Application Against Judicial Magistrate

July 21, 2017 | Author: rehanshervani | Category: Judge, Public Sphere, Common Law, Public Law, Politics
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Application Against Judicial Magistrate...


Application Against Wrong Attitude of a Judicial Magistrate. The Senior Member, Inspection Team, X High Court, X. Re: Impertinent; Apprehensive; Insolent, Impudent; Cheeky & Antagonistic Attitude; Demeanor; Deportment of Mr. ABC Judicial Magistrate, XYZ Town Courts, Lahore towards HIK Khan Advocate High Court. Sir, With due reverence, without prejudice to any other remedy available under any other law or forum, it is submitted that the petitioner is respectable practising Advocate High Court of legal fraternity XYZ; holding chamber No.------------ in XYZ Town Courts, Lahore, appeared in a case before the court of Mr. ABC on 2nd November 2010; due to some unbeknown reasons Mr. ABC was by now in the syndrome of fury; ferocity; vehemence; intolerance & bigotry; the applicant with due revere & deference requested to hear the case but he blatantly rather palpably refused to hear the case saying: “Come tomorrow; I cannot listen your bullshit; I have lot of other things to do”. The petitioner tolerated the attitude and persuaded him to hear the case arguing: ‘the foremost duty of the court is to dispense the justice without any delay’, thereupon Mr. ABC lost his temper started abusing with disparaging; derogatory and unbecoming language baptized in pathetic “Bazarri words”; and said: “I will never hear your case; you don’t know me………………………………………………; I am a very dangerous man; Advocate like you are in my pockets; the petitioner again persuaded to do so but despite discharging the “prime duty” he taking the paper weight in his hand stepped down from the rostrum asking his staff to throw me out of court and shouted: “otherwise I will damage his head with the paperweight; at that juncture, the staff had strongly clutched the petitioner in their hands; due to judge’s nuisance and shouting lawyers entered the court room and with the help of other witnessing lawyers saved me from intimidating situation. Had the bunch of lawyer not come I would have been badly injured by the judge and the staff. By not hearing the case; by insulting and maltreating the petitioner in the presence of client and other fellow colleagues etc; by assaulting and threatening the petitioner; by stepping down from roast ram; by demonstrating that he is likely to throw the paper weight in the head of the petitioner, the judge showed his mensrea for the commission of crime; the quality of actions of the judge are sufficient to determining the quality of his mensrea for the commission of crime, indeed his actions are serious dents to “Bar and Bench Relationship”, therefore, you are requested to take stern legal action (s) against him under the Lex fori of Pakistan.


Advocate High Court HIK Cell No: Dated:

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