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Because DNA replication occurs in this phase of the cell cycle, most chemotherapeutic drugs for cancer act on the: A. GI phase C. Interphase B. S phase D. M phase

2. Which of the following epidermal cells form a protective barrier against Ultra Violet radiation? A. Langerhans C. Melanocyte B. Merkel D. Keratinocyte 3. In bacterial infection which granular leukocyte is expected to rise significantly in the peripheral blood? A. Eosinophil C. Lymphocyte B. Neutrophil D. Basophil 4. The spinal meninges is differentiated from the cerebral meninges by the absence of: A. Arachnoid villi C. Epidural space B. Pial specializations D. Subarachnoid cisterns 5. In females, which of the following structures is found in the deep perineal pouch? A. greater vestibular gland C. crus of clitoris B. vestibular bulb D. sphincter urethrae 6. During a fight a man was stabbed in the thigh which transected the femoral nerve just below the inguinal ligament. Which of the following will be manifested by the patient? A. intact knee-jerk reflex B. loss of skin sensation over the anterior and medial thigh C. loss of skin sensation along the medial border of the big toe D. inability to flex the knee joint 7. A lesion of the median nerve in the hand is manifested by: A. loss of ability to abduct the digits C. loss of opposability of the thumb B. claw hand D. Dupuytren's contracture 8. Damage to the facial nerve at the stylomastoid foramen would affect: A. facial expression C. salivation B. taste sensation on the anterior 2/3 of the tongue D. lacrimation 9. After a car accident the driver was noted to have clear fluid (apparently CSF) draining from his nose. The bone which is most likely fractured is the: A. frontal C. nasal B. ethmoid D. lacrimal 10. In portal vein obstruction, blood from the jejunum could return to the heart through which of the following veins? A. hepatic C. splenic B. esophageal D. inferior mesenteric 11. Renal calculi are most commonly trapped in which of the following anatomic narrowings of the ureter? A. as the ureter enters the bladder C. at the level of the pelvic brim B. renal pelvis D. at the level of the iliac crest 12. Which of the following esophageal narrowings may possibly offer resistance to the insertion of a nasogastric tube? A. level of the thyroid gland B. level of the arch of the aorta as it crosses in front of the esophagus C. just before entering the diaphragmatic opening D. level of C7 13. What position would make it impossible for a patient to keep his abdominal musculature tensed during an examination? A. when the thighs are flexed C. when the arms lie by the side B. when the thighs are extended D. when the knees are extended 14. Malignant tumor of which area of the tongue is expected to metastasize early and bilaterally into the deep cervical nodes? A. root C. central portion, body B. apex D. lateral portion, body 15. Which chamber of the heart is most likely enlarged when there is narrowing of the thoracic esophagus on Barium swallow? A. right atrium C. right ventricle B. left atrium D. left ventricle


16. A patient diagnosed with bleeding ulcer on the posterior wall of the stomach was brought to the emergency room in hypovolemic shock. Which of the following arteries is most likely eroded? A. gastroduodenal C. splenic B. restroduodenal D. hepatic 17. Which of the following statements is correct about the cystic duct? A. It forms the medial boundary of the triangle of Calot. B. The proximal portion contains the spiral valves of Heister. C. It lies at the thickened distal portion of the lesser omentum. D. It is about 8-10 cm. in length. 18. A neurologic exam of a 34-year-old man reveals direct and consensual light reflexes in his left eye; but neither a direct nor consensual reflex in his right eye. Which of the following nerves is most likely involved? A. right optic C. right oculomotor B. left optic D. left oculomotor 19. A 58 year old man with atherosclerosis suffers an embolic stroke that leaves him with a left leg paresis. Physical examination reveals Babinski sign on the left and diminished sensation over his left leg. Blockage of which of the following artery in responsible for his symptoms? A. left anterior cerebral C. left cerebral B. right anterior cerebral D. right middle cerebral 20. A 64-year-old man presents with increased language output, most of which is incomprehensible. Neurological testing reveals that he cannot comprehend verbal or written language. Where is the location of his lesion? A. basal ganglia C. temporal lobe B. frontal lobe D. parietal lobe 21. The following structures assist in maintaining the kidneys in their normal position, EXCEPT: A. renal fascia (Gerota) B. renal artery and vein C. renal fibrous capsule D. perirenal fat 22. A patient can move his eyeball normally and see distant objects clearly but cannot focus on near objects, this condition may indicate damage to the: A A. ciliary ganglion and oculomotor nerve B. oculomotor nerve and long ciliary nerve B C. short ciliary nerve and ciliary ganglion C D. superior cervical ganglion and long ciliary nerve 23. The primary site for CSF absorption into the venous system is the: A. choroid plexus C. arachnoid villi B. vertebral venous plexus D. internal jugular vein 24. The cardiac veins that drain into the right atrium through the coronary sinus are the following EXCEPT: A. small cardiac C. great cardiac B. middle cardiac D. anterior cardiac 25. The right coronary artery commonly supplies the following structures EXCEPT A. right ventricle C. AV node B. SA node D. anterior left ventricle 26. Choose the CORRECT statement regarding the innervation of the visceral pleura. A. It is sensitive to pain and touch. B. It is supplied by the intercostal nerves. C. It is innervated by the phrenic nerve. D. It receives autonomic supply from the pulmonary plexus. 27. The respiratory bronchiole has the following characteristics EXCEPT: A. Lined by simple columnar epithelium C. Presence of glands and cartilage B. Presence of goblet cells D. Abundant smooth muscle 28. The non-ciliated epithelial cells on the terminal bronchioles are called: A. clara cells C. Type II pneumocyte B. Type I pneumocyte D. dust cells


29. A 43-year-old woman undergoes a radical mastectomy. “Winging” of the scapula is observed after she recovers from surgery. Damage to which of the following nerves is suggested by this finding? A. axillary B. supraclavicular C. spinal accessory D. long thoracic 30. A 24-year-old male patient sustains a fracture at the midshaft of the humerus. The patient may sustain injury to a nerve which is likely to produce: A. claw hand deformity B. winging of the scapula C. wrist drop D D. carpal tunnel syndrome 31. A 20-year old male fell twice in the course of a basketball game and each time he used his right arm to break his fall. He felt pain in the right shoulder the following day. Physical examination revealed no deformity. However, there was deep tenderness in the acromion process. Abduction of the right arm was painful. The injury is most likely a: A. tear of the deltoid muscle B. shoulder joint dislocation C. fracture of the clavicle D. rupture of the supraspinatus tendon 32. A patient is unable to flex the proximal interphalangeal joint due to paralysis of the: A. palmar interossei B. flexor digitorum profundus C. dorsal interossei D. flexor digitorum superficialis 33. Intramuscular injection should be given in the upper outer quadrant of the buttocks to prevent damage to which of the following nerves? A. sciatic B. obturator C. superior gluteal D. lateral femoral cutaneous 34. A patient suffers a fracture of the medial malleolus. A consequence of such injury is scarring & entrapment of the nerve in this area. If this should occur which of the following conditions would result? A. anesthesia of the sole of the foot B. decreased pulse in the dorsalis pedis artery C. foot drop D. loss of eversion 35. What ligament prevents the dislocation of the femur backwards at the knee joint? A. anterior cruciate C. lateral collateral B. ischiofemoral D. posterior cruciate 36. Which of the following pharyngeal arches forms the muscles of mastication? A. 1st C. 3rd nd B. 2 D. 4th 37. Postoperative hoarseness after thyroidectomy results if one of the recurrent nerves is accidentally cut while ligating which of the following vessels? A. superior thyroid artery C. superior thyroid vein B. inferior thyroid artery D. middle thyroid vein 38. Which of the following statements about the pars distalis is CORRECT? A. The basophils are the most numerous cells. B. The acidophils synthesize Growth Hormone and Prolactin. C. It receives blood directly from the internal carotid artery. D. It is derived from the floor of the diencephalon. 39. The pelvic diaphragm is formed by which of the following structures? A. sphincter urethrae muscle B. perineal membrane C. deep transverse perineal muscle D. levator ani 40. In males, the mucus-secreting glands found within the deep perineal pouch are the: A. seminal vesicle C. Cowper's glands B. Skene's glands D. prostate glands 41. The structure that serves as a landmark in doing pudendal block anesthesia through a transvaginal approach is the: A. iliac crest C. ischial spine B. ischial tuberosity D. sacral promontory


42. To control bleeding due to uterine atony, which of the following arteries should be ligated? A. internal iliac C. superior mesenteric B. external iliac D. middle sacral 43. Which of the following statements is true of oogenesis? A. At birth, the primordial follicles contain oogonia. B. The first meiotic division is completed at fertilization. C. The ovum is released together with the zona pellucida and corona radiata. D. The secondary oocytes has 46 chromosomes. 44. Into what vein does the left ovarian vein drain? A. Renal B. IVC

C. portal D. iliac

45. Histologically, plasma cells can be recognized by the arrangement of the: A. cytoplasmic granules E B. mitochondria F C. heterochromatin granules G D. nucleoli 46. To avoid hitting the lungs, the best site for thoracentesis is at the level of the: A. 9th intercostal space, midaxillary line B. 6th intercostal space, midclavicular line C. 8th intercostal space, scapular line D. 7th intercostal space, midaxillary line 47. In the cardiac silhoutte of a radiograph the right border of the heart is formed by the: A. right ventricle B. right atrium C. ascending aorta D. left atrium 48. Which of the following layers of the scalp contains the emissary veins? A. skin B. aponeurotic C. loose areolar tissue D. periosteum 49. Which of the following statements is true about the ileum? A. Plicae circulares are absent in the terminal portion. B. The mesenteric vessels form 1 or 2 arcades. C. The mesenteric fat is scanty near the wall. D. It lies in the lower part of the lesser sac. 50. In order to examine the tympanic membrane in adult, the auricle should be pulled: A. upward and forward B. upward and backward C. downward and forward D. downward and backward 51. A 17-year-old female has painful pimple just below the lower lip. The pain is due to irritation of which nerve? A. opthalmic B. maxillary C. mandibular D. facial 52. Which of the following statements about the cells in the testis is CORRECT? A. The spermatozoa are the largest cells in the seminiferous tubule. B. The sertoli cells are resistant to ionizing radiation. C. The Leydig cells secrete Androgen Binding Proteins. D. The most mature spermatocytes rest on the basement membrane. 53. An 18-year-old male had an infected pimple at his right nasal ala. To what cranial venous sinus can infection spread into? A. sigmoid B. transverse C. superior sagittal D. cavernous 54. In a patient with fracture of the distal 3rd of the femur, the distal fragment is displaced posteriorly due to the pull of what muscle? A. gastrocnemius B. biceps femoris C. semitendinosus D. semimembranosus


55. A. B. C. D.

In doing tracheostomy at 2nd-4th rings, what structure will be encountered and should be avoided? thyroid isthmus remnant of thymus gland vocal cords esophagus

56. A man suffered from a gunshot wound. The bullet entered anteriorly at the angle of Louis. If the bullet went straight backward, which vertebrae would most likely be hit? A. C6-C7 B. T4-T5 C. T9-T10 D. T12-L1 57. A. B. C. D.

During thoracentesis, the last layer to be traversed before pleural fluid can be aspirated is the: transversus thoracis endothoracic fascia parietal pleura visceral pleura

58. Occlusion of the marginal branch of the right coronary artery will result to infarction of the anterior part of which chamber? A. left atrium B. right atrium C. left ventricle D. right ventricle 59. During D & C (dilatation & curettage procedure), the instrument accidentally punctured the uterus anteriorly. Which structure might be injured? A. urinary bladder B. uterine artery C. sigmoid colon D. duodenal ligament 60. A dehydrated 3-year-old child has only one prominent vein and that is located in the ankle in front of the medial malleolus. What vein is it? A. anterior tibial B. posterior tibial C. small saphenous D. great saphenous 61. A. B. C. D.

In umbilical cannulation of neonates, which of the following vessels is used? right umbilical vein right umbilical artery left umbilical vein left umbilical artery

62. A. B. C. D.

To test for the integrity of the inferior oblique muscle of the eye, the patient is ask to: turn the cornea directly laterally look laterally and upward turn the cornea direct inferiorly look superiorly

63. In direct inguinal hernia, the bulging mass is found within the Hesselbach's triangle. The posterior wall of this triangle where hernias protrude is the: A. inguinal ligament B. external oblique aponeurosis C. transversus abdominia aponeurosis D. transversalis fascia 64. A. B. C. D.

Pain of acute viral hepatitis is secondary to irritation of which of the following structures? liver parenchyma ligaments of the liver parietal peritoneum around the liver Glisson's capsule

65. During surgery for cardiac tamponade, a nerve along the pericardium was noted to be injured. This nerve injury will cause paralysis of the: A. diaphragm B. esophageal sphincter C. intercostal muscles D. heart


66. After feasting with grilled milkfish, a 30-year-od female felt pricking pain in her throat. She consulted at the ER where direct laryngoscopy was done. A fish bone if present will most likely be seen in what area? A. epiglottis B. piriform sinus C. ventricular folds D. vocal folds 67. A 25-year-old male was brought to the ER after he was thrown off his motorcycle. He was found unconscious but breathing. CT scan revealed right temporal bone fracture and epidural hematoma. What artery was most likely injured? A. internal carotid B. internal maxillary C. middle meningeal D. superficial temporal 68. A 8-month-old boy was brought to the clinic for well-baby check up. You would expect which cranial fontanelle to still be open? A. anterior B. posterior C. sphenoidal D. mastoidal 69. A. B. C. D.

The vermiform appendix is best located by following the: anterior cecal artery descending branch of the right colic artery ileum to the ileocolic junction teniae coli of the ascending colon

70. A. B. C. D.

The structure that allows air pressure to equalize between the middle ear and the outside air: external auditory meatus round window auditory tube oval window

71. Which of the following cells is responsible for myelin formation in the brain and spinal cord? A. Schwann cell B. oligodendrocyte C. astrocyte D. microglia 72. A. B. C. D.

The auditory receptor lies in the epithelial structure at the: cochlear duct semicircular duct scala tympani scala vestibuli

73. A. B. C. D.

Bitemporal hemianopsia results from a lesion involving the: visual cortex optic tract optic chiasm optic nerve

74. A. B. C. D.

In bronchoscopy, the bifurcation of the terminal end of the trachea is marked by which of the following structures: trachealis muscle epiglottis vocal cord carina

75. The widest and most dilatable part of the male urethra is the: A. Bulbous B. prostatic C. membranous D. penile 76. A. B. C. D.

Which of the following arteries ensures the continuity of blood supply of the entire large intestines: superior mesenteric inferior mesenteric celiac trunk marginal artery of Drummond

77. A. B. C. D.

Accidental ligation of the celiac artery will compromise blood supply to the following organs EXCEPT liver spleen stomach colon


78. Which of the following structures increases the surface area of the cerebral cortex A. gyri B. sulci C. invaginations D. villi 79. Parathyroid glands are embryologically derived from: A. neural crest B. outpouchings of the primitive gut C. thyroid anlage D. 3rd and 4th brachial pouches 80. The layer of the epidermis that typically appears as a single layer of mitotically active basophilic cells is the stratum : A. germinativum C. granulosum B. spinosum D. corneum 81. Which of the following features describes the skeletal muscle? A. multinucleated C. branching fibers B. centrally located nucleus D. presence of intercalated disc 82. Hassall's corpuscle is a characteristic finding in the: A. lymph nodes B. thymus

C. spleen D. tonsils

83. If the palate fails to elevate on the right side when the patient says "Ah", one would suspect a lesion of the: A. right vagus nerve C. right spinal accessory nerve B. right glossopharyngeal nerve D. trigeminal nerve on the left 84. The ability to recognize an unseen familiar object placed in the hand depends on the integrity of which of the following pathways? A. spinothalamic C. dorsal column B. spino-olivary D. corticospinal 85. The scala vestibuli and tympani are continuous at the: A. modiolus C. spiral lamina B. helicotrema D. none of the above 86. The pyramidal tract descends and passes through the following structures, EXCEPT: A. internal capsule C. crus cerebri B. midbrain tegmentum D. medullary pyramids 87. To prevent ischemia of the forearm when the elbow is too swollen, which of the following structures should be cut to release pressure on the brachial artery? A. bicipital tendon insertion C. bicipital aponeurosis B. medial intermuscular septum D. pronator teres belly 88. Which of the following nerves arises from the lateral cord of the brachial plexus and pierces the coraco-brachialis muscle to course downward between the biceps and brachialis muscle? A. ulnar C. musculocutaneous B. median D. radial 89. For a soccer player to have a strong kick, leg exercises should concentrate on which of the following muscles? A. hamstring C. quadriceps femoris B. pes anserinus D. gluteal 90. Which of the following muscles is called the "prayer muscle" since it flexes the head? A. sternocleidomastoid C. splenius capitis B. semispinalis capitis D. longissimus capitis 91. The sternal angle is a useful landmark in counting the intercostal space. It corresponds to the level of which of the following pairs of costal cartilages? A. 1st C. 3rd B. 2nd D. 4th 92. A massive infarct of the heart involving the septum, apex and the left ventricle is likely due to occlusion of which of the following arteries? A. right coronary C. left anterior descending B. circumflex D. right interventricular 93. The thoracic duct passes through which of the following diaphragmatic apertures? A. aortic C. caval B. esophageal D. sternocostal 94. The triangle of Calot is an important anatomical space which helps us to locate the: A. common bile duct C. porta hepatis B. pylorus D. cystic artery


95. The ligament of Treitz marks the junction of which of the following gastrointestinal segments? A. duodenal-jejunal C. jejunal-ileal B. gastroduodenal D. ileo-cecal 96. Which of the following statements is correct about the Islets of Langerhan? A. The  cells secrete insulin. B. The Islets of Langerhans are most numerous in the tail. C. It is composed of serous cells. D. It's secretory activity is influenced by cholecystokinin. 97. The reproductive organ of the male that produces a viscid, yellowish secretion that contains spermatozoa- activating substances is the: A. Cowper's gland C. seminal vesicle B. prostate gland D. bulbourethral gland 98. A 28 year old man sustained a pelvic fracture due to a motorcycle accident. Which portion of the urethra was most likely injured? A. prostatic C. bulbous B. membranous D. penile 99. Which layer of the uterus is sloughed off during menstruation? A. zona functionalis C. basalis B. zona basalis D. entire endometrium 100. Malignant cells of the nipple are expected to metastasize initially into which of the following group of lymph nodes? A. pectoral C. subclavian B. axillary D. internal mammary


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