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Arindam Bandyopadhyay PGDM/MBA – Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad [2014] B.E. Computer Engineering – NSIT (Delhi University) [2007] OPERATIONS STRATEGY & OPTIMIZATION MGMT - Live Consulting Projects, Business Cases Authored & Working Paper 

Live Consulting Project for a well-known Logistics & Transportation Company pertaining to their Workshop Operations in Jaipur including Job Scheduling, Labour / Manpower Optimization Management and Inventory Management. [2013-2014]

Authored Business Cases on Operations Management based on the consulting work

A) Ivey Publishing [2014] Case # 9B14D009: K M Trans Logistics: Workshop Operations (Richard Ivey School of Business, UWO); KM Trans Logistics functions as a logistics provider for flatbed steel and finished automobiles (primarily four-wheeler passenger cars and light to medium cargo vehicles). The co-executive directors are grappling with large delays with the workshop repairs that are hurting the timely truck availability and causing immense customer dissatisfaction (with about 14 per cent of the trucks taking more than one day to complete their repair). They believe that staffing the workshop with the right number of labourers may address the issue of long repair delays - but is the issue just with the labour availability? Is the number of bays available for repair sufficient for the volume of truck repairs? What is causing the trucks to pile up at the workshop? The aim of the case is to enable the reader to acquire first-hand knowledge of logistics management in a real life transportation company facing issues, delays and inefficiency in repair and maintenance operations due to labour inefficiency and sub-optimal resource utilization. The case was solved using data analysis using statistical and stochastic modelling and also a simulation of realworld truck arrivals and repair service systems in the workshop using Arena® Simulation to validate the analytical model. B) IIM Ahmedabad [2014] Case # IIMA/PROD0298: Spare Parts Procurement Planning at KM Trans Logistics. The transportation company’s management was facing regular problems with respect to disorganised inventory ordering and procurement methods. The case was solved using (S, T) and (Q, R) models for inventory management and a software tool was developed. The company utilized the tool to integrate it with an MIS system that would generate invoices at regular time periods as directed by the software tool to streamline and regularize inventory procurement policy. 

Working Paper on "Stochastic Modelling of Restaurant Operations" (2013). Low customer wait times at restaurants can improve both customer walk-ins and satisfaction levels. To manage customer wait times, the operators need a thorough understanding of how restaurant design parameters such as the layout, the number of tables, the number of chefs and other critical kitchen resources affect customer throughput times. In this paper, we present a nested two-level semi-open queuing network model for evaluating the throughput time performance of a dine-in restaurant. We also develop a novel two-phase solution approach to obtain the steady state network performance measures. Result: The model can be used by restaurant managements to generate scenarios and arrive at the most optimum configuration. The number of tables, chefs and burners can be varied and the model be applied to find the most optimum utilization rates of each resource that will guarantee maximum revenue, maximum customer satisfaction while at the same time preventing burn-out of the company's human resources, namely chefs.

TATA Steel Limited

Summer Intern (Operations / SCM / Procurement)

04 Apr 2013 - 31 May 2013

2 Months

Completed 3 Projects Successfully during Summer Internship (Offered Full-Time Placement Offer based on internship performance)  Freight Data Analysis for steel transportation in East India;  Process Stabilization in transforming from Manual to Automatic Data Upload to SAP;  Automatic calculation of distance using Google Maps.

KEY PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE / SKILLS / INTERESTS Operations  SCM, Logistics, Procurement, Vendor Management, Simulation & Optimization, Operational Analytics Analytics  Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Data driven modeling, Stochastic Modeling IT & Software  Product Management, Program Management, Technology Strategy, C & Java Development & Programming PROFICIENCY IN BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS, SOFTWARE AND PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES Business Productivity  Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word (High Proficiency) Analytics Tools  Microsoft Excel, PowerCharts, PowerBI (Basic), RapidMiner, R (Basic Level), SPSS (Basic), Minitab Simulation  Arena (Expert Level) Programming Languages / Tools  C (GCC and Windows VC), Core Java, EJB, JavaScript, UNIX/LINUX & Windows Shell Scripting, Linux Kernel programming (k-module development), VBA, HTML, Web UI, XSL, Eclipse IDE, JBoss & Resin App Servers EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Qualification / Degree





Percent Marks



Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad



CGPA = 2.85 / 4 2nd Year = 3.42 / 4

Bachelor Engineering

Computer Engineering

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT) New Delhi

Delhi University


73.8 % B.E. Project : 87%

PLACE: HYD | PHONE: +91-9052-070-128 | +91-9586-955-195 | E-MAIL: [email protected]; [email protected]

Arindam Bandyopadhyay PGDM/MBA – Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad [2014] B.E. Computer Engineering – NSIT (Delhi University) [2007] Class 12th (AISSCE)


New Era Public School, New Delhi



93.8 % Chemistry : 99%

Class 10th (AISSE)


New Era Public School, New Delhi



84.6 % Math : 99 %

IIMA Key Elective Courses Technology Strategy for High Tech Industries (TSHI) TSHI  Obtained A+ Grade Marketing Mgmt. In High Tech & Innovation (MMWHTI-PGPX) Data Mining & Business Intelligence (DMBI) Difficult Communications (DC(A)) Co-Creating Organizational Change (COC)

     

     

Strategy In Emerging Markets (SEM) Quantitative System Performance (QSP) Business & Intellectual Property (BIP) Managing Negotiations (MN(A)) Topped the batch in TSHI (21 participants) Topped the batch in MN(A) (52 participants)

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS  Nominated for Aditya Birla Group (ABG) Scholarship at IIMA for being in the Institute top 21 during admission. (2012)  Nominated for O P Jindal Management Scholarships & Final Interview after clearing Leadership Test. (2012).  Finalist (Top 20 out of 300) in Confluence (IIMA’s flagship business festival) Master Plan 2013 B-Plan Competition.  One of the Credited Software Engineers – Adobe PDF Reader Version 10.  Achieved 99.94 Percentile in CAT-2011 (Out Of 205000 Candidates) || QA/DI - 99.54 Percentile | VA/LR - 99.76 Percentile  Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team (ASSET) Certified “Brown-Belt” in Security. Prototyped well-known CSP Project.  Second employee in Adobe India to have achieved Brown-Belt level.  Qualified for Counselling in IIT-JEE 2003.  Achieved 251 Rank (Delhi General Category) in Delhi Combined Entrance Examination (DCEE 2003).  Received Proficiency Cards – Physics–Chemistry–Maths–Computer Sc. for proficiency in Class12 pre-board exams.  Received Merit-Cum-Means National Scholarship for performance in CBSE Class 10th Board Exams. (2001)  Achieved 0.1 percentile in the Mathematics Examination of Class 10th Exams. (2001)  Received 2 years Scholarship from Govt. of NCT Delhi, Junior Science Talent Search Exam JSTSE. (1999-2000)  Received Merit Certificates for commendable performance in Academics for 10 consecutive years. (1994-2003) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Organization


From - To


Microsoft Corp. IDC

Product Manager

09 June 2014 - Present

10 months

  

Product Family : Windows Server – System Center 2012 R2, Azure Backup, Windows System Restore Team Size: 125. Program Management Team Size : 35 Team Size for DPM & Backup: 12 Product Ownership: DPM (Data Protection Manager), Windows Server Backup, Windows System Restore

Adobe Systems    

 

30 Months

Software Engineer

15 Sep 2008 - 16 Jan 2009

4 Months

(Exponential Inc.) Responsible for Development of Lead Generation portal and secondary lead enhancement logic based on historical analysis of customer profiles. The customers were educational institutes in the US.

GENBAND India (now Agnity Inc.)     

30 Nov 2009 - 04 Jun 2012

Product Team: Adobe LiveCycle (Adobe’s sole server product) | Team Size: 120 Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team (ASSET) Certified “Brown-Belt” in Security. Second employee in Adobe India to have achieved Brown-Belt level. Credited in the list of Software Engineers in Adobe Reader Version 10 product download.

Tribal Fusion R&D 

Software Engineer – II

Member of Technical Staff (MTS)

02 Jul 2007 - 29 Nov 2009

24 Months

Member of First Team Worldwide to have implemented VoIP using SIP Protocol on Blackberry for Agito Networks, USA. Single-handedly ported MJSIP Stack on Blackberry Platform. I was a key member of the team and engaged myself into the technical design and drove implementation from scratch. We did this even before RIM released their SIP Stack with BlackBerry OS version 5. GENBAND India Pvt. Ltd.: Reduced Manual Effort by 96% in translating 250 odd Web pages to multilingual format at GENBAND by developing an automated computer program. Worked on GENBAND® M5® Media Gateway Family – SMS & EMS – Java & Web Development. Single-handedly developed Toll-free and VPN application provisioning framework.

Total Experience (Full-Time / Excluding Internships)

68 Months


58 Months [Pre-MBA]


Won 2nd Position in a Dumb-C quiz contest at NSIT, organized by IEEE-NSIT Chapter. As an active devotee of ISKCON, I like reading Spiritual Books, watching Audio/Video lectures. Cycling, Playing Table Tennis & Computer Games.

PLACE: HYD | PHONE: +91-9052-070-128 | +91-9586-955-195 | E-MAIL: [email protected]; [email protected]

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