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Assuming your application is fully configured, if your send port is in a Stopped state what will happen to any messages that are received? -the MessageBox database will route the message to the send port, but the send p ort will not process them. Your BizTalk Server application receives messages from many trading partners. On e trading partner that submits messages to your BizTalk Server application via a n FTP folder wants their messages picked up between 1 am and 4 am. How can you configure your BizTalk Server application to accommodate this reques t without impacting the other trading partners? -Configure that partner's receive location with a service window. Your application contains a receive port and three maps. Map 1 transforms from s chema A to schema B, Map 2 transforms from schema B to schema C, and Map 3 trans forms from schema C to schema D. You then add each map to the receive port. What will happen if your incoming message uses schema B? -Map 2 will execute. Resulting in an instance of schema C being published to the MessageBox database. In what location are passwords and other sensitive information used by the BizTa lk Server Messaging Engine stored? -The Single Sign-On database Your BizTalk Server application requires messages to be received via email. What should you do? -Create a receive location that uses the POP3 adapter A trading partner wishes to send you files using an FTP site, however, the partn er will not permit you to remove any files from the FTP site. Your manager is co ncerned about the amount of effort required to enable the integration. What should you tell your manager? -The provided FTP adapter allows receiving from read-only locations. The BizTalk Server application you are building integrates an end-user portal wi th a collection of back-end customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Each incoming message must be delivered to ALL of the back-end systems. How would you create the send ports with the least amount of effort? -Create a send port for each CRM system, create a send port group, add the send ports to the send port group, and then configure a filter on the send port group . Which three of the following describe functions performed by the MessageBox data base? -Deliver messages to subscribing processes. -Store the state of message bodies and properties. -Determine subscribers of messages. Which of the following is used to define the Filter on a BizTalk Server send por t? -Promoted properties Your application must receive messages from multiple sources. The incoming messa ges serve the same business function, but each source uses its own transport mec hanism and schema. You have been asked to design the messaging-based processes u sed by the application.

Which of the following designs address the requirements of receiving the message and requires the fewest number of components? -Create one receive port. Configure a receive location for each source within th e receive port and associate any needed maps with the port. Your application must receive messages from a number of trading partners. These messages serve the same business function, but each trading partner uses their o wn schema. You wish to process each message in a single standard way. Which BizTalk Server capability can enable the standardization of these messages ? -Transformation Your trading partner requires that the messages sent by your BizTalk Server appl ication be formatted using a tab delimited format. They have provided a sample f ile of the desired format. What is the first task you must perform to enable the integration? -Create a new schema using the Flat File Schema Wizard. While examining the specifications for the schemas you need to create, you notic e a sub-structure that is common to many of the schemas. What design practice could you use to help reduce your development effort? -Create the structure as a global complex data type and import it into the vario us schemas. While designing a BizTalk Server orchestration you have discovered the need to m ake a simple decision based on the value of an element in your canonical purchas e order schema. What change will you make to the schema to help enable easy access to the elemen t within the orchestration? -Create a distinguished field Which functoid do you use to combine multiple records from the source schema to a single record in the destination schema? -Looping Functoid During which process is the input message of a map validated against a schema? -When you run the Test Map option in Visual Studio. Which of the following best describes the purpose of a BizTalk Server Map? -Transform XML data from one schema to another Your manager is concerned that the files transmitted to an FTP folder by your Bi zTalk Server application could be readable by unauthorized persons. Which of the following could you implement to help secure those files without cr eating a custom pipeline component? -Message encryption using S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) The system from which your BizTalk Server application must receive messages requ ires that the data is formatted using a specific combination of delimiters. You have already created a schema with markup for the delimited format. What is the next step to enable the integration? -Create a receive pipeline with the Flat File Disassembler in the Disassemble st age

Your BizTalk Server application receives files containing batches in excess of 1 00 purchase orders. When a purchase order contains invalid data, the entire batc h is suspended. This behavior is creating a bottleneck with regards to processin g speed. Which of the following presents a viable solution to the problem above? -Enable Recoverable Interchange Processing on the receive pipeline What are the locations to which you should deploy a custom pipeline component as sembly? -[BTSINSTALL_DIR]\Pipeline Components n BizTalk Server, what is a persistence point? -Saved state of an in-flight orchestration instance On which orchestration shape can you configure a Filter Expression? -Only on Receive shapes with Activate property set to True Which of the following characteristics is not configured in a Port Type? -Communication direction Which of the following actions can be performed in an Expression shape? Setting of orchestration variables -Setting of orchestration variables Setting of orchestration variables -When using a two-way send port A colleague is building a BizTalk Server orchestration that contains an asynchro nous request/response pattern that uses one-way ports. He is concerned about imp lementing correlation correctly as it is his first time. What advice would you offer regarding implementing correlation? -The promoted properties must exist in the request and response messages. Which of the following accurately describes the Message Assignment shape? -Contains expressions used to assign data to message bodies and properties Which of the following three are options for creating new messages during a BizT alk Server orchestration? -Custom .NET class called from Message Assignment shape -Map executed during Transform shape -Copy message body or individual nodes using Message Assignment shape Which of the following is true regarding the Dynamic port binding option? -It is only available for send ports Your business process starts by receiving a message from an online form that was filled out by a person. During the course of processing the request, you must s end updates to the person who submitted the message, however you do not know the email address of the person prior to receiving the message. What logical port binding will enable you to send updates to the correct user? -Dynamic If a Scope shape has multiple Exception Handling Blocks and an exception occurs, how will the Exception Handling Blocks be executed? -The first block that can catch the exception will catch it and execute without evaluating other handlers.

You suspect that an orchestration instance has thrown an unhandled exception. What default query on the Group Hub page would you run to verify your suspicion? -Suspended service instances When testing your BizTalk Server application, the input message seems to be rece ived but the expected output never arrives in the destination system. Where is the first place you should check for an error? -The BizTalk Server Group Hub in the BizTalk Server Administration console The administrator of a system with which your BizTalk Server application must in tegrate has given you a sample XML document. The XML document represents a valid message that your application must send to the system. You want to verify that your schema design and this sample file are compatible. What should you do? -In Visual Studio, set the sample XML document as the Input Instance Filename in the Properties of your schema, and then run the Validate Instance operation A new trading partner has provided an XSD (XML Schema Definition) file that defi nes the structure of the XML messages they will be sending to your BizTalk Serve r application. During your initial inspection of the schema you notice some irre gularities and you now want to verify that the schema is fine to use within your BizTalk Server Project. What should you do? -n Visual Studio, run the Validate Schema operation on the schema. In what folder can you find the BizTalk Server XMLDasm.exe test tool? -[BTSINSTALL_DIR]\SDK\Utilities\PipelineTools [BTSINSTALL_DIR]\SDK\Utilities\PipelineTools -In Visual Studio, run the Validate Map operation. You are trying to consume a WCF service without using an Orchestration. The serv ice provides operations for creating, updating, and deleting records in a CRM sy stem. You want to create a single send port that will allow you to call any of t hose actions. You have already created and deployed a BizTalk Server Project in Visual Studio which contains the necessary schemas. You have also imported one of the bindings files generated while consuming the service in Visual Studio. What must you do to ensure that messages submitted to BizTalk are routed to the appropriate service actions? -Ensure that some component sets the BTS.Operation property of the messages to t he appropriate value, as indicated by the action mapping defined in the adapter configuration for the send port. You have created a receive location that uses the WCF-NetTcp adapter to receive messages and route them to a BizTalk Orchestration. You would like to allow othe r developers to consume your service at the endpoint your receive location expos es. What must you do in order to expose your service so that others can easily consu me it? -Use the BizTalk WCF Service Publishing Wizard to publish a Metadata only endpoi nt (MEX) for the receive location that you created

When creating a rule for use by the Business Rules Engine, which of the followin g cannot be used as source fact? -BizTalk Server orchestration Which of the following become true about a Business Rule Engine policy version w hen you change it to the Published state? -It becomes read-only. If you have multiple versions of a Business Rule Engine policy, which version is called by your BizTalk Server orchestration? -The policy version with the highest version number that is in the Deployed stat e Which of the following statements best describes the purpose of a Business Activ ity Monitoring (BAM) View? -Defines how the data will be displayed to a collection of end users Which of the following statements best describes the purpose of a Business Activ ity Monitoring (BAM) Tracking Profile? -Defines from where in the BizTalk Server run-time data will be gathered You are receiving large EDIFACT interchanges and want to be able to split the in terchange so that multiple messages will exit the receive pipeline. If one of th ose messages has a validation error, you wish to suspend the entire interchange so that no messages are processed beyond the pipeline. How should you configure the Inbound batch processing option? -Split Interchange as Transaction Sets suspend Interchange on Error You are designing a messaging based solution and want to ensure that incoming XM L messages are transformed, translated to either an X12 or EDIFACT interchange, and then routed to an external trading partner. In the process, you have realized that the envelopes for the messages are being generated by BizTalk and have created parties and agreements for each of your tr ading partners. You want to ensure that the EdiSend component of the EDI pipeline uses the corre ct party settings to populate the interchange envelopes which is determined by t he party name contained within a node inside the original message. What is one step that you use to accomplish this task? -Promote the party name from the message to the EDI.DestinationPartyName propert y, ensuring that it matches the value configured within the Party/Agreement sett ings. You are building a BizTalk application in which you are receiving a series of XM L messages that must be transformed, batched, and then translated into X12 inter change. In order to accomplish a part of this task, you have created a custom pipeline t hat includes both an XML disassembler and Batch Marker component. You need to configure the Batch Marker component to process the XML data without attempting to determine the EDI message type. How do you accomplish this? -Set the Ignore EDI Message Encoding property of the Batch Marker component to T rue.

What is the purpose of a BizTalk Server binding file? -Store configuration used by BizTalk Server applications, such as send ports and receive ports. Which of the following is a benefit of using binding files -Reduces the need for manual configuration Regardless of the tool you use to deploy a BizTalk Server assembly, in order for the BizTalk Server runtime to use the assembly it must be deployed to two locat ions. What are these two locations? -The Management database of your BizTalk Server group -The Global Assembly Cache of each BizTalk Server runtime computer You have been given an MSI Package which you will use to deploy a BizTalk Server application. You have just finished importing the MSI Package to the Management database of your BizTalk Server group using the BizTalk Server Administration C onsole, and you are ready to install the MSI Package. On which computer(s) must you install the MSI Package -Each computer that runs a BizTalk Server host instance You are monitoring a BizTalk application that routes order messages based on the region from which the order originated and the weight of all items contained in the order. These values are contained in the message originally received and pr ocessed through an XmlReceive pipeline. You want to create a query that returns tracked information about only those mes sages originating from a specific region, how might you accomplish this task? -Configure tracking properties for the property schema containing the region pro perty to enable tracking of the property, and then create a query for Tracked Me ssage Events including the schema name and the property value within the query e xpression. In the day-to-day management of your BizTalk Server application, you find yourse lf running the same collection of custom queries repeatedly. You and your team h ave grown tired of recreating the query conditions every time you open the BizTa lk Server Administration Console. What could you do to make running these queries less burdensome on you and your team? -Use the BizTalk Group Hub to save the custom query to a file and share it with your co-workers You have provisioned an instance of BizTalk Server 2013 running on a Windows Azu re Virtual Machine and have performed the steps necessary to join the machine to your domain. You are at an Internet café on a business trip and are attempting to access the ma chine through the RDP file downloaded in the portal, but are experiencing connec tion difficulties. What is the most likely cause of the connection difficulties? -When joined to your domain, the virtual machine will not have a public IP addre ss assigned by default Which two of the following statements are true regarding running BizTalk Server on a Windows Azure virtual machine? -There is no setup on your hardware and therefore there is no hardware maintenan

ce -The virtual machine can be joined to your on-premise domain Which of the following is true regarding running a BizTalk Server 2013 virtual m achine on Windows Azure? -You can connect to the virtual machine from any computer with a connection to t he Internet What is the primary reason for adding additional MessageBox databases to a BizTa lk Server group? -Distribute load across multiple databases and increase throughput What is the primary difference between Trusted and Untrusted BizTalk Server host s? -Trusted hosts can see the sender's identification information Which of the following is an acceptable reason for clustering a BizTalk Server h ost? -To provide high-availability of the FTP receive adapter Which of the following accurately describes a BizTalk Server Host Instance? -A physical instance of a host on a particular BizTalk Server computer Which two of the following can be used when creating maps for Windows Azure BizT alk Services? -C# -XSLT In the Enrich Stage of an XML Bridge, which one of the following cannot be used to provide the value of a promoted property? -ServiceBus Queue Message s TimeToLive In Windows Azure BizTalk Services, where is the Trace from a Custom component st ored -Monitoring XStore In Windows Azure BizTalk Services, which of the following are stored in a SQL da tabase in the user s subscription? -Tracking Data In Windows Azure BizTalk Services, which of the following Destinations is not su pported in an X12 bridge? -Custom WCF binding Your BizTalk Server application requires that messages meeting a certain criteri a be sent to four distinct locations. What is the best solution to this problem? -Create a send port group and configure it with a filter matching the criteria. Then create four send ports and add them to the send port group. What is the primary reason for creating a promoted property in BizTalk Server? -Expose data contained in the body of a message to enable message filtering How does BizTalk Server determine which schema to use when parsing an incoming X ML message? -A combination of the target namespace and root node name known as the message t ype When building a custom pipeline component, which interface must you implement to

gain read/write access to the body and context parts of the BizTalk Server mess age? -IComponent Which of the following is not a function of the XML Disassembler pipeline compon ent? -Translating between flat file and XML format Your BizTalk Server application receives restocking requests from a series of re tail stores. These restock requests contain a list of items that the store needs . The fulfillment of the items is managed by multiple ERP (Enterprise Resource P lanning) systems. You want to split the incoming requests into several smaller m essages, one for each item in the original request, which can be directed to the appropriate ERP system. How would you enable the splitting of the XML message? -Create an envelope schema and a body schema. When a Decide shape executes, how many branches of the shape will be processed b efore continuing to the next shape in the orchestration model? -One Which of the following is true about configuring correlation in BizTalk Server o rchestrations? -Correlation uses promoted properties When is the creation of a correlation type and correlation set not required? -When using a two-way send port Which of the following accurately describes the Construct Message shape? -Acts as a container for Message Assignment and Transform shapes Your business process consists of several distinct steps. You follow general dev elopment best practices so you create each step as a separate orchestration. You need to ensure that once one orchestration has completed processing a message, the message is passed to another orchestration. What logical port binding will enable you to connect the orchestrations to each other? -Direct Your application has received a message and thrown an exception with an Error De scription that reads: "The published message could not be routed because no subs cribers were found. This error occurs if the subscribing orchestration or send p ort has not been enlisted, or if some of the message properties necessary for su bscription evaluation have not been promoted. Please use the BizTalk Administrat ion console to troubleshoot this failure." Because other messages processed by this publisher are being routed as expected, you suspect the issue lies with the promoted properties of the message instance . How could you confirm your suspicion? -Examine the context of the message associated with the suspended (not resumable ) routing failure report. The test results for a BizTalk Server map have been unexpected. When you examine the links and functoids in the map you fail to find anything obviously wrong. Y ou decide that examination of the XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Translati on) code used by the map is necessary to diagnose the cause of the undesired beh

avior. What would you do? -n Visual Studio, run the Validate Map operation. You have created a collection of flat file schemas that represent an interchange that you wish to split. You want to test the function of these schemas and the splitting process before you deploy your assembly. What would you do? -In a command window, run the FFDasm.exe command passing the schemas and a sampl e flat-file document as parameters. You are publishing an Orchestration as a service, and would like to ensure that all service responses are wrapped in the same XML template. In order to accompli sh this, you are using the Template property on the Messages tab of the WCF-Basi cHttp adapter configuration. You want to identify to the adapter which location within the template to insert the outgoing message body. How do you accomplish this? -Within the template, include a bts-msg-body element where you would like the me ssage body to be inserted. Which of the following is true regarding the Rules created for use in Business R ule Engine? -The if-then statement cannot have an else. You are attempting to create a port to receive EDI interchanges. In the process, you create a receive location. While examining the list of receive pipelines fo r the receive location, you do not see any pipelines that would be used for EDI processing. What must you do to make these available to your application? -Add a reference to the BizTalk EDI Application. What type of information cannot be tracked in the BizTalk tracking database? -The beginning or ending of map execution You would like to provision an environment with multiple BizTalk Runtime Servers and multiple MessageBox databases running across multiple SQL Servers. How might you accomplish this using Windows Azure Virtual Machines? -Provision multiple BizTalk Server virtual machines, and multiple SQL Server vir tual machines, create a new group, and join all of the machines to the group. On ce the group is created, add additional MessageBox databases Which of the following statements is not true regarding running BizTalk Server o n a Windows Azure virtual machine? -You do not have full administrative rights to virtual machines running on Windo ws Azure. When setting up a new BizTalk Server runtime computer, what is the next logical step after installing BizTalk Server? -Run the BizTalk Server Configuration Wizard. Which of the following describes a way to provide high-availability for a BizTal k Server orchestration? -Create multiple host instances across two or more computers running BizTalk Ser

ver How many pipelines are deployed when you deploy an X12 agreement in Windows Azur e BizTalk Services? -2 You want to send attachments using AS2. Which of the following technologies cann ot be used? -Windows Azure BizTalk Services What digest size does the SHA algorithm in AS2 in support? -160 bits

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