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Universal Tao Center Five Element Astrology Astrology Report and Nutrition Chart Words Words of Caution

The meditations, practices, techniques, herbs and foods described herein are NOT to be used as an alternative to  professional  professional medical treatment. It is not the intent intent of Universal Tao Center to diagnose or prescribe treatment. The intent is only to offer information. In the event you use this information without your doctors approval, you are prescribing for yourself. Universal Tao Center assumes NO responsibility.

This report is prepared for Avneesh Kumar on Oct ! "#$% &irth date' (ear'#)!* +onth'"#* ,ay')* -our'##. /ender ' +ale* ,aylight 0aving ' No%

1 Astrology Chart

The !our "illars calculate the e#pected result from the interaction between your energy and the environment. The result of these combined energies will influence your personality, fate, health and other aspects of your ordinary life. This report will deal primarily with the aspect of health and secondarily with the aspects of emotion and personality. The first pillar $read from right to left% represents the energy you have inherited from the year you were born, the second from your  birth month month or season, season, the third third from your your birthday, birthday, and the fourth from your birth time. The following astrology chart is derived from your birth date&  Personal   Element 





(ang +et +etal al (in (in Eart Earth h (in (in +eta +etall (in +et +etal al

(in Fire Yin Earth

2ig (in Earth (in Earth (ang Water Yin Fire Yin Water  Yang Wood Yin Wood Yin Metal

The chart represents the status of your energy, emotions, health and personality when you were born. The top row lists the ten Celestial 'tems and the bottom lists the twelve (orary )ranches. *ach 'tem and )ranch consists of +in+ang and !ive *lements. There are nine )ranches having minor elements $smaller amount%  which are called hidden *lements. They are listed after the  ma-or element and shown in lighter font. These 'tems and )ranches are translated to their !ive *lements equivalents $translation table is listed in reference %. The following analysis is based on this chart. 11 The Elements Chart

 / fundamental part of /sian philosophy is the inter0 relationships among the five basic elements& 1ood, !ire, *arth,  2etal and 1ater. There is no dominant element. 3i4e +in and +ang they are forever dependent upon and equal to one another. They are lin4ed by the chain of life which brings about their very e#istence. *ach has its own place and function. *ven in the human body, these five elements maintain their reciprocal relationships. The elements rule the ma-or organs of the body. !or e#ample, *arth element is the essential energy to nursery the stomach, spleen and pancreas $see section 5II for more details%. /n imbalance of energy will manifest itself in terms of negative emotion and deteriorated health. This section analy6es the distribution of your energy.

This figure reflects the relative amount of each of the !ive *lements that you possess at birth&

+our personal element is Yin Earth. +our year of birth animal sign is Pig  . +ou have e#cess amount of the Earth and Metal  elements. +ou are lac4ing the Wood and Fire elements.

To maintain harmony within the body, the amount of the !ive *lements need to be in delicate balance. *ach of the !ive *lements has power over another element, yet its power can be negated by the element that has power over it.  /n e#cess of *arth element will have an e#tensive effect on your 'tomach, 'pleen, "ancreas.  /n e#cess of 2etal element will have an e#tensive effect on your 3arge Intestine and 3ung. (armony the !ive *lements within the body provides a healthy environment for organs to wor4 properly. /n energy imbalance  will put your organs in unnecessary stress and affect your health in the long run. The ne#t section provides a detail analysis of the energy of each organ. III The (ealth Chart (umans inherit energy from the environment when they are born. The human body is an image of the universe in terms of energy. "art of the energy is from planets and celestial bodies, which comprise the ten Celestial 'tems in your astrology chart. The other part of energy is from *arth, which comprises the twelve (orary )ranches in your chart. The combined effect of your 'tems and )ranches on organs is e#pressed in relative amount of !ive *lements. The following chart provides an analysis of your organs&



Gall Bladder  weak  Liver  Small Intestine weak  Heart

Stomach ver! Strong Spleen, ancreas Large Intestine ver! Strong L"ng Bladder   $ormal #idne!

This table states the status of each organ when you were born. The ten organs are divided into five groups. *ach organ within a group shares the total amount of life force of the group with the other organ. It is desirable for each group to have an equal distribution of energy. /ll the parts of the body are connected to form the whole7 the parts should not be treated individually.  /ll organs should function in a harmonious integrated manner.  /n e#cess of or deficiency condition of life force in a group  will cause an imbalance of energy in each member. Imbalance of life force in a group will affect the other groups through a chain reaction among organs. *ach group has a strong connection  with a sense organ. !or instance, the sense organ for the 8all )ladder and 3iver group is the eyes. Imbalance of energy in an organ will manifest itself as sic4ness, emotion, change of taste and impairing the related sense organ. /ll of these effects are referred to as the associated conditions of the corresponding organ.

The chart indicates that your 8all )ladder, 3iver, 'mall Intestine and (eart are relatively wea4. The chart also indicates that your 'tomach, 'pleen, "ancreas, 3arge Intestine and 3ung have an e#cess of energy. They have the tendency to create an imbalance of energy among these organs.  /n organ pair with e#cess or deficiency of energy will cause the associated taste, emotion, virtue and sic4ness to become more active in comparison with other emotion and sic4ness. /s a result, you may li4e or disli4e the associated taste $for e#ample, salty%, emotion may be out of control frequently, or the associated sic4ness may occur more often as you age. The following list contains the associated conditions $taste, emotion, virtue, sic4ness% and energy for the above organs. Observe these conditions as an indication that the corresponding organ pair is in disharmony and requires attention.

Element Organ

E3cess of energy

,eficiency of energy


Liver   Sense%   E!es


&istention or pain o' the h !pochondria and chest, sighing, hicc"p, 'l"ct"ation o' mental and emotional state, na"sea, vomiting, poor appetite, a 'eeling o' a l"mp in throat, irrita(ilit!, anger, menstr"al disorders, MS, headache, digestive disorders, di))iness, conv"lsions, tremor o' lim(s, n"m(ness o' lim(s, (itter taste, *a"ndice, vaginal discharge and itching,

+nemia, menstr"al disorders, n"m(ness o' lim(s, weak nails, di))iness, (l"rred vision, menstr"al irreg"larities, pale epressions,  pale lips, m"sc"lar weakness, m"scle spasms, cramps, (rittle nails,

H!pochondriac pain, na"sea, vomiting, ina(ilit! Gall &i))iness, (l"rred vision, nervo"sness, Bladder  to digest 'ats, !ellow compleion, and (itter timidit!, lack o' co"rage, sighingtaste-


alpitations, thirst, mo"th and tong"e "lcers, mental restlessness, heat, insomnia, red 'ace,  (itter taste, dream dist"r(ed sleep, incoherent Sense% speech, pain in the heart region which can   .ong"e radiate to inner aspect o' the le't arm, 'eeling o' oppression o' chest-


Mental restlessness, tong"e "lcers, pain in throat, +(dominal discom'ort, (or(or!gm"s, Small Scant! "rination, 'lat"lence, and di arrheaIntestine a(dominal pain, thirst, scant! and dark "rine,


alpitations, shortness o' (reath on eertion, sweating, pallor, 'atig"e, listlessness, di))iness, insomnia, dream/ dist"r(ed sleep, poor memor!, malar 'l"shed 'ace, low grade 'ever, 'eeling o' heat

 pain'"l "rination, (lood in "rineLower a(dominal twisting pain which ma! radiate to the (ack, a(dominal distention,  (or(or!gm"s, 'lat"lence, pain in testis, dislike o'  a(dominal pain, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea-


Stomach B"rning sensation in the epigastri"m, thirst 'or Sense%   Mo"th

cold li0"ids, constant h"nger, swelling, pain or  (leeding g"ms, na"sea, vomiting a'ter eating,  (ad (reathS"dden pain in the epigastri"m, 'eeling o' cold, vomiting o' clear 'l"id-

Lack o' appetite, loose stools, 'atig"e, weak  lim(s, discom'ort epigastri"m, na"sea,  (elching, vomiting, hicc"pFever or 'eeling o' heat in the a'ternoon, constipation, epigastric pain, dr! mo"th and throat, 'eeling o' '"llness a'ter eating-



Lack o' +ppetite, st"''iness o' epigastri"m, 'eeling o' cold, heaviness sensation o' the head, sweetish taste, loose stools, 'atig"e, 'eeling o' heaviness o' the (od!, thirst witho"t a desire to drink, na"sea, vomiting, ("rning sensation o' the an"s, edema-

Lack o' appetite, a(dominal distention a'ter eating, 'atig"e, sallow compleion, weakness o' lim(s, loose stools, shortness i'   (reath, na"sea, 'eeling o' heaviness, chilliness, cold lim(s, prolapsed o' stomach, "ter"s, an"s or vagina, (lood spots "nder the skin, (lood in the "rine or stools, menorrhagia, vericose veins, edema-



1hronic co"gh, phlegm/clear or !ellow, st"''iness o' chest, shortness o' (reath, asthma-

Shortness o' (reath, co"gh, weak voice, catches colds easil!, 'atig"e, dr! throat, low/grade 'ever, night sweating, thirst-

Sense%   $ose Metal

+(dominal pain, diarrhea, m"co"s in (lood, Large  ("rning an"s, smell! stools, 'ever, sweating, Intestine

&iarrhea, constipation, prolapsed an"s, hemorrhoids, a(dominal distention-

scant! dark "rine, constipation, cold, diarrhea with pain, chronic diarrhea, prolapsed an"s, hemorrhoids, cold lim(s, (or(or!gm"s-

 /lthough no one can change your inherent energy character within each organ, the energy can be brought closer to harmony by changing the quality and quantity of the energy you receive through the following methods. The first method is to have a diet which helps strengthen your organs and energy. The second  method is meditation. /ssimilate and refine your energy during  meditation. The last but not the least is to utili6e the environmental energy to help you.

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