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September 21, 2017 | Author: Dario Congedo | Category: Drum Kit, Musical Forms, Rhythm And Meter, Elements Of Music, Pop Culture
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Master Series: Antonio Sanchez

Hudson Music presents

Master Series

ANTONIO SANCHEZ Transcriptions & Text by Joe Bergamini Engraving by Willie Rose PDF Design by Joe Bergamini and Willie Rose DVD Produced by Paul Siegel and Rob Wallis


Copyright © 2008 Hudson Music LLC All Rights Reserved

Master Series: Antonio Sanchez “CHALLENGE WITHIN” This is the 5/4 clave that underlies this tune: 1

And here is the 5/4 clave with cascara pattern: 2

PRACTICE: AREAS OF FOCUS Here are some of the areas that Antonio recommends drummers devote attention to during practice, as discussed on the DVD: 1. Identify and work on your weaknesses. Don’t just stay with what you are already comfortable with. 2. Work with a click track: A. Use click on all four quarter notes of the bar. B. Click on half notes only. C. Click on whole notes only. D. Move the click around so it only plays beats 2, 3, or 4 in each bar. 3. Hand Technique: A. Don’t rely completely on bounce. B. Practice on different surfaces. C. Split hands with right hand on one surface, left hand on another. D. Practice rudiments on various surfaces. 4. Practice playing simple.


Master Series: Antonio Sanchez INDEPENDENCE: PRACTICE ROUTINES To develop independence between the limbs, practice the following ostinatos with various hand/foot patterns played against them. This will give you the physical capacity necessary to express ideas in various styles. To develop jazz independence with the left hand, play the following ostinato: 3

And against it, play various patterns with your left hand to develop independence. On the DVD, Antonio plays the following phrase as an example: 4

Antonio recommends using the book Syncopation by Ted Reed as a source for left hand practice rhythms. Almost any book with eighth-note rhythms could be used. The Art of Bop Drumming by John Riley and Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin are also great resources. You can then move on to working on independence with the bass drum. Play the following ostinato with right hand, left hand, and left foot: 5

And then play patterns from Syncopation (or other books) against this ostinato with your right foot on the bass drum. For clarity, here is what this example would look like if all the parts were written out together: 6


Master Series: Antonio Sanchez Sometimes it is helpful to write the exercises out in this fashion so you can see where things line up. You can also work on independence with your left foot on the hi-hat. Play this ostinato:


And then play your independence figures against this with your left foot on the hi-hat. You can also approach independence in other styles in the same fashion. For Samba, play the following ostinato: 8

Against this, play independence figures from your books both as written (with a half-time feel), and in a double-time feel. Antonio demonstrates the same 4-bar phrase (from Example 4) against the Samba ostinato in this manner. Here’s what the snare part looks like: 9


Master Series: Antonio Sanchez Here is an ostinato to achieve independence in the Afro-Cuban style. It consists of the Bongo bell pattern played on the ride, with a 3-2 Rhumba clave played by the left foot and a tumbao played by the bass drum: 10

On the DVD, Antonio plays the Syncopation phrase (Example 4) against this ostinato with both a half-time and double-time feel on the snare: 11

Again, use the figures in various books like Syncopation to practice against these ostinatos.


Master Series: Antonio Sanchez INDEPENDENCE: USING PERMUTATIONS Another effective way to work on independence is by playing rhythmic permutations that train you to be able to play on any beat in the measure. For instance, when working on Samba independence, use the following ostinato: 12

On the DVD, Antonio plays the following excercise, which uses sliding/displaced rhythms, and gradually adds more notes until the entire measure is covered. This is played on the snare drum along with the above ostinato: 13


Master Series: Antonio Sanchez Use the same sliding/displaced excercise with ostinatos in the Afro-Cuban and Jazz styles. Here is an Afro-Cuban ostinato against which the above patterns (Example 13) can be played on the snare: 14

Here is an Afro-Cuban ostinato against which the above rhythms (Example 13) can be played on the bass drum, to develop independence with the right foot: 15

ROY HAYNES LICK Below is a left-foot hi-hat idea that Antonio demonstrates which was inspired by the great Roy Haynes: 16


Master Series: Antonio Sanchez “THE GATHERING SKY” Here is the basic 3/4 Samba groove that Antonio uses under the guitar solo: 17

Antonio builds his closing solo on various clave patterns, some in odd meters. Here is the basic 3-2 Rhumba clave, which the odd-meter patterns are based on: 18

Here is the first odd-meter pattern, a clave in 5/4 time. The right foot plays the downbeat of each measure on a cowbell played by the right foot. Antonio solos over this pattern. 19

The last two examples show the 7/8 clave. This clave is composed of two bars of 7/8. The first example has the bass drum playing the downbeat of each bar of 7. The second example shows the right-foot cowbell playing only the downbeat of the first bar. 20



Master Series: Antonio Sanchez PROFESSIONALISM As Antonio points out on the DVD, your playing skills must be complemented by your professional skills in order to succeed in the music business. Some of the things that top-level musicians and bands look for are: - Punctuality. - Returning calls and e-mails promptly. - Having reliable equipment. - Being humble and easy to work with. - Having an approachable and friendly personality. - Having a good attitude and respecting the music.

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