Automation and Robotics

May 19, 2019 | Author: Reza Maliki Akbar | Category: Robot, Tecnologia, Automation, Robotics, Science And Technology
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 Automation and Robotics

What is the Difference? •  Automation involves a mechanical device that can imitate the actions of people or animals. • Robotics involves the design, construction, and operation of a robot. •  A robot is a machine that performs complicated tasks and is guided by automatic controls.

Robot Generations • achines, like the puppets in this theater, !ere designed to imitate human actions over ",### years ago.

Robot Generations • $irst generation robots !ere designed to perform factory !ork. • %uch robots performed simple tasks that !ere dangerous or unpleasant for people. • Robots !ere used to !eld, spray paint, move heavy ob&ects, handle hot materials, etc.

1961 - The first industrial robot was online in a General Motors automobile factory in New Jersey. It was called UNIMATE. It was used to pic up and put down parts.

Robot Generations • %econd generation Robots perform more comple' tasks and simulate many human functions. • %uch robots move, sense surroundings, and respond to changes in their environment. SWORDS on Display  U.!. Army !"t. #st $lass Jason Mero %ri"ht& describes the capabilities of the !' ()*! %!pecial 'eapons (bser+ation )emote *irect-Action !ystem& robot to Garth )enn, an attendee at the 'ashin"ton Auto !how, 'ashin"on $on+ention $enter in 'ashin"ton *.$., Jan. , //0. *efense *ept.  photo by Gerry J. Gilmore

(oday)s Robots *ndustrial robots perform many factory &obs  + Welding  + ainting  + Assembly

(oday)s Robots edical Robots  + Assist !ith surgery  + (ransport materials  + Dispense medicine  + -ommunicate 5t. $ol. $harles )eilly performs laser eye sur"ery on !enior  Airman John 2aul Marsh Au". 6 at the newly opened *efense *epartment Joint 'arfi"hter )efracti+e !ur"ery $enter at 5acland Air 7orce 8ase, Te9as.

The mobile robot %left& can roll to a patient1s bedside and enable two-way, real time communication between a physician and a  patient, patient1s family, other physicians, and nurses. 2hoto by Army Institute of

(oday)s Robots  Assistive Robots  + ating  + Walking  + -leaning  + Grasping/reaching 01 (he Robot

(oday)s Robots 'plore  + %pace  + 2nder!ater   + ilitary

(oday)s Robots 3ousehold Robots  + 4acuum  + o! la!n  + -lean

*mage Resources  Air $orce hotos 5n.d.6. Retrieved 7ovember 8#, 9##:, from http;//!!! medialaserpage>" 3onda Walk Assist 59##:6. Retrieved April [email protected], 9##, from!alkingassist.&pg 2.%. Department of Defense 59##B6. Retrieved 7ovember 8##, 9##:, from http;//!!!!s/ ne!sarticle.asp'?id>8C"B

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