Angel Guides Empowerment

August 2, 2017 | Author: Cindy Figueroa | Category: Free Will, Qi, Feeling, Reiki, Angel
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Angel Guides Empowerment

Angel Guides Empowerment Channeled and copyrighted by Linda Colibert Feb. 2012 SpiritLight Reiki Linda Colibert Reiki Master Teacher Accredited by the World Metaphysical Association [email protected] [email protected] (main email)


Angel Guides Empowerment The Angel Guides Empowerment connects you with your personal Angel guide or guides. This energy is very high and helps you to vibrate on a level that allows you to communicate with your angel guides. Your Angel guides will assist you in following your path. They will help you to heal from any illness or injury, often much quicker than would be expected. And you personal Angel Guides will work to help you understand what steps to take to improve your life and to manifest your desires. Angels are around you all the time, and they work to help you become empowered, to feel better, and to create the life you desire and are meant to live. You do not need an attunement to work with your Angel Guides, but the energies of this attunement does help you to connect easier and faster and to vibrate at a higher energy than you normally would. Angels are always ready to help you—all you need to do is connect to them and allow your energies to become a link to communication, understanding, and inspiration so that your Angel Guides can help you reach your goals. Angel Guides Empowerment Each of us have personal Angel Guides that are around us all the time. These guides are ready to assist us, to protect us, and to offer guidance in any area of our lives. While the Angels may not interfere in our lives—in other words, they allow us to grow and expand and become more than we were before—they will step forward with guidance and help when we ask. Asking is one of the keys to receiving guidance. They do not answer questions that are not asked. They offer to help us and reach out to soothe our emotions in ways we may not even be aware of, but they will not now or ever force us or lead us toward anything that is against our free will. Angels respect our free will and they allow us to make our choices without any of their influence—unless – we ask for their guidance. When we ask our Angel Guides to help us, and we call on them for guidance, the Angels open up a whole new perspective and help us make the best decisions. They will protect us and they do this in many ways— often we are not aware that they may be causing that sudden gut feeling to turn down a different street, or do something differently than usual. This may be all that is needed to avoid something that would have harmed us in some way. Maybe you get delayed and then later find out that that delay has prevented you from being in a terrible accident or some other incident. These are our Angel Guides helping us and keeping us safe. The same is true for guidance. Angels will offer you a hunch, and instinct, a gut feeling that will guide you in the best way for your highest good. And they will do this without you asking. However, if you choose not to pay attention, not to follow this instinct, it is your free will choice and the Angels will not force you or interfere.


Yet, if you willingly seek their guidance, these same Angel Guides, your personal Angel Guides, will open up all sorts of information to you in ways you will understand. You may receive more than hunches, instincts, and gut feelings. The way in which they will step forward to guide you will be much more open, much more forward and direct. You may be given visions, feelings, or even hear the messages your personal Angel Guides are offering to you. They will answer your questions and if you do not understand, always ask again and ask for clarity. Your Angel Guides are always happy and ready to help you grow, expand, and learn. They will always give you guidance that is for the highest good and they will also offer healing and comfort when you are unsure of yourself and your way forward. Communicating with your Angel Guides fills your heart with joy and unconditional love. Angel Guide Meditation To connect to your Angel Guides you need only say, “Angel Guides, Hello!” Then you may state what it is you need help with in your own words. I often talk to my Angel Guides just as I do anyone else. I suggest you ask their names and always thank them for their help. You do not need a symbol to connect with your Angel Guides. You may simply greet them with a hello, and if you want to, you can ring a bell or light a white candle. Ask your Angel Guide to help you with anything. Nothing is too big or too small. Their guidance will always be direct, to the point, and for the highest good. Your Angel Guides will never ever ask or tell you to do anything that will ever harm anyone or any thing. Angel Guides are of the Light and as such, they will only help you in positive ways. To Get to know your personal Angel Guides, greet them by saying, “Angel Guides, Hello!” Take three deep breaths and exhale slowly. Visualize the pure white light of Spirit, and see the Angels within the light. See them drift down and engulf you in the pure white light. Ask your Angel Guides their name and wait until they answer. You will hear, sense, feel, or see their response in a way that you do understand. Ask them for any clarity in your understanding if you feel any confusion about any message you are given. Visualize your personal Angel Guides standing beside you as you too are surrounded in pure white light, and feel their pure light energy as they give you unconditional love and compassion. Allow yourself to receive all of the love and light they give to you and know that it gives you healing, and understanding. Ask any questions you may have and always give your Angel Guides time to respond. They will answer in a way that is easiest for you to understand. When you feel you are finished. Thank your Angel


Guides. If you are given a name, use the name of your Angel Guide next time you call on them. See your Angel Guides drift higher into the light. Allow yourself to feel this pure love and light healing energy for as long as possible. Know that your personal Angel Guides are always with you and will always answer your questions whenever you ask.

To Receive This Distance Attunement: To receive your attunement, you will need about 20 to 30 minutes of quiet time to receive the energies of the attunement. You may receive the attunement distantly, as chi ball, or in person. When you are ready for your attunement, get comfortable, relax, and take three deep breaths, exhaling slowly to relieve any stress of the day. Then when you are ready, say, “I accept this attunement for (name of attunement, and level if appropriate) from (name of teacher) now.” Then just relax and allow the energies to flow in to you, and enjoy it. You will receive the attunement in the same way, no matter how it is sent to you. The difference in the methods of sending attunements varies, but the actual receiving of any attunement is always the same. To Send This Distance Attunement: This attunement can be passed in person, distantly, or as chi ball method. The attunement is passed with intention in the manner that works best for you. Each person is a bit different in how they like to pass attunements— some use crystals, some use meditation, or soft music, chanting, or many other personal ways to increase power and ease of sending or passing attunements. It is my belief that each teacher knows what is the most comfortable, enjoyable, and powerful way that works best for them to pass on attunements, and whenever passing attunements you should always follow your guidance. Here is the basic method: Get comfortable and relax. Take three deep breaths and exhale slowly to release any stress or tensions of the day. When you are ready, say, “I ask that (name of person being attuned) be attuned to (name of attunement, and level if appropriate) on (date and time). If the attunement is sent as chi ball, you must create the energy sphere by creating energy between the palms of your hands, (move them closer together and out again—back and forth with your palms facing each other to build the energy), and use visualization to see the sphere or chi ball.


Then place the attunement energies inside the chi ball or energy sphere with visualization as you say, “I ask that (name of person being attuned) be attuned to (name of attunement and level if appropriate). I ask that the energies of this attunement be placed within this chi ball and that the energies be kept pure until (name of person being attuned) accepts this attunement. I ask that this (name of attunement) chi ball go now to (name of person being attuned) and continue to float around (him or her) until he or she calls it in and accepts this attunement. I thank you. And so it is.” Again, I stress this is a basic way to send this attunement as chi ball and you as teacher should always pass attunements in the way that is best for you with pure intention. You may want to seal the chi ball sphere with angelic protection to keep the energies within the sphere pure until the student calls in the attunement. You can do this by simply asking the Angels, or specific Angel like Archangel Michael to seal the energies with angelic light to protect them and keep them pure until they are received by the student. But again, you should do this in your own way. Always use the method and means of protection that work best for you. May you always feel the love and joy of your personal Angel Guides! And so it is! Reiki is a form of energy healing that always helps and never harms. If you are ill, please see your physician. Reiki works hand in hand with the medical profession. Results may vary. Please ask permission of the founder before translating this manual. Angel Guides Empowerment is not to be confuse with, nor is it affiliated with any other energy or reiki system that may exist now or in the future. Angel Guides Empowerment Channeled and copyrighted by Linda Colibert Feb. 2012 SpiritLight Reiki Linda Colibert Reiki Master Teacher Accredited by the World Metaphysical Association [email protected] [email protected] (main email)


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