area or starting a new dungeon Save the game before a battle and after a successful battle; same with talking to a new person/NPC

Buying items:

Use the Mage spell Friends to raise Charisma early in the game Buy from merchants with the party member with the highest Charisma as the leader of the party Reputation 20 and Charisma 20 maximizes the discount for buying items


If your resistance to Fire (or Electricity) is higher than 100, you will heal when taking elemental damage E.g. become buffed with Protection from Fire and Resist Fire/Cold, or wear a Ring of Fire Resistance = healing when fire strikes! Can do the same with Electricity using a Potion of Absorption and the Boots of Insulation


In narrow hallways and corridors the party formation can be changed to "in-line" and consider to only navigate three party members at a time (using the " 0 " and " - " key to select the first three and the last three members) and at times members 2 and 3 have to use a ranged weapon


Can set waypoints to help pathfinding: left-click the first way point, then SHIFT + left-click subsequent waypoints using the map if necessary to cover large distances Patience and micro-management are a pre-requisite!

© bg2mez


Baldur's Gate Bugs worth noting Baldur's Gate is being played on Windows 8.1 and Vista laptops. The only bugs encountered so far are for the quests that count the number of enemies killed! Several quests that count the number of enemies killed can seem bugged: The corpse (body) of the enemy must not disappear upon death. To avoid this, the final blow to the enemy cannot be so fatal that you "destroy" the body. Only if the bodies get counted, e.g. if Drizzt kills all 12 Gnolls but only 6 bodies are on the ground, then GNOLLSKILLED = 6, which means you cannot finalize the quest. Save often, consider to use ranged weapons and summon a creature to hit the final blows as melee can sometimes hit so hard that the body disappears, which means it is not counted as intended. The following Baldur's Gate quests can have the bug: - Bjornin and Half-ogres (4 need to be counted as killed) - Hulrik and Xvarts (8 need to be counted as killed) - Aldeth Sashenstar and Druids (3 need to be counted as killed) - Sarhedra and Ogres (3 need to be counted as killed) - Ardrouine and Worgs (3 need to be counted as killed) - Wenric and Zombies (20 need to be counted as killed) - Scar and investigating the Seven Suns (5 Doppelgangers need to be counted as killed) - Aldeth and Brandilar and discovering infiltrates of the Merchant's League: 5 Doppelgangers on the 1st floor (might be 10 on the 3rd floor in EE)

© bg2mez


Baldur's Gate Walkthrough Overview

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5

Get party members; Nashkel Mines (-> Chapter 3) Get good weapons and armor; Bandit Camp (-> Chapter 4) Coran, Yeslick; Cloakwood Mines (-> Chapter 5) Could go to Baldur's Gate now; preference is to explore all maps first Do Tales of the Sword Coast quests; complete the BG main plot quests

Arrow on map Light/Dark Green Blue Red -



Only get Ajantis

Jaheira & Khalid





© bg2mez


Baldur's Gate Walkthrough Gold / Day:Hour

Prologue Candlekeep:


Talk to Winthrop: buy a weapon (flail or morningstar) Loot; bash chests/drawers if necessary (don't get caught stealing upstairs; can use Stealth if someone notices or cast Sanctuary or just run!)

Day: 0 Hour: 7 100 gp

Notes/Items/Level-ups Reputation (REP) = 12 Have STR 18/90, THAC0 17 (1½ attacks per round) 13hp, Lore 21

Sell the items and then buy: Splint mail 120 gp, Helmet 1 gp, 1x Bolts (for Fuller), and a large shield 15 gp -> AC-1 Talk to Firebead Elvenhair: Quest ("Q": get scroll of Identify from Tethtoril)

Central courtyard: Find and talk to Tethtoril in the inner walled area and return the scroll of Identify to Firebead which finalizes the quest for 50 xp North:

Talk to Phlydia Q (book)

Priest's Quarters: Fight Shank, loot (War Hammer). Outside: Parda talks North-east:

Talk to Dreppin Q -> Phlydia (give book), 50 xp -> Dreppin Q (antidote from Hull)


Talk to Reevor Q (rats)


Fight, loot; finalize (will get a Dagger +1 if CHA is high enough) for 50 xp and 5 gp


Talk to Hull Q (Hull's sword)

SE, Clinic:

Talk to Priest of Oghma for a Potion of Healing; carefully sneak another potion from the desk (if you get caught just run or use Stealth)


Fight Carbos. Outside: Karan talks


Loot chest and barrel


Talk to Fuller Q (give bolts); finalize for 50 xp, 10 gp Loot NE chest for quest items (antidote and long sword) Can carefully sneak a Mace and Long Sword from SW chest


Finalize quests with Hull and Dreppin for 2x 50 xp


Do a final sell at the Candlekeep Inn; finalize with Firebead if not done

220 gp

Central courtyard: ENCOUNTER Imoen Talk to Gorion to instigate Chapter 1! You are instructed to go to the Friendly Arm Inn: "It is imperative that you make your way to the Friendly Arm Inn. There you will meet Jaheira and Khalid. They have long been my friends and you can trust them." Priest of Oghma heals protagonist ENCOUNTER: Armored Figure and five lackeys

© bg2mez


Chapter 1 East of Candlekeep:

Imoen joins! Thief level 1, 9 xp, 8 hp, Small Sword*, Bow*, THAC0 20/18 (2 attacks per round), INT 17, DEX 18, CHA 16, Find Traps skill level 40, Open Locks 25, Pick Pockets 25 Plan for Imoen: dual class to Mage at Thief level 3. Use Short Bow as Thief, Sling as Mage. Use her to de-trap; therefore focus on getting to the Nashkel mines in order to de-trap before she reaches level 3 (and becomes nerfed upon dual-classing meaning that her Thieving skills won't be available until her Mage level becomes one higher than her Thief level, i.e. Mage level 4 at 10,000 xp). Also, use Imoen to buy items as party leader and cast the mage spell Friends to raise Charisma (CHA)

Day 1 Hour 7

*Oil of Speed [*Wand of Magic Missiles (EE version, or BGT, or if protagonist is single class; do not use!)]

Set Imoen's script to "Fighter Ranged"


Walk directly north and pick-up loot from Gorion's battle, including 176 gp; the scroll reminds you to get to the Friendly Arm Inn to meet Jaheira and Khalid Return directly south or south-east to the safety of the path!


Talk to Xzar, Xzar and Montaron join! 10 gp given, take their items and dismiss them as they are Evil [or keep in party for a short time to assist in upcoming fight at Friendly Arm Inn]

*Studded Leather -> Imoen AC3 *Oil of Speed

Note: keep the Oil of Speed potions for a tough fight in Chapter 2


Get diamond (worth 500 gp) in tree near east end of path (at coordinates 4448, 1958 - press "x" to see Area and Coordinates)


Overall plan is to:

Minimize quests and map exploration until acquiring full party and when better equipped This walkthrough gets quickly to candidate party members so their level is low upon joining the party including: Imoen, Jaheira, Khalid, Ajantis, (Viconia,) Garrick, Kivan, Branwen, Minsc, Dynaheir, Xan, Coran, Yeslick and NPC's found in Baldur's Gate: Alora Instigate Chapters 2-4 quickly to get good items and so that Coran, and Yeslick if desired, can join early Do a little bit of exploring a few maps to get your favorite items Instigate Chapter 5 quickly to gain entry to Baldur's Gate and get more of the best items!

Plan for phase 1:

Save the vast majority of quests and exploring until party is complete Get party members Jaheira, Khalid and Minsc (optional: Branwen): Friendly Arm Inn: Jaheira and Khalid Option: North of Friendly Arm Inn: Ajantis (do nothing else on that map) South of Friendly: Girdle of Piercing Beregost: loot, just passing through but do one quest only for now Option: High Hedge: Kivan (do nothing else on that map) South of Beregost: Boots of Stealth North of Nashkel: just passing through Nashkel: Minsc ; loot Option: Carnival: Branwen Carnival: store loot for big sell later West of Nashkel: optional fighting North of Gnoll Stronghold: Boots of the North Gnoll Stronghold: rescue Dynaheir Sell stuff and buy Necklace of Missiles in Carnival Clear Nashkel Mines, where Imoen will reach thief level 3 and be dual classed to mage -> Chapter 3

© bg2mez


Between maps

If you get waylaid by enemies at this early stage (it can happen) between maps, run or re-load autosave!

Lion's Way: (South of Friendly Arm Inn)

ENCOUNTER Old Man Get Ring of Protection +1 in medium-sized rock above fork in the road (at coordinates 1004, 1114). Return directly south to the path and follow it east and then north

*Ring of Protection +1 -> AC-2 (with a shield)

Memorize 1x Remove Fear (all other level one spell slots Cure Light Wounds) for upcoming fight with Tarnesh [as a last resort use the Wand of Magic Missiles added to Imoen in BGEE v1.2, which will disrupt his spell casting]

Friendly Arm Inn:

Outside, south:

Get Ring of Wizardry from near a pine tree just east of the gate close to bottom of the map (2555, 3759), located at the base of the tree near two rocks


*Ring of Wizardry

Activate the map to the east by walking to the edge of the map, click on the travel icon to see the world map, and then cancel Houses:

Loot the two houses (bash the chests) just inside the castle walls; talk to Joia to get a quest (Q) to find her ring Save game

Entrance to Inn:

ENCOUNTER Tarnesh at entrance to Inn: tough fight, try to get help from two of the wandering Guards; buff with Remove Fear to assure success or drink Potion of Clarity: fight 120 xp, 58 gp


*Magic Missiles scroll

Bash the chest near the entrance for 20 gp and storage that will last the entire game Loot the west bookcase Talk to Jaheira, Jaheira and Khalid join! 20 gp given; Jaheira Fighter level 1, Druid level 1, 3572 xp, 12 hp, Blunt**, Missile**, THAC0 19 (1½ attacks per round) with Sling or Quarterstaff; STR 15, DEX 14, WIS 14, CHA 15

*Potion of Invisibility

Plan for Jaheira: use Sling and shield which is good if playing with Minsc; Club/Quarterstaff as alternate weapon Khalid Fighter level 1, 42 xp, 13 hp, Large Sword**, Bow*, Axe*, THAC0 20/19 (1½ attacks per round), STR 15, DEX 16, AC1 Plan for Khalid: Long Sword and shield, front-line fighter; Longbow as alternate weapon Jaheira advises to go to Nashkel next; Minsc is there (and Branwen) Save game

2nd floor:

Imoen talk to Unshey (east room) (has a minimum CHA requirement), gives Q (Ogre and girdle) Loot back containers and the two south rooms only (46 gp, gold ring worth 20 gp, Potion of Healing) Note: picking locks, de-trapping and scribing spells are worth 0 xp in BG1

3rd floor:

Loot; get Club from SE container in the back; carefully loot the two south rooms (onyx ring worth 25 gp) and middle north room (43 gp) by bashing if Strength>18/90 (can't in BGT)

*Club -> Jaheira alternate weapon

Landrin is here with a quest; if you do not have someone with CHA 18 or higher it is better to talk to Landrin later.

© bg2mez


You can still get the quest items (spider body, wine and boots) in Beregost south house and then return to Friendly Arm when Imoen can cast Friends before speaking to him, which nets 6x Antidotes; finalize the quest thereafter [Imoen can pick pocket Landrin but it is not necessary] [Changed in EE 1.3: Imoen talk to her now for the quest and 6x Antidotes] Talk to Nobleman for Golden Pantaloons (bring in inventory to end game battle to import into BG2); store them in chest on main floor

Main floor:

With Imoen as party leader: buy: - Sling and bullets for Jaheira - Arrows for Imoen; no need to buy anything else Sell diamond (500 gp), gems, rings, necklaces; can store stuff in the chest without losing it for the entire game; bring scrolls along to accumulate and sell later Keep all Oil of Speed potions for tough fights Later, keep potions of Invisibility, Agility, Strength and Heroism as well for tough fights

Temple of Wisdom:

*Golden Pantaloons (can import into BG2!)

ENCOUNTER Gellana Mirrorshade: buy 1 point of Reputation for 200 gp which will pay-off later when you begin to buy items; you could buy an Antidote for 142 gp in case of poisoning but it is not necessary at this time (no Spider fights for a while) Imoen can (rarely/carefully) pick pocket (PP) Gellana for a Potion of Heroism and a nice Elixer of Health!

1050 gp

REP+1 -> 13

Note: a 2nd Reputation point is inexpensive to buy in BG1; consider to buy for 200 gp which will pay-off if following this guide, although I did not this play through. In BGT this is not an option as one REP point costs 900 gp

Outside, Northwest:

Walk to the NW tight around outside of the wall to fight three Hobgoblins for Joia's ring Activate the map to the north


North of Friendly Arm Inn:

Option (new!): travel to the next map to the north to pick-up Ajantis for increased safety. He is a good Paladin with Lay on Hands and Protection from Evil abilities, currently at level 2 In general that map is made for higher level characters, so normally I leave it until much later and so Ajantis is normally level 6 when we meet.

Walk slightly to the northwest along the path; this is a map intended for higher level parties so stick to the west side of the map only Talk to Ajantis, Ajantis joins! 5 gp given; Ajantis Paladin level 2, 2263 xp, 24 hp, Large Sword**, Bow*, Blunt*, THAC0 17 (1½ attacks per round); STR 17, DEX 13, CON 16, CHA 17 Plan for Ajantis: Bastard Sword and shield, front-line fighter, escorting us only to Nashkel until meeting Minsc

North-west houses:

Loot the two houses in the NW only (59 gp, Sling) and then leave this map! It is recommended to not attempt any quests here until later; get back to the main plot quest as Jaheira suggested

© bg2mez


Friendly Arm Inn:


Talk to Joia to finalize quest for 400 xp and REP +1


It is probably best to sell your unwanted weapons and armor now but bring a Splint mail for Minsc. You don't need to buy anything at this time so bring the scrolls and potions to eventually sell in Carnival in one big lot later

REP+1 -> 14

If you sell the scrolls and Potion of Clarity now you could attain 1800 gp in total; could then buy a Plate armor for 852 gp (810 gp with Ajantis) but it is not necessary as the party will be fine and it doesn't offer any added protection vs missiles compared to Splint mail (missile damage is the greatest concern at this early stage in the game)

Note: keep a few extra weapons in case of breakage (non-magical weapons can break due to poor iron quality)


If not yet done: go to the map north of Friendly Arm if you'd like Ajantis, a good Paladin, level 2, to join. In general that map is made for higher level characters, so leave it until much later


[Did not do: walk to east side of map to activate Peldvale map; in NW in Peldvale can rescue Viconia and obtain a Plate Mail armor without her needing to join the party. This armor is not needed and you'll soon find a better one!]

South of Friendly Arm Inn:

Walk south along the path until mid-map, and then walk due east Use Charm Animal if you encounter a Wolf; the animal can fight on your behalf and the party will get the experience points! Mid-east:

Use Stealth to locate the Ogre in the mid-east area near the east edge of the map; fight carefully, 270 xp, Fire opal ring, and drops Girdle of Piercing! -> AC reduced by 3 vs piercing and missiles which is very useful throughout the entire game

*Girdle of Piercing

Note: do not finalize this quest because Unshey will take the girdle and you'd have to kill him to get it back

Walk straight down map along east edge to minimize fighting, or return to mid-map and then walk due south past the caravan




Plan for Beregost: General looting and a little buying; save quests until full party - Do 1 quest only (Firebead) to increase Reputation - Buy the Sling +1 and a Large Shield - Get Kivan (optional but good; swap him out later for Dynaheir)

Loot most of the buildings with the exception of: - Feldepost's Inn - Red Sheaf (tough fight) - the mid-south house with the spiders (wait for full party to share xp's) - a central house (3515, 1860) with a locked chest (cannot bash; contains a diamond) Can bash nearly all chests with STR 18/00, but quite a few cannot be bashed with STR 18/91-99 or lower (see map below) Return later when you have Draw Upon Holy Might to boost strength to 19, or eventually a mage will obtain the Knock spell or Coran who has good Open Locks skill

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Avoid Garrick until acquiring full party Burning Wizard:

[Imoen or Jaheira as leader: talk to Zurlong Q (boots) but it is not necessary to find/get the boots and he will steal 15 gp or more!]

Burning Wizard upstairs:


Mid-east house:

House across from Silke (avoid her for now) on the corner has a Splint Mail armor in locked chest (requires STR>18/75)

*Splint Mail -> Jaheira AC4

Note: simply leave the room (run!) as quickly as possible to avoid the Flaming Fist Enforcers, or use Stealth or Sanctuary

Thunder Hammer Sell gems and junk such as daggers and leather armor; accumulate Smithy: weapons and other better armor to sell in Carnival in one lot for maximum gold

Imoen or Ajantis as party leader buy (before 9pm or after 4am): Sling +1 Large Shield Bullets (pack 300 or so!)

142 13 15



-> Jaheira TH 18 (1½)

Smithy, 21:00 or If STR high enough: loot Bastard Sword +1 (can be bashed with later: STR 18/00 or higher; worth 1250 gp) or wait until Coran or until you can cast Draw Upon Holy Might; or cast Knock Mid-east:

Mirianne's house: talk for quest (letter)

Jovial Juggler:

Talk to Bjornin Q (Half Ogres); talk to Gurke Q (Cloak); loot the back chest Right-front staircase: loot the east room only

Mid-south House: In house across from Feldepost's Inn talk to Firebead Elvenhair Q (History of the Fateful Coin). Find and get the book in the house next door to the south (CHA does not matter but the protagonist must finalize the quest) Protagonist finalize for 300 xp, REP +1 [and a Scroll Case in EE] Kagain's shop:

Loot (207 gp!); talk to Kagain, Kagain joins! 14 gp awarded. Dismiss (evil alignment), park him in his store Could take Kagain to the Caravan to do his quest now or later: walk him to the body beside the SE caravan located South of Friendly Arm, and he will remark that this is the body of Entar Silvershield's son (worth 0 xp)

Red Sheaf:

[Wait until later with full party: avoid Karlat if cast Sanctuary or use Stealth to loot upstairs]

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REP+1 -> 15


General looting:

While looting walk to east, south and west edges to activate maps U = loot upstairs only Trap = use Imoen B = loot barrel/container Circle = most worth-while

Map legend: ' = need 18/00 to bash (Draw Upon Holy Might) L = loot main floor only 2 = loot main floor and upstairs

B 2' 2'



L U'



L' B









Quest, U L

L 2 2 L'






Quest, 2


Trap, 2' B


' = need 18/00 to bash (Draw Upon Holy Might): House 1: 23 gp' + Potion of Insight' + Fire Agate (5 gp)' House 2: 39 gp + Potion of Heal' House 3: 31 gp' House 5: 86 gp + (locked chest has only 5 gp') Travenhurst Manor, can bash: Wand of Lightning in desk + Gold necklace (30 gp); Travenhurst Manor, requires STR 18/00: 86 gp' + Potion of Invisibility' + Horn Coral (62 gp)' Store and Kagain: 207 gp + Fire Agate gems (25 gp) House 12: 38 gp + Sunstone (12) + Chainmail' House 14, upstairs: Potion of Heroism +Jasper (17 gp); main floor: Large X-bow' House 16: Potion of Agility House 18: Splint Mail House 8: 35 gp + Moonstone (25 gp) House 10: Book for Firebead Quest Firebead: Quest + 77 gp + Jade ring (40 gp) House 11: 25 gp

Feldepost's Inn:


[Wait until later with full party: avoid Marl and Dunkin] Can use Stealth to sell rings and necklaces to merchant; can loot upstairs east room Result: 2100 gp (plus scrolls, potions and a wand)

2100 gp

Song of the Talk to Keldath Ormlyr (talk 2): Q (return Bassilus' holy symbol) Morning Temple: Do not explore this map, wait until acquiring full party


Option (new!): travel to the next map to the west to pick-up Kivan for increased safety. He is a good Ranger with excellent Bow skill, currently at level 2 In general that map is made for higher level characters, so just recruit him and then leave the map until later

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High Hedge:

Walk to the southwest following the dirt "path" to locate Kivan Save game (Kivan has a minimum CHA requirement)


Imoen or Jaheira talk to Kivan, Kivan joins! 3 gp given; Kivan Ranger level 2, 2262 xp, 20 hp, Bow**, Spear**, THAC0 15 (1½ attacks per round) or 14 with Composite Longbow; STR 18/12, DEX 17 Plan for Kivan: Composite Longbow, archer, escorting us only until finding Dynaheir

Mage's Store:

Note: the Flesh Golems are not hostile if you speak to Thalantyr, can sneak in using Stealth Talk 2x to Thalantyr; ID and sell the Wand of Lightning for 600 gp! Consider to buy (not required): Scroll of Identify (for Dynaheir later) for 135 gp

Leave the map! It's not worth the risk of death and keep Imoen's xp's low so that she only has about 2500 xp at the end of Nashkel mines for perfect timing to Dual Class to Mage


Thunder Hammer Buy a Composite Longbow for Kivan at Smithy Thunderhammer for Smithy: 127 gp (Ajantis as party leader with CHA 17) if you don't have one

South of Beregost:

Walk to the west and east and activate new maps (avoid fights) Walk straight down map to avoid fighting Mid-south:

Get Zurlong's Boots (of Stealth) from Hobgoblins in the mid-south area of the map, slightly west of the roadway (found at coordinates 1880, 2700); keep the boots!


Use Stealth to locate the cave mid-map (1825, 2210) with five Potions of Healing and 29 gp

*Boots of Stealth (#1 of 3)

[Note: can fight the Flaming Fist Mercenary on the south part of the path for a free Plate armor but it is not nice nor necessary]

North of Nashkel:

Walk straight down the eastern side of the map to avoid fighting, or follow the path for an easy fight 210 xp Walking to Nashkel or Carnival instigates Chapter 2! Cut scene: "…How the iron shortage or the trouble in Nashkel Mines could be linked to you, you have no idea"

© bg2mez


Chapter 2 Resting in Chapter 2 gives a special ability (Cure Light Wounds) if you dream


West side:

Get Ankheg Plate armor (AC1, non-magical) in hole in garden (first row, approximately 2/3rds of way down just below the small tree (188, 2742) Loot the two houses but two chests require 18/00 to bash and they do not contain much (north has 28 gp and Chainmail armor; south has 6 gp)


***Ankheg Plate Mail -> Party leader

Walk to the west edge of the map to activate the next map Return back to the top of map and cross the bridge ENCOUNTER Bardolan Nashkel Inn:

Avoid the Nashkel Inn until later (tough fight)

Nashkel Store:

Sell junk, gems, necklaces and rings

Near the Temple: ENCOUNTER Berrun Ghastkill Q (Mines): wants you to find out what is wrong in the mines to the southeast

Near Garrison:

2900 gp


Save game before talking with Minsc (has a minimum CHA requirement); park Ajantis here or at Carnival Imoen or Jaheira to Minsc, Minsc joins! Ranger level 2, 2276 xp, 22 hp, Large Sword**, Axe*, Spiked*, THAC0 17 (1½), STR 18/93, DEX 15, CON 15 Plan for Minsc: Two Handed Swords; Longbow as alternate weapon

Must rescue Dynaheir within approximately 16 days or Minsc will fight the party and leave for good. On the other hand, Dynaheir can be recruited if you just go get her without talking to Minsc Tested: Minsc leaves after 16 days and 5 hours , therefore must rescue Dynaheir by day 19:21 or so for this play through (if playing with Minsc, that is)

Talk to Oublek: be nice for REP +1 Talk to Oublek again (talk 3: What bounties are currently unclaimed?) about the captain of the guard; Q Prism

REP+1 -> 16


Can carefully loot the first two chests

*Short Sword +1 -> Imoen alternate weapon

South house:

Talk to Commoner Q (Joseph's ring); do not loot


[Did not do: talk to Edwin, he joins. Dismiss (evil alignment) but is an extremely talented Mage]


[Later, with full party: ENCOUNTER Noober: talk 32x for 400 xp]


Walk to south and east edges to activate new maps

Temple of Helm: Talk to Nalin Q (Brage, Captain of the Guard). He can ID wands but the nearest place they can be sold is High Hedge or Friendly Arm Inn (it is not necessary to sell them yet) Note: if planning to play with Branwen (a good Cleric found in Carnival): Imoen buy a Scroll of Stone to Flesh from Temple of Helm for 213 gp (or Ajantis for 180 gp). This party will be fine even without the extra Cleric. I have used her instead of Dynaheir when playing Fighter/Mage

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Nashkel Store:

Manor House:


Imoen or Ajantis as party leader buy: Sling (for Imoen when she dual classes to Mage) Sling (for Dynaheir) Bullets (need 300 or so!)/arrows (need 200 or so!)

1 1 25



-> Imoen later -> Dynaheir later

Loot the south-east bookcase and container near door (don't get caught!) Upstairs: loot one chest of drawers only; the desk and other chest of drawers require STR>18/00 and the contents are nothing special (50 gp and a tainted potion)

*Potion of Invisibility

Note: store items in containers in a convenient place to eventually sell when reaching 16 items each to avoid dilution of price Note: carry extra melee weapons if not using magical weapons (in case of breakage)

Storage Tent #8

Tent #2 Tent #4

Tent #1

Tent #5 Tent #6 Tent #3 Tent #7

Loot outside; loot small tents (numbered from left): - Tent #4 (red & white) (magical items) - Tent #5 (colorful) (melee weapons) - Tent #6 (colorful) (ranged weapons) - Tent #7 ( mid-south): can loot one chest if have STR 18/00 for 230 gp and Potion of Fire Giant Strength and Potion of Heroism; the other needs 22 STR to bash (has a Potion of Fire Resistance); use Knock spell later Do not loot the large tents (#1 and 2) or Tent #3 at this time! Do not loot the square tent (armor) Tent #8, you will be caught!

South tent (#7):

Buy the red and violet potions (or Imoen PP) and sell for 450 gp

Small tent (#4, magic items):

Sell gems, necklaces, rings, the red and purple potions, and junk; still have scrolls worth 800 gp and potions worth 800 gp Make sure you keep an Oil of Speed or two for upcoming tough fight with Greywolf, as well as a Potion of Heroism and of Agility (if you have), to ensure success

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3500 gp


It is recommended to leave the other tent's and various small quests until later when full party is acquired


We are ready to rescue Dynaheir! Bring her a Sling and bullets, and several Potions of Healing; optional: bring a Potion of Invisibility or two to help Dynaheir escape the Gnolls

Note: if wanting Coran as a party member, can go to Nashkel Mines at this time, then to the Bandit Camp, then get Coran from the Cloakwood Forest map, and then hurry back to rescue Dynaheir before Minsc gets upset and leaves the party

Between maps:

To Xvart Village from Nashkel: 30% chance of being waylaid (AR5701: Cave Bears, Gnolls, Ogres, Ogre Mages, Ogrillons, Polar Bears, Winter Wolves) Ogre Mage dropped a Laeral's Tear necklace! Worth 3k gp!

Jaheira Fighter2 Druid2 +12hp->24 TH 18 (1½)

Baldur's Gate Trilogy (BGT) travel note If playing BGT must travel from Nashkel/Carnival to "Fisherman's Lake" (just walk along the south to mid-south), and then to "Xvart Village" (leave the map from the south-west side); thereafter can travel to Gnoll Stronghold directly, or to "Beaver River"

West of Nashkel (Xvarts):

Easy map; can clear, or just use Stealth/Sanctuary (or fight many Xvarts) to walk into the Cave to the north-west of the village and loot a Flail +1, Bracers AC8 (worth 1500 gp!), and a Potion of Fire Resistance (keep); avoid the cave bear

Note: protagonist, Minsc or Kivan can attempt to Charm Animal (special ability) on a Wolf in the mid-south; they will fight on your behalf and the party gets the experience points!

Xvart village:

Approaching from the middle-south of the map and slightly east, walk up the "ramp" path and clear the east side of the village of Xvarts 375 xp (or use Stealth/Sanctuary); enter the cave using Sanctuary to loot (Flail +1, Potion of Fire Resistance) and avoid the cave bear!

*Flail +1 -> TH 16 (1½) *Bracers AC8 -> Imoen *Potion of Fire Resistance

[Later: ENCOUNTER Nexlit the Xvart: fight him and Ursa 35 + 650 xp] Mid-west:

ENCOUNTER: Borda: do not buy anything (cursed scrolls) Leave by west edge of map

North of Gnoll Stronghold (Bear River):

Tough map! Do not attempt much, if anything at this time. Can simply walk or run to the south-east corner and leave the map; return later with full party

Note: protagonist, Minsc or Kivan can attempt to Charm Animal (special ability) on a Dog or Bear; they can be used as a decoy (cannon fodder) and will fight on your behalf, and the party gets the experience points!


[Later, or now using a charmed animal: ENCOUNTER Jared Q (bear); carefully fight the Polar Bear near the south bridge 900 xp, Imoen (with high CHA) finalize for 150 xp and Boots of the North!]

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[*Boots of the North]



[Later: ENCOUNTER Neville: fight vs five Hobgoblins, 600 xp, drops a Long Sword +1 and Dispel Magic scroll]

[*Long Sword +1 *Dispel Magic]

Leave by the south edge of map

Gnoll Stronghold:


Easy map; can clear now or return later to finish Cross the bridge ENCOUNTER Gnarl and Hairtooth on bridge: fight for Gloves of Dexterity (DEX set to 18), 350 xp, 87 gp, potions, Iol gem (20 gp)

D7:17 ***Gloves of Dexterity -> Khalid AC-4 or Minsc AC-1 *Potion of Hill Giant Strength (STR 19)

Rescuing Dynaheir: fight several Gnolls; however, Minsc can use Stealth to sneak to Dynaheir; bring her a Potion of Invisibility to escape without having to fight so many Gnolls Park Kivan at the Stronghold; can return later to get him (but we won't!) [or take a load of items back to Carnival to sell/storage, park him there and then return for Dynaheir]


Talk 1 only to Dynaheir for 800 xp (otherwise 0 xp awarded), Dynaheir joins! Invoker level 2, 2638 xp, Missile*, Lore 18, INT 17, knows the spell Magic Missiles; has special ability Slow Poison Plan for Dynaheir: use Sling or Darts; Fireball! Magic Missiles is also very good vs all types of opponents. She can Identify items after scribing the scroll; give her the Ring of Wizardry and Bracers of AC8

Mid-SW cave:

Later or now: clear the map or at least get the Tome of Leadership and Influence (gives +1 CHA) and 95 gp from the mid-south-west cave

Khalid Fighter3 +13hp->39hp Long Sword*** TH 15 (1½)

Leave by the east side of map



Store loot in the chests; sell junk, gems, necklaces and rings

Large tent 1:

[Recommended to do a bit later: ENCOUNTER Vitiare: kill quickly for Potion of Mastery Thievery, 73 gp and Potion of Agility,125 xp (use this potion to PP Aldeth Sashenstar later) [in EE: Garrick drink this potion to successfully be able to PP Algernon's Cloak]

D9:8 *Potion of Mastery Thievery

Note: can also buy a Potion of Mastery Thievery from Erdane on the Durlag's Tower map but that map wasn't present with BG1 so we normally wait until much later in the game to visit (Ch. 6) Note: can buy Potion of Perception from High Hedge later, which boosts all thieving skills by 20% (recommended to PP Aldeth Sashenstar later)

Small tent (Tent #3):

[Do later with full party: ENCOUNTER Zordral: talk 1, 1, fight (buff with Remove Fear) 900 xp, 79 gp. Talk to Bentha (talk 3 for a Potion of Heroism) [or pick pocket 2x], loot includes Knave's Robe]


Daytime only: [Do later with full party: talk to the Great Gazib 3x (can carefully PP 2x for scrolls: Blindness Scroll, Agannazar's Scorcher), kill the Amazing Oopah 270 xp] Drop-off loot; sell gems, necklaces and rings (still have a Laeral's Tear, scrolls and potions to sell later)

© bg2mez

*Potion of Heroism

4000 gp


Baldur's Gate Trilogy note Hulrik and the Qvarts quest must be done now! Otherwise it will disappear after fighting Mulahey! If playing BGT, go to the map north of Carnival now, proceed slightly north to do the quest for REP +1, and then immediately return to Carnival

Magic tent (Tent Ajantis (with CHA 17 and REP 16) consider to buy: #4): Necklace of Missiles (very powerful! Has 10 charges) Sling and bullets for Imoen when she soon dual classes Optional: Shield Amulet (has 10 charges) 560 gp TOTAL

2400 10 0

-> Imoen (-> Imoen later) -> Party leader


(REP 15 = 140 gp more)

Bring any scrolls of Identify or Magic Missiles you may have Buy/bring extra normal weapons in case of breakage Note: it is not necessary to buy anything else such as a Large Shield +1

Select spells for upcoming tough fights in the Nashkel Mines and with Greywolf: 1x Remove Fear, 1x Protection from Evil; 3-4x Magic Missiles; 1x Doom, 1x Bless; Sleep (optional, but good)


Leave by south edge of map (4 hours travel time to the Mines; 8 hours with BGT)

Nashkel Mines: North-west:

NW corner of map: get Wand of Frost from tree Can be used for tough fights but need to Identify it first (Temple of Helm in Nashkel can ID it)


Imoen is nearing 2500 xp at which point she will level-up the Thief 3 and then dual class to Mage (Conjurer). To avoid wasting xp's she should be at 2500 xp when we reach level 3 of the mine (she needs to remove some traps before dual classing); therefore clear the map and do the Prism/Greywolf quest (worth 2400 xp) after completing the Mines

Select spells now (rest and dream) for upcoming tough fight in the Nashkel Mines: 1x Remove Fear, 1x Protection from Evil; Magic Missiles; 1x Bless Sleep also works very well against low-level monsters such as Kobolds and Skeletons

Mines (dungeon): Talk to Emerson; he gives one day to clear the mines Talk to Guard to gain access to the mines


Clear the mines first using Imoen as a Thief to de-trap the eight traps on level 3 (only) BEFORE she is Dual Classed to a Mage (at Thief level 3; reached at the end of level 3 of the Mines in this play through) whereby her Thieving skills become inaccessible Imoen has 2300 xp at this time (2500 xp = thief level 3) Note: completely clearing the mines of Kobolds is not necessary and not worth the chance of death by arrow!

© bg2mez


Level 1:

ENCOUNTER Miner Gord: talks about Ruffie Mid-south: ENCOUNTER Miner Dink: Q (Kylee's dagger) Note: level 1 and 2 containers have no loot; do keep one piece of contaminated iron if the Unfinished Business mod is installed

Level 2:

ENCOUNTER Miner Beldin: fight several Kobolds Mid-southwest: finalize Miner Kylee 200 xp South-east: near entrance to level 3: do not use the two green potions (vials of mysterious or murky liquid will lower CON); they are vials of mineral poison (can be brought to High Hedge) Keep the two Vials of Mysterious Liquid if the Unfinished Business mod is installed

Level 3:

Trap locations: slightly east of entrance on level 3, two on bridge midmap, two on 2nd bridge across lava (other two lava bridges have no traps), and three traps near the exit in the south-east

Important Note: must disarm the traps near the exit in the southeast before Imoen dual classes to Mage because she will temporarily lose her thieving abilities

Pick-up Joseph's ring on ground Get Potion of Healing in 3rd ore car East, optional: fight Kobolds and loot eastern containers (26 gp + Fire Agate 5 gp only)

*Joseph's Greenstone ring

South: fight two Spiders; fight seven Kobolds on the lava bridge, consider using the Necklace of Missiles South-east: Imoen de-trap around exit, and then Dual Class Or, to avoid the traps altogether: walk, hug the south/east wall

Imoen at Thief level 3 (2500 xp): DUAL CLASS to Mage! Select Sling proficiency (*) and spells: Friends, Sleep (we have a scroll of Magic Missile and will soon get Identify)

Level 4:

Rest and memorize 2x Remove Fear if not done (one for upcoming fight in Mines and one for Nashkel), Magic Missiles and Bless


Xan (Enchanter level 2, neutral) is here, but his "quest" to return his sword/Moonblade is worth 0 xp

Imoen Thief3 +8hp->24 Find Traps 40->60 DUAL CLASS to Mage

Note: the battle with Mulahey can be won without enchanted weapons and with the Ankheg armor being the only decent armor (no plate required); however, being able to cast Magic Missiles at Mulahey is highly recommended

Stealthily clear the few Kobolds lurking about and then buff with Shield Amulet, Remove Fear and Bless - Khalid and Protagonist (use Stealth) will fight Mulahey - Minsc and Jaheira will protect the mages - Dynaheir will cast Magic Missiles - Imoen use Necklace of Missiles ENCOUNTER Mulahey: Imoen use Necklace of Missiles on the summoned Skeletons and Kobolds, aim slightly above the top Skeletons (they seem to be worth 0 xp) Sleep spell is quite effective as well

© bg2mez


Talk 1 when he asks for mercy to fight 2nd wave of summons 650 xp, 29 gp, Boots of Grounding, Ring of Holiness (worth 5000 gp!), chest has 790 gp and scrolls (Identify, Web, Sleep) Xan is here (neutral enchanter, level 2, INT 17); his Moonblade is worth 0 gp

*Boots of Grounding ***Ring of Holiness *Potion of Absorption *Short Sword +1 *Scrolls: Identify, Web, Sleep

-> Chapter 3 begins when Mulahey's letters are pick-up! Cut scene says to find where Mulahey's cohorts are hiding, they may have links to the Bandits that plague the Coast Way Letter informs of Tazok's new contact named Tranzig in Beregost at Feldepost's Inn Optional: clear around the outside of the cave: 2x Gray Oozes 550 xp Backtrack into the Mines to Emerson; the map upon exiting from the Mines level 4 is made for a higher level party

Set-up for fighting Greywolf (see next page)

© bg2mez


Chapter 3 Resting in Chapter 3 gives another special ability (Cure Light Wounds II) if you dream

Plan for phase 2:

Nashkel Mines: Outside

Get Reputation to 20 to buy items for the cheapest price: Nashkel Mines: REP +1 (Prism quest) (Option: South-west of Nashkel Mines: REP +1 (Lena and Samuel quest) Nashkel: REP +1 (finalize Mines quest) North of Carnival: REP +1 (Hulrik's Xvarts) Northwest of Nashkel: REP +1 (Bjornin's Half Ogres) South of High Hedge: War Hammer +2 (Option: South of High Hedge: REP +1 (Melicamp quest) Beregost: buy Full Plate armor and other nice items North of Friendly Arm Inn or Temple -> Larswood -> Bandit Camp -> Chapter 4

Talk to Emerson: says to talk to the Mayor

North/mid house: Clear, loot 33 gold and Potion of Healing Mid/south:

Mid-map, mid-south or south-east: Winter Wolf perhaps present, 975 xp and can sell pelt in Nashkel Store for 500 gp Walk to south and east edges to activate new maps

Cleric2 Ranger1 +6 hp->19hp

Note: Protagonist and Minsc can use Charm Animal on a Winter Wolf for assistance fighting Greywolf! Use the charmed wolf as Greywolf's target!


ENCOUNTER Galtok: help him


Near Prism: buff for tough fight: Khalid (your main fighter at this stage) should drink a Potion of Heroism to lower THAC0 and an Oil of Speed; Minsc drink a Potion of Agility to be safe

Minsc Ranger3 +11hp->33hp Bow* TH 14 (1½)

Position NPC with highest xp's, or a charmed Winter Wolf, such that Greywolf fights them (for party survival). If hit you might need to be tactical and flee to make Greywolf follow him around Jaheira cast Bless; cast Protection from Evil if available

Talk to Prism (talk 2, 1) and offer to fight Greywolf for him ENCOUNTER Greywolf: keep protagonist out of line of fire! - Protagonist can try to cast Doom [not an BG1 Original spell] - Dynaheir will cast Magic Missiles - Imoen will use the Wand of Frost if identified (effective but the area of effect is a cone so use with caution!) - Minsc consider to use Berserk skill Fight Greywolf 1400 xp, 102 gp, drops Long Sword +2: Varscona! (1d8+2, +1 cold = 4-11 damage)

***Long Sword +2 -> Khalid

Talk to Prism to finalize 1k xp, REP +1

REP+1 -> 17

If you have the Unfinished Business mod installed: do not remove the Emeralds from Prism's statue, it will cost you a Reputation point! Fight a few more Winter Wolves if possible!

© bg2mez


New plan, but optional: try the map to the east of the Mines: it has very little fighting if any, has a valuable gem, a nice ring, and a quest that can increase Reputation if needed

East of Nashkel Mines: ("Cloud Peaks") North-west:

Very little fighting on this map


ENCOUNTER Hafiz: gives a Protection from Magic scroll (talk 1, 1, 3) worth 1000 gp!


ENCOUNTER Flaming Fist Mercenary: be nice


Winter Wolf 975 xp and another pelt to sell

*Protection from Magic

At about 2/3rds down and 1/3 across the map locate a crevice (1956, 2377 AR5500) in the cliff wall to the right of a single tree, in the 3rd moss path: Ring of Fire Resistance, a Star Sapphire (worth 1000 gp) and an Iol gem Mid-north:


*Ring of Fire Resistance *Star Sapphire

[Do later or now for the Reputation point: talk to Lena for a quest (return Samuel to the Temple of Wisdom in the Friendly Arm Inn map) that will reward 500 xp and REP +1; however, if following this walkthrough the party will not be able to complete it before the timer of 3 days expires. OK to rest once or twice but must proceed directly to the Temple thereafter]

Note: several small quests in Nashkel, Carnival and Beregost can be done later if you plan to have Coran/Yeslick/etc. in the party; we have a full party already, but may postpone them anyway

South house:

[Later with Coran or now: finalize with Commoner (give Joseph's Greenstone ring) 800 xp, do not loot the house]


[Oublek: the Bounty for Prism cannot be finalized with Oublek if you have installed the Unfinished Business mod; otherwise it is recommended to sell Prism's two emeralds for 1500 gp rather than finalizing the quest with Oublek for a mere 300 gp, 200 xp]

Near Temple:

Finalize with Berrun Ghastkill 1k xp, 900 gp, REP +1

REP+1 -> 18

With the Unfinished Business mod: Berrun advises to show the vial of mineral poison to Thalantyr in high Hedge, and a piece of contaminated ore and the other vial of poison to Taerom Fuiruim in Beregost Temple of Helm: Nalin will Identify wands and the Protection from Magic scroll! Very good idea to use the Wand of Frost to interrupt spell-casting opponents (e.g. Nimbul, Neira, Tranzig), so identify it now!

Near Store/Inn:


ENCOUNTER Nimbul: buff with Remove Fear, fight 650 xp, use Wand of Frost and cast Magic Missiles; drop includes Ring of Infravision (sell), Short sword +1, 58 gp, and the Boots of Avoidance (AC +5 vs missile attacks!)

Buy Bullets if needed; sell Winter Wolf Pelts for 500 gp each, Ring of Infravision 350 gp

*Boots of Avoidance -> party leader

9400 gp

Note: can only sell one Winter Wolf pelt if BGT (Trilogy) is installed; can sell more pelts in High Hedge and Feldepost's but for only 250 gp each


Later with Coran or now: ENCOUNTER Neira: fight, mages use Wand of Frost and Magic Missiles to interrupt spell casting, 650 xp, Helm of Infravision (keep); loot inn

© bg2mez


Manor House:

Upstairs: talk to Samantha 2, 2, 2 -> Jamie appears: fight 65 xp

Bridge, south:

[Later with Coran or now: ENCOUNTER Noober: talk 32x for 400 xp]


Return to Carnival for the first big sell of accumulated weapons Try to sell in lots (loads) of 16 items to a merchant Large tent (#1):

Equip ranged weapons ENCOUNTER Vitiare: kill quickly for a Potion of Mastery Thievery (save for Garrick to PP Algernon's Cloak or for Coran to PP Aldeth Sashenstar)


Later with Coran or now: talk to the Great Gazib 3x (can carefully PP 2x for scrolls: Blindness Scroll, Agannazar's Scorcher), kill the Amazing Oopah 270 xp

Small tent (tent #3, purple top):

Later with Coran or now: buff with Remove Fear; enter tent ENCOUNTER Zordral: talk 1, 1, fight 900 xp; talk to Bentha (talk 3) for a Potion of Heroism [or pick pocket 2x], loot includes Knave's Robe, 79 gp

*Potion of Mastery Thievery

BIG SELL #1: do a major sell of nearly all loot (only 12k gp is actually needed at this time, less without Coran): Note: to maximize gold: sell one load (16 items at one time) to the merchants listed as "max."; subsequent loads will be at diluted prices:

Wands: identify at Temple of Helm in Nashkel; can sell at High Hedge, Friendly Arm Inn and Erdane Arrows: max. at High Hedge and the Ranged Tent only; diluted at Smithy; can't sell elsewhere until BG Darts: can sell at most stores Scalps: sell to Vai for 50 gp or Feldepost's for 25 gp (no dilution) Wyvern Heads: sell to Vai for 1000 gp [also true for EE pre 1.2], or at Feldepost's or High Hedge for 500 gp but prices become diluted Scrolls: can also sell to Erdane (Durlag's Tower)

Magic tent (tent #4):

Sold only normal melee and ranged weapons; could also Rest and identify items and then sell some magical weapons and the Bracers AC8 for an additional 2k gp

Square tent (armor tent):

Sold only 2nd load of normal melee and ranged weapons

Melee tent (tent #5):

Sell normal armor and 3rd load of Short bows

Ranged tent (tent Sell normal armor and 3rd load of Short swords #6): If you sell potions now keep some potions for upcoming tough fights: Oil of Speed; Potions of Invisibility, Fire Resistance, Absorption (useful for Chapter 6 in particular), Invulnerability; keep 1x Potion of Agility, Hill/Stone Giant Strength and Heroism; keep a few Potions of Healing

© bg2mez


Magic tent (tent #4):

Did not sell scrolls yet; remember to scribe useful scrolls if you have them: Protection from Evil, Friends, Protection from Petrification, Strength, Invisibility, Dispel

Square tent (armor tent):

Did not sell enchanted items yet, but you could Rest and identify items! We will wait for Chapter 5

Result of sell: 8k gp, plus still have a Laeral's Tear (3k gp), Short Sword +1 x3 (1200 gp), scrolls (1100 gp) and potions (1100 gp) to sell later Note: you only need about 12000 gp (less without Coran in the party) at this stage to buy the good items in Beregost and if following this walkthrough; will soon get 5k gp from Bassilus quest Note: no need to buy anything except perhaps the Shield Amulet (525 gp) and ammo; could consider to buy a Large Shield +1 from the Nashkel store for the party leader (2100 gp) but it is not necessary

Extra gold!

If you do need more gold: the map crossing from Nashkel to west of Nashkel has a high chance of encountering a Winter Wolf

5500 gp

Bring along a Potion of Fire Resistance, Potion of Invisibility for the upcoming fight against Bassilus. Also bring Oil of Speed, Potion of Heroism and Strength (if have) for a tough fight in the Bandit Camp

Buffing tips when fighting melee at this early stage:

Khalid: Fighter level 3 with Long Sword +2 and Shield +1: Remove Fear (raises moral, no panic; 1 hour unless negated) Shield Amulet (+2 AC vs missile attacks for 5 turns) Oil of Speed (+1 attack & double movement speed for 5 turns) Potion of Agility will give DEX 18 to improve AC Protection from Evil (evil creatures get -2 attack penalty; saves made are +2 bonus for 1 turn = 10 rounds) Aid (+1 attack rolls and saves, +1d8 hp's for 1 round + 1 round/level) Chant (+1 attack & damage rolls and saves; -1 to enemies' rolls for 10 rounds) Bless (+1 attack rolls for 6 rounds)

THAC0 (attacks/ round)

AC / hp

13 (1½)

-6 39

13 (2½)

-6 39

12 (2½)

-6 43

11 (2½)

-6 43

Additionally: Cleric/Ranger can cast Draw Upon Holy Might (STR, DEX and CON improved for 1 turn = 10 rounds); therefore with above buff's can achieve TH 11 (2½) AC-4 38 hp Useful potions (were rarely used in this walkthrough): Potions of Strength will improve THAC0 and damage Potion of Heroism will improve THAC0 and hit points Potion of Mind Focusing will boost DEX to improve AC Potion of Invulnerability will help AC and saving throws Potion of Defense will help AC only, unlike Invulnerability Eventually will be able to buff with: Imoen/Dynaheir cast Strength, e.g. Khalid's STR is set to 18 for 1 turn/level and his THAC0 improves by 1, e.g. to TH 15/10 (2½) Cleric spell: Defensive Harmony (lowers AC by 2 for 6 rounds) Jaheira cast Barkskin (+1 saves, except vs spells, for 4 rounds + 1 round/level) Cleric spell scroll from Temple of Helm: Champion's Strength (improves THAC0 and sets strength to 18/00) [Overpowered, do not use: Imoen/Dynaheir cast Improved Invisibility (lowers AC and helps THAC0 for melee fighting)]

© bg2mez


North of Carnival:


Save; walk along the south edge to the middle of map, save again and then walk north ENCOUNTER Hulrik, Xvarts and his cow: fight eight Xvarts and the Cow must survive Finalize Hulrik for an easy REP point: 350 xp, REP +1


REP+1 -> 19

To avoid Hulrik Xvarts quest bug: The corpse (body) of the enemy must not disappear upon "death." To avoid this, the final blow to the enemy cannot be so hard that you "destroy" the body Only the bodies on the ground get counted, e.g. if you kill all 8 Xvarts but only 6 bodies remain, then XVARTSDEAD = 6, which means you cannot finalize the quest (must = 8)

Baldur's Gate Trilogy note Must do Hulrik and the Qvarts quest before fighting Mulahey, or the quest disappears!


If Minsc is in the party, otherwise optional: Walk to bottom of map, then west to the edge, and then half-way up to rocky area. North of the first rock outcrop use Stealth to locate Arghain: Fight Arghain to get Two Handed Sword +1, 520 xp, possible Friends scroll -> Imoen

*Two Handed Sword +1 -> Minsc TH 16 (1½)

Get Water Opal in small rock on ground (1570, 1486)

Cave (mid-NW): [Do not enter: not worth risk of death! Return later or use Sanctuary] Do not attempt to explore the map to avoid certain death! Leave due west

NW of Nashkel: ("Fisherman's Lake")

Walk due north to fight Bjornin's Half-ogres (four), avoid Teyngan, Jemby and Zekar (tough fight, return later)


To avoid the Bjornin Half Ogres quest bug: The corpse (body) of the enemy must not disappear upon "death." To avoid this, the final blow to the enemy cannot be so hard that you "destroy" the body Only the bodies on the ground get counted, e.g. if you kill all 4 Half Ogres but only 3 bodies remain, then OGRESKILLED = 3, which means you cannot finalize the quest (must = 4)


[Preference is to do later: Could also encounter Drizzt, but it is safer to do later: after fighting the Half-ogres, walk east around the lake and then to the south mid point of the lake; carefully fight the Gnolls (Drizzt's Gnolls) yourself by drawing them north to your party If Drizzt fights the Gnolls himself their bodies could disappear if he lands a very hard hit, which means you won't be able to finalize the quest; a strategy is for your party to draw them north and fight them with ranged weapons]

To avoid the Drizzt Gnolls quest bug: The corpse (body) of the enemy must not disappear upon "death." To avoid this, the final blow to the enemy cannot be so hard that you "destroy" the body Only the bodies on the ground get counted, e.g. if Drizzt kills all 12 Gnolls but only 6 bodies remain, then GNOLLSKILLED = 6, which means you cannot finalize the quest (must = 12)

© bg2mez


To finalize the quest after all 12 Gnolls are dead, talk to Drizzt who replies "Well met friend. Luck be on your side."

Note: do not pick pocket Drizzt or he won't help you in Baldur's Gate 2 in Chapter 6! You do not need his weapons to easily succeed in BG1 so resist temptation

South of High Hedge ("Red Canyons"):


Select spells now (rest and dream) in preparation for big fight: Magic D13:18 Missiles, Bless, Remove Fear, Protection from Evil, and if you have: 5800 gp Aid, Chant, Resist Fire & Cold Rest can be interrupted by Skeletons with Longbows! Imoen Conjurer2 Approach from south to fight Bassilus; use Stealth to scope area Give all the best equipment to Khalid; Khalid drink a Potion of Fire Resistance and Hill Giant Strength Full buff (Khalid only) including Remove Fear/Protection from Fear, Protection from Evil, Bless [and if you have: Resist Fire & Cold, Aid, Chant] - Khalid drink a Potion of Invisibility and take position beside Bassilus - Minsc and protagonist keep away for now, protect the ladies - Jaheira will use Necklace of Missiles two times! - Imoen and Dynaheir will cast Magic Missiles (to be safe) Khalid talk 1, 3, 3 for decent xp's [or do easy way 1, 3, 1, 2 for fewer xp's], fight 975 xp + 625 xp Drop includes War Hammer +2: Ashideena! (1d4+3, +1 electrical = 5-8 damage)


Can get Short Sword +2 (worth 2k gp): ENCOUNTER Zargal: use Stealth to scope area then fight 980 xp, drop includes a Composite Longbow and Short Sword +2, 76 gp


Mid-map: ENCOUNTER Kissiq Q (talking chicken) North-east: ENCOUNTER Melicamp Q (bring him to High Hedge)

***War Hammer +2 -> TH 14 (1½) w/ STR 18/90 @ Ranger2 *Composite Longbow *Short Sword +2 -> Imoen alternate weapon (or sell!)

Note: do not finalize the quest in High Hedge yet (wait to get Coran/Yeslick/etc. first) unless you need another Reputation point

High Hedge:

Mage's Store:

Walk due north to the store to avoid Skeletons Talk Thalantyr 2x: he will ID stuff and buy wands and ammo Sell: normal items and gems, necklaces and rings: short bows, long bows, heavy cross-bows, composite longbows

7700 gp

[Later with Coran/Yeslick/etc.: talk to Thalantyr for Quest (get Skull from Skeleton) Outside: defeat a Skeleton and loot for a skull Save game (Thalantyr will often fail to restore Melicamp) and then finalize with Thalantyr and Melicamp 2k xp, REP +1]

© bg2mez

[REP+1 if needed]


At this stage you only need to make sure the party has a few key spells and potions Imoen cast Friends (to get to CHA 20) and buy: Protection from Evil Protection from Petrification Strength (raises STR to 18 for person touched, e.g. Khalid's THAC0 would be lowered by 1 for 1 turn/level) Resist Fear (good to have vs mages in Cloakwood) Invisibility (good to have to scout areas) Potion of Insulation (good to have vs mages in Cloakwood) Potion of Freedom x1-2 (might need for Cloakwood Forest 2nd map) Potion of Perception (might need for Cloakwood Forest 2nd map) Very optional: Acid Arrows +1 (37 gp each; for the toughest fights): 20 +1 Bullets (6 gp each): 40 Robes: no need at all at this time!

164 164 164



164 150 262 262 262 748 240 0

[EE only: can buy Arrows of Fire, Bullets of Fire/Electricity, Potion Case, Scroll Case; Fireball and Knock spells, but don't!!!]

With Unfinished Business mod installed: give Thalantyr a (green) vial of ore poison



Fight Gnoll(s) for Perdue's Short Sword; be very careful not to sell it by placing it a fighter's weapon slot

Inside Temple:

Talk to Kelddath Ormlyr to finalize Bassilus quest 1k xp, 5k gp!

Ranger2 Cleric2 +7 hp->26hp TH 14 (1½) D15:14 11500 gp

If Sword Coast Stratagems (SCS) is installed: Buy 1x Stone to Flesh scroll (123 gp at Temple of Helm, or Carnival magic items tent) in case Druids turn you to stone in the Cloakwood Forest area 3

South of Beregost:


Down the road (1/3rd point) to fight two Ogrillons for Mirianne's letter, 350 xp


Near Smithy:

ENCOUNTER: Elminster: "The bandits thou doth seek make a habit of traveling in the northeast…" ENCOUNTER Chloe: go to Jovial Juggler, talk to Officer Vai

Mirianne's house: Mid-east house: finalize Mirianne for Ring of Protection +1 [can pick pocket] and 300 xp

*Ring of Protection +1 -> Khalid AC0

Jovial Juggler:

REP+1 -> 20! *Medium Shield +1 -> AC-5 or Khalid AC-3

Finalize Bjornin quest 400xp, Medium Shield +1, REP +1

Jaheira at Druid level 3: 2x level 2 spell slots (Slow Poison)

Jaheira Fighter3 Druid3 +12hp->36 Small Sword* TH 16 (1½) w/ Sling +1

Talk to Officer Vai: she buys scalps for 50 gp each; if you speak to her in Chapter four or five with no scalps in inventory she will leave but grants REP +1 BG only: later she will buy Wyvern's heads for 1k gp as long as you have at least one scalp in your inventory. Do not talk to her without a scalp in your inventory after Chapter 3 or she will leave for good; do not sell your last scalp

© bg2mez


Feldepost's Inn:

ENCOUNTER Marl and Dunkin: talk 1, 1, 3, 3, 1, 900 xp Rest, if needed, for upcoming fight vs Silke (use Remove Fear and Magic Missiles)

Khalid Fighter4 +13hp->52 TH 12 (1½)

Note: can sell Books at Feldepost's Inn

Outside Burning Wizard:

Talk to Garrick -> Silke; position fighters, buff with Remove Fear then talk to Silke: fight, use Magic Missiles, 900 xp, 400 gp and a Potion of Invulnerability (can sell for 600 gp!)

*Quarter Staff +1 *Potion of Invulnerability

Talk to Garrick again, Garrick joins! Park Imoen. Use Garrick to carefully PP (pick pocket skill level 40) potions from Tessilan and Glayde (or PP fail to fight), then finalize with Faltis Plan for Garrick: can ID items (Lore 40) such as Ring of Protection +1; can PP (pick pocket) better than Imoen

Feldepost's Inn upstairs:

Garrick PP Algernon's Cloak (gives CHA +2 and can Charm Person for 12 hours!) from Feldepost's upstairs [Note for EE: with patch 1.2 it seems as though Garrick must drink a Potion of Master Thievery to PP the cloak, and PP fail is now not OK! Same if playing BG Trilogy]

*Algernon's Cloak

Algernon's Cloak will help lower prices (CHA 20 with REP 20 is enough to obtain the lowest prices), or cast Friends Loot east room Red Sheaf:

[Later: tough fight for only a little experience; can do later: Consider to drink a potion of strength; Jaheira cast Bless ENCOUNTER Karlat: fight 270 xp Imoen talk to Perdue 1, 2, 1, 1, Q (Perdue's sword) Imoen can unlock most of the chests upstairs]


Depending on timing (Smithy is open 5:00 - 21:00): Rest and learn Friends (or continue to below) Imoen cast Friends and buy:


Full Plate armor


Sling +1 (if not bought already) Short Bow +1 A few +2 arrows, +1 bullets (to fight Bandit Camp, Wyverns)

75 1005 800

Shadow Armor [Coran's armor of choice! 7035 gp] Composite Longbow +1 (THAC0 +2, damage +3) [Coran's longbow of choice pre EE 1.3 due to the new strength 18 requirement! 1675 gp] (useful as Minsc's alternate weapon, now or later) TOTAL

-> party leader Khalid AC6; Ankheg armor to protagonist AC-5 -> Jaheira -> Imoen later

0 0


[Later or now: with Unfinished Business mod installed: give Taerom Fuiruim a piece of Tainted Iron and show him to (green) vial of ore poison, 750 xp] Mid-south house: Carefully fight Spiders (Landrin's quest), pick-up the spider body, get boots and wine from a chest, 4x 270 xp

Feldepost's Inn:

Rest and memorize Magic Missiles x2, Identify

© bg2mez


Feldepost's upstairs:

Talk to Tranzig: fight 975 xp, use Magic Missiles to interrupt his spell casting; he drops Ring of Protection +1 and Wand of Magic Missiles (has 31 charges!), 91 gp; world map is updated to show the Bandit Camp Letter speaks of Peldvale and Larswood


*Wand of Magic Missiles *Ring of Protection +1 -> Jaheira AC1 World Map updated: Bandit Camp

Looting: if Cleric level 3 has been reached then can bash more chests by using Draw Upon Holy Might, including the back "18/00" chest in Smithy when his store is closed for Bastard Sword +1 Sell gems, necklaces, rings; store loot in a container to sell later Sell to Smithy: Two Handed Swords, Bastard +1, Flail +1, Short Sword +2 Result of sell: 7k gp, plus still have a Laeral's Tear (3k gp), and a stash of loot in Carnival (worth 3-4k gp) to sell later

7000 gp

Travelling to the Bandit Camp: An alternate and easy way into the Bandit Camp is: Go to Larswood (east of Friendly Arm Inn/East of Temple) Talk to Teven mid-map and slightly west: talk 2, 3, 400 xp (might need STR 15 or higher) -> Talk to Tazok (3, 2; or: 2 for a challenge); the outdoors bandits are not hostile, even after the big fight in the large tent! Can freely loot the camp! Alternative 1: can also go to Peldvale and talk to Raiken in the northeast Alternative 2: can assault the Bandit Camp by traveling directly to it

[North of Friendly Arm Inn:]

[Visit this map later when better equipped!]


Just walk to the north and proceed to the next map to the north


Talk to Teven mid-map and slightly west: talk 2, 3, 400 xp -> Bandit Camp! Talk to Tazok (3, 2; or talk 2 for a challenge); the outdoors bandits are not hostile, even after the big fight in the large tent!

Bandit Camp:

[If directly assaulting the Bandit Camp: see below but minimize fighting if playing with Coran/Yeslick (return here later to clear)]

[If playing with Coran consider to not fight the Ankhegs now and return later with Coran so that he gets more xp's]

Party arrived by the peaceful method; can loot the camp and then enter the main tent for a big fight West Tent:

Outside of the west tent, in a table: Flame Arrow scroll Inside this tent: Murky Oil of Speed

North Tent:

Outside of the north tent, above the cave: Potion of Heroism, Oil of Fiery Burning Inside this tent: Pearl Necklace

West (small) Tent:

Outside of the first tent to the west of the main tent: Potion of Perception Inside this tent: Potion of Healing

Outside of Main Tent:

ENCOUNTER Credus: talk 1, 1 or 1, 4 Chest outside of the main tent, just SW: Medium Shield +1

© bg2mez

*Potion of Perception

*Medium Shield +1 -> AC-5


Tazok's Tent/Main Tent:

Full buff with Shield Amulet, Resist Fear, Bless and Protection from Evil; sneak into the main tent when ready to attack


Focus on Mage first and then Hakt Protagonist and Khalid get to Mage quickly Imoen/Dynaheir use Magic Missiles on Mage [Jaheira could use Necklace of Missiles aiming just above the table if all else fails] ENCOUNTER Raemon: fight 3750 xp, mage drops a Robe of Fire Resistance, War Hammer +1, Hakt drops Longbow of Marksmanship: The Dead Shot +2 (THAC0 +3, damage +2!)

***Longbow of Marksmanship +2 -> Minsc's alternate weapon TH 12 (2) *Robe of Fire Resistance

Talk to Ender Sai: says the bandits are part Black Talon and part Chill; the Iron Throne is behind the troubles, not the Zhentarim, base is in the Cloakwood Forest

Cleric level 3 gets 3x level 2 spell slots; spells include buffing spells: THAC0 is reduced by casting Draw Upon Holy Might, Aid and Bless; Draw Upon Holy Might (can be used to bash the tougher chests in the Bandit Camp and Beregost)

Cleric3 Ranger2 +6 hp->32hp Level 2 spell slots x3

Find Traps: might be needed for Cloakwood Forest 2nd map if Imoen does not have her thieving skills back

Heal Khalid and drink Potion of Absorption or wear boots from Mulahey or Imoen de-trap chest Open trapped chest in main tent (lightning bolt which could be fatal if not careful) -> Chapter 4 begins after looting the letters! One letter is from Davaeorn at the base in Cloakwood The other letter mentions that the party might cause the Iron Throne trouble in the future

World Map updated: Cloakwood Forest

Loot in the main tent includes 2810 gp! Potion of Magic Blocking is worth 750 gp! [Also in chest (EE only): Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise! +1 THAC0 and +2 damage!] Looting the entire Bandit Camp nets around 4k gp plus loot worth around 4k gp as well!

*Potion of Magic Blocking [*Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise (EE only)] 10600 gp

Can get Coran now! Return her later to clear map (fight all) and finish looting. Coran will be at Fighter 3 / Thief 3 only, 8126 xp


Direct assault on Bandit Camp: Walk up path to north of map and then walk east; sneak into camp from north east to minimize fighting Using Stealth can sneak Potion of Heroism from container (sack) outside of the middle north tent, if needed; and Oil of Fiery Burning Do surveillance with Stealth Note that Taugosz Khosann can be avoided for now, just enter the Main tent/Tazok's tent without being seen by him! Chest east of main tent has Medium Shield +1

*Medium Shield +1 -> Jaheira

Full buff with Shield Amulet, Resist Fear, Bless and Protection from Evil; sneak into the main tent when ready to attack

[Return later with Coran/Yeslick/etc. to finish this map in which the party will:

© bg2mez


Clear entire Bandit Camp starting from north/NE Carefully with full buff fight Taugosz Khosann, drops a Medium Shield +1, War Hammer +1 and a Full Plate armor! 2k xp, 85 gp Fight Ardenor Crush 900 xp, 104 gp]

***Full Plate (#2) -> Khalid AC-6 Ankheg armor -> Minsc AC-1 *War Hammer +1

Looting the Bandit Camp: South-east Tent: Web and Fireball scroll! (Requires 18/00 STR or Coran or use Knock spell)) North-west tent:

Do not use the Murky Oil of Speed [or the cursed Ring (the Iron Thorn)]


Fight Garclax 120 xp, can drop a Blur scroll!

North tent:

Fight Flind 120 xp, can drop a scroll


Locked chests that cannot be opened with 18/91-99 STR (worth it to Knock or return here with Coran, use Draw Upon Holy Might or use Knock STR 19 spell): - 3 outside around the main tent: west chest: Short Sword +1, 134 Knock gp; mid chest: 87 gp; east chest: 34 gp, Wand of Fear Knock - 1 inside SE tent: Fireball, Web Bash - 1 outside tent next to main tent: 2 arrows! Knock - 2 outside 2nd tent from main tent: 60 gp, 2 Potions of Healing Bash - 1 outside 3rd tent from main tent: 45 gp Knock - 1 outside 4th tent from main tent: 35 gp Bash - 1 inside tent by cave: Pearl Necklace, 19 gp Bash Most of the above chests can be opened with 18/00 STR, or Coran with Open Locks at skill level 95

In preparation for the Cloakwood Forest (in particular map 2) set spells to include 2x Find Traps and 2x Sanctuary, 2x Bless and Aid; 1-2x Invisibility; alternatively have 1-2x Potion of Freedom (can buy in High Hedge) and a Potion of Perception (can buy in High Hedge)

Inventory management and the values of gems, necklaces and rings Gold is starting to accumulate quickly now; consider to not pick-up the following low-value gems, rings and necklaces If not listed here they are worth more than 30 gp

Gem Turquoise Fire Agate Lynx Eye Sunstone Ander Jasper Tchazar Iol Skydrop Zircon Moonstone/Bloodstone Ziose

Value 2 5 7 12 15 17 17 20 20 22 25 30

Necklace Silver Bluestone Agni Mani Rainbow Obsidian Gold

5 15 20 25 30

© bg2mez


Ring Silver Greenstone Gold Onyx Bloodstone

2 5 20 25 30

© bg2mez


Chapter 4 Resting in Chapter 4 gives another special ability (Slow Poison)

Plan for phase 3:

Friendly Arm Inn:

Friendly Arm Inn: finalize Landrin's quest Cloakwood Forest I: Coran ! Cloakwood Forest I: Aldeth Sashenstar's quest Cloakwood Forest II: Spider's Bane +2 Cloakwood Forest III: Club +1 Cloakwood Forest IV: fight Coran's Wyverns and then sell their heads Cloakwood V; enter the Mine: Yeslick ! Finish Cloakwood Mines -> Chapter 5

ENCOUNTER: Elminster: "…the clues seem to point to the Cloakwood Forest…" Sell gems, rings, necklaces; buy a lot of normal bullets if needed

D17:8 11800 gp

Imoen finalize Landrin quest for Antidotes, 800 xp and 295 gp in total


Note: must bring at least 5 Antidotes when travelling to the Cloakwood Forest (poison from Wyvern's and Spiders); can buy more in the Temple at Friendly Arm Note: at this stage your gold will accelerate quickly so consider to only pick-up items worth their while (e.g. magical/enchanted items, scrolls, potions, gems, rings, necklaces, wands, Wyvern heads, Bandit Scalps and Plate armors)

Cloakwood 1 (East): (Cloakwood Lodge)

Rest and Dream if needed; walk along the north edge of the map and find Coran on a bridge in the north-west


Imoen talk to Coran and accept his quest, Coran joins! Fighter 3 / Thief 3, 8126 xp, 27 hp, Longbow***, Long Sword**, THAC0 8 (2½) with the Deadshot +3 and normal arrows. Skill levels: Open Locks 60, Find Traps 20, Pick Pockets 40; STR 14, DEX 20, CHA 16 Plan for Coran: not playing with Coran this time; previous play through's used him as a Stealth Sniper and to open locks Must do Coran's quest (kill the Wyvern) within approximately 16 days of him joining or he leaves for good. He gives a warning after 8 days have past Note: finalization of his quest at Temple is NOT necessary - Coran remains in party - but must finalize with Coran in the party for the 2k gp reward Tested: Coran leaves after 16 days and 14 hours , therefore must kill the Wyverns by day 34:14 or so on this play through if playing with Coran Note: it takes 52 hours (that's 2 days, 4 hours) to travel from Cloakwood map 1 to where the Wyverns are on map 4

Synopsis: Khalid (THAC0 12 1½ AC-6) Protagonist ((THAC0 14 1½ AC-5) Minsc (THAC0 14 1½ AC1) Jaheira (THAC0 16 1½ AC3) Imoen (THAC0 19 1 AC6) Dynaheir (THAC0 19 1 AC8)

Level Fighter4 C3/R2 Ranger3 F3/Druid3 Conj2/Th3 Invoker3

Experience 9200 6500 8000 9500 7300 7600

*THAC0's are without magical ammo

= 48k total party xp's

© bg2mez



Outside cabin:

Mid map: Coran cannot open the chest yet (contains 395 gp, Potion of Invulnerability, Elixer of Heath); requires Open Locks 80 or STR>21) nor safely PP Aldeth Sashenstar. Can return later after learning Knock but it is recommended to...: Coran drink 2x Potion of Perception or 1x Potion of Master Thievery, loot the locked chest and then carefully pick pocket Aldeth Sashenstar 3x including a Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs Shapeshifters, i.e. Doppelgangers! Worth 2k gp [cannot PP Bastard Sword +1 in EE]

*Potion of Invulnerability

*Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs Shapeshifters *Diamond

Note: talk to Aldeth now or slightly later but do so before Chapter 5 to avoid a potential bug (possibly in EE 1.3 only) of her not appearing in Baldur's Gate which misses a nice quest

Full buff then talk to Aldeth (talk 1, 2): Seniyad will call lightning doing 60 damage so let Khalid equipped with the Boots of Grounding talk to her ENCOUNTER Seniyad: fight 4360 xp Finalize, 2k xp, [Potion of Heroism,] and Aldeth goes to the Merchant's League Estate in Baldur's Gate (SW section)

Imoen Conjurer3 Minsc Ranger4 +11hp->44hp TH 13 (1½)

To avoid the Aldeth Druids quest bug: The corpse (body) of the enemy must not disappear upon "death." To avoid this, the final blow to the enemy cannot be so hard that you "destroy" the body Only the bodies on the ground get counted, e.g. if you kill all 3 Druids but only 2 bodies remain, then KILLEDDRUIDS = 2 (or 3), which means you cannot finalize the quest (must = 4)


To Cloakwood 2:

Now or later: get Cloak from Tasloi's in SE corner of map No need to clear the map, or any of the Cloakwood maps at this time Leave by the south or west edge of map

*Cloak of Non-Detection

Can get WAYLAID by Ettercaps, 4x 650 xp

YESLICK If wanting Yeslick, an excellent Fighter/Cleric, go get him now, minimizing fighting along the way so that he gets more xp's When playing with Yeslick on a previous play through, going directly from Cloakwood I, he had 27400 xp, Fighter 4/Cleric 5, War Hammer** Sling** Mace*, whereas the other party members were only at around 18k xp

ALORA If wanting Alora, a fun Thief, instigate Chapter 5 quickly and minimizing fighting along the way so that she gets more xp's Doing so means she could be a level 4 Thief with 5012 xp, Open Locks skill 80 and Pick Pockets 80 as well. The protagonist had 15,800 xp and the party total was 104k If following this walkthrough, she will be level 6 with 20115 xp, Open Locks skill and Pick Pockets at 100

© bg2mez


Cloakwood 2 (South): (Cloakwood Falls)

Immediate trap! Talk to Tiber Q (find his brother Chelak)

Dealing with the Cloakwood traps: Imoen detect traps unless she does not have her thieving skills back. In that case, Protagonist use a Potion of Invisibility or Sanctuary together with Find Traps to detect the traps (ten in total but no need to clear the entire map at this time); OK to set off traps while invisible! Alternatively drink a Potion of Freedom and Invisibility and set-off the traps! Enemies cannot see you if held while invisible. This clears the way for the rest of the party to help the protagonist fight the Spiders and Ettercaps Use the Necklace of Missiles if a fight is problematic





Cave/Spider Nest Rest; can sneak Spider's Bane +2 using Stealth and an Invisibility (mid north-west): Potion or by casting Sanctuary; or, can fight now or wait until later when higher level: [Full buff including Protection from Fire and Resist Fire/Cold, cast Fireball, 8k xp. Consider to use the Necklace of Missiles] Finalize Tiber 800 xp

***Spider's Bane +2 -> Minsc *Wand of Frost (has 12 charges)

No need to clear the map and risk getting poisoned! Walk to north edge of map

To Cloakwood 3:

Cloakwood 3 (West): (Cloakwood Grove) Across bridge (NW): Mid-map, south of Cave:

Can get WAYLAID by 2 Wyverns and 3 Giant Spiders, 4150 xp and Wyvern heads!

Dynaheir Invoker4 +6hp->24hp

Eldoth is here (Evil Bard) ENCOUNTER Laskal: be nice, gives Potion of Invulnerability

*Potion of Invulnerability

ENCOUNTER Izefia: fight, 120 xp

Ranger3 Cleric3 +7hp ->39 Missile* TH 13 (1½)


ENCOUNTER Peter of the North: fight, 1140 xp, 20 gp If have mod installed: talk to Teodor: give an Egg (Ioun Stone)


Fight Vampiric Wolves for 2k xp each! Call Lightning works well!

© bg2mez


Tree house:

Mid south-west:

Loot: bash chest for a Potion of Freedom, Potion of Healing and an Antidote. Prepare for a tough fight: Remove Fear, Bless and consider to drink an Oil of Speed or Potion of Invulnerability Upstairs: fight Amarande (Shadow Arch druid) 120 xp; if Unfinished Business mod installed he drops The Root of the Problem: Club +1, +3 vs unnatural creatures [in EE he drops the Mighty Oak +2]

*Potion of Freedom

*Club +1, +3 vs unnatural creatures -> Jaheira alternate weapon

ENCOUNTER Takiyah: fight, 120 xp Faldorn is here (Neutral Druid, level 3) Walk to east edge of map

To Cloakwood 4:

Cloakwood 4 (North): (Cloakwood Crossings)

Can get WAYLAID by 2 Wyverns and 3 Giant Spiders, 4150 xp and Wyvern heads!

Save game. Walk South-east to bridge; walk east to outside the cave Avoid the SE corner (Hamadryad: must use Resist Fear, Stealth, elemental damage and Magic Missiles)

Cave (mid-east) / Save game, rest outside of the cave if needed. Full buff and then Wyvern's Nest: clear the Wyvern's nest to complete Coran's Wyverns quest Loot the body for 62 gp and gems/rings worth 300 gp, a Wand of Fear and Plate Mail armor


*Plate Mail

Coran's quest completed! Finalization at the Temple is NOT necessary - Coran will not leave and remains in the party; unfortunately he says nothing to signify that the quest is complete unless he is in the party when the Wyverns are killed

Keep Wyvern heads to sell for 2k gp from Kelddath Ormlyr at Temple for the first head (if Coran is in the party), and then 1k gp from Vai (if you have one or more bandit scalps in inventory) Can also sell the heads at High Hedge and Feldepost's High Hedge has higher dilution prices (500, 450 and then 400) than Feldepost's (500, 300 and then 200)

If wanting Yeslick or Alora fight several Wyverns later with them in the party so they get more xp's: Bonus xp's!

In the cave: can rest a get rest interrupted by Wyverns (typically will fight a dozen!) which is the best xp farming tactic so far. The best xp farming tactic in TotSC is in Durlag's Tower at the Level 2 exit stairs

Leave the cave; return to fight Wyverns after completing the Mines

Inventory management: Inventory is probably now fully loaded, can store loot in the body in the Wyvern's Cave, or in a chest on the next map, and collect it later. Preference is to clear Cloakwood 5 map before returning to Beregost/Carnival to store/sell loot There is no need to collect all the Chain Mail armors (especially from Cloakwood 5 and the Cloakwood Mines), bows and melee weapons as the value of these is insignificant compared with selling a Wyvern's head Likewise, do not collect all the low-value gems, necklaces and rings as per list on page 33

North-west bridge:[Now or later: fight four Baby Wyverns 1800 xp]

© bg2mez


Cloakwood 5 (Mines):

ENCOUNTER Drasus: fight, buff with Resist Fear, Draw Upon Holy Might; consider to use Necklace of Missiles, Web and Magic Missiles


Drops include Boots of Speed and Plate Mail +1 (Fallorain's Plate +1, AC2, which can be imported into BG2!) 5600 xp, Morning Star +1, Potion of Frost Giant Strength (STR 21), Letter from Rieltar, and a Mage Robe of Cold Resistance

***Boots of Speed ***Plate Mail +1 (can IMPORT into BG2) -> Jaheira AC0 *Potion of Frost Giant Strength

Note for Yeslick: the Morning Star +1 could be his weapon


Imoen at Mage level 4: her thieving skills are back! Use Short Bow +1 and arrow +2 if have

Imoen Mage4; Thief skills back! +6hp->30hp TH 19/16 (2) (19/14 w/ +2 arrows)

Enter two (or three) fort areas to fight and loot. The 3rd fort area is at 1830, 1560 (entrance to Area 1808)

Cleric4 Ranger3 +6hp->45hp

ENCOUNTER Lakadaar: fight 600 xp [or scare him away by talking about the Wyverns]

Jaheira Druid4 Fighter3 +5hp->41hp

Inventory is now fully loaded! Consider to return to Temple, Beregost or Carnival to store loot; or save the trip by reducing the number of items in your inventory by dropping anything not worth 50 gp or more Drop the low-value gems, necklaces and rings as per list on page 33



[Only if Coran is in the party: give one Wyvern head to Kelddath Ormlyr for 2k gp!]

Jovial Juggler:

[Later: sell Wyvern heads to Vai (with a bandit scalp in inventory otherwise she will simply leave) for 1k gp each (sold 15! That's definitely enough!)] [In EE and BGT: sell one load of Wyvern heads to Feldepost's for 500 gp each (price can become diluted to 200 gp); can sell in High Hedge as well for 500 gp each]


Sell gems, necklaces and rings

To Mines:

Cloakwood 5 (Mines):

WAYLAID by 2 Wyverns, 2800 xp and more Wyvern heads!

Bandit barracks/office:

Main floor, long chest requires STR 21 or Knock later: 83 gp, Potion of Magic Shielding Upstairs: one chest requires STR 19: 89 gp

Bandit office up the ladder (entrance to Mine):

Chest requires STR 19: 58 gp

Mines level 1:

North-east: talk to Miner near the large "plug" Q (Rill; return key to this Miner in order to flood the mine)

Mines level 2:

Take hallway to the east/southeast to avoid two traps in center hallway; all crates are empty; open the first hidden door Continue all the way south through another hidden door to Rill and Yeslick


*Potion of Magic Shielding

This is a good place to store loot for sorting after completing the Mines Proceed down into the Mine…

© bg2mez


South-east: ENCOUNTER Rill (part of main quest): give him 100 gp

Park Imoen temporarily if wanting to bring Yeslick to the surface Yeslick is here, he joins if there is room in the party! (Fighter 4 / Cleric 5, 27380 xp, 61 hp), a good Fighter/Cleric with Blunt/Missile**, Spiked* STR 15 CON 17 WIS 16


Note: Yeslick can be reached fairly early; party has only 83-97k xp in total, with the protagonist having only 13-15k xp Optional: bring Yeslick to the surface and park him

Now that the NPC's of choice have been reached (early, in case of wanting to have them in the party) we can play more completioniststyle and complete quests we may have skipped and clear all maps of monsters going forward

Middle/south: prepare for a big fight using Shield Amulet and Bless Fight Hareishan and 13 goons: big fight 3500 xp, 430 gp, can blast them with 2x Fireballs or use Necklace of Missiles

Mines level 3:

*Haste scroll

Immediate fight vs four Guards and three Hobgoblins, 650 xp Go east to bedrooms and loot including Dispel Magic scroll. Two chests (2nd and 3rd bedrooms) need high strength to bash; wait for now, Imoen Knock them later The 3rd bedroom locked chest has a Potion of Fire Giant Strength (STR 22) which will enable bashing of the other two tough chests on this level and four chests on Level 4. Might need to Knock after getting a Knock scroll at the end of Level 4

Jaheira Fighter4 Druid4 +7hp->48hp TH 15 (1½) with Sling +1

North room has Small Shield +1 and a Plate mail armor

*Plate mail

*Potion of Fire Giant Strength *Dispel Magic

Two chests in central area need STR 22; have 500 gp, Spear +1, Potion of Magic Protection, scroll of Acid Protection, cursed scroll

Mines level 4:

East: quickly fight Mage Natasha, 1200 xp, Mirror Image, Hold Person and Slow scrolls

*Mirror Image

SE: ENCOUNTER Ogre Mage: fight 650 xp, Katana +1, Pearl Necklace

*Katana +1

West: temple/altar room has Potion of Stone Giant Strength (STR 20), Potion of Invulnerability

*Potion of Stone Giant Strength *Potion of Invulnerability

Carefully de-trap the four traps down hallway after first room (Imoen cannot de-trap the 5th trap) ENCOUNTER Davaeorn: watch for Lighting Bolt and a Fireball, can use Magic Missiles, 6k xp, 109 gp Consider to do solo: protagonist use Stealth and walk to the small western room with a "well/pit"; Davaeorn will eventually walk towards you and fight melee! Drop includes Robe of the Evil Archmagi, worth 10k gp! Three letters are worth 0 gp each

*Bracers AC6 *Key to River Plug *Robe of the Evil Archmagi

*Potion of Master Thievery

Read scroll -> Chapter 5 begins! Cut scene informs "…Now you must travel to the great city of Baldur's Gate." Great! BG is now accessible! Letters/scrolls from Rieltar talks about an agent among ranks of the Seven Suns Trading coster (located in BG SW district) and a noble estate in north-western BG as a base of operations. Talk to Stephan: says main building for the Iron Throne is in BG SW district

© bg2mez

*Blur *Protection from Petrification


One chest needs >STR 23 but only contains a Wand of Fear Loot southern room, 1085 gp, two cursed scrolls, and a Laeral's tear (worth 3k gp!)

*Laeral's tear *Knock scroll *Protection from Undead *Protection from Fire

Rest on Level 3 (can't seem to rest on Level 4) to memorize Knock and to Dream for a special ability Return to Level 3 to rest; cast Knock on the 3rd bedroom locked chest which has a Potion of Fire Giant Strength which will enable bashing of the other two tough chests, as well as four chests on Level 4

Khalid Fighter5 +13hp->65hp TH 11 (1½)

Note: when a party member reaches Level 5 consider to change the difficulty setting to Hard

Locked chests that cannot be opened with 18/91-99 STR:

Knock or Strength to bash 19 21 *Potion of Fire Giant Strength 22 21 22

Mine Level 3: - 1st bedroom: 23 gp, 5 Acid arrows - 3rd bedroom: 119 gp, Potion of Fire Giant Strength - 2nd bedroom: 112 gp, water star gem - central room, long chest: 354 gp, Spear +1 (worth 500 gp) - central room, east chest: Flamedance ring, Star Diopside and Shandon gems Mine Level 4: - north-west chest: 83 gp - central chest: 308 gp - west chest: Potion of Master Thievery, Potion of Explosions - south chest: Wand of Fear (worth 750 gp)

21 22 22

*Potion of Master Thievery

>23 Knock

Take the elevator to return to Level 1

Mines level 1:

North-east: talk to Miner and flood the Mine! -> Outside, 2k xp, REP+2


Get any stored loot you might have placed in a chest


Head to Beregost (or High Hedge) to sell some Wyvern Heads and then to Carnival to sell/store loot

© bg2mez


Chapter 5 Resting in Chapter 5 gives another special ability (Slow Poison II)

Plan for phase 4:

Cloakwood Forest: complete and clear maps; fight Wyverns for xp's Beregost/Carnival: sell Wyvern's Heads; sell or store loot High Hedge: sell stuff and buy a Robe of the Archmagi Bandit Camp: clear and loot North of Friendly Arm Inn: quest; fight Ankhegs Various maps: explore and complete all of the maps south of Wyrm's Crossing including: East of Temple/North of Gullykin: Golden Girdle Ulcaster: Boots of Stealth Firewine: Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise South of Nashkel: Bracers of Archery Lighthouse (SW of High Hedge): Manual of Bodily Health North of Lighthouse: Helmet of Defense Wyrm's Crossing/North of Wyrm's: quests Baldur's Gate: obtain a few of the very best items Baldur's Gate: get Alora to pick pockets Baldur's Gate: carefully do the Poisoning quest (Marek and Lothander's quest) Baldur's Gate: do the main plot quests Baldur's Gate: do a few (or many) side quests Ulgoth's Beard: buy a few of the best items Before instigating Chapter 6 consider to do the expansion material, or wait: Ulgoth's Beard / Tales of the Sword Coast Durlag's Tower Finalize the main plot quest with Grand Duke Eltan -> Chapter 6

Note: could now proceed to Baldur's Gate now if desired, e.g. to get an NPC such as Alora while they are still at a low level; we will clear the outdoor maps first (except for Durlag's Tower) Getting to Baldur's Gate early: If you did proceed to BG now, Alora will be a Thief level 4, 5012 xp, Open Lock 80, Pick Pockets 80 Quayle will be Cleric 4 / Illusionist 3, 14326 xp

Cloakwood 4 (North):

Cave (mid-east) / Typically get Rest Interrupted 12x to fight some Wyverns for xp's Wyvern's Nest: and collect at most 15 heads in total to sell in Beregost (Officer Vai)

Minsc Ranger5 +11hp->55 TH 12 (1½) Ranger4 Cleric4 +7hp->52 THAC0 12 (1½)

Clear map

Dynaheir Invoker5 +6hp->30hp THAC0 19 (1)

Cloakwood 3 (West):

Clear map

Cloakwood 2 (South):

Carefully clear the map using ranged weapons Clear the Spider Nest (consider to use Fireball and the Necklace of Missiles) and then finalize Tiber 800 xp

Imoen Conjurer5 +6hp->36hp Level 3 spell x2 Jaheira Druid5 Fighter4 +5hp->53hp Level 3 spell x2


[Only if Coran is in the party: give one Wyvern head to Kelddath Ormlyr for 2k gp!]

© bg2mez



Bring loot to Carnival for storage; loot does not disappear from the outdoor containers [Store loot in a convenient container and identify later for a "big sell" in Beregost and High Hedge] House north of Red Sheaf:

Cast Knock [or use Coran with Open Locks at 100] to loot diamond from house north of the Red Sheaf


Sell gems, necklaces and rings


Perhaps buy some ammo


Smithy, 21:00 or If not yet done: loot Bastard Sword +1 (can be bashed with STR later: 18/00 or higher; worth 1250 gp), cast Draw Upon Holy Might; or cast Knock [Taerom Fuiruim can make you an Ankheg armor for 4k gp and he will still buy many Ankheg shells for 500 gp each, but I did not. To make armor talk 1 (I'm not interested…), 2 (pay 4k gp), and then talk 1 or 2. Return later for the armor] Jovial Juggler:

Sell Wyvern heads to Vai (with a bandit scalp in inventory otherwise she will simply leave) for 1k gp each (sold 15! That's definitely enough!) [In EE: sell one load of Wyvern heads to Feldepost's for 500 gp each (price can become diluted to 200 gp; can sell in High Hedge, too)]

[*Ankheg Plate Mail (#2)]

37000 gp

Talk to Officer Vai: she buys scalps for 50 gp each; if you speak to her in Chapter four or five with no scalps in inventory she will leave for good but grants REP +1 Finalize Gurke 300 xp and can keep the cloak!

High Hedge:

Mage's Store:

Talk Thalantyr 2x: he will ID stuff and buy wands and ammo Talk to Thalantyr for Quest (get Skull from Skeleton) Save game (Thalantyr will often fail to restore Melicamp) and then finalize with Thalantyr and Melicamp 2k xp, REP +1


Imoen cast Friends and sell/buy: Sell: short bows, long bows, heavy cross-bows, composite longbows, armors, magical items [could sell wands, too]

Robe of the Good Archmagi [Robe of the Neutral Archmagi 13735 gp -> Neera] Bullet +1

13735 0 400



-> Imoen AC1

[EE only: buy Bullets of Fire/Electricity, Bullets +1]



If not yet done: fight Gnoll for Perdue's Short Sword but be very careful not to sell it; finalize in Beregost for 50 gp, 500 xp

22800 gp

Complete any remaining small quests South house:

Finalize with Commoner (give Joseph's Greenstone ring) 800 xp, do not loot the house

Bridge, south:

ENCOUNTER Noober: talk 32x for 400 xp

© bg2mez


Manor House:

Upstairs: talk to Samantha 2, 2, 2 -> Jamie appears: fight 65 xp One chest requires STR>19 but only contains 38 gp

Outside of Manor If Mini Quests mod is installed: ENCOUNTER Arnim: fight Baby House: Wyvern 100 xp Near the store: ENCOUNTER Lady von Undenzieht 300 xp Temple:


Buy two scrolls of Stone to Flesh for upcoming small quests

Prepare for selling some loot, and complete any remaining tasks South tent:

Knock the large chest; bash the smaller chest

Square Tent:

Sell enchanted weapons, armor and robes (+18k gp)


41500 gp

Could sell (but we waited) potions (6k gp), scrolls (3k gp) and four wands Consider to sell the Necklace of Missiles to the merchant and buy back for 3350 gp fully charged! (25 charges)

In preparation for clearing the Bandit Camp, bring a Potion of Heroism and the Shield Amulet; bring a Potion of Freedom for clearing the map East of Larswood In preparation for the Ulcaster School and Firewine Ruins consider to set spells to include Find Traps, and Sanctuary or Invisibility

Bandit Camp:

Clear the entire Bandit Camp! Khalid drink a Potion of Heroism and with full buff talk/provoke Taugosz Khosann into a fight; drops a Medium Shield +1, War Hammer +1 and a Full Plate armor! 2k xp, 85 gp

***Full Plate (#2) -> Khalid AC-6; Ankheg armor to Minsc AC0

Fight Ardenor Crush 900 xp, 104 gp Fight all the Bandits

North of Friendly Arm Inn:

Cleric level 5: level 3 spells include Animate Dead which summons skeletons to easily fight Sirines (e.g. on the Lighthouse map); Summon Insects is also good

Cleric5 Ranger4 +6hp->58hp, Level 3 spell x2 (Animate Dead!)

Fight Ankhegs (for the first time): there are four spawn points; we fought 25 for 975 xp each!

Jaheira Fighter5 Druid5 +7hp->60hp TH 14 (1½)

Talk to Farmer Brun Q (Nathan)

Khalid Fighter6 +13hp->78hp Large Sword**** TH 10 (1½)

Ankheg den/hole: Enter hole to fight nine Ankhegs and find Nathan's body; loot includes Dire Charm scroll, 560 gp, Wand of Fire (worth 2530 gp!), Potion of Cloud Giant Strength (STR 23), Potion of Magic Protection, Ghost Armor, Chain Mail +1 (worth 800 gp) Outside:

North-east: North-west:


Finalize quest 500 xp Can talk to Farmer Brun again, give 100 gp for 1k xp and REP +1

*Dire Charm *Potion of Cloud Giant Strength


Talk to Gerde: gives quest, finalize for 75 gp only [Later, when ready to proceed to Baldur's Gate: Imoen talk to Sonner Q (Tenya)]

Clear map of Black Talon Elite, Bandits and Spiders Viconia is here (evil Cleric, level 6)

© bg2mez


East of Larswood:

ENCOUNTER Denak (Red Wizard of Thay): fight 2400 xp, 345 gp


Talk to Fahrington Q ("scroll of wisdom", Ettercap to the east) NE: fight two Ettercaps 1300 xp, drop include Scroll of Cold Protection; finalize for 300 xp

Minsc Ranger6 +11hp->66 Bow** TH 10 (1½) or 10 (2½) with +1 arrows and Bow of Marksmanship

Clear map of Spiders and Ettercaps

Ranger5 Cleric5 +7hp->65hp TH 11 (1½)

Do not attempt to clear map unless have or know Protection from Petrification (yes!) Or: get Korax to join (mid West/NW) whom is immune to Petrification attacks; same xp's awarded to party if he joins North-west:

Shar-Teel is here (Fighter level 6, Evil; has plate armor)

North edge:

Fight four Lesser Basilisks 5600 xp, use Draw Upon Holy might and consider to fight solo


Buff protagonist with Protection from Petrification and resist Fear, then… ENCOUNTER Mutamin: fight 9600 xp, 120 gp

Jaheira Druid6 Fighter5 +5hp->65hp

Dynaheir Invoker6 +6hp->36hp Blunt*


Tamah is petrified; use a scroll of Stone to Flesh, 300 xp


Mid map:

Use Stealth to locate Kirian then full buff ENCOUNTER Kirian and group: talk 1, 1, 1 to fight 3k xp, 385 gp

*Golden Girdle

Mid map, south:



*Ring of Energy


North of Gullykin (East of Temple):


Complete map but watch for three traps in the mid-east (send Minsc first with the Spider's Bane sword, or drink a Potion of Freedom or use Find Traps)

Fight four Basilisks 8200 xp

Sell gems, necklaces, rings and Bandit Scalps Store loot in a container for a big sell later Buy ammo! Need about 240 bullets to clear the next several maps


ENCOUNTER Cattack: fight Hobgoblins


Corianna is petrified; use a scroll of Stone to Flesh for a Potion of Mirrored Eyes


Vampiric Wolf 2x 2k xp, Dread Wolfs and Worgs


Nice to have: another pair of Boots of Stealth from a small fight midsouth vs a green-coloured Hobgoblin (BG1 only)

North-east plateau:

West side of the plateau: talk to Ulcaster 4x for Quest (tome)

D35:1 48000 gp

*Boots of Stealth (#2) *Bolt of Polymorph

Note: the tome that Ulcaster is looking for is the History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness; a copy is found in Gullykin in the midnorth hut and can be used to finalize Ulcaster's quest (can finalize the quest 2x for an extra 1k xp)

Ulcaster School: Watch for traps South-east: ENCOUNTER Mal-Kalen if mod is installed: fight 2k xp

Imoen Conjurer6 +6hp->42hp *Blunt

North-west: body contains 101 gp, Potion of Genius South/south-west: trap in the empty room

© bg2mez


South/south-east: body contains Potion of Absorption, Wand of Fire (worth 1760 gp) Loot the pile of corpses for the quest item/tome

*Potion of Absorption

Outside: finalize with Ulcaster 1k xp ENCOUNTER Icharyd: fight 950 xp, Flail +1


South/south-east: Locate and then full buff: ENCOUNTER Molkar, Morvin, Drakar and Halacan: kill mage Halacan first and then Drakar Drop includes Morning Star +1, Long Sword +1, a Potion of Absorption and Potion of Heroism, 3700 xp, 244 gp Village/northwest:

*Chain Mail +2 (Mail of the Dead +2) *Potion of Absorption

Talk to Gandolar Luckyfoot Q Mid-south house, upstairs: Sling +1

*Sling +1 -> Dynaheir TH 17 (1) with +1 bullets

Loot the upper small huts; from the west: House 1, up: 51 gp; down: 31 gp + gem (35 gp) House 2, down: locked chest with Wand of Magic Missiles with 21 charges but needs STR 22 to bash (can Knock)

*Wand of Magic Missiles

House 3, down: History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness; can be used to finalize Ulcaster's quest; Potion of Defense; cursed scroll Don't get caught looting!

House 4 (east): nothing South-west house:

Downstairs: ENCOUNTER Jenkal: fight 290 xp Loot for Protection from Poison, 31 gp, Potion of Stone Form One chest requires STR 19 to bash and contains 85 gp

From the SW house, downstairs:

Enter secret entrance: ENCOUNTER Ogre Mage: fight 650 xp, can drop a Pearl necklace, Emerald or Laeral's tear necklace! Fight Lendarn 1400 xp, 159 gp, Fireball Scroll, Cloudkill and Lightning Bolt, and a Potion of Power


Finalize with Gandolar Luckyfoot now, 250 gp, 0 xp

Temple/Fine Wines:

Note: the Temple/Wine building in the Gullykin Village has a secret door in the basement which takes you into the Firewine Ruins dungeon, quite near to the exit to Firewine Bridge: walk north (trap!) to the open room and then east (trap!)

Firewine dungeon:

Clearing the Firewine dungeon is not recommended due to effort (frustration) vs reward (nothing to loot, not much experience)

Exit to South House Ogre Mage

Undead Knight Trap

Ghost Knights



Open Room Trap

Trap Trap

Exit to Temple

© bg2mez

Exit to Firewine Bridge


With the latest patch the 3rd Ghost Knight from the right in the middle area of the dungeon cannot be pick pocketed for a Longbow of Marksmanship: The Dead Shot +2

Firewine Bridge:

Walk to the north-east corner ENCOUNTER Meilum: easy fight, 1200 xp, Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise (THAC0 +1, damage +2), Longsword +1, 64 gp


***Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise -> Khalid THAC0 10 (1½); Minsc AC-4

ENCOUNTER Cursa: talk 1, 1, 2, 2, 2 -> ENCOUNTER Kahrk: fight 3500 xp, 85 gp; can drop a Laeral's tear necklace! Back-track across the bridge Bentan: can PP a Protection from Magic scroll

South-east of Mid-north: Durlag's Tower:

ENCOUNTER Lamalha and group: full buff and use Stealth, 3300 xp, 310 gp, Leather Armor +2: Protector of the Second (worth 1750 gp), Studded Leather +1, Potion of Power, Potion of Magic Blocking, Potion of Hill Giant Strength, Plate armor


ENCOUNTER Hentold: gives Dagger +2 (can keep)

Mid-west tomb:

Ghoul; 81 gp

Mid-south tomb:

ENCOUNTER Revenant: fight 3k xp


ENCOUNTER Narcillicus Harwilliger Neen: talk 2, 2 to fight; carefully fight, use Dispel Magic, arrows of fire work well against Mustard Jelly; 5400 xp

SE Tomb:

Fight; loot a Wand of Monster Summoning (can be handy if in trouble) with 8 charges, Pearl necklace, Chain Mail +1 and a Potion of Frost Giant Strength (STR 21)

*Potion of Power

*Dagger +2

*Potion of Freedom *Potion of Invisibility

*Wand of Monster Summoning *Potion of Frost Giant Strength

Inventory fully loaded! Return to home base at Carnival

50700 gp


Sell gems, necklaces and rings

D39:2 61000 gp

[SE of Nashkel Mines:]

Map completed already

Mid map:

[If not yet done: get the Ring of Fire Protection (40%) from cliff at mid-south Skipped quest with Lena and Samuel which is finalized in Friendly Arm Inn for REP +1 and 500 xp]

© bg2mez



South of Nashkel:

[ENCOUNTER Hafiz: gives Protection from Magic scroll]

Walk a little south and slightly east ENCOUNTER Sendai: fight, drops Studded Leather +2 and Long Sword +1, 1200 xp Middlesouthwest:

ENCOUNTER Vax and Zal: fight, drops Bracers of Archery, 1k xp, 156 gp


Can fight two or more Winter Wolves on this map


ENCOUNTER Albert Q (Rufie); find Rufie in NE and return him to Albert, 1k xp (or kill Rufie and then finalize with Albert 1375 xp)


Get scrolls from ground at 1792, 413

South-east of Mid-east: Nashkel (Dryad Falls):

Mid-southeast cave:

ENCOUNTER Dryad of the Couldpeaks: accept quest; talk to Caldo, fight 350 xp, Krumm drops a Club [Club +1 in EE] and a Girdle of Bluntness Finalize Dryad 500 xp, Antidote, REP +1 (can pick pocket for a Potion of Healing)

***Bracers of Archery -> Imoen TH 13 (2) with +1 arrows

*Girdle of Bluntness REP+1

Loot for 238 gp, Halberd +1

South/south-west: Imoen return cat (in waterfall) to girl Drienne, 200 xp, REP +1 and a Protection from Undead scroll Mid-west/NW:

Possible Winter Wolf (pelts are worth 500 gp!)


ENCOUNTER Ludrug and three Gnolls: can be buggy: Talk to Ludrug and challenge him to a fight, hit him one time, charm him and then he will admit defeat, 500 xp Or: fight him using forced attack, e.g. press F3, 140 xp, 100 gp


ENCOUNTER Ingot: talk about Gnoll Stronghold or talk 2 to fight, 80 gp, 235 xp

Gnoll Stronghold:

Mid-southwest cave:

Clear entire map or at least get the Tome of Leadership and Influence (gives +1 CHA), 95 gp, from the mid-SW cave Fought 50 Gnolls and 25 Xvarts!

North of Gnoll Stronghold:


Walk across bottom edge of map ENCOUNTER Jared Q (bear) Fight Polar Bear near bridge 900 xp, Imoen (with high CHA) finalize for 150 xp and Boots of the North!


ENCOUNTER Neville: fight, 600 xp, drops Long Sword +1 and Dispel Magic scroll


Talk to Laurel: fight Gibberlings 350 xp; finalize 250 xp


Talk to Ogre 2x, fight 270 xp

South of Lighthouse:

*Studded Leather +2


*Tome of Leadership and Influence (CHA +1)

*Boots of the North

*Long Sword +1 *Dispel Magic

Mid-map: talk to Charleston Nib Q (grave) 3, 2, 1 ENCOUNTER Gallor: decline his proposal Talk to Charleston near the tomb entrance -> inside tomb Fight Diggers; finalize [talk 2x], 1k xp, REP +1 Open tomb and get Idol Save game; go outside, fight Doomsayer 4k xp

© bg2mez





North of Carnival:

If not yet done: ENCOUNTER Laryssa (only): talk 2, fight her 600 xp ENCOUNTER Brage: answer his riddle (4, death) then talk 1 -> to the Temple in Nashkel, finalize 1k xp, REP +1, 1k gp and a cursed 2 Handed Sword

Sell Wolf pelts; store loot Protagonist has 54k xp total



D43:14 70000 gp

ENCOUNTER Hulrik, Qvarts and his cow: fight eight Qvarts and the Cow must survive Finalize Hulrik for an easy REP point: 350 xp, REP +1


Hulrik and Xvarts quest bug is possible in BG1: variable XVARTSDEAD must equal 8. Must not destroy the bodies upon death or they will not be counted


Sarhedra quest: fight Ogre Berserker, two Ogre's, an Ogrillon and two Hobgoblin Elite 1550 xp; loot for a murky Oil of Speed Only need to kill the three Ogre's Sarhedra and Ogre's quest bug is possible in BG1: variable OGRESDEAD must equal 3. Must not destroy the bodies upon death or they will not be counted Finalize with Sarhedra 300 xp

Clear the map including the cave 650 xp and Ioin Gallchobhair 750 xp and 260 gp in gold and gems

NW of Nashkel:

Mid map: ENCOUNTER Drizzt Do'Urden: help him defeat the Gnolls and finalize (the result of your actions is remembered through to BG2, so do not kill him or pick pocket his Scimitar +3! His weapons are not needed to win the game) Drizzt and Gnolls quest bug is possible in BG1: variable DRIZZTGNOLLS must equal 12. Must not destroy the bodies upon death or they will not be counted


Easiest if approach from the east: ENCOUNTER Teyngan, Jemby and Zekar: fight 915 xp, 93 gp, Resist Fear, Mage Robe of Fire Resistance


[If not yet done: fight four Half Ogres along top of map, 4x 270 xp In Beregost: finalize quest with Bjornin for 400 xp, REP +1] Bjornin and Half Ogres quest bug was possible in BG1: variable OGRESKILLED must equal 4 to finalize. Must not destroy the bodies upon death or they will not be counted

Lighthouse (SW of High Hedge):

Note: there are several ways to avoid fighting to get the Manual of Bodily Health, i.e. use Sanctuary, Stealth, or cast Invisibility; use a Potion of Invisibility, and an Oil of Speed


Tips for fighting Sirines: - Summon a Skeleton as fodder - Disrupt their spell casting: use fire or acid arrows, melee weapons with elemental damage, or cast Fireball or Magic Missiles, etc. - Avoid them by casting Sanctuary, using Stealth, casting Invisible or by drinking a Potion of Invisibility

© bg2mez



Safana is here (Chaotic Neutral, Thief level 6, 20119 xp, Open Locks 90%, Find Traps 65%, Pick Pockets 20%)


On the beach fight three Sirines, 2k xp each! Full buff, use Stealth, use elemental damage such as Arrows of Fire to disrupt their spell casting. Consider to summon a Skeleton to use as a target for their spells

Dynaheir Invoker7 +6hp->42hp THAC0 17 (1); 2x Level 4 spell slots

NW, beach:

ENCOUNTER Sil: carefully fight three more Sirines, 6k xp!

Jaheira Fighter6 Druid6 +7hp->72hp Small sword** TH 12 (1½) with +1 ammo

Cave, northwest: Enter cave and then full buff; no traps to the right Immediate trap to the left; carefully fight 1x Flesh Golem 2k xp and then de-trap the next floor trap Fight another Flesh Golem (or run and grab, or use Sanctuary) and then get the Manual of Bodily Health from central container: +1 CON, 18->19, gives +6hp -> 89hp Also contains 312 gp, Wand of Paralyzation, and potions

***Manual of Bodily Health (+1 CON) *Wand of Paralyzation *Potion of Absorption Khalid Fighter7 +13hp->91hp TH 9 (2!)

Note: can get Rest Interrupted in the cave to fight a Flesh Golem; preference is to get a couple of Rest Interrupted by Sirines outside on the east edge of the map for 6k xp at a time and 675 gp in pearls and arrows of biting


Imoen Conjurer7 +6hp->48hp Level 4 spell TH 12 (2) with +1 arrows

Talk to Arkushule, fight 600 xp South: talk to Ardrouine Q (boy); kill 3x Worgs Finalize 500 xp, REP +1, 60 gp


Ardrouine and Worgs quest bug is possible in BG1: must not destroy the three Worgs bodies upon death or they will not be counted

West of High Hedge:


Imoen talk to Shoal the Nereid, Imoen is killed! Fight her ENCOUNTER Ogre-Droth (from west): fight 975 xp Finalize 750 xp [can also kill for 5k xp] Helm of Defence gives saves +1, 20% resistance to fire, cold and electrical damage


Talk to Mad Arcand Q (pirate ship); return ring 300 xp


Fight Sirines, use Stealth and avoid being Dire Charmed, 3x 2k xp


Talk to the Surgeon, heals all!

*Helm of Defence

Jaheira Druid7 Fighter6 +5hp->77hp, Level 4 spell x2 (Defensive Harmony!)

All map's done - time for Wyrm's Crossing!

High Hedge:


Cabin: Mage's:

Knock chest but it only contains an Aquamarine gem (75 gp) Sell gems, necklaces and rings

D48:7 75000 gp

Store loot in containers; we have a lot of gold but might as well finally do a big sell

© bg2mez


BIG SELL #2: do a major sell of nearly all loot that has been stored: Keep: potions of Fire Resistance, Absorption (5), Strength 19 and higher, Speed (2), Freedom (2), Invisibility and perhaps Magic Blocking (2) Melee tent:

Sell ordinary armor, ranged weapons (+2k gp) Robes (+2k gp) Enchanted weapons (+11k gp) Enchanted armor (+11k gp)

Magic tent:

Sell bracers, cloaks (+4k gp) Potions of Healing (+1500 gp) Potions of Invulnerability (+3k gp) Other potions (+12k gp) Scrolls (+11k gp) Scrolls can also be sold in Nashkel or Feldepost's)

Ranged tent:

Sell ammo (+4k gp)

138k gp

Friendly Arm Inn:

Sell wands (+7k gp)

145k gp

Wyrm's Crossing:

North: loot house (one tough chest not worth it) Talk to Tenya Q (elemental summoning bowl); activate northern maps Fight Ankheg north of Tenya: Nester's Dagger dropped (keep for BG NW sector)


North of Friendly:

Talk to Sonner, he gives bowl [Optional: fight Sonner for Flail +1]

Wyrm's Crossing:

Finalize quest with Tenya 2500 xp [Can kill if quick 65 xp, Bracers AC7]

North of Wyrm's Crossing:

Can loot house for a Pearl necklace and Cloak of Protection +1 but need Knock, Coran or Alora from Baldur's Gate to open

*Cloak of Protection +1

Note: can get 3x Cloak of Protection +1 easily in Baldur's Gate

Talk to Wenric Q (20 Zombies) Kill the 20 Zombies, consider to use ranged weapons only so that the bodies do not disappear upon death; finalize 800 xp, 150 gp To avoid Wenric Zombies quest bug: The corpse (body) of the enemy must not disappear upon "death." To avoid this, the final blow to the enemy cannot be so hard that you "destroy" the body Only the bodies on the ground get counted, e.g. if you kill all 20 Zombies but only 18 bodies remain, then ZOMBIESDEAD = 18, which means you cannot finalize the quest (must = 20)

Wyrm's Crossing:

Cross the bridge! ENCOUNTER Flaming Fist Mercenary: pay 6 gp ENCOUNTER Scar: gives Quest (Jhasso in the Seven Suns trading coster in SW section of Baldur's Gate) Quayle is here; can use to identify items after scribing ID scroll

© bg2mez


Overall plan in Baldur's Gate:

- Focus on the Main Plot quests - Focus on obtaining the best items - Do the most rewarding side quests first - This part of the walkthrough is intended to be completionist

Spells for Baldur's Gate:

Set spells to include 1x Protection from Petrification, 3x Friends, 2x Invisibility, Protection from Evil; Cleric spells: learn 2x Remove Fear and Bless

Baldur's Gate East:


Welcome to Baldur's Gate! ENCOUNTER Elminster: says you can trust Scar and Duke Eltan of the Flaming Fist

Can loot some valuable items in BG: - Amulet of Protection +1: NW district: SW house, main floor - Cloak of Protection +1: SE district: north house, main floor NE district: north house upstairs N district SW house: PP Bheren NW district: Entar Silvershield's Estate upstairs south room drawers - 6300 gp in gems: BG North, Three Old Kegs, top floor near Areana

Can attain Reputation points in BG: - Main quest: +2 REP - Side quests: +4 REP

Note: if wanting Alora, must get her to join the party before 5am

© bg2mez


Lucky Aello's Discount Store:

Loot all containers except the bookshelf by entrance Good place to sell gems, necklaces and rings


Avoid Nikos until Alora has joined

Shop of Silence: Has Sling +1 (THAC0 +1, damage +1) Sells Bullets +2 for 10 gp each Sorcerous Sundries:

Imoen cast Friends and buy: +2 Bullets (50 gp for 5) +2 Arrows (60 gp for 5)

1500 2400



Can buy Fire Arrows (+2 in EE) for 20 gp each Can buy Knock scroll for 134 gp Can buy Flail +2 for 2010 gp Can buy Spirit Armor for 268 gp (will get in Ulgoth's Beard) Talk to Ordulinian Q (Arkion's bloodstone amulet and Nemphre's onyx ring, BG SE)

BG Central:

Walk to south, west and north edges of map to activate the other maps [Note: in EE entering BG South will move time forward to midnight if Rasaad is in the party]

BG West:


BG North:

Walk directly to north edge of map (avoid Varci in the NW for now; wait to PP him after getting Alora between 21:00 and 05:00)

SW House:

First house in SW: loot for an Amulet of Protection +1

*Amulet of Protection +1

Helm & Cloak:

Do not loot the locked chest in the kitchen Up back stairs: Imoen de-trap picture, get Helm of Balduran!

House NE of Helm & Cloak:

Loot upstairs for Longbow +1 and Potion of Magic Protection Quinn is here, looking for Nester's Dagger; can finalize now for 950 xp, REP +1

***Helm of Balduran -> TH 9 (1½) AC-7 75hp @ Ranger 5, CON 19 *Longbow +1

Central house:

Buff with Remove Fear and then enter Jardak's house (coordinates 2450, 1220) near Temple of Helm ENCOUNTER Drelik: fight 1200 xp, Dire Charm scroll, Monster Summoning I Upstairs: ENCOUNTER Jardak: fight 3600 xp, Helm of Glory (AC+1, CHA +1)


***Helm of Glory -> Khalid AC-5

ENCOUNTER Ramazith: accept his request but enter his home later after getting a few more nice items (tough fights) [BG1: walk to east edge of map avoiding Ramazith for now so Alora can sneak up and pick pocket him later]


Blushing Mermaid:

ENCOUNTER Larze: tough fight! Khalid drink a potion of strength, full buff, 2k xp, Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (THAC0 +1), can drop Knock scroll

Splurging Sturgeon:

This tavern is in the SW corner of the map [EE only: Upstairs: open first chest upstairs (do not get caught!) for a Sling of Unerring Accuracy (THAC0 +2, no damage bonus and therefore is not really better than Sling +1)]

© bg2mez

***Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (#1 of 2)


Note: depending on the time of day, might get Alora now (if after 20:00 but before 3:30 am)…

BG South:


Loot container (chest) near Water Queen's House for another Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (THAC0 +1)

***Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (#2 of 2)

Low Lantern:

2nd floor: full buff, ENCOUNTER Desreta and Vay-ya: talk 1, 2: fight 3600 xp, 266 gp, scroll of Dispel Do not loot any containers unless can avoid being caught

***Gauntlets of Ogre Strength 18/00 -> Jaheira *Dispel


ENCOUNTER Entillis Fulsom of the Harpers: talks with Jaheira, says you can trust Scar and Duke Eltan: "Jaheira my dear one! You are as radiant as ever and your eyes as joyful! And your ward, Gorion's child, that is the one there?...Ay, the child has a fair countenance and I sense a fair heart beats within that chest… Allow me to introduce myself: I am Entillis Fulsom of the Harpers, a friend of your friends and of your stepfather, Gorion. ….Know that you can trust Scar and Duke Eltan, both of the Flaming Fist. They are good men and friends of ours…"

BG West:

Avoid Varci (NW area of this map) for now Hall of Wonders after 20:00, before 03:30:

Imoen (or Coran) get Alora from the Hall of Wonders by unlocking the container she stands beside. Optional: loot to get the Telescope from the container (keep for a quest later); do not get caught stealing Talk to Alora again, Alora joins! Temporarily park Imoen in the Hall of Wonders (but remember where she is parked!) Plan for Alora: use to pick pockets (skill is 110!) and open locks (skill level 100)

Can also loot a Rogue Stone (worth 2500 gp) and a Star Sapphire from nearby containers (Imoen can pick the locks); use Stealth to leave the building (e.g. through north exit) undetected

*Rogue Stone *Star Sapphire

Outside, NW:

Near NW area of map, Alora PP (pick pocket) Varci Roaringhorn


ENCOUNTER Tremain Belde'ar: Q (get body from Water Queen's House in BG South) [Can PP Varci again here] Do the quest a bit later for a 2nd shield!

***Large Shield +1, +5 vs Missiles (#1 of 2) -> Khalid

Leave map to the north



Walk to east side of map to get to BG NNE

Blushing Mermaid: Undercellar:

Loot NW chest 313 gp; go through west door to Undercellar Pay admission charge of 10 gp Alora drink 1x Potion of Master Thievery (to be safe) and PP Cloak of Balduran from Quenash (she is located in a small room near midmap); magic resistance +25%! Saves and AC +1!

***Cloak of Balduran (do not use!)

Note: I do not use this over-powered item on current play through's

BG East:

Alora drink 1x Potion of Master Thievery (if not done already) to be safe doing the following pick pocketing

© bg2mez


Sorcerous Sundries:

Alora carefully PP (pick pocket) Nikos for a Potion of Master Thievery

*Potion of Master Thievery

Alora PP Halbazzer Drin for a Nymph Cloak

*Nymph Cloak

Save game and then walk to north edge of map


Poisoning quest: Use Alora to PP (pick pocket) Marek 3x and Lothander 4x as they leave; by the way, you've been poisoned! [Cannot PP Eagle Bow as per BG1] PP fail for Marek is OK!

2nd house:

BG Central:

*Dagger +2 *Potion of Master Thievery *Potion of Freedom *Potion of Fire

IMPORTANT! Do this quest carefully or you could die from poisoning in ten days! Save game

Resistance *Short Sword +1

Loot the shop (do not loot the first house, save for a quest from Ulgoth's Beard)

*Potion of Absorption *Potion of Invulnerability *Potion of Hill Giant Str. *Potion of Mind Focusing *Ring of Infravision

Poisoning quest: Mid map: ENCOUNTER Lothander: can PP again!

*Potion of Fire Resistance *Short Sword +1

Fortune Teller's tent: talk to Diviner (2, 3) pay 50 gp Outside tent: talk to Lothander again (this is mandatory to progress the quest and to get him to go to the Blade and Star's Inn in BG SE)

BG South:

Poisoning quest: Water Queen's House: ENCOUNTER Priestess of Umberlee: ask the High Priestess to see Jalantha Mystmyr; pay 50 gp Talk to Jalantha Q (Book of Wisdom/Tome of Understanding from the Temple of Tymora in BG West) Varci quest:

Ask the blonde Priestess to see Priestess Tenya Talk to Tenya and ask for the body (talk 1) Park Alora temporarily

BG West:

Varci quest:

House: give body to Tremain Belde'ar and then wait and follow him a few steps. Talk to him again and Casson Belde'ar is revived; talk to Varci to finalize 5k xp, 2k gp, and another shield! Quest done!

Poisoning quest: The Lady's House: Imoen talk to Chanthalas Ulbright and ask for Tome. He will give it but you might have to offer 500 gp if CHA is too low [or Alora PP the Tome]

***Large Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles (#2) -> Jaheira

***Tome of Understanding (WIS +1) (#1 of 3)

Do not use/read the Tome yet!

BG South:

Poisoning quest: Water Queen's House: save game and then enter Talk to Jalantha Mystmyr (1, 2) but do not give-up the Tome! Fight her (only) 6k xp, 200 gp, Sphene gem, [Body #2 in BG]

*Geas Removal Scroll

[or Alora PP Jalantha for the Geas scroll; no talking necessary to complete the quest this way]


Poisoning quest: Blade and Stars Inn: upstairs talk to Lothander; give him the scroll and he will give you the Antidote to take to Marek, 1500 xp If Lothander is not here, carefully check the above steps

© bg2mez


Can PP again or quickly fight Lothander, 4k xp [in EE only: and another Boots of Speed but do not use them as they are overpowered]

[*EE: Boots of Speed (#2)]

Note: this play through the front-line fighters will not use the Boots of Speed; give them to Imoen and Coran/Dynaheir


Poisoning quest: Blushing Mermaid: upstairs talk to Marek [10k xp]; fight 650 xp Everyone drink an Antidote (probably not necessary, but just to be safe); poisoning quest done!

***Eagle Bow -> Imoen ***Antidotes *Dagger +2 *Potion of Master Thievery

Use Tome of Understanding (can be identified in Sorcerous Sundries in BG East) WIS +1, 18->19 Get Alora for some more pick pocketing


North house:

AR0813: Alora PP Nemphre 2x for Onyx ring (keep for Ordulinian quest item); loot house for Cloak of Protection +1

General Store (2nd South building): Can sneak Potion of Speed, Potion of Absorption Warehouse (3rd Warehouse: Alora PP Nadarin for Boots of Stealth (nice to have) South building): and get Quest (Basilisk) but do later [or do quest now and protagonist finalize for Boots of Stealth, 500 gp, 1300 xp]

BG South:


*Cloak of Protection +1

*Potion of Absorption *Boots of Stealth (#2 of 2)

Walk to west edge of map

Outside Merchant League:

South-SE building: Alora PP Aldeth 2x outside Merchant League but do not talk to him yet Do NOT talk to Aldeth yet! If you do, you must do his quest now (see below) because only he can open the door to the Merchant League and it only stays open for a very limited time (I'm not sure how long, but it is less than 8 hours in BG1). Therefore talk to him later and do the quest later. The quest must be completed within a very limited time, too

BG North:

SW house:

2nd south house: Alora use Stealth and PP Sunin 1-3x for a 2nd Ring of Wizardry. Can drink a Potion of Invisibility if caught

NW fountain:

Get gem in NW fountain

SW house:

[EE only: Alora can PP Bheren for a Cloak of Protection +1]

© bg2mez

*Ring of Wizardry (#2)

[*Cloak of Protection +1]


Ulgoth's Beard:

Not necessary, but can go to Ulgoth's Beard and buy and PP some good items Alora can PP: Dushai (PP 2x): Ring of Free Action (worth 2750 gp) Shandalar (PP 8x): Spirit Armor, Greater Malison, Remove Curse

*Ring of Free Action *Spirit Armor *Remove Curse

[Hurgan Stoneblade: War Hammer +1, +4 vs giant humanoids (1d4 +2 damage, +5 vs giant humanoids, not really needed)] Shandalar will give you a quest (retrieve an item) and so will Hurgan Stoneblade (retrieve the Soultaker dagger from Durlag's Tower)

Imoen cast Friends and buy: Cloak of Displacement Greenstone Amulet (never did actually use) Optional: Aule's Staff +3 (1d6 +3 damage; one-handed Staff Mace probably better, though)

2345 1340 3685



-> protagonist -> Jaheira later

Note: will get a scroll of Spirit Armor, Monster Summoning II, III, and Greater Malison (and many others) in Durlag's Tower

That's pretty much it for pick pocketing the most worth-while targets! Park Alora in a convenient place such as BG East

BG North:

Outside Ramazith's Tower:

Do Ramazith's quest for a Ring of Protection +2, an Amulet of Metaspell Influence (Alora can PP him, but only once unlike in BG1), Bracers AC7, and loot for the Tome of Clear Thought. Bring a couple of Antidotes

***Ring of Protection +2 -> AC-7 *Amulet of Metaspell Influence

Carefully clear the Tower (e.g. Khalid and protagonist only) 8k xp; Tome of Clear Thought at top of tower in unlocked bookcase (ID and use for INT +1), Mirror Image, Blur; in locked table: 395 gp, Wand of Paralyzation, scrolls of protection

***Tome of Clear Thought (INT +1)

Three Old Kegs: Loot top floor for 6300 gp in gems! Talk to Areana Q (Cyrdemac at the Elfsong Tavern)

BG West:

Ragefast's Home:

Ragefast and Abela the Nymph: ENCOUNTER Ragefast: fight, 2k xp; talk to Abela and free her, 2k xp and a Nymph Cloak (has 40 charges!)

*Amulet of Protection +1 *Nymph Cloak *Wand of Paralyzation

Finalize the quest with Ramazith: fight 4k xp, Ring of Protection +2 We've got the good stuff! Time to do the main plot quests, followed by other side quests

© bg2mez



Seven Suns (mid- Main Plot Quest 1 in BG east): Seven Suns is located mid-east on the map Enter, ENCOUNTER Merchant


West "door": use Stealth and enter basement without fighting; talk to Jhasso [OK to fight on main floor but do not go upstairs to the 2nd floor yet] Flaming Fist:

Enter the Flaming Fist compound and finalize with Scar, 2k xp, 2k gp; he gives a follow-up quest (clear the Seven Suns; destroy the infestation of monsters)

Flaming Fist, outside:

Outside the Flaming Fist: can loot fountain!

Seven Suns:

Talk several times to a Merchant, fight two Doppelgangers 840 xp Basement: fight one Doppelganger 420 xp, loot 2 chests (return with Alora) Upstairs: fight two more Doppelgangers 840 xp Note: there are no drops from these Doppelgangers

Lower chest: *Potion of Hill Giant Str. *Wand of Magic Missiles *Protection from Undead Upper chest: *368 gp + rings, gems worth 142 gp

To avoid Scar and Jhasso quest bug: The corpse (body) of the enemy must not disappear upon "death." To avoid this, the final blow to the enemy cannot be so hard that you "destroy" the body Only the bodies on the ground get counted, e.g. if you kill all 5 Doppelgangers but only 4 bodies remain, then KILLEDDOPPELGANGER = 4, which means you cannot finalize the quest (must = 5)

BG East:

Flaming Fist:

Finalize with Scar, 5k xp, REP +2, 6k gp! He gives another quest (missing citizens/sewers in the NE) and 300 gp

Seven Suns:

Loot two chests with Alora for a Wand of Magic Missiles with 30 charges, 368 gp


Main Plot Quest 2 in BG AR0226: clear this one sewer map (only) to get a Ruby ring (keep) from the Ogre Mage in mid-west ENCOUNTER Ogre Mage: fight 3600 xp West side: take one body from (for a different side quest) the first "container/body" which contains another Ruby ring (sell one of them for 875 gp) and 135 gp; loot the 2nd body



*Potion of Magic Protection

Note: Carrion Crawlers can re-spawn a couple of times mid-map, mid-north and NE, or get Rest interrupted to fight a few more

Main Quest 2 objective is now met; can clear rest of Sewers Next sewer map to north-west: Mid-map: ENCOUNTER Ratchild and Kobolds 700 xp Next sewer map to north-west: East side: ENCOUNTER Schlumpsha the Sewer King 3800 xp Mid-map: ENCOUNTER Shvertszche SW: Fight Phase Spiders 5k xp


Flaming Fist:

Talk to Scar: finalize with one Ruby ring ("signet") only, 3k xp, 4k gp Go outside to meet Scar again


Talk to Scar Q -> Grand Duke Eltan

© bg2mez


Flaming Fist upstairs:

ENCOUNTER Grand Duke Eltan Q (infiltrate and find proof in the Iron Throne) Loot upstairs chests with Alora for loot worth 2500 gp! She can loot basement, too (use Stealth to avoid being caught) Talk to Fergus Q (Angel Skin ring); can give him an Angel Skin ring, if you have or find one, for 800 xp and REP +1

BG South:

Iron Throne:



Main Plot Quest 3 in BG Level 1: be peaceful Level 2: peaceful or fight Level 3: no loot on this level ENCOUNTER: Guard: be peaceful ENCOUNTER: Emissary Tar: interesting comments Level 4: ENCOUNTER Destus Gurn: talk 3 Loot two bookcases: the 4th and last on right side Full buff then go up the right stairs Level 5: ENCOUNTER Zhalimar Cloudwulfe: big fight, cast Fireball, use Necklace of Missiles, 12400 xp, 450 gp Talk to Thaldorn: says Rieltar is at Candlekeep! Back room: loot desk for two Letters

*Ring of Free Action *Wand of the Heavens *Fireball scroll *Dispel Magic

Level 6: enjoy the view! Basement level: loot Potion of Insulation, Potion of Storm Giant Strength (STR 24), can use Alora to unlock tough chests

*Potion of Storm Giant Strength

BG main plot quests done! Wait to finalize this quest with Grand Duke Eltan to avoid being sent to Candlekeep already, because when you eventually return to BG hostile Flaming Fist Enforcers will be all over the place, so do some side quests in BG now

If not done yet get Alora [or Coran] to unlock the tough chests: Ramazith Tower: top floor desk Seven Suns: two chests Flaming Fist: downstairs chest


Merchant League Estate:

Merchant League quest Save game and then talk to Aldeth Sashenstar (Q: find evidence against his other two partners), Aldeth opens the door for you unless you forgot to speak to him in Cloakwood in Chapter 4 (in which case you miss this quest) Note: must do quest now or the door could close and be locked for good (e.g. cannot rest or the door is locked)

1st floor: talk to Merchant and Irlentree near the stairs 2nd floor: talk to Aldeth (talk 3, 1) then Brandilar (talk 2, 1) Loot the locked desk and read the scrolls, 980 gp Talk to Brandilan (3, 2) and fight Zorl 420 xp

To avoid the Aldeth Merchant League quest bug: The corpse (body) of the enemy must not disappear upon "death." To avoid this, the final blow to the enemy cannot be so hard that you "destroy" the body Only the bodies on the ground on the 1st floor get counted, e.g. if you kill all 5 Doppelgangers but only 4 bodies remain, then ALDETHDOPPLE = 4, which means you cannot finalize the quest (must = 5)

© bg2mez


1st floor: fight 5x Doppelgangers Finalize with Brandilan and Aldeth 5k xp, Bastard Sword +1, 100 gp Quest completed! 3rd floor (optional): fight 10x Doppelgangers (in EE 1.2 and earlier: can drop Laeral's tear, Emerald and Pearl necklace) 4200 xp

2nd South House:

Fight Sunin, Maka and Joular for 4500 xp

Central building: ENCOUNTER Wiven of the Thieves Guild: fight four foes 1800 xp, 200 gp

BG East:


Talk to Niklos, who gives password "Fafhrd"

Thieves' Guild:

Get Manual of Quickness of Action, DEX +1; identify and use for DEX 18->19 [EE only: Imoen can buy a Sling of Unerring Accuracy for 450 gp and Bullet +2 for 13.5 gp each]

*Potion of Master Thievery

***Manual of Quickness of Action (DEX +1)

Optional: for a thieving quest talk to Alatos Ravenscar Thuibuld Q (sneak spellbook, artifact fragment and statuette from Oberon Estate in BG Central); can do quest with Stealth Optional: talk to Narlen Darkwalk for another thieving quest (meet in NNE by Splurging Sturgeon)

Sorcerous Sundries:

Upstairs: buff with Remove Fear, fight Niemain and three others, 5400 xp, 2x Identify scrolls, 480 gp

Elfsong Inn:

Give Telescope (from the Hall of Wonders) to Brevlik, 5500 xp, 500 gp (can PP Wand of Lightning) Upstairs: talk to and then fight Cyrdemac and two Ruffians 1200 xp

Arkion's house:

BG North:


[Optional: in house south of Elfsong Inn give 1x corpse to Arkion, 1800 xp, 250 gp; loot house] Alora PP Arkion for bloodstone amulet (Ordulinian quest item)

*Potion of Insulation

Three Old Kegs: If not yet done: finalize Areana 500 gp Outside SW house:

Talk to Petrine Q (Petrine's Cat Angel), get the ring from upstairs and finalize 500 xp

2nd SW house:

Talk to Rinnie Q (Book), get History of Unicorn Run book from the top of Ramazith's Tower, west bookshelf Finalize 900 xp, 80 gp

Helm and Cloak: Buff for a big fight then talk to Gorpel Hind of the Band of Merry Fools -> ENCOUNTER Gretek of the Maulers of the Under Mountain; fight six foes for 5250 xp, Battle Axe +2

*Battle Axe +2

Building north of AR0157: if not yet done: Helm & Cloak: Talk to Quinn Q (Nester's dagger); give him Nester's dagger (acquired back in Wyrm's Crossing) 950 xp, REP +1 Loot upstairs for Longbow +1 and Potion of Protection from Magic

Building north of AR0162: around midnight or later talk to Laerta or Louise -> Helm & Cloak, ENCOUNTER Gervisse: talk midnight: ENCOUNTER Voltine: talk [Alora can PP Wand of Polymorphing] Force fight (e.g. press F2) Gervisse 900 xp, finalize with Voltine (gives Wand of Polymorphing) [then Laerta 1k xp, does not seem to work in BGEE]; loot house

© bg2mez

*Wand of Polymorphing


Building west of Helm & Cloak:

AR0161: Optional tough fight: Helmed Horrors, Doom Guards and Invisible Stalkers, 17k xp Talk to Degrodel Q (turn adventurers to flesh; gives 6x scrolls of Stone to Flesh; wants the Helm of Balduran)

House north of Degrodel:

Alora (pure thief or multi-class; Imoen cannot) talk to Pheirkas: trade Algernon's Cloak for 150 gp, 200 xp!


Near Splurging Sturgeon:

Daytime only: outside the Splurging Sturgeon Inn (south of map) [Coran] talk to Brielbara Q (get spellbook from Yago)

BG South:

Warehouse (mid- AR1207: buff with Protection from Petrification, fight Greater Basilisk east side): solo, 7k xp, Sphene gem (keep, for G'axir the Seer) Low Lantern:

3rd level: talk to Yago (part of quest with Brielbara and Coran), fight 1400 xp, drop includes Book of Curses (quest item) Carefully loot the entire Low Lantern if not done

SE house:

Talk to Ghorak for a quest: eventually go to the Three Old Kegs to get the Skull of Kereph, and then to Agnesia in Lady's Hall She will award REP +1, 1k xp


Noralee would like a Gauntlets of Weapon Skill; BG1 has an excess of gauntlets so finalize for REP +1, 1k xp


SE Warehouse:

BG Central:


Large building, mid-west:

Full buff, protagonist and Imoen enter only at first ENCOUNTER Ogre Mage: fight five Ogre Mages, buff with Resist Fear, Imoen cast Fireball and Magic Missiles, rest of party enter later and use ranged, 3250 xp Up to four Laeral's Tear necklaces can be dropped and are worth 3k gp each!

House, east:

AR0715: talk to Nadine Q (son Euric), she gives Amulet (keep for quest)

Felonius Gist's Manor:

Enter through north door (or south door and pay 300 gp or threaten), use scrolls of Stone to Flesh on all five statues Talk to the top statue in the corner (Vail), 500 xp, and fight 5800 xp, loot includes a letter with clues to where the Helm of Balduran can be found (too late!)

NE, Oberon Estate:

AR0143: [did not do Thieving quests: use Stealth to get spellbook, artifact fragment and statuette from top floor desk, along with 594 gp Loot 2nd floor, south side; 1st floor north side]

Blade and Stars Inn:

Give Sphene gem to G'axir the Seer, 1k xp

House, mid-west: (This is part of Narlen's quest part 2) Loot upstairs trapped container for a Rogue Stone!

BG Central:

*Sphene gem

*Angel Skin ring

*Rogue Stone

3rd Central house:

ENCOUNTER Taxek and Michael: fight 1275 xp and loot worth 2k gp including a Light X-bow +1


Protagonist finalize for Boots of Stealth, 500 gp, 1300 xp [or Coran or Imoen finalize quest with Nadarin, 1300 xp, 500 gp]

*Boots of Stealth

Store, south:

Sneak Potion of Absorption and Oil of Speed from bookcases

*Potion of Absorption *Oil of Speed

South Inn:

Give Amulet of Protection +1 to Euric (amulet is from Nadine), 1100 xp

House, east:

Consider to save finalizing this quest to get REP back to 20 if needed

© bg2mez


BG East:

Coran or Imoen finalize with Nadine for a Necklace of Missiles, 400 xp and REP +1

*Necklace of Missiles REP+1

Sorcerous Sundries:

Finalize with Ordulinian (give ring and amulet) 3500 xp, Cloak of Non-Detection

*Cloak of Non-Detection (#2)

Thieves' Guild:

[Did not: finalize with Narlen [did not accept his next quest as we got the Rogue Stone already] Then finalize with Alatos Ravenscar Thuibuld (give three items) 4k xp -> fight Resar (only) 4k xp; talk to Alatos again]

Note: if you did not do Narlen's quest and finalize with him, you will not be in good standing with the Thieves and will have to fight them all


Splurging Sturgeon:

Inside Splurging Sturgeon: consider to save finalizing this quest to get REP back to 20 if needed Coran finalize with Brielbara (give Book of Curses) 1k xp, REP +1


Talk 3x to Lusselyn, pay 100 gp, Q (Mustard Jelly) Upstairs: kill Mustard Jelly 2k xp; finalize 160 gp


Degrodel's House (west of Helm & Cloak):

Imoen stand behind Degrodel, other fighters stand near him Imoen cast Dire Charm and just before she completes casting, someone talk to Degrodel with the Helm of Balduran to finalize the quest for 5k gp! Note: in BG1 and EE 1.2 Imoen must Charm or Dire Charm him or the Helm of Balduran is gone (cannot PP)

Fight Helmed Horror, Doom Guards and an Invisible Stalker, 9k xp, then kill Degrodel for the Helm of Balduran, 1800 xp, 98 gp Locked cabinet has Splint Mail +1 worth 1k gp

Entar Silvershield's Estate:

Alora, with a Potion of Invisibility in inventory, use stealth to sneak upstairs to the SW room; unlock three containers for a lot of loot and gold, immediately drink the Potion of Invisibility when the guards appear to sneak away without conflict First floor: two chests in the south (guarded) have a lot of gold if you can sneak them without being caught (run!) Total value of gold and items is 6k gp! Outside: can loot the chests to the west of the estate

ID equipped items with Quayle (or pay at Sorcerous Sundries)

You could instigate Chapter 6 (to focus on building the protagonist) at this time; in previous play through's have done Ulgoth's Beard at this time for a bit of a challenge. This play through will do Durlag's Tower now (it's the best!)

Do a major sell of all unwanted items before instigating Chapter 6 to avoid having to run from the numerous hostile Flaming Fist Enforcers whom will populate BG upon your return in Ch. 7

© bg2mez


BIG SELL before instigating Chapter 6: do a major sell of nearly all loot: Keep useful potions for Durlag's Tower and the end game battle: Potions of Absorption, Fire Resistance, BG East:

Lucky Aello's: - gems, rings and necklaces - armor - magical weapons - robes - cloaks Sorcerous Sundries: - bracers Thieves Black Lily: - wands Maltz's: also buys darts, but take to BG SW for now Shop of Silence: also buys Potions, but take to BG SW for now


Mid store in SW: - arrows, bullets and darts - potions (keep useful potions) - scrolls

© bg2mez


Ulgoth's Beard Walkthrough (TotSC) Normally I'd do Ulgoth's Beard in Chapter 7 but it can be done now for a challenge! Each party member will earn about 20k xp each for the TotSC quests excluding Durlag's Tower (worth approximately 50k xp each)

Preparation for Ulgoth's Beard (TotSC quests) consider to bring: - Potion of Cloud Giant Strength (STR 23), Invisibility, Defense or Invulnerability, Heroism and Freedom; Oil of Speed - Wand of the Heavens, Wand of Magic Missiles - Useful spells include Magic Missiles (lots!), Fireball, Knock and Dispel Magic

Ulgoth's Beard:

ENCOUNTER Shandalar: Q (cloak from Ice Dungeon)

SW house:

ENCOUNTER Mendas: Q (sea charts from BG NE 1st house; must talk to Mendas first)

NW house:

Talk to Therella: Q (find Dalton)


ENCOUNTER Hurgan Stoneblade: Q (Soultaker dagger, cult) Talk to Shandalar to go to Ice Dungeon

Ice Dungeon:

Buff with Resist Fear and Protection from Fire for fights with the Mages ENCOUNTER Andris, Marcellus and Beyn: fight 9800 xp Leave north; both north halls have immediate traps NE hallway has a trap midway along the long straight section and one more along the next long straight section Mid-north:

ENCOUNTER Cuchol: fight 1800 xp Floor trap at south exit


ENCOUNTER Garan: fight Garan and Ankhegs 5900 xp ENCOUNTER Tellan: fight 3k xp (2001 xp in EE 1.3)


Ulgoth's beard:

ENCOUNTER Dezkiel: fight 1800 xp Leave dungeon -> teleported


Finalize Shandalar 500 xp (only) Leave for Baldur's Gate to find the Sea Maps


First house ENCOUNTER Ulf: fight 880 xp; Jacil has a Spear +2 (Merchants Upstairs: ENCOUNTER Captain Toller Kieres Q (get Baalor Ale for League Counting sea charts) House):


Blushing Mermaid:

Buy Ale for 900 gp [or PP] from De'Tranion


First house:

Upstairs: finalize Captain Toller Kieres (gives sea charts) 0 xp

BG East:

Sorcerous Sundries:

Sell Winter Wolf Pelts for 250 gp each

Ulgoth's beard:

*Spear +2

Finalize Mendas 2k gp

© bg2mez



East dock:

ENCOUNTER Mendas: set sail! (Takes 25 days!)

Chieftain's House:

Get primary quest from Kaishas Gan (kill all evil creatures)


South of village:

Talk to Evalt: Q (brother Evan) Talk to Farthing: Q (dolly)


Not really worth while; best treasure is a Potion of Fire Giant Strength (STR 22) in the southern square tent

North Island:

Middle and west: do minor quests; be prepared for tough fights

Cabin in NE:

South Island:

North Island:

Get minor quests: Talk to Maralee: Q (baby Peladan) Talk to Delainy: Q (cloak for town)

ENCOUNTER Dradeel Q (spellbook from ship wreck) Can bash chest to get Belladonna flowers, Holy Cloak and a Staff Mace +2 (Jaheira can use together with shield)

Finalize Delainy's quest, she will then ask for the flowers, 0 xp Finalize with Evalt (900 xp) and Farthing (1400 xp)

NE ship wreck:

Enter for immediate fight 8k xp Watch for trapped containers General strategy is to first scout the place using Stealth. In general send only protagonist [and Minsc] to begin fighting on various floors, and then send up the rest of the party when the enemies are focused on the protagonist.

Cleric7 Ranger6 +6hp->95hp, Level 4 spell x4 (Defensive Harmony!) *Staff Mace +2

Dynaheir Invoker6 +6hp->36hp *Quarterstaff TH 18/14 (1)

*Potion of Storm Giant Strength

1) Fights are tough; protagonist full buff and use potions: - Cloud Giant Strength, Mind Focusing, Invulnerability, Heroism, Oil of Speed and Fire Resistance (to become healed when Imoen and enemy mages cast Fireball, etc.) Khalid [or Minsc] should buff similarly Now the entire ship can be cleared in one go! 2) Protagonist using Stealth [and Minsc] must become the focus of all attacks Other party members can eventually joint the fight and cast Fireball and Magic Missiles Level 2:

3) Fight: begin fighting at the north end of the ship 11600 xp

Level 3:

4) Fight: begin fighting at the south end of the ship 9400 xp

*Potion of Cloud Giant Strength

Before going to next floor Khalid (the only party member with sword proficiency) full buff, including Oil of Speed and Potion of Cloud Giant Strength, with all best equipment to Khalid Level 4:

Protagonist only go up to level 4 using Stealth and buffed vs fire ENCOUNTER Karough: he can't see you but fight all the Wolfweres firstly to lure Karough from the doorway Enter the office (one floor trap) and get the Sword of Balduran which is the only weapon, I think, that can kill the Greater Wolfwere Fight the Wolfweres first and then Khalid only fight Greater Wolfwere while others vigorously cast Fireball and Magic Missiles

Cabin in NE:

Finalize Dradeel 5k xp

© bg2mez


South Island:


Finalize with Maralee (4k xp) and Kaishas (in hut)

Outside: North hut:

ENCOUNTER Delainy ENCOUNTER Dradeel who tells of the caves Enter the hidden door


Fights; exit at NE

Outside, ship:

Fight 1800 xp, click on ship's mast to leave island

Ulgoth's Beard:

Dynaheir Invoker7 +6hp->42hp, Level 4 spell x2, TH 17/13 (1)

*Potion of Storm Giant Strength

ENCOUNTER Baresh Enter house: fight 3700 xp, 172 gp; Knock the chest for 980 gp Quest done!

*Chain Mail +3 (can IMPORT into BG2)

Chapter 6 could be instigated now, but went to Durlag's Tower instead, for a bit more of a challenge rather than waiting until getting 19 strength in Chapter 7

BG East:

Prepare for Durlag's Tower!

Durlag's Tower Walkthrough Preparation for Durlag's Tower: highly recommended to bring 4-6x Potion of Absorption (should have 5 by now); bring 3x Potion of Heal and 1x Potion of Perception. Memorize 2-3x Knock, 2-3x Identify and 1-2x Protection from Petrification Each party member will gain 50k xp or more from Durlag's Tower

The merchant on the map (Erdane) sells potions and ammo, and buys wands as well Outside:

Clear map of Battle Horrors, Doom Guards, Skeletons and Doppelgangers 16k xp

Entrance level:

No traps, no loot Store loot in the nearby chest; eventually sell items, gems, scrolls, potions and wands to Erdane

Upstairs 1:

Floor traps: north room: 2; south hall: 1 Trapped chests: south chest, and 2 in the east

Imoen Mage9 +6hp->60hp Level 5 spell, Max level reached!

South hallway: cast Protection from Petrification and then exit to the outside balcony Outside balcony: Fight four Basilisks 13400 xp Trapped container with Scimitar +2 (at 2281, 586) Return inside and take the north set of stairs

Upstairs 2:

Altar: trapped with Dire Charm, cannot seem to de-trap so just send someone in there solo to get the Tome of Understanding

*Scimitar +2

***Tome of Understanding (WIS +1) (#3 of 3)

ENCOUNTER Riggilo: talk; two trapped chests SW: ENCOUNTER Ghost (Daital): full buff, fight 3750 xp; one trapped cabinet, murky potion

© bg2mez


Upstairs 3:

ENCOUNTER Kirinhale: can fight or PP a Staff Spear +2 (1d8+3 damage) Accept her quest (gives lock of hair) -> talk 6 with Riggilo for a Potion of Cloud Giant Strength -> finalize with her for 4k xp, and then kill very quickly (hit for 50 damage, i.e. cast Magic Missiles, Haste) for 3k xp and the Staff Spear +2

*Staff Spear +2

West: one trapped chest South: one trapped cabinet (has Cloak of Protection +1) Upstairs 2:

Finalize with Riggilo for a Potion of Cloud Giant Strength (STR 23)

Entrance level:

Drop-off loot near the entrance in a container


Fight Ghasts and de-trap floor: west x1, south x1, east x3 and bash container for 560 gp, Star Sapphire and a Ring of Protection +1 Go through the hidden door…

Ranger7 Cleric7 +8hp->103hp TH 12/7 (2!) Max level reached!

Level 1:

One floor trap! 1a. Explore the large dining hall -> Mallet Handle in a barrel in the south; many potions to loot!

*Wand of Monster Summoning *Potion of Master Thievery x4

Imoen drink 1x Potion of Perception to detect all traps in the tower and 1x Potion of Master Thievery to unlock all chests

1b. South side rooms: trapped crate and bookshelves Fight Spiders and Doppelgangers; loot scrolls of Monster Summoning II and III; get the Mallet Head

*Potion of Cloud Giant Strength

*Potion of Perception x4

Minsc Ranger8 +11hp->88hp TH 13/8 (2), Level 1 spell, Max level reached! *Monster Summoning II and III

Proceed to the north side room and travel counter-clockwise through the level 2. North side rooms: traps in rooms 1, 2 and 3; use the Forge with the Mallet Head and Mallet Handle to make the Gong Mallet

*Potion of Absorption *Potion of Cloud Giant Strength *Potion of Master Thievery x3

Long Hallway to west: one floor trap 3. West room: click Gong 4. Circular book room: read (click on) all Books Floor trap at entrance to SW room 5. SW room with large fireplace: trapped cabinet

Hall to SE: one floor trap 6. South room: trapped chest of drawers (has Grapes and 510 gp), trapped cabinet Chest has Plate +3 (sell for 4400 gp)

*Plate +3 (sell)

Locked desk requires you to posses a key otherwise is will be locked even if visiting it after unlocking

7. Room with treasure hoard: has Key to the chest of drawers (has Switch for Engine) and Beljuril gem, 2137 gp

8. Use Switch for Engine in the Engine room to the NE by clicking on panel above the engine (climb up the small set of stairs)

© bg2mez


Return to the south 9.SE room (gym): fight carefully Flesh Golems and a Skeleton Warrior 8k xp

Dynaheir Invoker8 +6hp->48hp

Hall to NE: floor trap after the engine room 10. Make Wine North hall: immediate floor trap!

11. Eventually: finalize the Warders in this order (could be buggy in BG1): North/12:00 (Avarice, 2k xp), then 9:00 (Pride, 2k xp), then 3:00 (Fear, 2k xp), and then rest before finalizing at 6:00 (Love, 4k xp) Can also re-load if a Warder doesn't want to talk Tough fight! Use summoned creatures, fighters use Oil of Speed and potions of strength, Imoen use Magic Missiles, 10200 xp Loot the Ward Stone and click on the rectangular "well" to open the way to Level 2; drop all the Wardstones into a container Drop excess loot in container; sell gems to Erdane

Level 2:

Save game! This level can be tricky Room 1 (statues): only need to click on the lower statue -> bedroom door opens Note: clicking on the upper statue opens the dummy room, but it is simpler to complete the bedroom first Imoen drink a Potion of Perception/Master Thievery to locate and detrap the round container (can use Draw Upon Holy Might to open for 346 gp, Greater Malison, Haste scrolls, 4x Potion of Healing)

*Greater Malison *Haste

Room 2 (bedroom): no traps here; buff vs Fire or keep south Loot three Wardstones from the unlocked containers and the door to the dummy room will open -> fight Greater Doppelganger 4k xp Imoen (after drinking 1x Potion of Master Thievery) open cabinet for 331 gp and nice scrolls Save game!

*Spirit Armor *Monster Summoning II *Remove Curse

Room 3 (dummies): 7 floor traps! Hit (fight) west dummy only and then fight Greater Doppelganger 4k xp, can drop Laeral's tear necklace! Hit east dummy -> throne room door opens Save game for tough fight ahead

*Protection from Lightning *Potion of Master Thievery

Note: if you have a door problem at this stage, click on the two statues until the dummy room door opens for you; soon we will be at the switches room to open all doors Note: hitting the middle dummy opens the bedroom door; the east dummy opens the throne room door

Room 4 (throne room): prepare for a tough fight; if playing on hard difficulty and if sending in the entire party their will be deaths! Can do solo using Stealth; keep someone back in the circular entrance room: Pick-up helmet (Kiel's Helm) and walk back south ENCOUNTER Durlag Trollkiller and three doors open including the door to the south (switches room), use Stealth and take refuge there! Switches room: click on the four panels to get the "door opened" messages for all doors

© bg2mez


Summon Skeletons into the throne room after the poison clouds have dissipated; buff and fight Fuernbol and Islanne first Alternative: bring in 2-3 fighters into the throne room, keep them south while the poison clouds are present and then fight Fuernbol and Islanne Note: hit the east dummy (again) to open the throne room door

Room 5 (switches room): if not yet done, click on the panel switches so that you get the "door opened" messages for all doors (if you close a door, then click again in the same spot to re-open it) -> 4x doors open This makes it easier to return here if you leave via Islanne from level 4

Room 6 (torture room): 11 floor traps! Imoen can de-trap only some of them unless she drank a Potion of Perception Fight Fuernbol and Kiel 8k xp (new in EE 1.3)

Before going through the Teleportation device consider to dump nearly all loot upstairs in the tower near the entrance OR: if you leave the Dungeon and return later: click the east Gargoyle then click the 5x switches on the panel (room 5) to reopen doors to the teleporter again (or: Knock the doors?) You can also deposit all Wardstones you've collected so far into a container as they are no longer needed (exception: later you will get the Teleportation Wardstone and Level 2 Exit Wardstone, keep these ones!)

Loot the Teleportation Wardstone (keep this one!) and click on the teleporter -> Room 7 (4 containers and statue just after teleporting): central floor trap and the 4 small containers are trapped!

Room 8: IMPORTANT: just to the SE of room 7 is a small room (click on the door to open) with a trapped floor and statue; the statue contains the Level 2 Exit Wardstone (keep!) The book on the floor reads "Know no refuge"

*Level 2 Exit Wardstone *Potion of Master Thievery x3

South hallway: floor trap just after the bones/skeleton, another one just after the last "archway" South: trapped stairs (the stairs are fake) Stand close to the door just below the fake stairs with the Level 2 Exit Wardstone and the door to the real stairs will open automatically

Room 9 (south, burial): Imoen de-trap the chest and Knock to open; prepare for a tough fight: fighters use Oil of Speed and potions of strength Loot the chest for 432 gp -> immediate fight with 4x Dwarven Doom Guards 8k xp

Room 10 (bridges): floor trap at entrance! At coordinate 2002, 1389: trapped container on wall with 1157 gp and Chaotic Commands scroll!

© bg2mez

*Kiel's Buckler

*Chaotic Commands


Room 11 (winged creatures): 6 floor traps! NE hall: floor trap Runes in EE 1.2 are worth 0 gp so drop them all Can rest in the SW area in room with the fake stairs to get Rest Interrupted by Kiel, Islanne, Fuernbol or a Doppelganger for 4k xp several times! (Did 5 times.) Experience points can add up quickly if you temporarily park a companion or two. Can get emerald or Laeral's tear drop; Islanne drops a Traveller's Robe only Note: Durlag Trollkiller appeared momentarily and was killed for a bonus Full Plate armor! Use the Wand of the Heavens and Magic Missiles as you must take him down very quickly and do 60 points of damage [could do in EE 1.2]

Level 3:

Fireball! Take the NW door first Note: can heal if become buffed with Protection from Fire and Resist Fire/Cold, or wear a ring of fire resistance = healing from fire damage

ENCOUNTER Skeleton: must fight the Statues before fighting the Wyverns Middle statue: Tarnor drops a Full Plate armor! 15 xp (only), or 1950 xp in EE 1.2 Statue with horns: Bullrush, 950 xp Moorlock: 1900 xp, Long Sword +1 Hack: 2k xp Meiala the Sirine: tough fight, use wands; 4k xp, 308 gp, gems and pearl necklace

***Full Plate (#3 of 3) -> Minsc AC-4

Full buff and have full health to carefully fight three Greater Wyverns 5k xp each Can get Rest Interrupted here to fight Greater Ghouls 2k xp Long hallway to the south: one floor trap near the large heads; fight Greater Ghoul 1k xp

Rest and memorize Protection from Electricity, or have enough Potions of Absorption or scrolls of Protection from Lightning, in preparation for the upcoming Chess Board battle Animal Summoning spells are also good for the Chess Board

Can clear the Skeletons area (five floor traps, one on each platform except for the northwest one) for 250 enchanted arrows Imoen can drink a Potion of Invisibility and de-trap Can clear the south garden area (one trapped container; several floor traps) but it is quite dangerous and has no good loot

Caverns/Trials: The four caverns or trials could be buggy in BG. It is recommended to start with the lower trial first (the Phoenix Guards) and work your way up, ending in the Ice room The bug I experienced (BG only) sent only two characters to the Chess Board; bug likely due to difficultly in knowing if the Phoenix Guards were indeed killed entirely, but could also be that I missed an Invisible Stalker

Cavern 1 (south): Fire: use Arrows of Ice to fight Phoenix Guards Cavern 2: Air: use physical damage; 1x Air Aspect 4k xp, 3x Invisible Stalkers 3x 3k xp

© bg2mez

Jaheira Druid8 Fighter6 +6hp->83hp


Be very careful in the Air room to fight the Wyvern/Air Aspect as well as 3x Invisible Stalkers (3k xp each) to be able to finish the level properly Cavern 3: Fission Slime: use Arrows of Fire, 3k xp Cavern 4: Ice: equip Boots of the North; use Arrows of Fire, 3k xp and 4x 975 xp -> entire party is teleported to the Chess Board area! Save game immediately!

CHESS BOARD: Everyone drink a Potion of Absorption and become 100% protected from electricity. The character wearing the Boots of Grounding or Helm of Defence will now be healed upon taking damage from lighting! Very tough battle! Full buff including vs fear; potion of strength, Heroism and Mind Focusing are useful here Can carefully clear up to 8 Pawns (150 xp each) before going for the King and others; they become Queens (worth 5k xp each) if you allow them to one-by-one reach your side of the board If lucky can kill the Queen 5k xp, Bishop 2k xp, Knight 2k xp, and Rook for 1500 xp; King is worth 2k xp King drops a Two-handed Sword +3! (1d10+3 = 4-13 damage)

Level 4:

ENCOUNTER Durlag Trollkiller: "…you must expel the new invaders…"

Slime area: Wear Ring of Free Action vs Greater Ghouls, or use Spiders Bane

Mid-SE container: Necklace of Missiles in the first container in slime area at 3056, 1836 (hit "Shift-X" to reveal coordinates) SE container: 980 gp SW containers: 1880 gp; Wand of Monster Summoning

SW through hidden passage/door: ENCOUNTER Grael: 5k xp, Compass Wardstone (rune)

***Two-Handed Sword +3 -> Minsc TH 13/7 (2)

Khalid Fighter8 +13hp->104hp TH 12/7 (2) Max level reached! Jaheira Fighter7 Druid8 +6hp->89hp TH 14/10 (2!) or Staff +3: TH 14/7 (2) Max level reached! *Necklace of Missiles *Wand of Monster Summoning Dynaheir Invoker9 +6hp->54hp, Level 5 spell x2 (Animate Dead!) Max level reached!

Islanne offers to send you outside: sell gems, rings, necklaces to Erdane; store loot in a chest in Durlag's Tower; Rest

Level 2:

All doors should be opened. In BG you could lock pick some of the doors; otherwise throw the various switches to get the "door has opened" message for all doors Can get rest Interrupted again (still) in the SW area to fight for 4k xp each!

Level 3:

Click on one of the "cavern" area doors to be teleported back to the Chess Board

Level 4:

Door to SW: one floor trap at entrance to large room; fight Spiders and Ettercaps One floor trap in SE corner of the large room (by door)

© bg2mez


North area: talk to the Stone Golem: Question 1: answer 5) Kiel Question 2: answer 8) Trollkiller Question 3: answer 1) Thunderaxe -> Arena I (AR0515) : Stone Golem: answer 3) From the west it came, and then the south…

North: Burial room: De-trap two chests: Knock upper chest for 5547 gp, Sling +3 Arla's Dragonbane and Large Shield +2! Use Draw Upon Holy Might to bash the lower chest

***Sling +3 -> Jaheira TH 14/8 (2) ***Large Shield +2 -> AC-9

Click on Grave -> Arena II (AR0515) : Stone Golem: answer 1) It began with you and your need for a home… North: Forge room with anvil: one trapped container with Rune Return back to a contraption at 2131, 750 and insert Bone Wardstone

Slime area: take the southern hall to NW: Treasure room with one trapped chest: knock for Long Sword +1, +4 vs Undead! Take the hallway that loops slightly north and west: one floor trap after Treasure room, and watch for other floor traps as well! Small room with 13950 gp and container with nearly all gems! The locked crate only contains 72 gp Click on Throne -> Arena III (AR0515) : Stone Golem: answer 3) the blame begins with the invaders, but they attacked with supposed good reason… Can re-clear slime area for xp's

Talk to Durlag Trollkiller and follow him -> door to south opens! (at 4082, 910) ENCOUNTER: Clair De'laine: de-trap container

*Cloak of the Shield

ENCOUNTER Demon Knight: Imoen cast 2x Summon Animal and Resist Fear; Khalid wearing 2x Ring of Fire Protection absorb Demon Knight's first Dispel and Fireball, 15k xp! ALTERNATE METHOD: use Stealth and click on the Mirror, and then fight several enemies 9300 xp

*Soultaker Dagger *Large Shield +1

Finalize with Dalton; finalize with Claire (0 xp) Talk to Islanne -> surface; get loot and open any trapped chests Sell Durlag's Goblets [worth 3300 gp in BG] Sell loot but be careful not to sell the Soultaker Dagger and keep useful potions such as Heroism, Cloud Giant Strength etc., Invulnerability and Fire Resistance:

Can sell arrows to Carnival ranged tent or to Smithy (has +1's, arrows of ice and biting)

© bg2mez



Sell Wyvern Heads and Bandit Scalps to Feldepost's

Note: make sure you get the Pantaloons from Friendly Arm Inn for eventual export to BG2

Ulgoth's beard: Outside:

Outside west building:

ENCOUNTER Cult Enforcer: takes dagger! Immediate big fight! Talk to Hurgan Stoneblade Talk to Cult Guard, big fight 4k xp Preparation for next fights: Full buff including Spirit Armor, Aid, Protection vs Evil and potions such as Heroism, Freedom, Cloud Giant Strength and Invulnerability

West building:

ENCOUNTER Cult Wizard: immediate very tough fight 4700 xp Downstairs: do not bring Imoen, Jaheira or Dynaheir! ENCOUNTER Tracea Carol: kill seven Cult Guards, 3500 xp, and then Aec'Letec 16k xp. Use a summoned creature or protagonist as a decoy and walk Aec'Letec around the room!


NW house:

Finalize with Therella (find Dalton) for 300 gp, 0 xp


Finalize Hurgan Stoneblade (0 xp) Durlag's Tower and ToSC quests done!

Flaming Fist upstairs:

Finalize with Grand Duke Eltan, he gives you a book and 2k gp Chapter 6 is instigated and you are sent immediately to Candlekeep!

© bg2mez


Chapter 6 Resting in Chapter 6 gives another special ability (Draw Upon Holy Might) In preparation for the Catacombs memorize 2x Find Traps, Fireball, 2x Protection from Petrification, 2x Knock, 2x Identify and 1x Invisibility


Talk to the Keeper of the Portal (give book from Eltan) ENCOUNTER Cadderly South: loot the Infirmary/Clinic Bunkhouse: talk to Parda North: loot Candlekeep Inn Priest's Quarters: fight Doppelganger 420 xp


Note: the easiest way to loot Candlekeep without being jailed is to not talk to Koveras (on the 2nd floor); otherwise use Stealth

Level 1:

ENCOUNTER Karan; Theodon and Jessup Decent loot: NW room: Knock scroll

Level 2:

*Knock scroll

Recommended to avoid ENCOUNTER Koveras (he approaches the protagonist only, i.e. Imoen, etc. can walk by him) because after speaking with him the next Guard or Gatewarden to see you will try to arrest you (perhaps only on level 6) No decent loot on level 2

Level 3:

ENCOUNTER Bendalis No decent loot on level 3 Loot all levels and then return to fight Rieltar in the north end of level 3

Level 4:

ENCOUNTER Piato Talk to Shistal (south): fight Greater Doppelganger 4k xp No decent loot on level 4 either

Level 5:

Mid-south room: read Gorion's letter NW room: Knock cabinet for a Cloak of Protection +1 No other decent loot on level 5

*Cloak of Protection +1

Rest in a room in the south corridor -> Dream (Draw Upon Holy Might special ability gained!) Level 6:

ENCOUNTER Gatewarden: if you avoided Koveras and did not fight Rieltar he will talk to you (but what he says about someone in the outer courtyard seems misleading) and not arrest you. ENCOUNTER Tethtoril [can PP a scroll of Identify] [Can PP Ulraunt for a Wand of Sleep] NE: Bash: Ring of Protection +1 (don't be seen by Tethtoril) Knock: Wand of Magic Missiles NW: Knock: 1025 gp

Level 5:

Rest and dream if not yet done

Level 3:

North: ENCOUNTER Rieltar: fight 7500 xp, 970 gp Scroll of Identify in NE bookshelf [Can get the Ring of Protection from Koveras now?]

Level 2 or 6:

ENCOUNTER Watcher or Gatewarden: talk 3, 2 -> jailed


ENCOUNTER Ulraunt: you are accused of murder! ENCOUNTER Tethtoril: teleports party to Catacombs

Secret Library:

Loot 2x Identify scrolls, 1x Fireball

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*Ring of Protection +1



Area 1 (SW):

ENCOUNTER Phlydia: becomes a Doppelganger! Immediate floor trap to SW Passage 1 (to SE): Three traps at entrance to room (Imoen can detect or use Find Traps); trapped container with Tome of Understanding (+1 Wisdom), Ring of Fire Resistance (40%) Imoen use Knock or must have STR 24 Imoen use Identify scroll on Tome for WIS 19->20 Passage 2 (to SW): Trap at doorway; trapped container needs STR 20 to bash (use Draw Upon Holy Might)

***Tome of Understanding (WIS +1) (#2 of 3) *Ring of Fire Resistance

*Potion of Invulnerability *Oil of Speed

Passage 3 (to NW): Note: skip the two south branches One trap mid-hallway by broken wall and one at end of hallway at doorway. Fight Phase Spiders 5600 xp Stairs are trapped; use Knock or have Strength 22 to open the trapped container which has Cloak of Protection +2, Manual of Gainful Exercise (Strength +1!) and a Rogue Stone Imoen use Identify scroll on Manual of Gainful Exercise -> STR 19 which improves THAC0 if your STR was less than 18/00

Area 1 (NW):

No traps here. Fight nine Ghasts 5800 xp

Area 2:

ENCOUNTER Dreppin: becomes a Doppelganger! Note: can PP all first using Hide in Shadows, and then fight later Always walk around the outer edge to avoid the five floor traps between the columns Can get good drops from Doppelgangers Dreppin, Reevor, Fuller, etc., e.g. Laeral's Tear (worth 3k gp), Emerald, Diamond, Pearl Necklace. Can reload from Area 1 if not satisfied

***Cloak of Protection +2 -> Minsc AC-5 ***Manual of Gainful Exercise (STR +1) -> THAC0 12/6 (2) at Cleric7/Ranger7

SW room: trapped container with Dispel scroll only Follow "Elminster" down the hallway, fight seven Doppelgangers and one Greater Doppelganger 6900 xp Note: can get Rest Interrupted to fight Doppelgangers in this area

Area 3:

Immediate full buff ENCOUNTER Prat: fight 5k xp, can get Laeral's Tear drop; Throwing Axe +2 (1d6+3 = 4-9 damage; sell), 285 gp South: buff with Protection from Petrification, fight Greater Basilisks 8k xp (Laeral's tear dropped!) ENCOUNTER Diarmid; Leave at S/SW -> Chapter 7 is instigated!

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Chapter 7 Resting in Ch. 7 gives special ability Draw Upon Holy Might II

Plan for phase 5:

Explore some maps for fun South of Lighthouse Help Drizzt Do'Urden Finish the main plot quest! Final Save created!


Walk to east side of map


Sell gems etc. at Feldepost's Talk to Vai, for the final time, for one more REP +1


Baldur's Gate endgame BG East:

IMPORTANT: Check your inventory now in preparation for the creation of a final save to export to BG2 or Siege of Dragonspear (SoD). Ensure that the Golden Pantaloons and Fallorain's Plate +1 (Plate Mail +1) are in the protagonist's inventory! No weapons carry over in BG2 (BG2 makes you work to re-obtain your items, which become scattered across Amn). In EE 1.3: Check also that you have the weapon you'd like to export to BG2EE (see list below), if any at all (we do not)! If you prefer, an export file can actually be created now, or at any time.

Note: use Stealth to see if any Flaming Fist Enforcers are around; if so use the Boots of Speed and Stealth to lure them away from the party to avoid going to Prison (see below for how to get out of prison).

Near Thieves Guild:

ENCOUNTER Delthyr (a Harper!): says to infiltrate the Iron Throne; he goes to Three Old Kegs inn

Near Sorcerous Sundries:

ENCOUNTER Tamoko: be nice (an opportunity to fight her is presented to you just before the final battle, or...). Save game

PRISON If caught by a Flaming Fist Enforcer talk 1 if you want to go to prison, or talk 2,2 or 3,2 and run to escape. Prison: Angelo's trail: do not talk 1 or a party member will be killed! In prison, walk to Neb and wait for his dialog sequence to progress. Answer his riddle correctly to escape prison.


Near Flaming Fist HQ:

Use Stealth or risk being caught by an Enforcer ENCOUNTER Tamoko: agree with her for now; she says go to the Undercellar to find Slythe and Krystin, and to find Cythandria atop the Iron Throne Can then Charm or Dire Charm and fight her (now or upon her final appearance a bit later), 5k xp and drops Full Plate +1 (AC0, worth 8500 gp, not needed in EE) [-> Minsc AC-1]

***Full Plate +1

Optional: can enter the Flaming Fist HQ

© bg2mez


Flaming Fist HQ: ENCOUNTER Benjy: fight six Mercenary's Upstairs: ENCOUNTER Kent; Rashad Talk to Duke Eltan! Take him to the Harbor Master's Building NW of the This entrance to the Sewers easily leads to the Iron Throne Flaming Fist HQ: Enter the Sewers, fight Phase Spiders and Ghasts, 6k xp, go north and west and exit

BG South:

Iron Throne:

The Sewer takes you to the basement of the Iron Throne HQ Optional: clear the Iron Throne Level 5: ENCOUNTER Cythandria: full buff including Protection from Fire, Resist Fear, Imoen cast Magic Missiles, fight 4500 xp, loot includes two letters and the Diary of Sarevok


BG North:

Harbor Master's Building:

Deliver Duke Eltan to the Harbor Master 2500 xp


Access through the Blushing Mermaid ENCOUNTER Slythe and Krystin: fight 8k xp, keep both letters (only need to kill Slythe!), the Invitation and The Personal Diary of Sarevok

Outside Ducal Palace:

Talk to Bill with the Invitation letter to gain entrance No point to loot the Palace (loot includes 12k gp, Cloak of Protection +1, 6x diamond, 1x Kings Tears)

Ducal Palace:

Full buff and then talk to Liia Jannath, Belt, several concerned Noblemen and Sarevok: Eltan was poisoned by the Shadow Thieves! Entar was killed by Shadow Thieves! Amn wants a war! Liia retorts "The evidence we have about Entar Silvershield's murder does resemble the work of the Shadow Thieves, but…" Sarevok address the evidence and suspicions; Belt objects!

*Invitation letter *Diary of Sarevok *Short Sword +3

Fight all Greater Doppelgangers Belt speaks, give him proof (the diary) -> fight Sarevok (e.g. cast Magic Missiles), Belt must survive -> teleported to the Thieves Guild

BG East:

Thieves Guild:

ENCOUNTER Denkod: go down the stairs after doing a final check of your inventory Note: winning the upcoming final battle means you win the game but your game will also end; you won't be able to continue exploring, etc. Check your inventory once more, and that you have some nice potions to help you win the very tough final battle.

Exporting from BGEE to Siege of Dragonspear (SoD) (Importing Final Save to Siege of Dragonspear) In preparation for exporting to Siege of Dragonspear (SoD), grab some valuable items to bring to sell for gold: 25k gp worth of items is recommended. Your entire party, all their equipment and inventory will be brought into SoD, so equip or bring the best stuff. Bags of holding such as Gems Bags, Potion Cases, etc., are NOT imported into SoD so you must equip or place into inventory your individual potions, rings, amulets and necklaces.


ENCOUNTER Voleta Stiletto: warns of traps ahead Traps on floor indicated by green mark on wall The first set of traps has 4 individual traps and is in the hallway after fighting two Doomguard's

© bg2mez


Talk to Winski Perorate: he is Sarevok's mentor. Save game


Probably get ready for the final battle now since the next fight vs Rahvin is tough as well (they shoot arrows of detonation!) Preparation for the final battle Buff with potions such as: - Potion of Storm/Cloud Giant Strength - Potion of Heroism - Potion of Invulnerability - Potion of Fire Resistance - Potion of Magic Protection (+50% magical resistance) - Potion of Mind Focusing or Agility Equip the Ring of Free Action ENCOUNTER Rahvin: tough fight 10900 xp ENCOUNTER Tamoko: be nice, or fight 5k xp


Rest and then enter the Temple; keep the party to the left side (west) only, Imoen de-trap an immediate floor trap and another near the second small statue; note the traps in the middle of the room but stay away at all times Full buff with the best potions; hopefully the protagonist does not become de-buffed by Semaj or Angelo

ENCOUNTER Sarevok: "You are indeed family…face me! Face the new Lord of Murder!" Need only to kill Sarevok to win the game, 15k xp; Sarevok is vulnerable to Magic Missiles; summon creatures to act as decoys i.e. from the Wand of Monster Summoning Sarevok falls and is no more! War is averted!

Exporting (Final Save) to BG2 At any time, go to the Character Record page: click EXPORT -> CHAR1 with the Plate Mail +1 and Pantaloons in the protagonist's inventory (no need to wear) for IMPORT INTO BG2 DONE! Time for BG2….

Exporting (Final Save) to BG2EE When Sarevok falls a Final Save is created and you have won! Your current BGEE game is now finished, congratulations! This Final Save file can be imported (might need to copy and then paste into the "save" folder) into BG2EE or SoD. Note: if you want to import a specific weapon into BG2EE from the list below, such as the Sling +3, then drop the Ashideena onto the ground just before Sarevok goes down. [A more complicated method to export is: reload the Final Save, check your inventory and then press EXPORT which creates a character file for importing into BG2EE]

DONE! Time for BG2!….see for more walkthroughs:

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How to Export from BGEE and Import into BG2EE: 1. Copy/paste the Final Save folder from the BGEE saves folder into the BG2EE saves folder: C:\Users\...\Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition\save (1a.) The BG2EE saves folder is created after you have started the game for the first time: C:\Users\...\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\save\000000002-Final-Save

List of weapons that can be imported into BG2EE: New in BG2EE 1.3: One of the following weapons will be imported (as well as the Pantaloons and Fallorain's Plate +1) if in the inventory of the protagonist when the Final Save is created, in this priority order: The Burning Earth +1 Ashideena +2 Bala’s Axe Suryris’s Blade +2 The Grave Binder +2 Staff Spear +2 Staff Mace +2 Sling +3 Varscona +2 Krotan’s Skullcrusher +2 Kiel’s Morning Star In BG2EE 1.3: The Genie Malaaq in Irenicus Dungeon will award this weapon when you return his Flask. The Sword of Chaos +2 is moved to the Cambion.

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