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May 5, 2018 | Author: krako | Category: Bangladesh, Candy, Agriculture, Chief Executive Officer, Marketing
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This will help those who are doing preparation to make report on PRAN, the largest food processing company of Bangladesh...


2.0 OVERVIEW OF PRAN: 2.1 Company profile: PRAN stands for P


Programme for 

R =


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N =  Nationally!

In Bangla “ cÖMwZ

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PRAN PRAN GROUP GROUP "as #orn in $%&' $%&' "ith Rangpur Rangpur (oundr (oundry y )imited )imited!! *eepin *eeping g in ie" ie" the

corporate mission of the group they hae oer the years diersified others areas! +oday they are the largest processors processors of fruits , egeta#les egeta#les in Bangladesh! Bangladesh! PRAN encourage contract contract farmers farmers and help them gro" uality crops "ith increased yields and to o#tain fair prices! +he .roup comprises comprises of % companies! companies! +he head offices offices are located in /haka "ith production production facilities around the country! 0arious 0arious companies under PRAN .roup are1  

Agricultural Marketing Company )imited 2AMC)3!


Pran (oods )imited!


Pran Agro )imited!


Banga Agro Processing )imited!


Bangladesh )ift 4ndustries )imited


Property /eelopment )imited!


Rangpur (oundry )imited!


Pran Agro Business )imited!


R() Plastics )imited!

+he management of PRAN group is modern adapted to the enironment , culture! +heir largest asset is their competent team of hands-on-mangers , dedicated employees! $' 2+en3 departments  perform PRAN .roups arious #usiness actiities! +hese departments are common for the entire sister companies! (or e6ample Marketing /epartment does the marketing 7o# for all companies of PRAN PRAN .rou .roup! p! 8the 8therr depa depart rtme ment ntss are are )ega )egall /epa /epart rtme ment nt99 :R Mana Manage geme ment nt!! Busin Busines esss /epartmen /epartment9 t9 Material Material Management Management99 Accounts Accounts /epartment9 /epartment9 Managemen Managementt 4nformatio 4nformation n ;ystem 2M4;39 4mport- Confe!#ionery Pro'"!# of PRAN: PRAN has seeral categories of confectionery  products! +hese are Candy9 Fafer9 Chocolate9 )ollipop9 .um #ase items and =ell-8!

/eposited Candy

:ard Boil Candy

Medicated Candy


Che"ing .um          5

“Prospect of Confectionery Marketing in Bangladesh-a special focus on PRAN”

      e       g       a         P



(ruit Bar 

2.? -are# C"+#omer (pe!ifi!: +he main target consumers of PRAN confectionery are children or those "ho are #et"een E year  to $D year!  

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