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November 20, 2018 | Author: Marco Arpon | Category: Probable Cause, Arrest Warrant, Criminal Law, Legal Procedure, Virtue
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Republic of the Philippines COURT OF APPEALS Manila SPECIAL NINTH DIISION

 JRV CICL-IS-NO. CICL-IS-NO. 08-1614, Petitioner, -versus-REGIONAL RIAL CO!RO" #ARI$INA %RANC&1'(, &E PEOPLE O"  &EP&ILIPPINES AN) CELINE). *!ANICO, *!ANICO,  Res+onents CA  G.R. SP No. 1(/08 #eers2 %AR3A, R. ". Atin5 C7ir+erson  LOPE3, 7n  INING ,  J.J. Prou57te2)eeer (1, (01( 9--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 DECISI ON LOPE!" #

%$On Au5ust 4, (008, Ceine ). *u7nio :e 7 o+7int ;or ie Proseutor o; #7ri?in7757inst Justine P. )i77no, "r7nes7 V7ness7 S. "u5en,Roerto Ar7no C. &i75o, )7niee Vi7o, Anton> J7> L."oron7 7n JRV CICL-IS-N o. 08-1614 @JRV ;or revit>, .o(, 7 "oron7 7n JRV CICL-IS-No. 08-1614 7re suseuent> 7n oetive> re;erre to 7s)i77no, et 7. (.#uti+> ou 7ne T  +. 'Fver> u... ts?  tin?n o; 7n 7tern7tive to ?i? er 7ss o tis tes T  iss >ou too ?>tes # UJRV CICL-IS-No. 08-16142F77. Nun5 un7 +7n5 7out te 7> tin577 ?o n7 ?un5 sino ton5 %-I--C-& n7 toe &777 ... I +it> er 5et 7 LI"E >oustu+i ;u?in +7>in innoent 5ir N7?it7n77 ni7 toW &o< I JANA%A P7r7 7t7+os n7 to.2FI

:5ure Ses 7 ;u?in5 LOSER LOSERNA NGA %IC& PA, A %AC$SA%%ER PA tsss..iruin o t7tin n5?7s>7 un s7 is7n5+7n5et n7 +7n57n57t 7 7s u?7 +7 7?on5 57it s7>o eno. 777.2 ove>ou t7t +. / UE+7sis Ours. On Au5ust 1(, (00', te Cit> Proseutor issue 7resoution isissin5 te o+7int ;or 7? o; +ro7e 7use,e7rin5 t7t 7ie 7nnot e in;erre ;ro te st7teents7n t7t MUte 7re7> 4Roo, ++. (0-(1.I., +. ((. Se+teer 11, (00' Resoution > Proseutor Lin7 A7e-Conos.

 CA&'$R$ SP No$ ()*+,-DECISIONPa.e 1 of (( ///////////////////

Ue iserne ;ro its ontents. C7in5 7+erson 7 M7?st7er , Mu5> , M ;ri?in ;7e ,Moter ;ri?in e7 ?i , Mooser , M7?7 ,Mit , M7ss , Mi7r  onte+t 7n +ui riiue ever> tie tose +ro7> ut . e;7ts 7n irust7nes enuer7te on te o5+er;et> :t te esri+tion o; te o+7in7nt. BBB&ERE"ORE, +reises onsiere, te7ss7ie resoution is ere> REVERSE) 7nSE ASI)E. Aorin5>, te Cit> Proseutor o; #7ri?in7 is ere> irete to :e teorres+onin5 in;or7tion ;or LI%EL 757inst te7oven7e res+onents 7n re+ort te 7tiont7?en iret> to > O=e not 7ter t7n [email protected] 7>s ;ro reei+t ereo;. SO OR)ERE)[email protected]+7sis 7n7nnot7tions oitte. Conseuent>, on #7r 1K, (01(, 7n In;or7tion/;or 6I., ++. (6-(8. /I., ++. K0-KK. e In;or7tion ont7ine te ;oo t7t I 7ve onute 7 +reiin7r> investi57tion on tis 7se t7t te7use to suit ontrovertin5 eviene t7t tis O=e isisse te o+7int ;or Lie 757inst te res+onents t7t 7 MPetition ;or Revie "RANCISCO ". %ARAAN IIIreverse 7n set 7sie te e7rier resoution isissin5 te o+7int 7n irete te O=e o; teCit> Proseutor o; #7ri?in7 to :e te orres+onin5 in;or7tion ;or LI%EL 757inst teres+onents 7s 7se on te eviene +resente tere is re7son7e 5roun to eieve t7t te rie7s een oitte 7n t7t te 7use 7re +ro7> 5uit> tereo;. Sine one o; te 7use7++e7re to e 7 CICL 7t te tie o; te oission o; te oense, te 7se 7n ust e so +7tent 7n 5ross 7s to 7ount to 7n ev7siono; +ositive ut> or to 7 virtu7 re;us7 to +er;or te ut> enQoine > or to 7t 7t 7 in onte+7tion o; 7 in renerin5 te 7ss7ie Orers. :e M7s o; entr>.18;. !nite Coonut P7nters %7n? v. Aerto . Loo>u?o 7n  Jii . Go, G.R. No. 16KK/, Se+teer (8, (00/ itin5 #iroso;t Cor+or7tion v. %est )e7 Co+uter Center Cor+or7tion, 4K8 Pi. 408, [email protected](00(.1'I., itin5 Riun7n &iQ7u Grou+ o; Co+7nies v. Orient7 oo Proessin5 Cor+or7tion, G.R. No.1(((8, Se+teer (K, (00, 4/0 SCRA 60, 661.(0Ii.

CA&'$R$ SP No$ ()*+,-DECISIONPa.e - of (( ///////////////////

en te In;or7tion is :e oenseinue terein 7s een oitte > te +erson sou5t toe 7rreste.(1 In s7tis;>in5 ise; o; te eBistene o; +ro7e 7use,te  Qu5e s72 @1 +erson7> ev7u7te te re+ort 7n tesu++ortin5 ouents suitte > te :s7 re57rin5 teeBistene o; +ro7e 7use 7n, on te 7sis tereo;, issue 7 isre57r te :s7Zs re+ort 7nreuire te suission o; su++ortin5 7=7vits o; , not te ert7int>, o; 5uit o; 7n 7use. In oin5 so, Qu5es o not onut 7 e novoe7rin5 to eterine te eBistene o; +ro7e 7use. e> Qust +erson7> revie< te initi7 eterin7tion o; te+roseutor :nin5 7 +ro7e 7use to see i; it is su++orte > sust7nti7 eviene.(K In tis 7se, te res+onent Qu5e (4 7e 7 :nin5 o; +ro7e 7use MU7;ter 7 7re;u +erus7 o; te In;or7tion inte 7ove7+tione 7se 7n te ouents 7tt7e (1;. Enriue V. Viue II v. Court o; A++e7s, G.R. No. 1(88', June , (00' itin5 %7t77r v. Peo+e,G.R. No. 1/4016, Ju> (8, (008, 60 SCRA (/8, ('K-('4.((See AAA v. &on. Antonio A. C7rnone, G.R. No. 1/146, June 8, (00/ itin5 Soiven v. #7?7si7r, G.R. Nos. L-8(8, L-8(8(/, 7n L-8K'/', Noveer 14, 1'88, 16/ SCRA K'K, K'8.(KI., itin5 e v. )e Leon, K1/ Pi. /8 @1'', 7t /'K.(4Ju5e Gr7ine C "ie-#77r7i5, #7> 16. (01( Orer, Roo, +. 1K.

CA&'$R$ SP No$ ()*+,-DECISIONPa.e 3 of (( ///////////////////

tereto(. ie te Qu5e i not enuer7te te ouents+eruse, tese ust onsist o; te )OJs #7r (4, (011Resoution(67s te it> +roseutor re57rin5 te eBistene o; +ro7e 7use.A++7rent>, te res+onent Qu5e even ev7u7te te initi7:nin5s o; 7? o; +ro7e 7use > te Cit> Proseutor sine+etitioner erse; suitte 7 o+> o; te Au5ust 1(, (00'Resoution 7on5
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