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NW,ll:l!:l 1"1.::1"'~{!dl, !:

DOCU11ENT ENGINEERIN!3C.O.. INC. .; 5~5 892 1159 ""~...


Cl, 41I~ D"lgnltlon: 8 458 .. 94







AMlIllIc:AH IClClITV1'01' 'l'!lnt.O AI«) MA~AI.I


111. fIIaee Sl f'1I18d81pIllt,I"AI.,C13 "'U,11II8' 110111 IPII AM..., IIooh' AtN IIta,..j.",., °"';'18111 AI N


It 1lll11io.1ItI illIh. 'IIIf.1I .""'II\IcIIIIft..

111"""'11111"" ...",




St.ndard Specification 'or

Electrodeposlted Coatings of Copper Plus Nickel Plus

Chromiumand NIckelPlus Chromium1

Tb.. 8Iund.rd Is iuucd ul'd~r Ihi flud GealinallOIl a ~S61 ,hi number1"""01118\.1)' Ibllillllln Ibt CltII",allOlllnClhlllCS th' ~r


orll'n.' Idoplioll or. in ,tit ca. or "..Ision. Ih. yeit 6( lu, revllinn.It.IIU",.' IIIpaNn'blllft MIl II/PO"""P' hI '"dlcl4,. III ,di'8ri.1 thllna. Ii,," ,he Iii' ""lllon or tCI,ptO,/II., '



" J This specincatlon covers reQuircmenu (ar Slveral types and arudes of eJl!ctrodepo~itedcopper plus nickel plus

~hromium or nickel plus chromium coatin&t$ on'teel, nickel ph~5chromium coatin.- on copper and copper aUo)l',and C'opper P'UI nickel plus f:hrontillm eoatinp on zinc8J10)'1 tor applicationl where both appearanceand. protecllan of the basil me&lllllinst carro.ion are imponant. Five artdes of coltin,s .ra pravldedto correspond with the set'Yiceconditlonl underwhichneh is eJtpccted to provide sad.factory performance:'namely. extended "cry severe,very severe, Ryer,. modetate, ,nd mild. Dennidon~ and typical eumples of ,hlle leJ'\lict conditions are pro\'ldltd in Appendi~ XI. 1.2 The rullowift&huards Clveatpenain. only tD the teat

mothods'ponions. Append;"..Xl, X3. and X4. or this

Dr III' ,lIr arloft nlppro".,I, It.

B 487 T.11MethodI'or M.alufement of Metal and Oltide CoatlnsThlekn*C8 by MicroscopIcsl£uminatlon ora



8 499 Teat Method (or Me.uremtat of Coadn. Thi,k. . nO&8by the Maane\icMethod: NOftllllllftotic Co.t.iltll on Ma.netic Jnstt; M,tallI' fbr Mcu~rnmlSln uf Thickn/:ss of Metallic Coat'n.. by the CoulomlJlric:Method' 8 530 Me\hod for Mouurtmont of Coatins Tbi~lc.

a 504 Test Method

neuee by &heMapede Memed: I!lecirodeposi~ NIckel Coatln.. Oft Mnlnetlc aDd Nonml8netic SubsltttesJ

B 537 Pra!rticcfor Ratin, of Elt.ctroplatedPanels Subjectedto AtmollphericExposurel 14554Guide for M~urcJ!tent of 1'h.lclcneuof MeWllc COltln.. on Nonn1CtaJllc Substrate,' ,

specification: This s'QltdtJ,d dots """purpOrt to addre:u d'i (Jj itl,/iIJI CQn(~rnl. if alf)'. tl$S(Jcf4ted with iu wcf. II is the rtJpOltilbi/ilJ' (Jf the JlICf ()f this IltJ.nda,d 10 ellfJblish fJpproprill" stlltt.\' I2nd hefl/th prattle,.s tJnd de"",,;n, the applica. bility 0/ r~t~l/tllO"J'limiUll;()n.s prlfJr tQ uSt. Non I-The tSO stand_rd&1436&ftd 145' are no! requir.tI\cntl butun b; rcf8l',nctd,rot additionallnrormatiOIl.

B 568 Tut Method ror Mellurement of Coa\ina Thick. nell by X-Ray Spcunrometry3 B 571 Tesl Methacil for AdhtlioJl ot MehllJi~Coati"..' e 602TeAtMethodfot AttributeSlamplinlJ af Metallic:and Jnorpnic Coati11&1:1' IS659 Ouldo ror MeBSurin~Thickneas of Metallic and

2. Refcrtnc:o(1Document~

B 691Quid! (or Selectionor SampllnaPIanofor h,.pee:. 110n of £I,elrodeposited Metallic: aDd Inorpnle

2.1 ASTM Stflndllras; 8 11,. rCSt Method ror Sal,t Spray (Faa) TOitina2

B 183Praeticcror P,reparation bf Low-CarbonSteelrar


. B 242 P"'t;tice for PrepatutitJn of Hip-Carbon $\011ror ElectrapJatina' B 252 Practiceror '~eparalion of Zinc:AllOYDie CUtin.. for EleetropJatina and Conver'ion Coatinp' 8 281 Prac1,jcefal' Preparauon of Copper and Copper base Alla~'1for EJec:uoplatlnaand Conversion Coatings' B 287 Method of Acetic:Aeid.Sal\ Spra)'.(Foa) Tesung. '. B 320 Prattice, fbr Jlrepl\ration ot Iron CUtin.. ror





a 762 Mtthod 01'VariablesSampLinlof M.ta11i~and lnol'pnlc COAdlllpJ a 764 Method tor SimultaneousThicknessand ElectrochemicalPotenual Determination!)rhldividuallayers 'n Multilay.r NicklslD.po.h (STEP Te:ln)3

D 1193 Speclncation tor a.a,.nt Wa1er'

S 380 Methodof Corro.lon\1 of DecorativeEleetro. pla\edeoltinas by tht: Cl)I'1'QdkoteProcedur.'

ISO I." Metallic lcoatinss-Electroplated coati"r of copperplus nickel jpJuachromium 'iirtln or,lteel


Thil Iptclfia.lioll il unlltr lilt Jvri84/CIID"of ASTMComlllineeB.8 on

Mtullic ""tllnOlplllc CO&tin81Ind f8 1111"j,., IIIIOnll"lIIl~ or Ivbeoml'll'"" IOLO) 011DteortllYt COIIIIII',Nlcklf. OI'Ol'llilllll, I"d Nitk,loChromlloll'll COI'. 11\81. tV""'1 Idilioll .~,tO..c.cI Ma,cll I.. 1994. Publlslled Mo, 1994. Oniinill~ Plllali"',I1... .Sf. U. w, "'twiO",' ~4i,io" 1\45. - 9311. . "'It'/ifli .,101; qf .tSrM S'lfnda,tI,.. YOI03.0~. . '''''It/al

S...& rl( .1.'1'101 .~la"Jfltfl.r. Vol 02.0~. " Dlaro/niny.,I-Sa 11/116AItIl'HlIIJI)(JJ; ,1 A5"1'M$I...IIII.,dy.VOl0).02.


3. T.rmlnOI~IJ.


3.1 Dt/iIflIiD"..





. ""'ltIlIl Sault 01ASTM ,f//lllfit/fl/"Vol 11.01,




. """lUll&4OIt 0/A$TH .'ftlltlj.,I,.Volls,ot. LI vle~ ,A"nUM 8DO~ ~ tt&T",,Tttmft,4"VOl0).05. "I/p ed /:)







V~ D

eqrch oJ

. ,4".illl_l,1i,I'IIIn"",aU8Mlllllldafd. Cttillllllhti'/i{ll ~ drfjttll1l11. (lelltVII20, Swl\q,IIIId.

" ',~

9 19. ra'/:'

6S11-268S0S N3A31S 'l'~ 21:21 S6. 61 lnr



D39S' PractJ=(or C.ommerctaJ Pj&cka&!ul\' 1:50 Pra~llces for Apparatus, R~lelllll, and Safety'Pre-

B 368 Method for Copper-Acceterated Acetic!Acid-Salt

Spray(Fal) TcsUna',


loarpnlc CoatinpJ

cautionstor Chemica! Analyaiaelt Meulls' 2.2 ISO StaMQ,ds: JSO1456M.callic cOtunas-ElIIIC1rod,potijted coadnpof nickel plus chromhlM and ot copper 1)lusnickel plus chromium'





DOC\J1'1EtiTENGINEERIN~ CO. I INC. ~ 505 892 1159

217/19/95 09:51



8 456

TAIL! 1 SUMMa" of tile Aequlram."la lor Double- ",II T"pl.-La~~ HI.lctl C~.tII\O' fIIlllIII811


Steel _71S


>0." 11'1""



1D':'28 "



01 NIC'l8I





T~ M.~

a.. ~~



.111111' Coftt8ll'


AtltiiYiiOTOj; NICI(1t Tr\;;;'"... . _.~

Doubl&-l.AJ8IP 0l1l8I'"

ftlplioL&ytt 81l1li tnlf01",,11


-'5o4Di Jli101 -=:lDI

'0 0I


1II0te40 ,

A Copper WIdline:,lAMlr."1 .". tfttIt a_I. . 'or NOI'I ., aM .. .. Seotlon e.

d -doubt.. ortripl..I.~.rfliek~1 ~oalin&S $uqalu thollsurflcunormallyvisible 3.1.1 J/",I/II:,.1I' r -",1I11t (thilla, CCnYflllllollal) ehtomilolm (direc\Jy or byrcnecdon)thatareessential to theappearance me -mictOCllcltld chromhlm or .ervfceabllltyof the anicle when 811CmbledIn normal mJl-mlotQporo". chrornlum position:or that can belthe sourceor c:orrosionproductslhat 4.5Exampl,qf'CDmpl", ClatlijlCtltiO" NumbtrJ-A coat. defice visible sul'f8CC$ ou the assembledarticle. When nec:elllry,the II.nlOcant surracesshall be speeinedby the in. on Iteel comprilin. I' j.Lmminimum(ductileacid) c:apperplus 2' 11mminimum (duplex)nickelplul0.25~m purchuer and shall beIndicated on the drawinp of the parts. minimum (mlc~racked) chromiumhu the (:Iaulftcatlon or by the pravilioft of lultabl)l markedsample.. number: Fe/tu15a NI2Sd Cr mc (- 4.3 and 6.1 for .~pl.n.tion or Iymboll), 4. ct..,U1car1oft ,

4.1 FIvearaclol orcoatinas desiaoatod by service condition ftumben and ..v.tI! types of coetin..dcO~edby classlfica. S. OrderinllnfoflDadolS, S.I When ordenq uUcl.. to b. electroplated in conformtion numberaatecovuedby thi. speeincation. 4.2 Smlt, COlldillDnNumb": aneewith this standard, the puroha.ser shall IIlIItethe rol.. lowing: 4.2.1 The 8trvlce condition numb.r indicatel the ..verity '.1.1 The!ASTM de$iSnAtionnumber of thl~ Stt\ndatd. of ejtpo$ure ror which the gradeor cOltlnaII Intended: SC j extended .eycr~ $CJ'\tiec ,. '.2 Either theclUllOcaUonn&&m ber or &fteIpcctnccoatIn, required (see 4.3) D' the lubltrlle maceri.a1 and thelOrvlt:e: sC 4 very.,vert Hrvicc, conditio" "\lmbet denotiq the Beyerityof the conditionsit SC J "VIr. .'rYiCt, is required to wlthltlnd (lee 4.2). If ttte !IOl'Vlce ~oncUtioft SC 2 modentf. Ilf\llce.and SC 1 mild service. number is quoted alld not Ihe ellllint:ation nunlbet, the 4.2.2 Typical serviClcondition. for which the varioul manufacturer '5 free to supply Iny or the tYp6!1of cO8llnas c:ot1'l! servicecondition number! Ife appropriate are Jiven in d..lan.ted by thl claasificationnloJmbel'll ,


Appendix X I.

4.3 Comi", Claslijlc:atiQfI Numb,r- The coAtil\8clwin. cationnumbereomprtses: 4.3.1 The cliemlcal symbolrorthebui. meJaI(orforthe principIImew It.n aUoy)~nowedby . .Iash mark. ".3.2 The chemlcals)'mbol ror copper(Cu)(If capporIs U&~d).


TABL.!I "lullCllremlum CoolIl\g' elt lta,l ND'. 1-Au\IIt, 01. "" 1II'IIf1/ll1rlGlla1'Ultr't 18II)1\IImil'" wMUWIlI8 bII,IliII!a "y.'I""S



indicatln.theminhDumthicleness of the

4.1.1 A num~r

coppercoalinain micrometret(U'copper il used),


4.3.4 A lower-cue letter designatlns tho t)'J)Cor co~per deposit(ir Gopperil used) (se. 4." and 6.2.3), 4,3.5 The chernlcaJ uymbol ror nickel (Ni). 4,3.6 A number indic:atlnathe I'I\h'limumthickneaaorIhe nickel coalin" in mic:rurnetre., 4.1.7 A. lower~cue lete.rdelianatln.thotypt of nickel dCPQlit(see 4.4 find 6.2.4), 4.3.8 The cl\cmlcilsymbol rarchromium(Cr), and 4.3.9 A lotter (or leuors)deaianatin. thetypoofchromham



and it. minimum thlckn... in micrometrCl(He 4.4 and 6.~.5). ,~.4 $)Jmbo/Jji),E.qJtlls/nt CltUl(j1tmIDfI-Th.faUowln,. lowor-tase letten shall be used in c:OItln8c:laullic8tion numbersto describetho ty. ot coatinil: deposit

. b ,.


by IJ'II c~..slftca'iatl


II'\w~~II'D 'UClutll cIwo

millm .,. uli'factorY for SC 4 IIId ~C 3. Non 2-Whtn pennllttCI till Ih. II\IfCNIIf, cop!* mill)' ~ Illed .. 811 undercoal/Of ttk:ktl bII' It noC !tuGtlih..1aDIefar ."y wt 01 "'" IIlcMj Iftj,knest ,pecllIed. If \l1li ~ 01 /!Oppel t. pCImIilttd, T.bIIt 3 till, 118ullOO10 oIal8in tho

-duc:tlle tc)~I~t,dej:lOSlted r,orn.cid.t1fP8 baths -sinllt-1aye1 I\lOkcldeposited in the fbllY.brialucondition -dull or ltift\:-h"'ah. n~"cl rCQllirini pal:lhi... '0' &I-. tlil/ brisJuneu "



Clt..IIIcI'1On NO." --


1'1I1CICnIII. 1'111




Crma Fu/NI3$cf Ct m~


F"/N~011Of r Fol"ll30c1 Ct me PII/NI~OCI er mp



35 120 3D


30 21

Ffl/NIIIO CrIl1O "'/Nlllei Cr"'~ '



8ca. Ie


" WIIaIIa &dItit ..d"


II"NI~O. C,mo 'II/NI:.Op Ct~ 'e/NI2011 0, r f:'JNII'~Cr1M

:10 30 :to l'

Fefl'4l's.Cr 1'111


0/, -Ft/NIIOI

"""" IIIr"'.



10 ~

Dnldtl/ IIU, D8IIID8ulllt8lf

lOt a b ftlckll or lor IN IriOn' lI,er 01 d 1IIokII. .. p 014 lI!ellal m.y De lutI"IMICII« /\ICk. In SInice

CeIIcdllonHOt. I and

I, ~ m: ormpClVotnIwl'l n'I8)'., lloIIIIcll\II8G rill, Cftlanlum In~ NO,I.


2 ..

6S11-268 S0S

S'd ~


N3A31S 'l'~ E1:21 S6. 61 lnr -----------


D~I8NT ENGINEERINGco., INC. ~ 505 892 11~~




ClassIllCatlOn No..

TABLE 5 NiCk.' Pltll t:hromlumCoaUng'"on r.ap~..' or COlllpt, Alloy, .

NIcktI'nIicknn., pm


SO 1\

sc. SC3

"1/Cu'S.N"t3Od Cr "'° Fe/Cu'S. NI3Od Cr mp 1ft/CutS. Ni25d Ct II'rC

30 30 25

Fe/OU'S, Ni25dcr "'P FI/Cu,2a NJ2OdCf me F8lCu12aNi:lOO Or mil

25 20 20

.. WhIrl a d...11or lIalin 'InlShls lor lhe bf"IGI'lIIIy8'( 01 IS nlck.l.



N~TI!-AItIICIu;h h



are lIuarnctcry for UCft cf iI8

InCIiCIttel aervIcecandltICIn n\IIIW.. """'"' are ;1I,.,.an~ IUperIor in ocrroCIIan ralltani:8

SMvieeCct1dItlcnNo. SC4


n'iCJctRI=nI/n~. ~Ium

to 11'1010ua1118Ng!Aat ctIraINum.

Cl8WllcltIOnNo,A CU/N13Od Or,

II nickel may be IUI'ISliluled



TABLE 4 CO"," PlUINick,1P/ul ChromiumtOltinlll' onZInc . . Alloy NOTi-Result$01. tosl program iMitate Ihal8 ill lome dOl/i'll wl'lttl'l.t lhe coating systems de.etj~CI 1'1,th8 dll8lificedon IIlImllerS itIVOlvingrogutar C/Uoo

ServfoeConCli.tOIiNo, SC S



Clessl'lcatiOn No. ~


Nk1kel ThIcIInns.


set SC3

N'135d Ci' nip

INCuS Ni351SCr r Zn/Cu5 NI3OdCr mc

35 30


NI3011 Ct mp



1I/'25C1 CI' r


Zn/Cu5 Ni2DuCr me Zn/Cu5 NI2OdCr mp


CU/Nl2Sd Cr 1111)







tn/CuS Ni2SpC'. mc ZnJCu5 N125pCr I'll)


Ni3SP Cr r

tn/Cull NI2QbCr r Zn/C5 Nasl'I Ct me 2n/Cu5 Ni1Sb Cr "'II

1. and I'N:or mp


OulNi25p Cr r Cu/N12OpCr me CII/NI20p Cr Inp


CwJNi30bCr r CuJNt2lib(irme

30 25 25

Cr mp


SOl' ~

Cu/Nl5b Cr,

Whena dvllor otin





28 20

1S 10




Ullbutlacsp nlC*f' may beIUrJ8UIllt~

t« tI niCkel or for tI1t Clrlfht 11)'" 01 d n1cIcll. I P cr G nIt:okeimay be subllIMeCI fer b nlckll h SIW\riCI8CcnditIan NoI. 2 and 1 ~ me 01'mp cI1rcml\llllMat t)fraubstllUI8d fDr t ct\romILnTI InService~IOII


in accordance with Method B 764 within the limits Bivenin





5.1.1J Adhesion Test-The 6.3)..


" When . Gull Of sat!r'i FinIsh IS roqu.rOd. uJ\lIIIn~ p'niekelllllY 1:18lubSlit1.lttd for b nICkel or for the brigMt llyer 01 d nlc:kel. . . p or ISnlck.1 t"tI., be IWbslitutlCl'OI b nldwlln Service ConditlOtt NOs. 2 and



CuJNi10D Cr me CU/NI10b Or mp.

20 .


so ,.



Cv{NI2Od Cr nip


20 35 2S



35 35

ZnlCuSNi35dCt I'IC


C\I{NI25d Crme

Cu/N12Od C, me:

mum 8f1Ut!SIICtC/Y lorSC. InllSC3.


B 456

TABLE3 Copper Plul Nick., Plul Ch,omillm CoaUngl an Bt.., StrvIceCondltiC1ll


adhe$lon test to be used (see

6. Product Requirements 6.1 VisualDdtcu: 6.1.J The sisnific.antsurfacesof the electroplated article

mly be substituted 'Of r tIIromlum In ServIcI Cl:lndluon

shaJJbe freeof cleatl)'visibleplatinsdefects,suchas blisten,

the specified ,. service conditionnumber,as JiveDin Tables2. 3, 4, or ::i. On request, the manufacturer shaJJ infonn the purch8JC!:ofthe classification number of the coating applied. 5.1.3 The appearance required, roOrexample,bright,dull, ot $Btin.Ahemalively, samples showina the required finish or RInge of fini$h shaJl be supplied or approved by the purchaser. S.I.4 The IIlanHicantsurfaces, to be indicated on drawings of the parts. or by !.he provision or suitably marked speci-

pits, rouihncsS. tracl($. aDduncoatedlUgs and shalldot be sWncd or diSCDlored.On articles where a visible conlict mark's unavoidable, its posi\ion shall be specHied by the purchaser. The electroplated article shall be clean andfreeof

damale, 6.1.2 Defects in the surface of thc basis metal, such as scratches, porosity, no~conductin8 Inclusion~, roll and die

marks, cold shuts, and cracks, ltIay advu~l)' affect the appearance and the perfonnance Df coatings applied thereto despite the observanc!: of the best electroplating practices. AccordinsJy, the plater's responsibility for defects in tbe coatins resultins frorn such conditions shall1:e walv~d.

mens (see 3.1).

S.1.S The poshions on significantsurfaces for rack or contact marks, where such marks Ire unavoidable (see6.1.1). 5.1.6 The f:ktent to which defects shall be tolerated on nonsignificant surfaces. 5.1.7 The ductility Ir other than the standard value (see 6.4). 5.1.8 The utent of tolerable surface deterioration after corrosion testlna (sct!6.6.3).


appropriato Iimit8tJoas OD'\lcb basIJ mcral CX)oditioos.

6.2Processand CC)Aling Requirernentt: 6.2.1 Proper prepantory prOC:edures and thorough cieaniul of the basis metal surface are ~ssentia\ for satisfactory adhesioD and cOrTInlonperformanco of the coatins. Accordingly, the applimtble praCticcsfor the preparatiDn of various basis meWs for electroplatingshall be followed.

5.1.9 SampUnamethods and acceptanc:eIcvels(see Sec. \ion

Nora 2-To minlmi2e,problemsor mis f~, the specifications coven". the basismaterilJ0" the item to be electroplatedshouldconl.ain


5.1.10 The minimum values orth~ electrochemical poten. tial differences between individual nickellayeJ5 as measured

Various ASTM practiCC$ tor the preJlaracion of basis me",\ are available. See Section 2.

3 6£tt-268 £0£





NGA31S 'l'~ vt:2t £6. 6t lnr -----------

"'. ( I' J. ='1'='=>


Ia::' ; =>~

t:.1't\:lJ r~t:.t:.r::I 1"11.;:1 '_U.,

J ""-.

"fW. J.'.'U

.." ..JI:J..J l:I:;Jc; 1.1 J::1



41ftt B 4$8 the minimum thldcne$sof the nickelclecuodeposit at polnu on the significant surface (see 3.1).

6.2.2 FOllowing the preparatory operations. the parts (articles) to be electroplated arc introduced in s~ch plating baths as required to producethe typesof depositS described by the spec:if1ccoating c:fassiftC:lItian numbers or one of the coatins classification numbers listed in Tables 2, 3, 4, or 5 appropriate.for the specified set'lice condition number. 6.2.3 Type of Copper and Deposil Thlckness. Type o/Copper-The type ofeoppet is designated by the ronowingsymbolsthat are placed after the thickness value: a for ductile copperdeposited from acid-type baths' containins additives that promote leveling by the copper deposit 'and that havean elonption not lessthan8 %.

6.2.5 Type 0/ ChromiumandDepositThickl'less: Type 01 Chromium-The Iype or chromium de. posit is designated by the fOllowina symbols phlcedaftet the chemicalsymb.ol Cr: . r for "regular" (that is, conventionaJ) chromium.

me for microcracked chromium, having More than 30 cant surface. The cracks shall be invisibleto the unaided eye (see

~ Thicknejj 01 Copper Deporits- The number followina the c:helJ~ical symbol for copper (Cu) indicates in micro metres the minimum thickness of the c:opper deposit at


6.2.4 Type of Nickel and Deposit Thickness.. . Type of Nickel-The type of nickel is designated by.tho fOliowinBsymbols,whi,b are placedafterthe thickness value (Note 5): b for nickel deposited in the fully bright condition. p ror dull or st~mi-bri&htnickel requiring polishlna to eave full brightness. This niclccl shancontain less than 0.005 mass% sulfut (Notes3 and 4). and have an elongation of not. less than 8 ~. d for a double-layer or triple-layar nickel cOllins. The bottom layer of this coating system shall a)ntain les.sthan O.ooSmass% sulfur(Note4),andshanhavean elongation

of not less than 8 %. The top layer of this system shall contain more than 0.04 mass% sulfur (Notcs 3 And 4), and its thicknessshaUbe not IC$$than 10% of the total nickel thlckMSS: the thickness of the bottom layer in double-layer cQatinss shall not be [ess than 60 % of the total nickel thickness, except (Ot steel. where it shall be at leas17$ %. In triple-layer coatings. the bottom layer shall be not less than SO% nor man: than 70 %. It there are three layers, the intermediate layer shall contain not less


nated by the coatitll elassUicahon number.

6.5.2 It is rea)gnlzcd cbat requirements 018)' exist (or thicker coatings than are c.overedby this slJeCiflcalion. 6.S.3 The thicknessor a coating and iu various layers shall be measured at paints on the slgnifi4::antsurfaces (Sel:

than 0.15 mass% sulfurand shall not exceed 10%of tbe

3.1 and Note S).



no simple method Is available for decenninlna ttle sulfur COntent or a nickel depQsit on a coated article. chl:mlc:a1determinations are possibll usina speciaJly pnpared test specimens (HI! Appendix X3). NOtE 4-t~ will usually be IIOssible10 idl!lItify the t)/lle of nickel by microscopical CJlarnlnation or lhe polished and Itched section or an Ilrticle i>replred In ILCcOrdalletwith Test Memed8481. The thickneu or the individual nickel la~el$ in double-layer. and tIi!)'Clrcoatinl\.!. as well II Ihe ele~uoehemlcaJ relaliol\$hips between thl! Individu" laycr.!. eliI'!al$o be mell$lIred by Ihe STEP test.' in accordance wilh Method 8764. . .. Thick111U Df Nickel Otpotil- The number rollowing the chemical symbol Ni indicates. in micrometn:s, micro$CopiaJ method describc:d in Test Me&hodB 487 may be used to measure thethictmess of each nfckellayerandof thecopper layer. 6.S.3.3 The X-ray method described in Test Method B 568 may be used whenthe total thickness -clfa coppetl

'HmuIDk. E. P.. "Simulttnecl'" T1titkncsa and EleCltOI:l\emicDIPOlenli:ll Oclcnnlnallon of Il\di..idu:lll.Q~etl in Mullil:aver N'relt.1 ~pOsils,' PltJI'"R Qlld S"r/IIC/!


Vol 67. No. 49. February




5-When slanificantsurfacesare 1Jwolvtdon which (he

spcciOcdthickness ot deposit cannot readilYbe controlled.such as Ulreads, koles. deep teCCSSCt, bws or an&les.!I\!Idsimilar ara&, 1I1e purchaseundthe manufactutlt should r8C0anluU,cnc
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