Atlas of Prejudice Mapping Stereotypes

July 16, 2017 | Author: alchemist666 | Category: Europe, Cartography, Geography, Science
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The Atlas of Prejudice is a continuation of the highly successful Mapping Stereotypes project by visual artist Yanko Tsvetkov. Started in January 2009, the project soon became a viral online sensation. It was gradually expanded to contain more than 40 stereotype maps, which the author describes as cartographic caricatures ridiculing the worst excesses of human bigotry and narrow-mindedness. The essays that accompany them narrate the story of the project and contemplate humanity’s affair with prejudice since the dawn of civilization. They offer an even deeper but equally hilarious perspective on our inherent tendency to randomly blame people simply because someone convinced us that they ate our breakfast. According to this book, the first domesticated animal was not the dog, but the scapegoat. The razor-sharp irony of the author will guide you through the delusions of the ancient civilizations of Greece and China, reveal the stupefying amalgam of superstition and paranoia of the Middle Ages and it will leave you begging for more with a grotesquely hilarious prediction about the future of Europe. Satire and cartography rarely come in a single package but in the Atlas of Prejudice they successfully blend to produce a book that is shockingly funny and disturbingly thought-provoking all at the same time.

Atlas of Prejudice: Mapping Stereotypes •The World According to USA •Europe According to USA (2012) •Asia According to USA (2012) •North America According to USA (2012) •South America According to USA (2012) •Africa According to USA (2012) •The Caribbean According to USA (2012) •Oceania According to USA (2012) •Mainland USA According to Common Sense (2011) •Europe According to Austria (2012) •Europe According to Britain (2010) •Europe According to Bulgaria (2009) •Europe According to France (2009) •Europe According to Germany (2010) •Europe According to Greece (2011) •Europe According to Italy (2009) •Europe According to Poland (2010) •Europe According to Russia (2010) •Europe According to Spain (2011)

•Europe According to Switzerland (2010) •Europe According to the Vatican (2010) •Europe According to Turkey (2010) •Europe According to Luxembourg (2013) •Europe According to Charles V (1555) •Europe According to Austria-Hungary (1914) •Europe in January 2009 •Europe According to the Future (2022) •Europe According to Gay Men (2010) •Europe According to Latin Americans (2012) •Europe According to Silvio Berlusconi (2011) •Europe According to UK Tories (2013) •The Iberian Peninsula According to Spain (2011) •The World According to the Ancient Greeks •The World According to Ancient China •The World According to the Middle Ages •The Flat Earth According to US Republicans •The Arab Spring (2011) •The Arab Winter (2012) •The World According to Israel (2012) •World Dictatorships According to the US (2010)

My name is Yanko Tsvetkov. To the best of my knowledge, I am a humanoid living on a planet called Earth. I am also known as alphadesigner, a pseudonym that usually makes people think what I do is really important. That’s why I chose it.

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