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Sabyasachi Sahu (1501100) Aniket Phadnis (1501068) Kaushik Nath (1501082)

Pradeep Meena (1501090) Saurabh Bose (1501103)

Group-8 Centra Software Nature of product: Critical Facilitating good (cost-wise) Sales Revenue: $ 23 mn (2000) and $50 mn (2001) est. 58% CAGR in synchronous learning market to overall size of $17bn by 2004 Avg. Revenue per customer = $ 52272 Main questions: 1. How to integrate salesforce of field sales and tele sales based on their productivity and conversion rate? 2. How should Centra software distribute each of its products, without underselling? 3. What market should Centra software concentrate upon and what products should it sell in these markets? Field Sales vs Tele Sales Productivity # Employe es Fiel d Sale s Tele Sale s

Qtrly Revenu e

Productiv ity

Deals/ employ ee

Conversio n rate


Quarterly Salary and commission/empl oyee $ 46250

$54400 00





$ 24000

$46300 0




Product Classification and Type of Salesforce required: Product


% of sales revenue 3%

Nature of product features

Suggested sales channels

Less features (stripped vsn.) Medium features


Conferenc 19% e Symposiu 80% All features m *Repeat customers not taken into account

Telesales and Field Sales Telesales,Field & Enterprise Sales

Reed Disseminate within the client to each and every operating unit Consolidate and defend Centra S/w’s turf Sales to only Global 2000 Risks associated with:

Lesser penetrate across clients: Increase 10% of global 2000 cos Expand Centra Software’s turf

Penetration and then Disseminate Higher customer acquisition cost and

Dissemination first Making one client key client and thus

Telesales for under $200mn customers

Sabyasachi Sahu (1501100) Aniket Phadnis (1501068) Kaushik Nath (1501082)

Pradeep Meena (1501090) Saurabh Bose (1501103)

Group-8 Centra Software pressure on bottom line because of lower conversion ratio No consolidation

associated risk of too much dependence on one client No expansion and diversification

Issues: 1. Focus on tele-sales to fight Web-ex but, Web-ex focuses exclusively on emeetings and e-meetings is Centra Software’s least revenue generating product 2. Tele sales force has to log into database to check for the client belonging to field sales force 3. 70% Response to RFP (Quote) does not get acted upon

The Way Forward: 1. Penetrate and then disseminate: Lower associated risks and also field sales contributing around 76% of $50 mn target whereas enterprise sales contribute only 12%. Also higher client coverage of the overall market pie. 2. Tele-sales and Field-sales as one team: Based on productivity and conversion rate, ‘Tele-sales’(Productivity: 9.65 and conversion rate of 6%) must be used as to penetrate across clients and ‘Field Sales’ (Productivity: 4.7 and conversion rate of 12%) must be used to close deals, with Field Sales being majorly responsible for Enterprise Sales 3. Cultivate product endorsers in client companies and also through alliance partners, majorly Infrastructure providers like CISCO etc. 4. Tele-sales must generate leads of Global 2000 and then work with field sales to sell the more revenue generating products rather than closing the deal by selling ‘e-Meeting’ products 5. JV or acquire LMS vendors so that compatibility with Centra’s products is done in-house and not be an added overhead 6. More sales people to work with Infrastructure partners: working with their sales reps to get/convert more leads 7. Follow up with clients through salesforce to give reasonable quotes (in tune with client’s demand and budget with proper productrequirements fit) that have a higher % of getting acted upon

Penetration Target: New Customers (20% increase over last year): 300 contributing around $15.68 mn Telesales: 60-70% Field Sales: 40-30%

Sabyasachi Sahu (1501100) Aniket Phadnis (1501068) Kaushik Nath (1501082)

Pradeep Meena (1501090) Saurabh Bose (1501103)

Group-8 Centra Software Dissemination Target: Total of 650 customers (or operating units within a client) contributing to around $ 33 mn Telesales: 10-20% Field Sales: 80-90%

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