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December 3, 2017 | Author: Renato Cruz Salles | Category: Satanism, Number Of The Beast, Jesus, New World Order (Conspiracy Theory), Prayer
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July 2012 Issue No.1

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Udjat/ Eye of Horus/ The All Seeing Eye is a symbol of Lucifer. Used in divination. Hexes, curses and Below his eye is a tear because he mourns for those outside his influence.

666 The Number Of The Beast

666 (The Number Of The Beast) Revelation 13:18: This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.


Pyramid With The All Seeing Eye, (which this last one is Believed to be the eye of Lucifer) those who claim control of it have control over the world finances. All high level corruption is worked through this emblem. This one is a symbol of the Illuminati. Just look at on the back of the U.S. One dollar bill. This symbol is the basis of the NEW WORLD ORDER.



Horned Hand/ The Devil Sign/ The Mano Cornuto. This gesture with the hand is a Satanic salute, the sign of recognition between those involved in the occultism. When pointed at someone it is meant to place a curse. (Note: There is a bit more information about the hand thing, but for practical reasons we’re going to keep it like this at least for now, since all the remaining info is also part of the darkside).

Hexagram/ Star of Remphan / Talisman of Saturn (Also called Star of David) It is one of the most potent symbols used in the working of the powers of darkness. Used to work magic. (Note: in the Bible there is no references to this symbol naming it “Star of David”. In fact YHWH [Jehovah] is totally against it. You can look for it in Amos 5:25-26 and in the Acts of the Apostles 7:40-43).


Baphomet exclusive of the Satanism. A demonic deity, symbolic of Satan. Can be found as jewelry. It is now being used by the masons (Illuminati). It can be seen on their buildings and the emblems they put on their vehicles to identify each other. They also represent it with goats or head of goats.



Moloch/ Molech/ Moloch Baal/ Baal the Ammonites’ deity. It was worshipped by the Phoenicians, Greeks and Babylonians. It is normally symbolized by an owl, bull or some type of horned beast, and children are sacrificed to it. Nowadays it’s been worshipped by the elite illuminati. Moloch is the precursor and catalyst of all modern death cults. Inverted Pentagram /Goat of Mendes is a satanism star. The star is the head of satan aka baphomet. Masons (illuminati) wear this star to identify each other. Satanist churches around the world use this symbol. A well known heavy satanist Aliester Crowley wore this symbol. The thirty-third degree Mason Albert Pike also wore this symbol.


Pentagram/ Pentalpha/ Pentangle (Yes, the cute 5 pointed star that we can see everywhere is actually a pentagram) Symbol used in Witchcraft. Represents the elements, Wind, Water, Earth, Fire; including Spirit. It doesn’t matter if it has a circle around it or not (it’s still a satanic symbol). You can easily see one of this on the forehead of the illuminati’s god baphomet.


150 satanic Illuminati References


Natalia Kills

She is an English singer-songwriter, actress, and director. We can also add that she’s an illuminati. Can’t we?


A Friend In London

A friend In London is a Danish Indie pop rock band from Denmak and it seems like they all agreed to do the All Seeing Eye sign.


Emma Watson

How to form the 666 sign with the hand? Thumb and Index finger form the lower half of the sixes, as the 3 spread out fingers reveal the upper part of the sixes (666 total) plus the All Seeing Eye here.

666 The Number Of The Beast


Laura Pausini

I could say she is the most famous Italian singer. It clearly looks that she is involved in the conspiracy thing, though. Just look at the Eye of Horus sign that she’s doing.



Yeah! He’s like the Justin Timberlake of Japan.


Aguilera & Sharpton

The pyramid sign.


Jordin Sparks

As you can see Sparks is showing us the pyramid covering one of her eyes, and revealing the All Seeing Eye with the other one.


David Guetta Album Cover

How could David Ghetta be out of this? His album cover clearly says who he’s working for.


Aerosmith (Steven Tyler)

I repeat once again, the 666 sign with the hand. Thumb and Index finger form the lower half of the sixes, while the 3 extended fingers form the upper part of the sixes (666 total).

666 The Number Of The Beast



Adele is presenting the eye of Horus.


Staind Album Cover

I totally think that this album cover of Staind is selfexplanatory.


The Game

The game is indicating who owns him.



Are you still thinking that this is a joke?


Khloe Kardashian

Khloe is modeling for YRB Magazine wearing a BDSM mask and of course, she’s watching you with the All Seeing Eye.


Luis Miguel

He’s a Mexican icon, He used to date Mariah Carey Don’t you remember her? Well, I’ll refresh your memory...


Mariah Carey

...As you can see, it looks like Mariah Carey is also involved in the illuminati thing.


Kasia Nosowska

Kasia is the lead singer of the Polish rock band Hey, she also writes for several Polish magazines. Can we add to her resume that she works for the darkside?


Anna Kendrick

Anna is holding her Star of the pagan god Remphan while she’s doing the All Seeing Eye thing with the very star.


Alexander Skarsgard

Yes! This guy appears on Lady Gaga’s Video Paparazzi with a pirate patch covering one of his eyes. Don’s you trust me?


Alexander Skarsgard

…See? I wasn’t kidding. By the way. He’s Swedish.


Slipknot Album Cover

Do I have to explain this?


Nadine Coyle

Nadine Coyle is an Irish singer, she’s interpreting the All Seeing Eye with a tear below it which means her boss mourns for those outside his influence.



Shame on you bono! You used to be a person of respect for me before I knew all about this conspiracy thing. Shame on you!



As you can see he’s just another sell out.



Another photo just in case you have doubts.


Astrid Berges Frisbey

The Spanish actress and model. Astrid is showing us her deep love for a horned creature symbolizing Baphomet.


Deftones Album Cover

On this cover of Deftones, we can normally see an owl flying. However when we’re awake we can easily observe a representation of the god Moloch presenting us the Horus’ eye.


Nickelback Album Cover

The guys of Nickelback are also doing their thing. I mean, you can clearly note the All Seeing Eye or eye of Lucifer, this one even has the the tear below it.



Oh yeah! This a hardcore wink. Or is he telling us without words who is controlling him?


Drake Album Cover

On this album cover the Canadian Rapper Drake is sitting looking at something on his desk. With a symbol of the pagan god Moloch in front of him.


LeBron James

Here we notice the basketball player LeBron James doing the pyramid sign. We can deduce that he’s a puppet of the basketball. Can we?

Victoria's Secret “Angels”



The Number Of The Beast

Lindsay Ellingson, Chanel Iman and Doutzen Kroes. Respectably. What is more appropriate to name them under these circumstances Angles or Succubuses?


Tenacious D Album Cover

Here we can observe Kyle Gass and Jack Black with a demonlike style with a diabolical beast (baphomet) behind them and the goat of Mendes on the floor (the star).


Jessy J. Single Cover

This is a single cover of the female rapper Jessie J. Just as you can see, it seems like no one in the entertainment industry is out of the illuminati thing.


Jessy J.

Jessy is now simulating the evil Egyptian pyramid with her fingers and her eye. Why did I put the symbol of the star? Well call me crazy but one of the bottle caps on her t-shirt is a pentacle.


Jessy J.

She and her horrible doll head doing the eye of Lucifer sign.

Jessy J.



The Number Of The Beast

Once again but this time adding the 666.

Inna Album Cover



The Number Of The Beast

And the satanic trend doesn’t stop just look at the album cover of the Romanian Inna. She’s proudly showing us the 666 and the eye of Satan at the same time.


Nelly Furtado Album Cover

Were you thinking that Nelly Furtado was out of this? Well, let me tell you that you were completely wrong.


Nelly Furtado Album Cover

This album cover says that this is the “best” of Nelly Furtado.


Nelly Furtado Album Cover

Oh! Nelly I always thought you were a cute singer. But now I’m reformulating. This one was when she recorded a few songs in Spanish, she was singing with JUANES at that point.



This guy is Juanes. What? Can’t you look at his face clearly because he’s covering it with his hand and wrist?



How about now? This is the other half of his face you needed. By the way, He’s from Colombia, Yeah. The same country where Shakira was born.


Shakira Single Cover

Just as you can see. Shakira is also involved in the illuminati thing. What? This Single Cover doesn’t convince you?


Shakira Album Cover

How about this Album Cover?



Even on the magazine cover, the same thing. The All Seeing Eye.



The Devil’s Horns sign (god horned) by Shakira.


Shakira Album Cover

Yes! Just what you thought. The one-eye thing.


Shakira Single Cover

This is her single cover for the song La tortura (The Torture) featuring the Spanish Alejandro Sanz. What? Do you want to know who he is?...


Alejandro Sanz Album Cover

…This is Alejandro Sanz, as you see it, he is also doing the Eye of Horus thing, Besides he has a tattoo of Satan on his left arm.


Alejandro Sanz Album Cover

Doing it again.

Justin Timberlake



The Number Of The Beast

Of course that even Justin Timberlake is implicated in the occult.


13th Floor Elevators

On this album cover we can see the diabolical illuminati pyramid with one repulsive eye in the middle.


David Beckham

Here is David Beckham walking on the beach exhibiting his t-shirt with an inverted pentagram.



2PM is a South Korean boy band and as you have seen they are all about the All Seeing Eye. Of course that currently there are only six boys in the group.



The other day I was on YouTube investigating and I suddenly ran into the new graffiti6’s video (For the song Stare into the sun) and I could easily tell that is full of illuminati symbolism.



I know you‘re able to see the huge eye in the background.



And here is the pyramid with the malevolent eye.



You can observe the pyramid behind him. Can’t you?


Romeo Santos Album Cover

I can tell you guys that this man is working hard helping with the Illuminati purposes in Latin America. He even has a hit song called Diabla (Devil Woman).


Aishwarya Rai

But don’t kid yourself Bollywood isn't far behind with the illuminati tendency at all, Aishwarya Rai is a good example of that.


Milla Jovovich

It looks like The Ukrainian zombie killer is being controlled by the Illuminati Umbrella Corporation.


Incubus Album Cover

Here, they want us to believe that this symbol is a grenade but is not, It’s actually an owl with a cross of Nero covering one of its eyes, and it has a lot more evil symbols put on.


Incubus (Brandon Boyd)

You know, in the past Incubus was one of my top 5 favorite bands, I remember that I used to sing their songs every Wednesday with a cute friend of mine called Julie Benson…


Incubus (Brandon Boyd)

…However when I realized that INCUBUS means Male Demon I stopped listening to them since that moment, it was really hard for me, but now I understand that it was a good decision.

666 The Number Of The Beast


Floyd Mayweather & 50 Cent

They look like they’re a satanic team. If they play with fire they can get burnt, you know what? I feel sorry for them.


Lang Lang

The famous pianist Chinese Lang Lang is kind of trying to show us a pyramidal structure with his hands around his eye.


Nicola Formichetti

This man is the stylist of Lady Gaga. He has a butterfly covering one of his eyes. Those who have been investigating about these subjects know exactly what the butterfly means.


Nicola Formichetti

Is he insinuating that baphomet has influence over him?


Dimmu Borgir Album Cover

Gross! This album belongs to the Norwegian band Dimmu Borgir and is named “In Sorte Diaboli” I don’t know Latin but they say out there that it means “In direct contact with the Devil”.



Here you have it, yes! “The anti-them” are also part of this conspiracy. They’re just keeping us canalized, distracted and distanced from the real truth, if I remember well this is called “Controlled Dissent”



Where you see three pyramids placed one next to the other, it’s a representation of the pagan trinity: Nimrod the father, Semiramis the mother and Tammuz the child.



If you haven’t missed any of your geometry classes you’ll remember that is fairly easy to make hexagrams out of hexagons. Anyway, you can see the pyramid with the eye, right?


Muse (Matthew Bellamy)

The Mano Cornuto by Matthew. I know is hard to believe that even he is against us. Look! It’s not just what the artists say but the symbolism behind them what it really explains who they’re truly working with.


Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi is a multifaceted Japanese icon.You know, It’s extremely horrible to know that the famous artists around the world aren’t real. I hope you know what I mean by that.


Justin Bieber

And here we have Justin Bieber blocking the vision of his right eye with a piece of meat.


Dulce Maria Album Cover

The Mexican Dulce Maria is telling us without saying a single word who is pulling the strings behind the scenes. The symbol next to her is far from being a peace symbol but I have no room here to describe that now.


311 Album Cover

This Album is called Universal Pulse, we can note an enormous pyramidal structure with the earth (the eye) getting out of it (or vice-versa) and a goat simulating the presence of baphomet.


Sublime With Rome

On this album cover we see the evil pyramid with the diabolical eye inserted in the neck of the creature with the purple suit.



As you can see, Brazil isn’t out of this, the elite worldwide is working hard to lead us secretly to the so-called “New World Order” and believe me you won’t like under any circumstances that “NWO”


Nightwish Album Cover

Album Cover Oceanborn by Nightwish. Here we see the owl representing the pagan god Moloch and the All Seeing Eye is being shown by the earth itself.


Evanescence Album Cover

Now we’re able to observe the Amy Lee’s eye being surrounded by a group of sharp branches, her eye being a subliminal type of the Udjat.


Jay - Z

Jay – Z or as they call him “CEO of Hip Hop” might be an important part of the entertainment puzzle for applying the New World Disorder New World Order.


Jay – Z & Kanyen West

What are they doing? Laughing at us? Or what?


Jay - Z

Jay – Z with a serious face doing the illuminati sign and showing the eye through it.


Jay - Z

In this photo he’s trying to articulate the pyramid as perfectly as he can.


Visions of Atlantis Album Cover

I think that is pretty obvious what we’re looking at here. Isn't it?


Ricky Martin

You didn’t see this one coming? Did ya?


Taproot Album Cover

The Episodes by Taproot. As expected, another All Seeing Eye.



Why did I put the baphomet’s symbol here. Well, first I don’t have the symbol of the moon at least for now. Second the way in which the moon is placed it’s intentionally forming a couple…



…of horns, symbolizing the devil, satan, baphomet or whatever you want to name it, besides the baphomet’s symbol has two half moon around it, This last thing reinforces the idea to put it here.


Don Omar Album Cover

Don Omar a Puerto Rican reggaeton singer. He’s only presenting one eye.


Don Omar

The number of the beast with style.

666 The Number Of The Beast

Vintage (Vintazh)



The Number Of The Beast

The entertainment industry in Russia is also working leading the people slowly to the elite goal (NWO) here we see Anna with an upside down triangle behind her and doing the 666 sign.


Vintage (Vintazh)

A human pyramid shining on the top.


Vintage (Vintazh)

In this situation they’re covering one of her eyes, and you already know what that means.


Vintage (Vintazh)

Here she’s expressing the devil’s horns sign. Mickey’s ears mean something but that needs a more detailed explanation. Maybe I’ll explain it later if I have the chance to make another issue of this “Mag”

Gwen Stefani



The Number Of The Beast

Gwen is doing her thing too.


Gwen Stefani

Oh Yeah! She wants us to believe that she’s winking for no particular reason.


Gwen Stefani

Once again.



Doda or Dorota is a very famous polish singer as such she’s under the illuminati’s influences as well. Just look at her friend with a patch put on one of her eyes.



In this situation, this man has an eye out of its place, for that reason, he only has the All Seeing Eye left.



Look at the close-up! They truly want us to see that eye.


Jlo Album Cover

Of course, JLo wants to put an eye here too


Lionel Richie Album Cover

Lionel Richie couldn’t be out of this.


Enrique Iglesias Album Cover

Enrique Iglesias is doing his part of the contract as well.


“Buy My Love” This is one of the ideas that the illuminati are putting in the head of the people, I mean, since when is the love buyable? Come on!!! The real love is completely free.


Wynter Gordon Single Cover



Yep! This is a South Korean Space Girls-like band. And as you can see they have also their hands dirty, just look at the pyramid behind them.



As a matter of fact, she’s kinda cute, however she’s working for the darkside.



Perhaps you won’t be able to see clearly the pagan Star of Remphan placed on her hat, but if you watch their video called “I Am The Best” you will. Anyway, I’m sure you can see the Evil Eye.



These stairs have the form of an unfinished pyramid, the shining part is on the top, plus the girl with the club named hit has her hair like a couple of horns representing baphomet.



Here to finish the video off, they strike a pose with big pyramid forming the name of the group on their backs.


Beto Cuevas Album Cover

Beto Cuevas is a well known rock singer in Latin America, and despite of being born in Chile, it seems clearly that the evil forces illuminati are controlling him too.


30 Seconds to Mars Album C.

I don’t think it’s necessary for me to add anything here.


30 Seconds to Mars

And they’re doing it over and over again, this is the baphomet’s representation by 30 Seconds to Mars.


30 Seconds to Mars (Jared)

Wearing a pyramid as a necklace, another one on the floor and one more painted upon the wall. In fact this video where this screenshot was taken is a huge illuminati symbolism orgy

30 Seconds to Mars (Jared)



The Number Of The Beast

The fusion of the All Seeing Eye with the Number of the Beast.


30 Seconds to Mars (Jared)

Is he trying to hide one eye?


Big Bang

For crying out loud! The Horus’ eye is everywhere. Yet another South Korean N-sync-like band. It looks like this formula is working very well for the entertainment industry in that place.

666 The Number Of The Beast


Big Bang

The number of the Beast right in your face.


Big Bang

The Udjat and a bunch of magical pentagrams.


Belinda Single Cover

This girl is one of the puppets from Mexico used by the media for the amusement of the masses in order for the people to stay asleep, and thus to be more controllable.



People really need to wake up before the elite reaches what they want. I mean, even if you don’t believe in this, this is real, if don’t start getting information about this subjects…


Belinda of today when the NWO comes you and me, your family and mine are going to suffer, even folks who think like I do are going to be killed by those who have the power.


Moonspell Album Cover

I really think that there is no better example to describe the All Seeing Eye like this one.


Moonspell Album Cover

Here it seems like baphomet is emerging from the very hell.


Moonspell Album Cover

Yet another self-descriptive All Seeing Eye.


Marilyn Manson Album Cover

He said “I’ll be remembered as the person who brought an end to Christianity’’ I just want to ask you a question dear reader! Why are these satanic people always attacking the Christianity?


Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Mason looks like he fits perfectly in here. I mean this “Magazine” is full of Satanic Luciferian people. Therefore he fits in well.


Marilyn Manson

Now he’s showing the of Lucifer next to a bunch of eyes.


Marilyn Manson

This time with a patch of pirate.


Marilyn Manson

Now he’s covering his right eye while he’s doing the offensive sign that we all know.



Rihanna another powerful instrument used by the entertainment media to keep the people distracted.



Just as can see she also has her hands dirty when it comes to the All Seeing Eye thing.



The Mano Cornuto and the god Horned with a hardcore style, maybe you won’t be able to see it clearly, but her necklace has an eye hanging from it.



Is she adoring the pyramid?


Rihanna Album Cover

Rihanna featuring a persuasive Eye of Lucifer.



Of course Madonna was going to be here. Just look at the incomplete pyramid on her blouse.



Her eye denoting the Evil All Seeing Eye.



Once Again.



Now she’s doing the 666 thing with both hands

666 The Number Of The Beast



Yet another Eye of Satan. Now she’s covering her eye with a patch.


Lady Gaga

666 If there is a woman who really is the queen of the illuminati symbolism, this is hands down Lady Gaga.

The Number Of The Beast

666 The Number Of The Beast


Lady Gaga

A guy right next to her wearing a jacket with the satanic pyramid while Gaga is doing the number of the Beast’s sign.


Lady Gaga

Is it not clear what she’s doing here?


Lady Gaga

Don’t get confused, as I told ya in the description of the star: the 5 pointed star we can see everywhere is actually a Pentagram which is used in witchcraft. You can find one on Baphomet’s forehead.


Lady Gaga

Here she’s making a symbolical human sacrifice with a representation of her god baphomet hanging on the wall.


Lady Gaga

The same thing everywhere.


Lady Gaga

The high priestess of Satan. Note: The inverted cross stands for something not good but I’ll explain it later, if I have the opportunity to make another interaction with a new “Mag”


Lady Gaga

I’d say that with these horns put on, she’s exalting Baphomet, Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, Beelzebub or whatever you want to call it. The question is: Are you still thinking that the illuminati are a myth?

Words Of Wisdom

Paris Jackson


Key Phrases Continuing with the idea from the Words Of Wisdom by the cute Paris Jackson, I’ll give you a starting point with a few key phrases in order for you to know what you will be looking for whether on Google, YouTube and/or by reading books and these are:

⟤ Club Bilderberg

↻ War World III ⩴ London 2012 Olympic Games False Flag Attack?

Ⱶ MK Ultra Project

↹ Haarp Project ⩍ Blue Beam Project ⟢ Bloodlines of the illuminati By Fritz Springmeier

Read The Holy Bible Completely

Hi I’m R.E.G.J; and from my point of view, this is embarrassing for me to ask you for things or money (which I call resources) but given the situation of what it’s happening around the world, I don’t have enough time to be embarrassed. I mean, the world wide elite is taking over our lives more and more each day. Help me to fight (Informing the people). You know, I did put together this “Magazine” just using a Netbook (Trust me this computer isn’t helping me much ) I really do need computational equipment and/or money to help me to make more things like this, I need your help, support me please! You can give me an equipment part as a gift through or donate some money through PayPal (even a dollar would a help a lot) just by clicking on the buttons below. Thank You My Friend!

Click Here To Give Me An Equipment Part As A Gift Pleaseeee!

Please Read This! Please Read This!

Please Read This! Please Read This!

Please Read This! Please Read This! Please Read This! Please Read This!

Please Read This! Please Read This! Please Read This! Please Read This!

Download The Video

Download The Video

Just A Few Things I Wanted To Say If this is your first time knowing about the Illuminati thing, and the New World Order you might be thinking that this is a joke, but it’s not, as a matter of fact I’m right now exposing my life by telling you about these subjects, but you know what? I don’t care, I mean, all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. By Edmund Burke (Maybe he was a freemanson too, but it doesn’t matter since I’m using his idea against themselves). And don’t get confused I’m not considering myself a good man because as to the Holy Bible no one is good except God alone, however someone has to confront these evil people; and the best of their weapons against us is: OUR OWN IGNORANCE. This is why by helping you to know about these important things I’m actually fighting back. Do you remember the key phrases that I did put in the page 153 in order for you to search for them? Well, let me tell you that If you really dare to look for them and investigate them in detail (and other ones relative that will pop up while you’re investigating) I could certainly say that you’ll be able to understand much more in a few months on how this world really works (Wars, Economic Crisis, Manipulation of the Education, Manipulation of the Media, why they truly want to censor the Internet and a long etcetera) than spending 4 years at the university. I’m running out of room to write more ideas in this page but let me say that if you were feeling inside of you that something was totally wrong in this world, allow me to tell you that you weren’t the only one who felt that way. It doesn’t matter who you are, neither does in which country you live, whether you are poor or rich. I might never see you face to face and hug you, but I really REALLY want you to know that I love you from button of my heart.

By Rafael E. Gerónimo J.

Prayer Of Salvation If you want to go someday to a place with golden streets and a crystal sea. where you won’t hear the lies, where you won’t see the people killing each other, where you will not find all the corruption that we can see all over the world. A place where we will soar on wings like eagles, where we will run, and not grow weary, where we will walk, and not be faint. I really want to see you in that beautiful place. I’m begging you on my knees to accept Jesus as your savior, so that we can meet each other there my friend.

If you want to accept Jesus Christ as your savior please make this prayer: Dear God in heaven, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I humbly submit my life to You. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord, and I believe in my heart that You have raised Jesus from the dead. I believe that Jesus is now seated with You in Heavenly places and will intercede on my behalf. Please forgive me of all of my sins and cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I thank you Lord that I am now a new creature in Christ Jesus. Thank You for creating in me a clean heart and renewing a right spirit within me. I thank You that I am now Your child and as such am entitled to all of the blessings and benefits that accompany salvation. Thank You my Father God, for healing me, Thank you Jesus for dying for me and giving me eternal life AMEN!.

If You Made The Prayer, I Highly Recommend You To Read The Holy Bible Everyday

This Magazine IN Both Formats (PDF And Video) was burned to Be Shared Without Having To Cost A Penny. Therefore, It’s Your Responsibility As A Human Being Who loves To Inform Your Friends And The People Who Live Around You About These subjects. Share This The Way You Can! Que el Señor Jesús Cristo Bendiga este trabajo y elimine toda maldición que este pueda tener. Que el Señor Yeshua Hamashia reprenda a satanás y a todos lo que trabajan con él.

With Love By Anti-Illuminati Magazine For You.

Anti-Illuminati Magazine July 2012 No Rights Reserved.

Que el Señor Jesús Cristo Bendiga este trabajo y elimine toda maldición que este pueda tener. Que el Señor Yeshua Hamashia reprenda a satanás y a todos lo que trabajan con él.

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