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Figure 2-1: Example of a production honeynet A properly configured production honeynet should be configured identically to the legitimate assets. The IP address ranges should be identical, and machine names should not deviate substantially between honeypot and production assets.

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You can still set up your IP addressing scheme so that you can easily identify honeypots versus legitimate assets. For example, in a Class C /24 ( subnet mask) network, you can assign honeypots host addresses from .100 to .110 and production servers .1 to .99, or some similar convention. You should not name your honeypots something obvious like honeypot1 (don’t laugh— I’ve seen it done). It’s better to follow the same naming scheme as your production computers, but give your honeypots an identifier that internal staff will recognize. Some readers may assume that the honeynet should never be on the same subnet as the production network, but that is not true. If you’re trying to protect working assets, you might want to pepper the production network with your honeypots. We will discuss this further in the “Honeypot System Placement” section later in this chapter.

Research Honeypots Most research honeypots are set up without all of the patches being installed, to give the casual hacker a hole to break in to. There is no need to constantly upgrade content to match your production environment. Microsoft may release several patches a week, but there is no burning need to keep a research honeypot up-to-date. You want the holes. In fact, I don’t patch my


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Attracting Hackers ­ Honeypots for Windows (Books for Professionals by Professionals)

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