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Assure America Title Company 2014 Service Guide - Closing Process Leadership - Committed to Providing Extraordinary Cust...


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Title Insurance Explained Why Title & Lien Searches Are Needed Preparing a Closing Statement (HUD) Closing Process Leadership Advanced Closing Technology Additional Services –  –  –  – 

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Title Insurance Explained What is Title Insurance? Title insurance is an indemnification contract that insures against loss or damage. An owner’s title insurance policy protects the name of the insured against loss or damage from any liens or encumbrances on the title that exist prior to the time the insured took title.

There  are  hidden  risks  that  are   not  disclosed  in  public  records  

Why Title & Lien Searches Are Needed Title Search A Title Search extracts documents from public records to be used for the examination of title. A Title Examination is an in-depth review of the title search and court decision to determine current ownership, title defects, back taxes, undisclosed liens, legal judgments, forgeries, fraud as well as a host of other potential legal/financial problems that can arise when purchasing or refinancing property.

City/Municipal Lien Search A Municipality is not required to record any existing fines, open permits, violations or unpaid utilities like water & trash. It is important to know that title can be transferred with any/all of these existing issues making the new title holder responsible.

Preparing a Closing Statement (HUD-1) The Closing Statement The importance of a closing statement being prepared properly in the early stages of a Real Estate Transaction or Loan Process is imperative to avoid any delays and/or financial surprises that could prevent the closing. Standard to our process we always provide preliminary closing statement disclosing all known costs and fees.

We  perform  a  6tle  search  prior     to  preparing  a  preliminary  closing   statement  to  iden6fy  any     poten6al  issues.  

Closing Process Leadership We believe as the title company involved in your transaction, it is our responsibility to lead the closing process. There are several standards we have embraced to ensure this is the case: 1.  1-2 Business Day turn-around time for all title research & commitments 2.  Designated Closing Coordinator assigned to every client who will guide you through the entire closing process 3.  Designated Client Relationship Manager to ensure constant communication and your overall satisfaction 4.  24/7 Access – Client Web Portal so status and documents are always available to you. 5.  Closing/Signings are always done at the client’s convenience – Anytime! Anywhere! 6.  Immediate Disbursements of Funds – Funds are always wired or sent overnight via FedEx!

With  every  successful  closing  we  understand  there  is  opportunity  for   repeat  and  referral  business.  We  are  commi
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