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Overview This ten-day boot camp will train the advanced software developer how to develop and maintain an Appian deployment. This is an accelerated course with extended hours. This course will cover process modeling and the advanced development features of Appian. It will train software developers to create smart nodes and custom functions. It will train administrators on installing, support and maintenance of Appian. This course is hands-on, with frequent exercises.

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Upon successful completion of this course and all project work students will be awarded the Level 1 ACAD certification Learning Objectives Manage tasks, content, teams and processes Design, implement, monitor and improve business processes within Appian Enterprise Develop Data Driven Processes Develop Mobile and Social Processes Develop custom dashboards and reports Use Java to develop Smart Services Run through pre-installation checklists, installation and post installation tasks Configuring Appian Enterprise Recommended Participants Technical Leads Software Developers Sales Engineers Support Engineers Duration 10 days Prerequisites (will be verified before confirmation in class) Must program in Java and know J2EE specifications Knowledge of BPM concepts Strong background in Windows 2008/Solaris networking Familiarity with application servers (e.g.: JBoss, Tomcat, Weblogic) Familiarity with databases and database concepts Topics Day 1 (Process Modeling) Appian Process Design Methodology Appian Approach to Social and Mobile processes



Business Process Management Training Partner Academy | Appian BPM Features of Appian Process Designing the Process Day 2 (Process Modeling) Creating and Utilizing Users and Groups Creating and Utilizing Rules and Constants Creating Tasks and Forms Process Instances - Monitoring and Managing Building Simple Business Processes Day 3 (Process Modeling) Creating and Understanding Reports Creating and Utilizing Pages Creating and Utilizing Dashboards Configuring and Utilizing Tempo Day 4 (Data Development Design) Creating and Utilizing Complex Data Types Using JPA Annotations Creating and Using Datastores Persisting Data to the Database with DataStores Creating and Utilizing Query Rules Creating and Utilizing Paging Grids Day 5 (Appian Administration) Project for Certification Handout Day 6 (Appian Administration) Review of Application for Certification Appian Testing Strategy Day 7 (Developing on Appian) Utilization of Database Smart Service Utilization of Web Service Smart Service Design of Custom Smart Nodes Design of Custom Functions Day 8 (Appian Administration) High-level overview of the Appian Framework Installation Pre-Requisites Installing Appian Configuring Appian Suite Application Administration Content Administration Day 9 (Appian Administration) Checkpointing Backups Site Administration



Business Process Management Training Partner Academy | Appian BPM System Monitoring Maintenance & Upgrades Troubleshooting Common Scenarios Importing and Exporting Applications Day 10 (Appian Administration) Project Presentations Appian Academy Feedback Cost $5000

For more information, email [email protected] or call 703.442.8844.

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