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Automation Engineer Resume, Sample Automation Engineer Resume, Resume for Automation Engineer Example

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Automation Engineer Resume

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Today an automation engineer must combine the

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knowledge of a computer scientist, a hardware

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developer, a control engineer, a motive power

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engineer , and a communication engineer .


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An automation engineer can experience an immediate sense of achievement by leading and working from the production to the realization of complex tasks . Almost no other career is as versatile as the automation engineer. It is innovative, future orientated and , to a great extent, independent from the economic situation.

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Sample Automation Engineer Resume

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Richard Anderson 1234, West 67 Street, Carlisle, MA 01741, (123)-456 7890.

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Talented automation engineer with more than 10 years of experience in Industrial Automation and Control systems, consulting, project management and leading, technical support, automation software design and development. Established proficiency in implementing creative solutions and architecture, problem resolution and management for new and existing systems for various industries like : Food & Beverage , Automotive , Chemical industries, Gas & Oil, Metals , Material handling , Power Plants/Utilities, Pharmaceutical, Pulp and Paper, water/ Wastewater treatment.

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Automation and control systems development, Project Leading, System Integration, Start-up, Support, Field Installation. Superior ability to resolve complex and usual automation systems problems. Automation and Control Engineering

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HMI/SCADA Configuration: RSView32 , AB Panels, Wonderware, RSViewSE/ME, GE Cimplicity.

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PLC Programming: SLC 500, AB PLC, Micrologix , Controllogix, Siemens , SoftLogix , Vipa.

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Industrial Networks and Communications : DH 485, Ethernet TCP/IP, Controlnet, DH+, RS 232, Devicenet, OPC Standard, Wireless.

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Programming Languages: C, VB.NET , C#, Java, Visual Basic , SQL ANSI, JS, T-SQL.

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Databases: MSSQL, Oracle , SQLite, MYSQL, VistaDB

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Web Technologies: JQuery, ASP .NET, CSS, XHTML, XML, SOAP, WEB Frameworks, AJAX , IIS Administration.

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Management and Modeling Tools: Subversion, CVS, MS Office, BugZilla, GDocs.

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ACE Automation & Control Engineering, Bedford, TX Jan. 1999 - May 2006 Project Leader , automation specialist Complete electrical installation, engineering, HMI and PLC application software development, servicing and training, and commissioning of customers support. Examining requirements of new automation systems, implementing, architecting creative solutions to accomplish business goals . Discuss with customers during implementation and design of the new complex services, understanding complicated problems resulted in successful issue resolution. Helping and consulting with other team members in resolving unusual and complicated problems related to new development, production support and testing.

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Automation Engineer Resume, Sample Automation Engineer Resume, Resume for Automation Engineer Example

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Initiated several concurrent projects for different applications, responsible for coordination , timely development, production functioning and smooth implementation of automation systems. Providing technical reports and documentation, according to company standards. ITS - Information Technology Systems , Coppell, TX May 2006 Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software Engineer Lead application architect and MES engineer for various MES projects varying from single site to multi site. Implementing and developing MES (manufacturing execution systems and customer shop floor automation solutions. Writing technical and functional specifications and defining system requirements and architecture. Supporting and consulting with clients including system integrators, manufacturers and software companies. Executing and creating system and software tests (integration testing, unit testing, acceptance testing). Education Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX B. Sc. Computer Science ( 2003 - 2006 ) South Texas College , Austin , TX Junior Engineer in Automation and Control Systems (1994 - 1996) Electric Power College, Houston , TX Technician in Electric Power Systems , ( 1990 - 1993 ) References Available upon request.

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