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To compete in today's global marketplace, organizations are increasingly using programs and projects to implement business strategies and realize organizational goals. Our project management methodology helps you through every aspect of implementing your project, from initial planning, organizing, and staffing to directing, controlling, and establishing continuous improvement . With SA P Project M anagement, you gain the following business benefits: * Lower implementation costs and reduced total cost of ow nership * Reduced risk, because SA P takes responsibility for succes sful delivery of its solutions * Realization of value not yet implemented through renewal of existing SAP installations * Rapid delivery of key benefits and faster time to value

ASA3 8 0

ASAP 7.1 Implementation M ethodology in Details Duration 3 days

Prerequistes Essential * SM I210 Implementation Methodology O verview * SMI310 SAP Solution Manager: Implementation Tools in Detail Recommended * PMP Certification from PMI

Delivery Classroom

Audience * Project M anagers * Project Team Leads * SAP consultants and partners

Content * The intention is to deliver the ASA380 course modularized and fitting to the needs of project managers and team leads based upon ASA P project phases and work streams. Each unit contains: -> An over view description of the w ork st ream in ASAP M ethodology, it’s purpose and main deliverables -> A more detailed description of the work stream deliverables per phase and related integration points -> Additional information and links related to the work stream content

Goals * To understand the overall approach of the ASAP Implementation Methodology and explain the new features of the methodology. * To outline the purpose, key activities, and deliverables for each work stream and phase of the roadmap. * To understand and apply the resources available to Project Managers and team leads to ensure the consistency, quality and value of their deliverables.

Software Notes * This co urse is intended to be an advanced training of t he ASA P Implementation M ethodology, .focusing on the Project M anagement and project team lead point of view.


Business Process M anagement M ethodology Duration 2 days

Prerequistes Essential * None Recommended * SAP01 SAP Overview * or Fundamental understanding of SAP * SAPNW SAP NetWeaver Overview * or Fundamental understanding of SAP NetWeaver

Delivery Classroom

Audience * Solution Architects, B usiness Consultants, Application Consultants, B usiness Analysts

Content * Business Process Management Methodolgy: -> Phase 1: C alibration (Link to strategy, define scope of project) -> Phase 2: As-Is analysis (Define parameters, analyze processes, identify process weaknesses) -> Phase 3: To-Be des ign (Optimize processes, design To-Be process model) -> hase 4: Solution Transformation (Identify possible IT-based solution scenarios, develop IT roadmap)

Goals * Explain and apply SAP´s 4 phases Business Process Management methodology (Calibration, As-Is-Analysis, To-Be-Design, Solution Transformation) * Understand basic principles of process structuring (hierarchy model) * Have all the methodological knowledge to o ptimize business processes and define business process landscapes * Use t he necessary tools for the analysis and optimization of business processes * Understand the “ hand-shake” between process design and succeeding IT realization

Software * Systems will not be used for this training session

Notes * This training session: BPM 100 M ethodology is one of the c ourses in the BPX for associate Curriculum, which result in a BPX associate certification. * The cours e mater ial is only available in English.


C _PM _70 SAP C ertified Associate Project M anager Booking Code C_PM_70 This cer tification test verifies the know ledge in the area of SAP s pecific project management as a specialised profile within Project M anagement. This cert ificate builds on the basic experience gained by generic consult ant skills. It is refined by practical experience during several projects. Project M anagers must have advanced business skills and the ability to apply methodologies and tools. Besides advances communication and presentation skills the project manager needs skills to manage internal and external stakeholders. Project Managers have a basic knowledge of change management processes and their communication. They manage the end-to-end transition of the project from S ales to Realization. Project M anagers develop roadmaps for project execution as well as for testing and quality management. In particular for SAP related projects the Project Manager applies SAP specific roadmaps and tools like ASAP and Solution Manager.

Software Number of Questions 80

Duration 180

Notes * To ensure success , SA P recommends combining education courses and hands-on experience to prepare for your c ertification exam as questions will test your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained in training. * You are not allowed to use any reference materials during the certification test (no access to online documentation or to any SAP system).

Competency Build, implement, configure, model, and troubleshoot solutions and processes

Articulate, explain, describe, and outline solutions and processes

Importance Topic 60%


Manage implementation projects ++ + Organizational Change Management Work Stream + Training W ork St ream + Data Management Work Stream + Business Process M anagement Work Stream ++ Technical Solution Management Work Stream + Integrated Solution Management Work Stream + Run Phase + Key A SA P C oncept s + ++ Explain phases and key deliverables per w ork stream + ++ SAP Enabling Tools ++

Primary ASA380, S MI310, SMI210 OCM 100, ASA380 ASA 380, SM I310, S MI210 ASA380, SMI310, SM I210 BPM100, ASA380 ASA380, S MI310, SMI210 ASA380, S MI310, SMI210 ASA380, E2E040 A SA 38 0, S MI210, E2 E04 0 ASA380, SMI210 SM I310, BPM 100, E2E040




Run SAP End-to-End Solution Operations Overview Duration 3 days

Prerequistes Essential * Familiarity with SAP Implementation Roadmaps * Fundamentals of SAP Systems and SAP A pplication Lifecycle M anagement * SAP Application user interface experience (e.g. SAP G UI, SAP Enterprise Portal) Recommended * None

Delivery Classroom

Audience * Custom er IT Management * Hosting/ AM S Partner M anagement * Implementation Project M anagers

Content * Run SAP Over view * RunSAP and ASAP M ethodology * CCoE Overview * Co ncept of SAP S olution M anager 7.1 * Application Lifecycle Management (ALM ) -> Details of A LM processes * Integration Validation * RunSAP like a factory -> D etails of RunSAP like a factory proces ses

Goals * Understand the RunSAP-Methodology and the concept of SA P So lution Manager 7.1 * Understanding of A pplication Lifecycle M anagement and RunSAP like a factor y * Identification of relevant topics for the customer s ituation * Recognize areas of improvement for custom er support organizations * Identification of customer limitations and challenges: Up-skilling and partner involvement

Software * SAP Solution Manager 7.1 (SP03)


Organizational C hange M anagement Fundamentals Duration 2 days

Prerequistes Essential * None Recommended * None

Delivery Classroom

Audience * Project team members * Business Process Experts * Project leads * Program M anagers * Architects * IT Strategists * Decision makers

Content * Overview about organizational change management * Introduction to SAP’s global OCM approach

Goals * Overview about the necessity of O CM in SAP implementation project and the SAP BTC approach we are using.



OKP SAP S olution M anager 7.0 EHP1 (free o f charge) Duration Prerequistes Essential * None Recommended * None

Delivery E-learning

Audience Content * OKP S AP S olution M anager 7.0 EHP1 (free of charge)

Goals Software Notes * belongs to i2010 Delta Packages


Solution Manager Implementation Methodology Overview Duration 1 day

Prerequistes Essential * SAP01 SAP Overview * Basic knowledge of SAP s ystems and Windows operating environment Recommended * SAP Implementation Experience

Delivery Classroom

Audience * Managers, Project Managers, Project Team Leaders and Project Team Members responsible for managing, documenting and implementing SA P solutions

Content * Introduc e and explain how the ASA P Implement ation Roadmap can aid in the implement ation of SAP Solut ions. * Navigate through the ASA P Implementation Roadmap following the ASAP M ethodology for Implementation 7.0 through each successive phase of an implementation project : -> Project Preparation -> B usiness Blueprint -> Realization -> Final Preparation -> Go Live & Support -> Run * Provide an understanding of the SAP Solution Manager and it relationship to the ASAP Implemntation Roadmap and to the RunSAP Roadmap.

Goals * Introduce the A SAP M ethodology for Implementations 7.0 and the ASAP Implementation Roadmap. * Understand how to use this methodology to implement SAP So lutions. * Introduce the S AP S olution M anager and the use of the Implementation Roadmap in Projects.

Software * SAP Solution M anager 7.0


Implementation Projects with SA P Solution M anager Duration 4 days

Prerequistes Essential * SAP01 SAP Overview * SM 001 Introduction to SAP Solution M anager Recommended * Basic know ledge of customizing and configuration concepts, such as IMG (SAP Implementation G uide) * SAPTEC Fundamentals of the SAP NetN eaver Application Server

Delivery Classroom

Audience * Project managers/ leaders, project team members (application consultants/ business process experts), test organizers and testers responsible for managing, documenting, configuring and testing SAP solutions

Content * Explore the key concepts o f SA P Solution M anager in the context of implementation projects * Define a project and document the system landscape for the solution to be implemented * Des ign and document the project sc ope, including its business requirements * Configure the project scope * Organize, perform and document all project-related test activities * Use roadmaps as the underlying project methodology * Explore reports to support project management activities * Learn about handling problem messages in implementation projects * Learn about implementation-related topics, such as template management, Solution D ocumentation Ass istant and Business Process Change Analyzer, S AP Business Process Blueprinting * Get technical background information as required for your project role

Goals * Understand the concept of SAP S olution Manager with the focus on s upporting implementation (and upgrade) projects * Explore tools, ser vices, and methods in detail to successfully and efficiently implement complete sof tware solutions and new enhancements

Software * SAP S olution M anager 7.1 * SAP ERP 6.0

VD10 0

Value Delivery Fundamentals Duration 3 days

Prerequistes Essential * Basic understanding of finance principles and financial calculationsBasic understanding of program management * Basic understanding of business process and data management leading practices * Fundamental understanding of SAP product suite Recommended * None

Delivery Classroom

Audience * VD100 is designed for individuals who will support the adoption of value disciplines in their organization. * These individuals are typically from IT or business org anizations, and have responsibilities for b usiness/ IT strategy alignment , business case development, performance m anagement, proc ess/ solution strategy, and organizational change management. -> Program/ Project Managers -> Finance Managers -> A rchitects: Enterprise, B usiness Process, and Technology -> Organizational Change Managers -> C enter of Excellence M anagers

Content * Value Realization -> Implementation plan -> Implement process change -> Business Process / IT Harmonization -> V R Roadmap -> Value Map, Drivers and KPIs -> Value Based Blueprinting * Value Optimization -> M easure Impact of SAP -> Establish governance model -> Value Scorecard -> Value Safegarding -> Value M anagement Of fice -> Governace & Organizational Excellence

Goals * Identify value opportunities within your organization * Develop a value-based business case enabled by technology and aligned with corporate priorities * Develop a roadmap to mobilize, deliver, and measure business results to enable a best run business * Align business processes and IT practices against leading practices to determine where more value can be extracted from current investments * Identify the organizational and governance impacts on value attainment



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