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July 11, 2017 | Author: saeed farrag | Category: Subscription Business Model, Technology, Business, Mathematics, Science
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Architectural Design

Guest-edited by brady peters and xavier de kestelier

computation works the building of algorithmic thought 02|2013

Architectural Design march/april 2013 ISSN 0003-8504 Profile No 222 ISBN 978-1119-952862


in this issue

ArchitecturAl Design

Guest-edited by brady peters and xavier de kestelier

computation works: the buildinG of alGorithmic thouGht 

 eDitoriAl

Helen Castle  ABout the guest-eDitors

Brady Peters and Xavier De Kestelier  introDuction Computation Works: The Building of Algorithmic Thought Brady Peters 1 Algorithmic Tectonics: How Cold War Era Research Shaped Our Imagination of Design

Daniel Cardoso Llach 22 Recent Developments at Foster + Partners’ Specialist Modelling Group

Xavier de Kestelier

eDitoriAl BoArD Will Alsop Denise Bratton Paul Brislin Mark Burry André Chaszar Nigel Coates Peter Cook Teddy Cruz Max Fordham Massimiliano Fuksas Edwin Heathcote Michael Hensel Anthony Hunt Charles Jencks Bob Maxwell Jayne Merkel Peter Murray Mark Robbins Deborah Saunt Patrik Schumacher Neil Spiller Leon van Schaik Michael Weinstock Ken Yeang Alejandro Zaera-Polo


2 Symmetry As Geometry: Kuwait International Airport

Kristoffer Josefsson 32 Mathematical Ensemble: Molteni Arc Table

Jethro Hon 3 Integrated Computational Design: National Bank of Kuwait Headquarters

Dusanka Popovska

Computation augments the intellect of the designer and increases capability to solve complex problems. — Brady Peters and Xavier De Kestelier


3 Networked Space

Dennis Shelden

2 Spatial Computing for the New Organic

Christian Derix and Åsmund Izaki

 Structural Emergence: Architectural and Structural Design Collaboration at SOM

Keith Besserud, Neil Katz and Alessandro Beghini  Realising the Architectural Idea: Computational Design at Herzog & De Meuron

Brady Peters

2 Simulating the User Experience: Design Optimisation for Visitor Comfort

Shrikant Sharma and Al Fisher

 Bridging a Culture: The Design of Museo Soumaya

Fernando Romero and Armando Ramos

0 Interoperability in Sports Design

David Hines

 From Model Thinking to Process Design

Jan Knippers

2 Navigating the Computational Turn

Ben van Berkel

 Domesticating Parametric Design

Bruce Bell and Sarah Simpkin

2 Planning by Parameters

Jeroen Zuidgeest, Sanne van der Burgh and Bas Kalmeyer

 After After Geometry

Michael Meredith

10 Embedding Intelligence: Architecture and Computation at Grimshaw, NY

12 Design Ecosystems: Customising the Architectural Design Environment With Software Plug-ins

Daniel Davis and Brady Peters

132 Galapagos: On the Logic and Limitations of Generic Solvers

David Rutten

13 Kangaroo: Form Finding with Computational Physics

Daniel Piker

13 Pachyderm Acoustical Simulation: Towards Open-Source Sound Analysis

Arthur van der Harten

10 WeaverBird: Topological Mesh Editing for Architects

Giulio Piacentino

12 Geco™: Architectural Design Through Environmental Feedback

Thomas Grabner and Ursula Frick

1 Firefly: Interactive Prototypes for Architectural Design

Andrew O Payne and Jason Kelly Johnson

Seth Edwards

110 Linking Structure and Parametric Geometry

Clemens Preisinger

11 Undrawable Architecture: Heritage Buildings and Digital Tectonic

1 contriButors


Stylianos Dritsas and Kang Shua Yeo

11 Computational Fluid Dynamics for Architectural Design

Sawako Kaijima, Roland Bouffanais, Karen Willcox and Suresh Naidu


Architectural Design


MARCH/APRIL 2013 Profile No 222

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Front cover: Foster + Partners, Detail of construction of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, 2010. © Nigel Young/Foster + Partners Inside front cover: Concept Sophie Troppmair, CHK Design

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