B737-Engine Failure in Cruise

April 24, 2018 | Author: bblimaheck | Category: Aerospace, Aerospace Engineering, Aircraft, Aeronautics, Aviation
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 B737 NG





Call “ Engine Failure” Failure” - Call “ Engine Fire, Severe Damage, Damage, or Separation Separation Recall Recall Items”

- Identifies out loud the failure by crosschecking the engine indications (eg. “ No N2 rotation, engine number one” ).

Perform Recall Items - Disconnect autothrottle if not already disconnected - Call “ Select CRZ ENG OUT Page and set Maximum Maximum Continuous Contin uous Thrust”

- PANPAN / MAYDAY MAYDAY message to ATC ATC - Request local local QNH

- Select ENG OUT prompt prompt on CRZ page - Select LT/RH ENG OUT prompt - Check and select CON N1 LIMIT value - Set MCT on live engine

- Read MAX ALT value on ENG OUT CRZ page and set the MAX altitude on the MCP altitude window

- Read MAX ALT ALT value on ENG OUT CRZ page

- Read ENG OUT SPD on ENG OUT CRZ page and set engine out target airspeed in the MCP IAS window.

- Read ENG OUT SPD on ENG OUT CRZ page

- Allow airspeed airspeed to slow to engine out speed then engage LVL CHG.

- When possible, selects the ERASE prompt of  the ENG OUT CRZ page to return to the active CRZ page. - Complete Non Normal Check-List if not already done

If no recall items, start directly from this step

- This displays MOD MOD ENG OUT CRZ (ENG (ENG OUT CRZ for FMC U10.3 and later) and the FMC calculates engine out target speed and maximum engine out altitude at the current gross weight. The fields are updated as fuel is burned. - If the airplane is at or below below maximum ENG OUT altitude when an engine becomes inoperative, select the MOD ENG OUT CRZ (ENG OUT CRZ for FMC U10.3 and later). Maintain engine out cruise speed using manual thrust adjustments.

- If the engine out target airspeed and maximum continuous thrust (MCT) are maintained, the airplane levels off above the original MAX altitude. However, the updated MAX altitude is displayed on the ENG OUT CRZ page. After viewing engine out data, the PM selects the ERASE prompt to return to the active CRZ page.

Caution! With the MOD ENG OUT CRZ page selected, no other FMC data pages can be executed.


- If terrain clearance is critical, maintain the level off altitude and MCT - If terrain clearance is not critical, the aircraft may be accelerated immediately

- Enter the new cruise altitude and airspeed on on - Reducing to Long Range Cruise speed will the ECON CRZ page. It updates the ETAs and result in a loss of altitude of up to 3,000 Top of Descent predictions. feet. - If range is a factor, determine Engine - With Engine Anti -Ice ON, ON, decrease Inoperative LRC speed from the QRH. altitude capability by another 1200 ft ON, - Check cold temperature altitude corrections if  - With Engine Anti-ic e & Wing Anti-Ice ON, decrease altitude capability by 5500 ft applicable

Determine course of action

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 B737 NG


Complete Non Normal Checklist (if not alread com leted)


After prompting ENG OUT, LT ENG OUT and RH ENG OUT are now available

RH ENG OUT selected. Note that MAX ALT and ENG OUT SPD are now available with the CON N1

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 B737 NG

As PF, do not be distracted from flying the aircraft.

Use of the V/S mode is not recommended.

Do not forget to trim the aircraft in each phase of flight.


Do not forget to take into account cold temperature altitude corrections when doing an emergency descent in a mountainous area.

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