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October 16, 2017 | Author: Babban Singh | Category: Astrology, Hindu Astrology, Ancient Astronomy, Esoteric Cosmology, Technical Factors Of Astrology
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A astrological notes that has taken from Dr Suresh Chandra Mishra's astrology Books....


From the book of Dr Suresh Chandra Mishra The individuals who are desirous to become professionals in Jyotisha or Medical science or Mantra vidhya the relevance of deep knowledge in these areas can be explained -“Ghum phir kar khud shahar ko dekh lo pahle zara Dusron ko phir shuru karna batana raasta” Only those will be remembered for immortality in these professional areas who are ready to invest labour, time etc and have devotion & passion for doing memorable things in life. So far as Jyotisha is concerned. whenever, we look for combination to become an able Astrologer, the first and foremost thing come in the mind about the influence of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in the birth chart. In fact, it’s an illusion with which we are living because Malefic planets always help an individual to become a dedicated Astrologer. For the stream of educations based on Maths and Science like Medical, Jyotisha, Mantra, Industry etc., Rishi Parashar says that to get the name and fame in these areas, the malefic planet plays a vital role. In Astrology for determining profession or employment, we analyse Karakamsha Chart and Atmakarak. Parashar says that in Navamsha Chart, if malefic planets are posited with Atmakarak or second and fifth houses from Atmakarak, the individual will be learned in Mathematics. In the said combination if any relation is established with Jupiter, the individual will become great author in that field. NOTE THAT IN THE LAST PARAGRAPH, DR. SURESH IS REFERRING TO THE SWAMSA CHART. NOT THE KARAKAMSA CHART.

Maharishi Parashar Says – भभवहहरभघटटलगनसस जभनन च पपरपशयनत | सवओचचगपरहह रभजयहगग लगनदयमथभपट वभ || The strong planet, if aspect Lagna, than it becomes Karaka. Further explaining this principle, Parashar also says if any one planet aspects either two or three or all four of lagna or Hora Lagna or Bhava Lagna or Ghati Lagna than that planet become Karaka. In case that planet is posited in better rashi than it becomes best Karaka. रभशग दरप गर षकभणतहतशभचच रभशग रसशभदथभनप वभ | यदभ रभनशददकभणभभयभस लगनददषटभ तत यहगदद ।। Similarly, if a planet aspect first bhava of Lagna chart or Dreshkona or Navamsha or Dwadamsha or any other main divisional chart than also that planet becomes best karaka.

The weekday lord at birth becomes a potent Kaaraka, when it is: • Not in 8,12 houses; • Not combust or in its neecha rashi;

• In association with other Kaaraka planets; • Resting in a strong rashi in any Kendra or trikona or Upachaya house; • Its rashi or rashis obtain good number of Astakavarga shubha rekhas. For example, in the Ambani’s chart, the weekday lord is in house 9 in its own navamsha and is associated with the 11 Th lord in navamsha kundali. In the Bill Gate’s chart, the birth is on Saturday and exalted Saturn is in house 5 with Venus and Sun.

The moon loses its benevolence, when it is: • In house 12 from Sun; • Vrishchika rashi up to 15° without Vargottam navamsha; • Within 15°- 30° in Tula; • Neither receiving aspect nor association of any planet; • Establishing relation, in no way, with its dispositor; • Having Mars in Kendra in Shukla Paksha or Saturn in Krishna Paksha; • In houses 8, 12 obtaining no Paksha bala or not in a good rashi. • Such a Moon destroys relation with the person indicated by the house occupied by it. • Hence, such Moon in lagna gives rise to obsessions or insanity in the native. • Its malefic effect is curtailed when Moon has planet (s) (other than Sun, Rahu or Ketu) in houses 2, 12 from it.

The natal Sun scores additional strength as much as it fulfills of the following: • No malefic in houses 8,12 from the Sun; • Constituting Veshi or Vaashi or Ubhayachari yoga; • In the Shubha Panchaka; • The Sun itself rests in houses except 8,12 from the lagna; • Jupiter or Moon in 6,7.8 houses from the sun; • Sun and Moon together in Mesha or Dhanu; • Sun in Tula along with Venus and Saturn; • In Meena rashi in the last navamsha; • Sun, moon and Jupiter together in any rashi and receives aspect from Jupiter; • From Sun, Mars or Saturn in 3,11 houses; • Three or more planets in 3,5,11 houses from the sun; • Sun in Revati, P.Phalguni, U.Phalguni or in Pushya.

A planet, termed in classics as Shoonya Marga Gata, is that having no characteristic, quality, virtue, hence unqualified to confer any good effect on native. A planet earns this Title, when it is: • Not in Shubhapancha or not even in a neutral rashi in any of Sapta varaga charts; • Receiving no aspect or association from any planet; • In its neecha rashi or happening to be at 180° from its Moolatrikona or own rashi; • Combust and conjunct with the Sun in rashi chart as well as in navamsha; • Along with Rahu or Ketu in the same rashi and navamsha;

• In no way, establishing relation with any of the lagna factor, i.e., lagna, lagna lord, LNL, lord of the navamsha in lagna. • Such a planet even itself estimated to be strong otherwise, is labeled as ‘Shoonya Marga Gata’ or remote, cursed with solitariness or helpless. I escape all the clauses. Most of the clauses require the condition to be happening BOTH in the Rasi chart and in the Navamsa chart.

Dasha of planets described below leads the native to substantial loss of wealth: • Rashi or navamsha lord of Gulika when it is in house 12 in lagna chart; • Planet posited in Gandanta; • The weakest planet placed with Rahu; • Planet in the 30 th degree of any rashi except the Vargottam navamsha; • A weak lord of house 8 or of the 22 nd Drekkaana; • Dispositor of Raku or Ketu when rahu or ketu is in a Trika house; • Dispositor of Raku or Ketu when it is in a Trika. Dasha of financial crunch: • Dasha of the lagna lord placed in Trika; • Lagna lord having relation with any of trika lord; • Malefic in lagna if it is not a Kaaraka; • Navamsha lord of lagna or natal moon in Trika; • Planet having no relation with the Trikona lord.

Natal chart looking strong from all aspects can also disburse mediocre success, recognition and wealth, when: • The 4th lord (being the 8th from the Bhagya Sthana)) is weak or placed in house 8 (another trika of Bhagya) ; • Weak malefic in houses 4&8; • Equal number of malefic planets in houses 6& 12; • Several malefic along with benefices in 6, 8,12; • Jupiter & Saturn both in a Sthira rashi; • Such natives generally trail far behind from his contemporaries of fewer calibers. • Contrary is the effect when the above-mentioned disposition is reversed.

According to the sages Devala and Narada, etc., there are, most similar to that of modern age, two kinds of money- Shukla or White and Taamasa or Black Here is the description: • Shukla Dhana- Coming through own education, learning or skill, from ancestors, from the life partner, from children or students, from disbursing knowledge or profession, parental wealth, from services rendered, consultancy or reciprocated to guidance. And also earned with loyalty and honesty in your work, business or profession. Devala states: Shruta (education) Shaurya tapah patni Shishya Yajya Anvatagatam.

Dhanam Saptavidham Shuklam Munibhi parikeertitam. • Krishna (black) Dhana- Received as donation, bribing, gambling, theft, blackmailing, adulteration or gimmicks. Here is a citationParshvika ( bribe etc,) Dyuta Chaurya Aarti (blackmailing or threatening) Patiroopaka ( fake or duplicate product) Saahasai. Vyajena (deceiving) Uparjitam Vittam tat Tamasam udahritam.

Janma lagna is all time important : For Graha Pravesha or starting new business/profession, the lagna current at that time reveals something special• The same as the birth lagna- good health and continuity in ventures; • 2nd rashi from lagna- less income, declining financial status; • 3rd rashi- name & fame; • 4th rashi- friends & supporters, more and more clients; • 5th rashi- less comforts from subordinates or children; • 6th rashi- no rivalry; • 7th rashi- discomforts from opposite sex; • 8th rashi- a little longevity; • 9th rashi- disease or inferior health; • 10th rashi- stability; • 11th rashi- wealth; • 12th rashi- rivalry. • This should also be considered from the natal moon sign too. • In any case, the eighth house in the chart in question must be free from all malefic planets. However, the eighth lord in 8th only in a good rashi is mediocre.

Is this colony or city is lucky for me? • Simply find out the nakshatra according to the first letter of the city or colony as well as the same from your own name. • Counting from your own nakshatra till the same of the colony, the number achieved thus is to be multiplied by 4 and divided by 7. The remainder is gain or wealth. • Similarly, find the number of nakshatra from the same of the colony till the same of the native and repeat the above procedure (number x4/7). The remainder is loss or debt. • The wealth should always be more than debt. If so, the colony or the city is lucky for you. • This method replaces the popular Kakaini Vichar and is good in practice. • For example, a person having initial letter S aspires to live at Mysore. Their nakshatras are P.Bhadra and Magha respectively. • From P. Bha to Magha, total number is 13x4/7= remainder 3 is wealth. • From Magha to P.Bha = 16x4/7= remainder 1 is loss or debt. This reveals that Mysore is lucky for Mr. S.

Transit of Saturn: Effect with Difference Reckoning from the natal moon’s nakshatra to the same of Saturn in transit, divide the sum by 9. The remainder manifests:

1- Tensions, grief, late success; 2- Wealth, comfort of vehicle, uplifted lifestyle; 3- Good worldly comforts, luxuries; 4- Mental disturbance, illusion; 5- Trouble, disease, agony; 6- Auspicious effects; 7- Obstacles, troubles, calamity; 8- Accumulating money; 0- Success & achievement. The same effect should be considered in the natal chart by the remainder. The above applies to natal and transits. In my natal chart, Saturn is in a Nakshatra position form the Moon, where the remainder is zero, for the distance from Moon's nakshatra to Saturn's nakshatra and divided by 9. So success and achievement......

This is on placement within the Nakshatra. Applies to the Moon only but I test it out in my chart and it actually applies to all planets to a certain extent. Your natal Moon speaks: First of all, we have to divide the natal nakshatra in to 60 equal parts. Each division supplies a very special effect that may come forth any time as follows. • 1 nakasatra = 13° 20’ /60 = 00° 13’ 20’’ is the extension of each segment starting from the initial point of natal nakshatra. Effect of 60 segments is following: Moon in natal nakshatra & its effect 1-00° 13’ 20’’ Shifting preferences, changing work fields; 2-00° 26’ 40’’ hard work, lesser gains; 3-00° 40’ 00’’ disturbance from woman; 4-00° 53’ 20’’ loss because of risky acts, adventures; 5-01° 06’ 40’’ will get associates; 6-01° 20’ 00’’ victory, success; 7-01° 33’ 20’’ respect & honour; 8- 01° 46’ 40’’ rivals defeated; 9-02° 00’ 00’’ take help from a good consultant; 10-02° 13’ 20’’ qualitative growth; 11-00° 26’ 40’’ disheartened, have patience; 12-02° 40’ 00’’ reputation lost, bad name; 13-02° 53’ 20’’ regular hurdles; 14- 03° 06’ 40’’ undesired pressure; 15-03° 20’ 00’’ entire loss, defeat. Contd.

Your natal Moon speaks: contd. from previous post 16-3° 33’ 20’’ Rajayoga, exalted position; 17-03° 46’ 40’’ praiseworthy skill; 18-04° 00’ 00’’ carelessness; 19-04° 13’ 20’’ rigid, compromise on good and sufficient cause; 20-04° 26’ 40’’ man of principles; 21-04° 40’ 00’’ good rank, associates indeed; 22-04° 53’ 20’’ wealth, sufficient savings; 23- 05° 06’ 40’’ real associates; 24-05° 20’ 00’’ impressive performance; 25-05° 33’ 20’’ rivals overpowered; 26-05° 46’ 40’’ inferior health; 27-06° 00’ 00’’ strong opposition; 28-06° 13’ 20’’ change of place, settlement at a far away place; 29- 06° 26’ 40’’ handsome placement, good return; 30-06° 40’ 00’’ scarcity of ready cash. Contd. Your natal Moon speaks: contd. from last post 31-06° 53’ 20’’ Rajayoga, exalted position; 32-07° 06’ 40’’ loyal associates; 33-07° 20’ 00’’ great responsibility; 34-07° 33’ 20’’ helping life partner; 35-07° 46’ 40’’ strong enemy; 36-08° 00’ 00’’ confrontation ensues; 37-08° 13’ 20’’ negative anticipation; 38- 08° 26’ 40’’ secretive in action; 39-08° 40’ 00’’ sacrificing nature; 40-08° 53’ 20’’ attacking manner; 41-09° 06’ 40’’ trouble in stomach; 42-09° 20’ 00’’ comforts; 43-09° 33’ 20’’ undue trouble; 44- 09° 46’ 40’’ complete defeat; 45-10° 00’ 00’’ hidden rivals. Contd. your natal nakshatra speaks: continued from our previous post 46-10° 13’ 20’’ destiny favours after marriage, gains from long term partnership; 47-10° 26’ 40’’ gain from sports, sport-man’s spirit for resolving problems coming forth ; 48-10° 40’ 00’’ gambling with hurdles; 49-10° 53’ 20’’ exalted position; 50-11° 06’ 40’’ miseries; 51-11° 20’ 00’’ confusion at times;

52-11° 33’ 20’’ highly respectable; 53- 11° 46’ 40’’ assisted by people; 54-12° 00’ 00’’ dedication required; 55-12° 13’ 20’’ handsome gain; 56-12° 26’ 40’’ victory; 57-12° 40’ 00’’ success in nut shell; 58-12° 53’ 20’’ firm determination; 59- 13° 06’ 40’’ good health, equal loss & profit ; 60-13° 20’ 00’’ comforts. concluded.

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