ATM Installation Process

December 4, 2017 | Author: মনোজিৎ কর | Category: Booting, Automated Teller Machine, Windows Registry, Transmission Control Protocol, Areas Of Computer Science
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Download ATM Installation Process...


ATM Installation Process Step 1: Go to the BIOS -

Press F2


Go to ADVANCE/IDE configuration


Check SATA#1 Configuration. It should be [Comportable]


Go to Boot Device priority


Set CD/DVD as highest priority


Press F10 and exit


Insert installation CD

Step 2: Boot from CD -

Press any key to boot from CD


Type prepflex [Formating process will start]


Type ssatm as UNIQUE ID

(Wait until Supervisory Mode Appears)

Step 3: Supervisory Mode


Go to 5.Configure -Set Roll Width 40 [Menu No. 3] -Set Left Column 1 -Set Print 3 (as BOTH) [Menu No. 8] -Set Journal 2 (as DUAL) [Menu No. 30] -Set MSG Mode as 110200602 [Menu No. 6] -Set Date and Time (In 24 hour format) [Menu No. 5] -Set RST mode 2 (as NCR) [Menu No. 10] -Set EJ option [Menu No 30] 0. Display EJ Config 1. EJ Backup Mode -Standard -Multiple [Set Multiple] 2. Maximum No. of Backup [Set as 365] 3. Enable Multiple Destination [Enable] 4. Auto EJ Option -Cutover [Enable] -Schedule Init Option -Enable/Disable [Enable] -Schedule Init [Pattern-Weekly-Enter day as Saturday-Enter Time as 1600] -Agent [Disable] -Automatic Init Copy [Press Fixed(C:)] 5. Compression [Disable] 6. Maximum File Size [Set 1378] 7. DSBL Host Enter Of EJ model [Disable] 8. privacy option [Disable]


TCP/IP Config [Menu No 37]

- 0. RMT address [Set Host Ip provided,as like] - 1. RMT Port No [Set port number provided by Cashlink. Ex: 10011] - 3. LCL Port No [No Need To Modify] - 4. Config as Serv [No Need To Modify] - 5. Advanced -0. MSG format = 3 -1. LEN Size = 2 -2. LEN Format = 1 -3. LEN adjust = 2 -4. LEN offset -5. LEN Enabled -6. Receive Timeout -7. Retry Timer -8. Keep Alive -9. Room Close - Go to 6.ACCESS (For Assigning DES Key) Set DES Key provided by CashLink. The process are follow: Access(6)

Key Entry(25)

Confirm New Mode(6)

Change Key(9)

Enter Key A press 0

Double Length XOR(3) Component (1,2,3)

Go to set DES Key part 1, Then same way set DES key part 2 •

Set Page Length: First go to system application menu—Self Service Configuration(8)—USB Recipt printer(7)—From Feed(1)—Set as Toggle Block Mark

Step 4: Normal Mode •

Log in as administrator (Password: EMV4906epp)

Set ATM IP , Gateway, Subnet provided by CashLink at TCP/IP properties

Also check ping reply of Host ip,Gateway

Turnoff Firewall

Copy the screen files to c:\SCREEN folder

Install Remote Admin, Real VNC

For Keep ATM Machine auto online mode after reboot, we have to edit REGEDIT file. Process are as follow: Write regedit on RUN menu. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE VPICOOMS




Clear comms buffer (Set 1 instead of 0)

Run C:\security\ssauto1\STANDC.exe for suvervisory mode

Step 5: Downloading from HOST Wait until a blue screen with 002 appears. It means that the ATM is ready for downloading. Wait until cash link page appears that results a succesfull installation. If a blue screen with 003 appears then toggle the switch and go to 002 blue screen and wait for downloading as described above ………………………….. Prepared By: Monojit Kar Munna Service Support Engineer Networld Bangladesh Ltd.

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