An Investigation Into the Human Energy Field (Christopher John Bradshaw)

August 18, 2017 | Author: THE NIKOLA TESLA INSTITUTE | Category: Matter, Light, Electromagnetic Radiation, Electricity, Aura (Paranormal)
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Short Description

In this thesis I will demonstrate the personal empowerment and spiritual growth that one may acquire when becoming aware...



by Christopher John Bradshaw

A thesis submitted pertaining to the requirements for the degree of Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc. from the University Of Metaphysical Sciences


24 October 2011 Date


Chapter 1: Introduction


Chapter 2: Review of Literature


Chapter 3: Methods


The Different Devices That I Tested


A Summary of My Results


Chapter 4: Findings


The Science behind Energy Fields


Modern Studies of the HEF


Levels of the HEF


Chakras and the HEF


Health, Diagnosis of Disease and the HEF


Chapter 5: Discussion


Chapter 6: Summary & Conclusion





A human being is a part of the whole, called by us the Universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest- a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and of a foundation for inner security. th

(Albert Einstein, German Theoretical Physicist, N.Y. Post, Nov 28 , 1972)


1 Chapter One Introduction

If you do not expect the unexpected you will never find it (Heraclitus, Greek philosopher, 600 B.C.)

In this thesis I will demonstrate the personal empowerment and spiritual growth that one may acquire when becoming aware of human energy fields and the energetic nature of our physical reality. By presenting both personal, academic and spiritual research, I hope to show the reader how the knowledge and understanding of human energy fields can revolutionize the way we think about and deal with our health on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Furthermore I hope the information contained in this thesis will challenge our perceptions and beliefs of the environment that we live in a long with our understanding of what we call consciousness 2

In 1905 Albert Einstein’s famous formula E=mc showed that energy contained in matter (E) is equal to the mass of the matter (m) times the speed of light (c) squared. It is the equation that helped prove that matter and energy are not separate but different forms of the same thing. Whether we can see it or not, an open mind must consider that everything is but vibrations of energy. By being able to vibrate and form patterns energy is able to differentiate itself into different patterns which we call objects. The interaction of objects is thus the interaction of energy patterns. This would not just mean material, physical objects but also phenomena such as rays of light, songs, thoughts and even human minds. Mass or matter is therefore one form of energy as is light. Matter is compressed energy and is a general term for the substance of which all physical objects consist and Light or visible light is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye and is responsible for our sense of sight. Current Science and Quantum physics (the study of the behavior of matter and energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear, and even smaller microscopic levels) suggest that matter and light exhibit the behaviors of both waves and particles. This puts forward the rather strange but possible notion that objects can be in two places at once, there is really no such thing as a thing and that nothing in

2 nature is absolutely certain!

So uncertain that even as I write this very thesis, theories and

understandings of how are universe works are constantly evolving and being updated, as I will explain in a later chapter. One thing that may be certain though as Milo Wolff and Geoff Haselhurst purport in their article Structure of the Electron and Origin of Natural Laws (2005) is that nothing happens in nature without an energy exchange. Communication or acquisition of knowledge of any kind occurs only with an energy transfer. There are no exceptions. This is a rule of nature. So what does this all really mean? Put simply it means energy is not just in the air it’s everywhere and seeing is not necessarily believing! Visible light makes up only a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum so through our eyes we are only seeing one piece of a very big jigsaw puzzle so to speak. In other words if you are looking at something you are only seeing what you can see and not the entire thing. In truth, there are many amazing occurrences going on in and around us all the time that we are just not consciously aware of. Understanding the above information is thus a good foundation for understanding the Human Energy Field (HEF) which this thesis centers on. We as human beings living on planet earth in the Milky Way galaxy are literally embedded, attached and plugged into an energy matrix comprised of interconnecting energy fields that are at present beyond our minds capability of really fully and truly comprehending. The HEF (otherwise known as the “Aura” or “Biofield”) is quite simply a field of multiple interpenetrating layers of energy which surrounds our human body much likened by many to the shape of a candle flame. As Barbara Brennan more aptly describes in both her books Hands of Light (1989) and Light Emerging (1993),

(The HEF) is the manifestation of universal energy that is intimately involved with human life…..a luminous body that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body (and) emits its own characteristic radiation.

An important point to remember that Brennan clearly emphasizes is that the HEF must be regarded as no less real than the physical body.

Indeed, the HEF has often been seen, described and

depicted in religious and spiritual writings dating back to the earliest writings.

3 When we look at religious iconography across many cultures, we often see this white, yellow or golden ring or halo above the head of saints, gods and goddesses. Then there are clairvoyants and psychics who can see colours and auras around people and make inferences to the state of well being of the person. Ancient Biofield Images depicting and symbolising the HEF:

5000 years ago, ancient spiritual traditions of India spoke of a universal energy called “prana” that flows through spinning energy gates in the HEF known as “chakras” and energy channels called “nadis.” This universal energy is thought to be the source of all life, the breath of life that moves through all forms to give them life. 3,000 years ago, the ancient qigong masters in China were practicing their meditative discipline to balance and invigorate the HEF. They called this vital energy that pervades all forms, both animate and inanimate “qi” that flows through energy channels called “meridians.” “Vital force” was a name associated with this life energy in Europe and in many religions it was known as “spirit.” This subtle energy was thought to balance with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of life to keep the person well. Interrupt this energy flow through the body and stress or dis-ease will begin. Brennan clearly agrees with this through her direct personal experiences and notes that “the human energy field is directly connected to and expresses human physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being.” Subtle then it may be but weak it certainly isn’t. “This energy is very powerful. We actually bring more energy into our bodies through this field (our HEF) than we do by eating” she notes. Up until the early 20th century, detection of the HEF remained in the hands of certain gifted individuals, including clairvoyants whose enhanced range of sight allowed them to detect energy

4 fields. However, with modern scientific apparatus we are now able to measure the most subtle and delicate electromagnetic fluctuations in the body. This provides supporting evidence for our worlds ancient traditional beliefs and theories. The HEF is composed of electro-magnetic and bio-dynamic radiations that can be measured against the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum with a variety of different devices. In the summer of 2011 I was fortunate enough to actually try out some of these devices and to conduct a practical study on my very own energy field at the Centre for Human Energy Field Research (CHEFR) in Pune city, India. Apart from describing these personal experiences this thesis paper will present published and documented scientific evidence and famous experiments that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the discovery and existence of the HEF. It will also explore the many insights, advantages and benefits of understanding, using and working with the HEF in the realm of Health and Medicine and life in general. Modern medical science continues to ignore the impact or even existence of the chakras, meridians, prana, qi, vital force, spirit and soul of the human body. Anatomy and physiology manuals totally ignore energy fields and the classical understanding of the body and therefore doctors, students and people around the world are seldom made aware of the auras, chakras and meridians. This needs to change. Although originally from England I have been lucky enough to live, work and study in both India and Japan and I am now currently based in Southern China. I have therefore experienced firsthand 3 cultures which know the HEF to be most important to our health and whose systems are based on knowledge of these life energy fields. Over the years I have become deeply interested and passionate about this topic and want nothing more than to share my knowledge and experiences of the HEF with as many people as possible. My main aim in this thesis is thus to increase the awareness of the HEF and help change our belief systems surrounding this metaphysical science. In my humble opinion this is hugely important because it will completely change the way we look at health and medicine and indeed may possibly change our whole perception of our environment and how we live in it!

5 Chapter Two Review of Literature

The Centre for Human Energy Field Research (CHEFR) otherwise known as The Centre for Biofield Sciences (CBS) is located in India and has been conducting pioneering research at the UNESCO Chair-holding World Peace Centre at MIT’s Pune Campus for over a decade.


speciality is tracking human health with Biofield imaging devices that measure the changes in the body’s biophotonic emissions. I visited CHEFR in the summer of 2011 and carried out a small study using some of their HEF devices. Their dedicated team of doctors, researchers and scientists can provide vast amounts of scientific literature on the HEF and I thank them wholeheartedly for the support and assistance they gave me during my visit. The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life (1999) by Drunvalo Melchizedek presents in text and graphics both parts of his The Flower of Life workshop, illuminating the mysteries of how we came to be, why the world is the way it is, and the subtle energies that allow awareness to blossom into its true beauty. Drunvalo Melchizedek is an author, spiritual teacher and world traveler who has given workshops, seminars, and lectures on sacred geometry, human energy fields, spirituality, meditation, and living in the heart in forty-five countries so far to date.

From the pyramids and

mysteries of Egypt to the new race of Indigo children, Drunvalo presents the sacred geometries of the reality and the subtle energies that shape our world. We are led through a divinely inspired labyrinth of science, stories, logic, and coincidence on a path of remembering where we come from and the wonder and magic of who we are. Barbara Brennan’s books Hands Of Light: A Guide To Healing Through The Human Energy Field (1988) and her follow up book Light Emerging: The Journey Of Personal Healing (1993) are a must read if you want to learn to see and read auras and understand the human energy field. They are both educational text‐book style masterpieces. Barbara Brennan is considered an authority on the subject of chakras, auras, aura viewing and healing by adjusting the aura. An ex-NASA physicist she is the first to write two textbook level books on the subject and is a trained scientist holding Ph.D. degrees. Being able to see auras she has approached the subject with a true scientist’s point of view and with the necessary spiritual wisdom and understanding. She has even founded her own school

6 in New York City, NY, and has trained many teachers and healers in the use of chakra and auric diagnosis and healing. Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis (2000) by James Oschman PhD, is a well written book by a well known scientist with a degree in biophysics and a PhD in biology, which brings together for the first time evidence from a wide range of disciplines which begins to provide an acceptable explanation for the energetic exchanges that take place in all therapies. "Energy Medicine" provides an exciting and challenging read for anyone who may be interested in or curious about the therapeutic aspects of energy. It provides a stimulus to discussion among both the sceptics and those who are already convinced of the healing potential of body energy. James Oschman is one of the few academic scientists to explore the relationship between complementary and alternative medicines and is one of the leading authorities on the scientific understanding of hands-on healing. His extensive background as a scientist and his experience and understanding of holistic healing place him in a unique position to bridge the gap between the academic/medical world and the healing community The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles (2005) by Bruce Lipton is a groundbreaking book in the field of New Biology. Author Dr. Bruce Lipton is a former medical school professor and research scientist. His experiments, and those of other leadingedge scientists, have examined in great detail the processes by which cells receive information. The implications of this research radically change our understanding of life. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology, that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. Dr. Lipton's profoundly hopeful synthesis of the latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics is being hailed as a major breakthrough showing that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking. Harry Oldfield’s Invisible Universe (1999) by Grant and Jane Solomon provides a good overview of Harry’s early work with Kirlian photography, crystals and electro-crystal therapy. Harry Oldfield is an extraordinary scientist and healer who has spent the last 25 years proving that mystical emanations such as visions and psychic manifestations have a basis in science. A pioneer of the Kirlian photography, Oldfield has developed a photographic scanning method known as Polycontrast

7 Interference photography (PIP) that can diagnose illness and photograph the chakras. He has also discovered an Electro-Scanning Method (ESM) which can ascertain a full medical history from a fully clothed patient in just two minutes and has founded a school teaching students his electro-crystal therapy techniques. The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life (1987) by Robert Becker, a U.S. orthopedic surgeon and 20


century pioneer of research in bioelectric phenomena, does a

masterful job of leading the reader into the invisible yet profound world of electromagnetism and its effect on all living organisms. Colourful and controversial, this is a tale of engrossing research, scientific and medical politics and breakthrough discoveries that offer new possibilities for fighting disease and harnessing the body's healing powers. Matrix and Matrix regulation, Basis for a Holistic Theory in Medicine (1991) by Alfred Pischinger is a book about connective tissue: histology, biochemistry, biophysics, and how it is clinically related to human health and disease. Alfred Pischinger was one of the first scientists to fully study and explain the importance of the connective tissue, which he referred to as the "Ground Regulation System," or "Extracellular Matrix." The book is based on extensive basic science and clinical research done by the author and a multitude of other European (largely German and Austrian) physicians and scientists in the 1950's through 1980's. In other words, this is where European Medicine stood twenty years ago. Unfortunately, as of 2011, it still remains a ground-breaking eyeopener for most physicians! A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Morphic Resonance (1995) by Rupert Sheldrake describes a process known as “Morphic Resonance”. The past forms and behaviors of organisms, the author argues, influence organisms in the present through direct connections across time and space. Calling into question many of our fundamental concepts about life and consciousness, the regularities of nature are reinterpreted as being more like habits than immutable laws.


Sheldrake is a Cambridge-trained research biologist and author of more than 80 scientific papers and ten books. If you are science reader and interested in biology, physics and evolution, then this book is a must to read.

8 Wholeness and the Implicate Order (1980) by David Bohm is a superbly written exposition of intriguing












born British quantum physicist and a tremendously exciting thinker. This awe-inspiring book explores a deceptively simple and very old idea that everything in the universe that we can observe, measure, describe, and come to understand is connected, even if we cannot observe, measure, describe and come to understand that connection.

This book confronts you with a devastatingly beautiful

philosophical insight that completely undermines our post "enlightenment" western tendency to divide, conquer, fragment and isolate everything we attempt to understand. The Holographic Paradigm and Other Paradoxes (1982) by Ken Wilber is a truly diverse and informational book, which includes essays from such important theorists as physicist David Bohm and neuroscientist Karl Pribram about the holographic theory of consciousness.

Ken Wilber is an

American author who has written about mysticism, philosophy, ecology, and developmental psychology and is one of the most comprehensive philosophical thinkers of our time. This is an extremely useful book for becoming acquainted with various scientists/theorists in consciousness studies as the author has compiled a rare and exquisite collection of information that connects all branches of current research into human consciousness. The Celestine Prophecy (1994) by James Redfield is a novel

that discusses various

psychological and spiritual ideas which are rooted in many ancient Eastern Traditions and New Age spirituality. The main character of the novel undertakes a journey to find and understand a series of nine spiritual insights found on an ancient manuscript in Peru. The book is a first-person narrative of the narrator's spiritual awakening as he goes through a transitional period of his life. James Redfield is an American author, lecturer, screenwriter and film producer and I recommend this book to anyone who wants an introduction to the idea of energy fields and all things of a more spiritual nature.

9 Chapter Three Methods In one cubic centimeter of “empty” space the amount of energy is much greater than the total amount of energy of all matter in the known universe. (David Bohm, British Theoretical Physicist, 1917-1992)

Have you had the experience of directly seeing with your own eyes parts of the energy fields that we are connected to? I am truly fascinated on days where the sun is shining down and small strands of white particles can be seen flickering and moving all around me. They move and wiggle so fast that I can never actually see one standing still. Anyone can see these amazing squiggles of light, you just need to perhaps blur your eyes a bit and be patient! When I started seeing them and realized it was not a figment of my imagination I wanted to understand more and more about the vast energy matrix that we find ourselves embedded in. And so I did. In the summer of 2011 I visited the Centre for Human Energy Field Research (CHEFR) located in Pune City, India. CHEFR has been conducting pioneering research at the UNESCO World Peace Centre at Maharashtra Institute of Technology Pune Campus for over a decade. It is an integrated health education and training organization with a focus on bio-energetic research. CHEFR promotes a sustainable preventative healthcare model where preventative naturopathic information medicine is selected as a preferred approach. It researches and trains in technologies and techniques designed to analyse and rebalance the disharmony found in the human energy field (HEF) that will eventually lead to disease. Whilst visiting CBS I carried out a simple research experiment using myself as the test case. The study employed 4 commercially available technologies comprising Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP), Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV), Resonant Field Imaging (RFI) and Electro Scanning Method (ESM) that are currently used by researchers and practitioners to measure the ‘energetic’ parameters of participants.

Each device has its own unique way of tapping into the

electromagnetic properties of the HEF providing information which can be used as an indicator for a subject’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of health.

10 You might be thinking “what a load of rubbish” or “no way is that possible” and to be honest I was quite sceptical. So that’s why I wanted to put them to the test, give them a go and see what they could tell me about myself and my health. The analysis of data was qualitative in nature and carried out single blind so that the doctors had no knowledge of any of my identified issues when analysis took place.

The Different Devices That I Tested 1. Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP)

Pictures of PIP

PIP is a revolutionary computer imaging system developed by Dr Harry Oldfield, a British scientist, and co-author of The Dark Side of the Brain (1988). PIP is three-dimensional imaging which can show the state of the HEF where energy is blocked and where it is moving freely. This can be determined by the patterns and colors shown on the photographs. Basically PIP is a light-based scanning method that analyses interactions between ambient light and a participant’s energy field.

The field is represented indirectly through its interaction with the

surrounding light. The information detected is light intensity, which is coded by the PIP computer software and assigned a specific colour. With this system it is the patterns of absorption and reflection in and out of symmetry that are of most interest. In order for PIP to be most effective undergarments must only be worn for this scan. The PIP provides instant energy patterns around and within the patient and is most useful when analyzing the body itself for congestions that appear on the surface above the specific organ or part of the body being investigated. Typically it is understood that the body will absorb more or less light (i.e. reflect less) where it has health issues, in comparison to the rest of the participant’s body.

11 PIP is surprisingly simple. First of all the subject is placed against a white background with a full spectrum, four-foot fluorescent light above his or her head. A video camera is then focused on the subject and, if need be, the lighting is adjusted so that it is consistent with all previous scans, in effect setting a light intensity benchmark. Behind the camera lenses is a semi-conducting or chargecoupled device (CCD) that turns light into electrical signals. In a normal camera the CCD has three different types of light-sensitive cells that pick up each of the primary colours red, green and blue and in this way a colour image can be conveyed. These electrical signals then enter the computer, which first of all changes them into numbers. All the signals are assigned a value between 0 and 255 depending upon intensity. The brighter the light hitting a particular cell in the camera the higher the number assigned to it in the computer. As no account is taken of the allocated primary colour of any particular signal, the image is effectively reduced to black and white. Finally, on the computer display colours are substituted for each number from 0 to 255. A particular number (for example 144) always has a particular colour (for example dark blue) assigned to it. In this manner an image is therefore displayed on the screen in false colour representing the fine gradations of light intensity of the image entering the camera. Overall then the system is a very sophisticated light-meter that is displaying tiny gradations of light intensity by assigning colours to them. In this manner, light intensities are distinguished that would otherwise be impossible to the unaided human eye.

2. Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV)

Pictures of GDV

GDV also known as Electronic Photonic Imaging (EPI) is an advanced form of electrophotography invented by a Russian scientist Konstantine Korotkov. It involves observations of

12 a phenomenon known as corona discharge whereby a high-frequency electric field stimulates ionic gas emissions from an object being scanned. The GDV Camera creates a high intensity electric field (10 kV, 1024 Hz, 0.5 sec) around a fingertip placed on the special fiber-optic plate of the instrument. The electric field produces a visible gas discharge glow around the object and the image is captured instantly onto a computer. The GDV stimulates and records 40 ms of the electro-photonic glow around all ten fingertips, one at a time. Basically the GDV pulses a high voltage (very low current) electrical charge through a charge couple device upon which each finger of the hand is placed. The glow of each finger discharge is transformed by optical and CCD system into a computer file. On the basis of the calculated parameters and diagnostic hypothesis, a certain conclusion or diagnosis is made. The image from each finger is compiled using Indian and Chinese medicine theories to generate an image of the HEF. The image is then correlated to organ system function, which can be extrapolated to show general health of the subject. The picture formed after processing and transformations reveals a two-dimensional amplitude-modulated fractal image. Fractal, matrix and probability analysis are then used to correlate the image. In brief, stress and other negative factors seem to disrupt the uniformity, coherence and the magnitude of the human electro-photonic glow measured with the GDV instrument.


therefore illuminates the energy leaks which are a result. The GDV aura is the model of field distribution around the human body. A healthy, positive state would be illustrated as vibrant and symmetrical, where as a negative energy state would be seen as dull and asymmetrical. The field of a healthy active person is dense, uniform, has smooth changes of colour from blue to orange and yellow.

Heterogeneities, holes, and outbursts are

indicators of energy field distribution disorder, which point to disorders on the mental, functional or organ level.

13 3. Resonant Field Imaging (RFI)

Pictures of RFI

Invented by Matthew Greene an American scientist, RFI combines frequency analysis with computer software. The frequencies are detected with a frequency counter around specific areas of the body. The software then interprets this information into colours, which relate to the bio-energy of the body, which in turn can be linked to the physical and psychological health of the individual. The RFI can be considered a passive device in that it’s detecting frequencies with no external energetic input. Basically, as a result of physiological processes including cellular activity but especially nervous transmission and associated polarization, electrical activity generates electric fields. Dysfunction tends to lead to reduction on the field strengths detected. However there are exceptions to this such as with pathogens associated with an illness which emit their own frequencies that may increase the field strength in a particular area.

Increases can also be observed over sites of

inflammation or where there is an immune response taking place. The frequency counter is capable of detecting a wide range of frequencies (1MHz – 1GHz). However the RFI software assigns these frequencies one of 16 colours. Red is the primary colour of imbalance that has been observed, yet there are a few other colours including burgundy, orange, yellow, and black that have been shown many times as areas of known (or yet symptom less) physiological anomalies. All other colours appear to relate to sites that are generally healthy.

14 4. Electro Scanning Method (ESM)

Pictures of ESM

The ESM is another passive device that was the simplest in terms of its use and function when compared to the other three devices that I studied. It was invented by Dr Harry Oldfield who also developed the PIP and involves detection of variations in energy field strength around a subject using a method similar in nature to that of the RFI. Through applying a high pulsed frequency to the participant via an electrode (held by the participant) a resonant field is set up around the body. Deviations in the resonant field are identified using a standard sound level meter that gives a measure of signal strength (amplitude) compared to a control (quiet) site such as the forearm. Basically it's a technique which measures the sound waves of certain points in the HEF. For the purposes of my study readings were taken at seven reference points, which corresponded to the classical chakra locations as well as the major endocrine glands of the body. According to Oldfield “the overall energy states at these sites are a good indicator of the energetic states of organs and other physical anatomy in that area”. For example, a reading at the brow centre (middle of forehead) may give indication as to the relative health of the eyes as well as areas of the brain. Positive ‘+’ readings tend to indicate over excitation of that region and can indicate stress or acute pain in that region. On the other hand minus ‘-‘ readings tend to indicate areas of lower energy and can indicate areas of past or chronic disturbances.

15 A Summary of My Results Please note: The full results and images of each device that I tested are shown in the appendix section (available on request). The results that each of the devices provided certainly indicated their effectiveness at identifying imbalances in my body.

It is clear that there is something non-visible supporting,

surrounding and interconnecting with the physical body and these devices seem to be tapping into various patterns within it. They thus strongly suggest the existence of a subtle biological field around the body that reflects the physical internal states of the body. The results of my personal study therefore indicate a link between the energy fields identified by these diagnostic technologies and my state of health. Of the four devices used each showed some capacity to detect imbalances around sites of known physical imbalance in varying detail. In short, each of the systems appeared to give some indication of overall health which was nice to hear! Furthermore some good identification of my specific issues was clearly seen. Old problems areas such as my knees, ankle and lower back injuries from playing sports were detected in my field as well as imbalances in my digestive system and neck region. These clearly reflected the recent stomach bug I had picked up and the muscle I had strained a few days before in my neck/shoulder region. Heart chakra imbalances were also clearly shown by each device indicating an increased immune response and my brow chakra seemed to be also over stimulated suggesting mental fatigue. This wasn’t a study to see which machine was better but to get an assessment of my health using non invasive bio medical technology.

However, exploring the validity of each device by

comparison with each other, relationships were identified with PIP, GDV and RFI although less so with ESM which is a much simpler device in terms of its function and the results data it can provide you with. As I have already mentioned a relationship was certainly evident between all four devices and my perception of what they told me. Every individual result may not always have been right but the overall evaluation I got was well balanced especially when comparing the other interpretations

16 from the results of each individual device. Using more than one device therefore provides a more complete view of your energy field and subsequent state of health. It was obviously a very small study but still there is clear qualitative evidence that these devices can go some way to identifying areas of psychological and energetic imbalance in the HEF. In my mind this can only support the development of a more integrated and non-invasive approach to assessing health states, possibly as a preventative measure before physical issues actually manifest.

17 Chapter Four Findings

Life is too rapid and subtle to be explained by slow moving chemical reactions and nerve impulses. (Albert Szent-Györgyi, Hungarian Nobel Prize winner, 1937)

The Science behind Energy Fields In 1820 Hans Christian Oersted accidentally discovered that passing a current through a wire would cause nearby compass needles to rotate.

This showed that electricity can give rise to

magnetism. In 1831 Michael Faraday showed the opposite of the “Oersted effect” by proving that a magnetic field can induce a current flow in a conductor. Thus a fundamental law of electromagnetism was born, Faraday’s Law of induction.

Electricity gives rise to magnetism

Magnetism gives rise to electricity

The circulatory system found inside the human body is an excellent conductor of electricity. According to Ampere’s Law discovered in 1826, the flow of electricity through the blood vessels and other fluid compartments in the body must therefore create a magnetic field in the space around the body.

18 Electricity gives rise to magnetism. Magnetism gives rise to electricity. Bioelectricity should therefore give rise to biomagnetism, and vice versa. In 1906, Einthoven recorded the electricity from the heart using a sensitive galvanometer. He received the Nobel Prize for his discovery in 1924. In 1906, the electrical field of the heart seemed so minute that detecting it was a challenge although nowadays every physician has used electrocardiograms (ECGs).

Using a machine called a Superconducting Quantum Interference

Device (SQUID) Magnetometer to measure the space around the body the heart has been found to generate the body’s largest biomagnetic field. We now know that the ionic currents set up by the heart, brain, muscles, the retina, and by other tissues and organs give rise to vibrating electrical fields that are measurable at the surface of the body. Aside from the ECG these fields are also used as medical diagnosis in devices such as the Electroencephalogram (discovered by Berger in 1929) and the Electromyogram (discovered by Jasper in 1942). All the physiological processes of the human body therefore constitute a number of processes involving some degree of electrical activity. Robert Becker in his book The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life (1987) describes electrical activity taking place during muscular action (including the heart) where as James Oschmann in Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis (2000) talks about the electrical nature of cell depolarisation during nerve signal transmission. In Matrix and Matrix regulation, Basis for a Holistic Theory in Medicine (1991) by Arthur Pischinger, electrical activity throughout the body is also shown to happen in the deformation of the complex collagen fibre network. Such charge separations and electron flows generate associated electric and magnetic fields. These energy fields further influence the helixical molecules of the body (DNA, keratin, collagen, actin and myosin) because they are semiconductors. In Process & products involving cell modification (1985), Robert Becker shows that as semiconductors they display the “transverse Hall effect”, changing current and electro flow as directed by magnetic fields. All the above electromagnetic activities feed into what is known as the “living matrix”, which Oschmann explains in great detail. The living matrix is made up of collagen, ground substances

19 (hyaluronic acid, chondriotin sulfate, keratin sulfate etc.), cytoskeleton (microtubules, microfilaments, microtrabeculae, actin, myosin), the nucleus (DNA, histones) and integrins. Integrins are seen to be very important molecules as they link the extracellular matrix with the cellular matrix forming a communication bridge between the inside and outside of each cell. The extracellular matrix is “hardwired” to the cytoskeleton and nuclear matrix and these links are both mechanical and energetic. The living matrix system therefore extends throughout the body and is a semiconducting electronic network.


The living matrix

An electronic network

In a 1981 publication titled Water structure-dependent charge transport in proteins (Gascoyne et al) the collagen molecule, which is the most abundant protein in the world and the basic building block of the human body, was thought to be structured in a crystalline alignment and was compared with the model of an integrated electronic circuit. Unsurprisingly, water content was also found to be very important in the semiconducting property of each collagen molecule. In addition to the electromagnetic fields generated by physiological processes occurring within the body, Oschmann says there are also various emissions including Infra Red radiation, Microwave, Radio, Sound and light. Each of these are constantly reacting and interacting with the pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties of the skin and the collagen fibres of the body. As Dr Bruce Lipton explains in his book The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles (2005) the phospholipid molecules of a cell membrane (the skin of a cell) behave in a liquid crystal like fashion. Their fluid crystalline organization allows the membrane to dynamically alter its shape while maintaining its integrity, a necessary property for a

20 supple membrane barrier. This all basically implies then that are physical body (through are skin) and our HEF our constantly acting and reacting to changes occurring in both our inside and outside environments and electrical and magnetic signals seem to have a very big part to play in the communication process.

Part of a cell membrane (the skin of a cell)

Now as I mentioned in the introduction light is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye and is responsible for our sense of sight. However, based on my research, it seems that light plays a much bigger and more important and complex role than just making us see things. Indeed the many electromagnetic fields created in and outside the body (described above) that seem to make up a large part of the HEF are now known to be constantly interacting with photons, 'energy packets of light’ or basically weak electromagnetic waves. The breakthrough research of Nobel Prize nominee Fritz-Albert Popp in the 1970s established that all natural organisms emit light energy at the cellular level, which he termed “biophotons”, and that all organic life absorbs light and processes it internally. He concluded that faint, colour-coded broadcasts of the light energy that cells emit is the basis of intercellular communication in all living organisms. Recently, this renowned biophysicist had the following to say about light: We know today that man is essentially a being of light. And the modern science of photobiology ... is presently proving this. In terms of healing ... the implications are immense. We now know, for example, that ... light can initiate, or arrest, cascade-like reactions in the cells, and that genetic cellular damage can be virtually repaired, within hours, by faint beams of light. We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say, emphatically that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light. This is quite a statement but clearly there are obvious connections. Two mechanisms in classical physics tell us that photons or biophotons are affected by electric and magnetic fields. They

21 are the “Faraday effect” (1845) entailing the rotation of polarized light in magnetic fields and the “Kerr effect” (1875) that describes a similar effect with regard to electric fields.

One could therefore

understand that any photon movement in the connective tissues of the body, such as the skin or it’s associated structural proteins such as collagen, will influence both electrical and magnetic fields in and around the area of movement. All of the above information then lends support to Einstein’s notion that we are indeed “beings of light”. Not only is our body and its trillions of cells producing electricity and electromagnetic fields they are also emanating photons of light. In my opinion, whether it’s electric fields, magnetic fields or biophotonic fields it really doesn’t matter. They are all one and the same. They are all manifestations of the same thing, electromagnetic radiation. They are all vibrating, all interconnected and are all affecting each other. Put simply, all these energy emitting processes make up the Human energy field, a complex lattice of electromagnetic energetic emanations or vibrations that are constantly interacting with the visible or invisible fields in our environment and creating in and outside of our bodies what we know as life!

Modern Studies of the HEF As I have previously mentioned, studies of the Human energy field (HEF) have been going on all over our planet for thousands of years dating as far back as 5,000 BC. Describing all of them would easily fill a whole book so for the purpose of this thesis I will mention some of the most famous and prominent studies that have been conducted within the past century.

1. HEF Photography: Around 1911 Dr Walter Kilner from St. Thomas hospital in London reported on seeing the HEF or aura as he called it. Using coloured glass screens stained with dicyanin dye to create different filters he saw glowing mists around a person’s body in three distinct layers. A ¼ inch layer closest to the skin, a more vaporous layer 1 inch wide streaming from the body at right angles and a luminous layer with indefinite contours about 6 inches wide. He found that the appearance of the aura differed in each person depending on their physical, emotional and mental states.

22 Around 1939 a technique known as “Kirlian photography” was developed by a Russian electrician Semion Kirlian. It worked by passing a high frequency high voltage (low current) pulse through an object placed upon a photographic plate. As this pulse was administered there was a subsequent ionic discharge around the object that could be captured on a photographic plate. Using a special optical instrument Kirlian was able to show a difference in the HEF of a person harboring a disease that had not yet manifested any symptoms! The GDV device which I used in my study is basically an advanced digital version of Kirlian photography that eliminates the need for a photographic plate and uses glass electrodes instead. Around 1940 in England Dr George De La Warr developed a system of detection, diagnosis & healing from a distance using the HEF called “radionics”. He detected radiation from living tissues by photographing a patient’s hair for example, which was used as an energy field antenna. These photographs then showed internal formations of diseases in living tissues such as tumours and cysts within the liver and cancers inside the brain.

2. HEF Microscopes: From 1930-1950 Dr Wilhelm Reich an Austrian-American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst studied the universal energy field which he called “orgone”. He studied the changes or imbalances in the orgone flow in relation to physical and psychological disease. Reich experimented with these energies using the latest instrumentation of that time to observe the energy fields of animate and inanimate objects. He used a high power microscope to observe the energy field of microorganisms and human blood cells in the laboratory. In the early 1990’s French microbiologist Gustave Naessens observed in the blood tiny dancing light particles too small to identify and properly study with conventional microscopic equipment. He therefore invented a microscope called the “somatascope”, which has a magnification of 30,000 times and a resolution of 150 angstroms, to study these particles of dancing light. Interestingly enough, these so called “particles of dancing light” seem very similar to the “squiggles of light” that I mentioned in chapter 3, which are easily observable in direct sunlight.

23 Naessens theory printed in A New Answer to Cancer in 'Well-Being', September/October (1993) states that cell division cannot take place without the presence of this tiny life force or energy particle that he calls the “somatid”. Naessens believes that “the somatid is the original spark of life, the pinpoint where energy condenses into matter" representing “the manifestation of cosmic energy in a tiny, moving dot of physicality."

3. HEF Light Emissions: From 1970-1980s in America, Greek born Dr John Pierrakas developed a system of diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders based on visual and pendulum-derived observations of the HEF. The information from these observations combined with body psychotherapeutic methods eventually developed into “Bio-Energetics”, otherwise known as “Core Energetics”. His work suggested that the light emissions from the human body are closely related to health. In 1978 Dr John Pierrakos, Dr Richard Dobrin and Barbara Brennan published Instrumental Measurements of the Human Energy Field which correlated clinical energy field observations with emotional response and low light level darkroom measurements were correlated to human presence. Light levels were taken in a darkroom before, during, and after there were people in that room and results showed an increase of light when people were in it. Amazingly light levels dropped when someone tired or emotionally sad was in the room. From 1970-1990 Hiroshi Motoyama from Japan managed to measure low light levels coming from people who had practiced yoga for many years using a movie camera in a darkroom. He electrically measured the acupuncture meridians and used them for treatment and diagnosis of disease. In this same period Dr Valorie Hunt and colleagues at the University of California electronically measured the frequency and location of the biofield on human subjects and correlated the results with aura readers. They did this by placing electrodes on the skin of a subject to record the low millivoltage signals from the body during “rolfing” sessions (a type of soft tissue manipulation technique). The resulting frequencies were correlated with the colours and patterns that the aura

24 reader was seeing in the therapist and the subject.

The experiments were repeated on many

occasions with different aura readers and on every occasion the auric colours that were seen matched the frequency wave patterns being measured on the skins surface.

4. HEF Electromagnetic Fields: From 1930-1960, Harold Saxton Burr a Professor of Anatomy at Yale University, showed that all living things had a “life field” which he was able to analyse and measure with his own special electronic instruments. He showed that these life fields (he called them “L-Fields”) could be used to predict illness by noting variations within them. He described the state of the energy field as being able to indicate the presence of cancer and was able to demonstrate that the presence of cancer caused significant changes in the electromagnetic field around an organism. Burr also made an immensely important discovery when he found that the L-Fields exist by themselves before there is any trace of the physical formation to which it corresponds.


concluded that the L-Field is the organising principle behind the physical structure or program of the body.

This organises the atoms and molecules into cells and organs and transforms them into

performing specific forms and functions. From 1970-1989 Dr Robert Becker of Upstate Medical School mapped a complex electrical field on the body that was shaped like the body and the central nervous system naming the field "The Direct Current Control System."

He found that this field changed shape and strength with

psychological and physiological changes and that particles the size of electrons were making up some part of this field. For a period of 30 years 1960-1990, American Dr Andria Puharich measured life enhancing alternating magnetic fields (8 Hz) from the hands of healers finding that lower frequencies were detrimental to life. This work was followed by another American Dr Robert Beck who correlated magnetic pulses emanating from healers with pulsations from the earth’s magnetic field, the “Schumann waves”.

This type of investigation was also performed in the 1990’s by Dr Zheng

Ronliang of Lanzhou University in China who measured the qi radiated from the human body by using

25 a biological detector made from a leaf vein connected to a photo quantum device.

5. HEF Bioplasma: From the 1950's onwards Dr Victor Inyushin at Kazakh University in Russia has been conducting extensive research on HEFs. He believes the energy field to be “bioplasmic” in nature comprising itself of ions, free protons and electrons. He also goes as far as to say that the bioplasmic energy field should be classified as a fifth state of matter. His work shows that the particles making up this field are constantly being renewed by chemical processes in the cells and are always moving. A severe shift in the balance of particles contained within the bioplasma seems to cause a change in the health of the patient or organism.

Levels of the HEF Although getting to grips with the existence and understanding of the HEF is complex enough it seems that the energy field itself is made up multiple fields, layers and levels that connect to and penetrate each other both inside and outside of the body. As you can imagine an analysis of every field, layer and level of the HEF is a huge subject in itself and is one that is still not perfectly understood. As it is not central to the main aim of this thesis but still very relevant and important I will provide a summarized report on what we seem to know. This will also include the interpretation of energy chakras that will follow this section. A leading expert on the various parts of the HEF is Barbara Brennan, a longtime practitioner and teacher of energy healing. Her knowledge of the HEF is not abstract or coming from second hand information. Instead, it comes from many years of practice at entering into an expanded state of awareness in which she can literally "see" the energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates all things. This includes humans, animals, cells, and even microscopic DNA.

A large part of the below

interpretation has thus been sourced from her two books Hands of Light (1989) and Light Emerging (1993).

26 Brennan’s research describes four aspects of the HEF that she has perceived during many years of practice:

1. The Physical Body: 

The familiar physical world










2. The Aura or Biofield: 

The energetic framework or grid structure upon which the physical world rests

Has seven levels of structured and unstructured fields, each with seven main chakras or energy vortices located along the human spine

3. The Hara Line: 

According to Brennan is a solid pole of intentionality that runs vertically through the center of the human body (up the spine and inside the auric vertical power current) connecting us upwardly to the sky and downwardly to the center of the earth.

Located inside the layers of the HEF and the chakras on another dimension producing a zero-point energy field that apparently lacks magnetic polarity.

Associated with human intentionality and our soul’s incarnational task to be accomplished in this body and lifetime.

4. The Core Star: 

According to Brennan’s observations this inner Divine Core is located within the foundation of the Hara line

It is our connection to the Eternal Divine, our inner source or localized divinity within us

It is from this inner source that all creativity from within arises

27 As our modern day scientific instruments can only directly view the physical body and rd


indirectly detect the different parts our HEF (aura or biofield) the 3 and 4 aspects described above by Brennan will not be further elaborated on. In her books, Brennan begins by pointing out that many cultures have made references to something that lies beyond and below the human physical body. According to her observations, the human aura has at least seven levels, and although she has seen many more, in her books she focuses on the lower seven. Of these seven levels (see table & pictures on pg 28), every other one is structured (1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th), meaning they have a specific pattern to them. These levels look like standing beams or avenues of light in which particles are flowing. The even numbered levels are unstructured and Brennan sees in them types of energetic bio-plasma composed of fluid light. The different levels of the fields are like frequency bands that encircle and penetrate the physical body. When she is feeling them, the fields feel like currents of wind or energy. They look like colored streams of bio-plasma of different consistencies, which vary depending on their particular level. For Brennan, the fields are both "deeper" and "higher" than the physical body. While most scientists try to explain energetic phenomenon, such as acupuncture meridians or the HEF as secondary processes of the physical body, Brennan in contrast sees the physical body as being secondary to the HEF itself. In short, the energy-body comes first and the physical-material body comes second. As is seemingly proven in Kirlian’s famous phantom leaf experiment (where a corona discharge was still present even when a part of the leaf had been removed) Brennan informs us that every cell and organ inside our physical body is wrapped in layers of light. They flow through all physical structures, even though common human perception cannot see them.


1.The Etheric Body

2.The Emotional Body

Physical sensations

Emotions with respect to self

3.The Mental Body Rational Mind

4.The Astral Body Relation with others

Distance of each Layer from the Physical body: 1. Up to 2 inches 2. 1-3 inches 3. 3-8 inches 4. 0.5-1 foot 5. A template/blueprint form of the Etheric body 6. 2-2.5 feet 7. 2.5-3.5 feet

5.The Etheric Template

6.The Celestial Body

7.The Ketheric Template

Level - Divine will within

Divine love, Spiritual ecstasy

Level – Divine mind, serenity

The different layers of the HEF

Drunvalo Melchizedek, an author and spiritual teacher who can also see and read auras, provides us with another insight into the HEF in his book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life (1999). He describes the different layers of the HEF in similar ways to that of Brennan and he adds that the first layer of the field is associated with our breath. He refers to the first energy field that comes off the body (the etheric body) as the prana or chi (qi) field and like Brennan he describes it as

29 being a soft, white-blue light. He goes on to say that this bluish light is the prana or the life-force energy of the body. Beyond this first prana field he talks about a second field of energy (the emotional body) that is not associated directly with our breath but with our thoughts and emotions. Importantly he carries on to say that our thoughts emit electromagnetic fields from our brains and our emotions also send out electromagnetic fields. Like Brennan he notes that most people have tuned them out so we don’t know they are there. Brennan also emphasizes that the energy that she sees in the HEF is never separate from a person’s thoughts and feelings. For example, when someone’s mind is feeling calm and positive this will be reflected in their HEF. In fact, everything a person experiences has a correlation in their HEF. Every thought, feeling, sensation and emotion can be seen in the field. It is robust with information and activity.

Chakras and the HEF The Centre for Human Energy Field Research (CHEFR) in Pune, India has been investigating the anatomy and physiology of the HEF for over 15 years, which was judged to have first been investigated by the Rishis (seers) and written in the ancient Indian Vedic texts. These texts describe the Nadi system which is closely correlated to the Meridian system of Traditional Oriental Medicine. CHEFR’s research has shown that with subtle energy biofield imaging equipment seven major centres of activity can be measured within the HEF. These centres are referred to as “chakras” from the Sanskrit word for wheel and correspond to the torsion field produced by the repeated firing of nerves in the nerve plexus. CHEFR goes onto say that each chakra is linked to a physiological endocrine gland via the nerve plexus and directly affects the gland with which it is connected, thus affecting the hormones secreted by each (see table on pg 31).

A specific wavelength is also

associated with each chakra which corresponds with the colors of the rainbow. The frequency of each chakra increases from base to crown chakra, and from red to violet on the electromagnetic spectrum.

30 In Brennan’s work she also clearly indicates that the human chakra system has been referred to by ancient Indian religious texts as well as by Western esoteric traditions, such as Jewish Kaballistic teachings and alchemical texts. According to her observations, these texts confirm what she herself can see that there are 7 main or major chakras, which look like swirling funnels of energy that align themselves vertically up the human spinal cord and interconnect and link into the different levels of the HEF. The energy fields around the human body are created by the movement of energy and consciousness within the chakras (D. Melchizedek) Each major chakra on the front of the body is paired with its counterpart on the back of the body and together they are considered to be the front and rear aspects of one chakra. The frontal aspects are related to the person’s feelings, the rear ones to his or her will and the three on the head to a person’s mental processes. Brennan importantly also mentions that when a person is healthy, their chakras spin clockwise, pull in energy, and are in alignment vertically up and down the spinal cord.

31 Energy Centre/ Chakra

Endocrine Gland




Serotonin, Melatonin

Brow/Third Eye


Control hormones: ACTH, TSH, FSH, LH & PRL, STH



Thyroxin, Calcitonin/Parathormone

Regulates general rate of metabolism




Solar Plexus


Insulin, Glucagon

Regulates immune system and defends against infections Regulates glucose to produce and maintain stores of energy



Testosterone, Oestrogen, Progesterone

Regulates sexual hormones

Aldosterone, Adrenaline, Cortisone

Regulates water balance in the body, response to stress, metabolism, the immune system and influences digestion and urinary system



General Gland & Hormone function Regulates diurnal rhythms; adrenal functions Master gland: regulates activity of several endocrine glands

The 7 major Chakras and their associated Gland and Hormone Functions

CHEFR’s work also shows that the chakras functionality has been linked to the health of all the systems of the body. According to their observations the structure, surface area and symmetry of the biofield and chakras allows them to identify areas of health, including psychological, emotional, and physical health. In her books Brennan tells us that the chakras of the HEF have 3 main functions. To vitalize each auric body (or level) and thus the physical body. To bring about the development of different aspects of self-consciousness and to transmit energy between each auric layer as each layer of the HEF has its own set of 7 major chakras each located in the same place as detailed in the images above. As CHEFR have found in their research, Brennan also agrees that as the chakras serve to vitalize the body they are directly related to any pathology in the body. She also agrees that each chakra is associated with an endocrine gland and major nerve plexus. Both Brennan and CHEFR adhere to the basis notion displayed in the metabolic pathway (see next page) of how our HEF, chakras and physiology interact.


Incoming HEF Primary Energy

Chakra (Energy Vortices)

Nadis (Energy channels)

Nervous System

Endocrine System


Outgoing HEF Secondary Energies

Rosalyn Bruyere writes in her book Wheels of Light (1994) that there are 122 smaller secondary chakras that have the same characteristics as the major seven chakras although they are much smaller. They are located primarily wherever there is a joint in the body and they relate to acupuncture points and openings for energy to flow into and out of the HEF. As Brennan states “we are like sponges in the energy sea around us.” However, for the purposes of this study the seven main chakras will be solely focused on. So, what’s the precise function and relationship of the 7 major chakras to the HEF? As you can imagine, although there is a lot of literature about this in books and on the internet there is many varying opinions.

I have therefore decided to collate the first hand evidence that CHEFR have

directly observed and collected over their many years of practical research and summarized it in a clear, easy-to-read format below.

The Seven Major Chakras *Please note: CHEFR states that no disease is related to just one chakra

1. First Chakra We must balance this chakra before moving on to the others. Otherwise our growth will be without roots (i.e. ungrounded) Other Names: Root, base, muladhara, Kundalini (Sanskrit) Situated: Base of spine and the pubic bone (but encompasses genitals and reproductive organs)

33 Colour: Red Element: Earth Area of consciousness: Physical body. This includes all physical sensations such as pain, sensuality, pleasure and power. Also our survival (as an individual and as a planet), our need for world peace and environmental balance Key Words: Stability, solidity, unity and form Relationship: To the solid part of the body, especially the bones Governs/Functions: Spinal column, bladder and kidneys. The parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems and affects reproduction and physical will Related Diseases: Arthritis, rheumatism, spinal problems, blood ailments & allergy, broken bones & slow healing, growth problems, cancer, leukemia, low vitality, heart ailments, brain ailments, sexual ailments 2. Second Chakra Here we encounter change, for without change we cannot grow Other Names: Sacral, sexual, svadhisthana (Sanskrit) Situated: Behind and just below the navel Colour: Orange Element: Water Area of consciousness: Emotional. Change in that we now moving beyond our understanding of ourselves and realize the awareness of others - desire arises and with it our emotions and sexuality. Key Words: Difference, separation, change, duality, and movement Relationship: Corresponds to the liquid part of the body - circulation, urinary elimination, and sexual body fluids Governs/Functions: Lower back, feet, legs and reproductive system. This affects physical, sexual and mental energy, relationships and self worth Related Diseases: Urinary problems, impotency, sterility, enlarged prostrate glands, sexual ailments 3. Third Chakra Transformation to a new state occurs through this chakra's basic dynamic energy and our ability to find a balance between extremes Other Names: Solar Plexus, manipura (Sanskrit) Situated: Solar plexus, in the V formed by the ribcage, above the navel Colour: Yellow Element: Fire Area of consciousness: Mental or intellectual body. This includes thoughts, opinions and judgements. Key Words: Combustion, fire, energy, action, power, and will Relationship: Responsible for the regulation and distribution of metabolic energy throughout the body, as in digestion Governs/Functions: Spleen, liver, gall bladder, stomach and digestive system and has an effect on desire, personal power (the ego) and the origins of emotions Related Diseases: Constipation, loose bowel movement, poor digestion and energy assimilation, appendicitis, intestinal ailments, low vitality, difficulty in breathing, diabetes, ailments of the pancreas, digestive ailments, hepatitis, ailments of the gall bladder, high cholesterol, dirty blood & blood ailments 4. Fourth Chakra The task of this chakra is to integrate and balance the realms of spirit and mind with our physical body (matter) Other Names: Heart, anahata (Sanskrit)

34 Situated: Midway between shoulder blades (over the sternum) Colour: Green Element: Air Area of Consciousness: Astral body. This is the first level beyond 3-dimensional matter. Here we have the bridge between the dimensions of matter and the dimensions of spirit. Although we may refer to the "lower chakras" as being concerned with mankind, and the "upper chakras" as being concerned with spirituality and God, each chakra is no less important than the other Key Words: Love, compassion, balance Relationship: To the heart - to love as a state of being Governs/Functions: Heart, breasts, blood, vagus nerve, circulatory system and affects selfawareness, love, humanitarian acts and compassion Related Diseases: Immunity disorders 5. Fifth Chakra Here we have the realm of consciousness where communication occurs, whether that be within ourselves or to and from another Other Names: Throat, visuddha (Sanskrit) Situated: Throat area Colour: Blue Element: Sound Area of consciousness: Etheric body. This etheric body is the template for the physical body, and represents our potential for perfection Key Words: Sound, vibration, communication, and self-expression Relationship: The throat area where sound is created Governs/Functions: Lymphatic system, hands, arms, shoulders, mouth, throat, Bronchial and vocal apparatus, lungs and alimentary canal. It affects communication, creativity and self-expression Related Diseases: Throat ailments, asthma 6. Sixth Chakra The essence and function of this chakra is to "see" in the sense that we accept that complete vision will include both darkness and light Other Names: Third Eye, Brow, ajna (Sanskrit Situated: Centre of head, behind forehead Colour: Violet Element: Light Area of consciousness: Celestial body. It is here that we have "sixth sight", or the ability to "see" by way of clairvoyance. We use this chakra for visualization, receiving insight or inspiration Key Words: Intuition, imagination and clairvoyance Relationship: The storehouse and viewing screen of all visual input from our two physical eyes and our "third eye" (the etheric organ of psychic perception) Governs/Functions: Lower brain, left eye, ears, nose and nervous system. It has an effect on the intellect, perception, intuition and comprehension Related Diseases: Diseases of the endocrine glands, eye ailments, cancer 7. Seventh Chakra This chakra represents our belief systems, both conscious and unconscious Other Names: Crown, sahasrara (Sanskrit) Situated: Top of head Colour: White Element: Thought

35 Area of Consciousness: Ketheric body. This chakra is associated with the spiritual realm. Here is where we merge with God, the All That Is Key Words: Enlightenment, knowing and cosmic consciousness Relationship: Not of the material world but as a gateway to worlds beyond Governs/Functions: Upper brain and right eye. Affects spiritual matters Related Diseases: Pineal gland ailments, physical or psychological illness

Health, Diagnosis of Disease and the HEF CHEFR’s main focus of research is in identifying the stages for the onset of each disease state. They provide information, education and training and they endorse natural and complementary treatment methods and equipment that are non-invasive and work in accordance with the body’s own bio-energetic healing mechanisms. CHEFR can provide evidence to show that the HEF is the interface for effective medical diagnosis and efficient noninvasive treatment. This is achieved through utilisation of new scanning techniques (such as PIP and GDV) that provide an early warning system of possible disease. This is due to the fact that the HEF shows energy imbalances before the physiological disease manifests. This allows corrective measures to be taken before the onset physical symptoms and the subsequent expense of hospitalization. One of the greatest benefits of CHEFR’s work and people like Brennan’s ability to see the human energy field is its implication for revolutionizing health care. Common diseases, such as cancer can be detected before they take on physical form, which would of course change the whole medical paradigm from one of healing and curing to preventing and empowering.


illnesses that have not even formed yet physically is surely the way forward. On the other side of the coin, healers work to restructure and balance the chakras and the HEF of people who are sick or emotionally upset. Brennan for example has frequently used voice toning to remove blockages from unhealthy chakras and the HEF. When observing her clients she has noticed that emotional traumas appear as frozen energy. Good energy healers help this energy to flow again. When looking at the HEF of cancer patients Brennan has seen the adverse effects of chemotherapy upon a person’s field. For example, the normally flowing and healthy energy of the unstructured layers turns brown and stagnant. She also mentions that energy healers can help organ

36 transplants be much more successful by cohering the energy that surrounds the transplanted organ with the new body. She believes that energy healers can also speed the recovery of common injuries. For example, when working with someone with a sprained ankle, Brennan re-builds the energy lines and help the bio-plasma or bio-energy start to flow again. She has seen this reduce the level of swelling and speed up the healing process to 30 to 45 minutes, rather than two weeks on crutches! Aside from everything else, a hugely important point that is fundamental to Brennan’s system of healing is that human intentionality has a direct influence on our ability to heal. This of course lies solely with the sick individual. Amazingly however, Brennan also reports that from her years of direct healing experience, the physical presence of the patient is not even necessary to conduct a healing session! The work can be conducted non-locally as well as locally. So, understanding the HEF really does open our minds up to a new way thinking and a new way of doing. Energy medicine in my mind certainly needs to be given more attention.

37 Chapter Five Discussion

A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows. (William James, American Psychologist, 1842-1910)

There is now huge amounts of evidence both of a scientific and non-scientific nature that proves the existence of human energy fields. All matter is indeed energy but instead of thinking that energy is just something that matter produces we need to look it in a reverse way by understanding that energy is what creates matter and all our physical world objects. We need to think of physical matter as being the by-product of energetic reactions. In my opinion the existence and more importantly the belief in and understanding of the human energy field (HEF) can play the perfect role of acting as the link between science and spirituality. The HEF can be the bridge to finally reconnecting what are seen as two separate ways of thinking, feeling and understanding. I think spirituality in the west is still seen as something very “wishy washy” and not “concrete” or “black and white” enough. Something “lovey dovey” and “hippyish” or a little “too deep” to talk about. Surely however, even the small amount of recognized, professional, scientific information that I have introduced in this paper can go in some way to perhaps changing this perception?


understanding the HEF in a scientific manner allows us (even for perhaps only a few minutes) to explore ourselves, our lives and how we interact with others and our environment in a new and exciting way? As I mentioned in my findings Harold Saxton Burr (around the mid 1900’s) discovered that what he termed life fields was what directed the development of an organism. Scientific thinking is then effectively turned on its head because it demonstrates that it’s the energy fields (or shall we say “spirit energy”) that controls the trillions of cells that make up our physical body. Consequently does this not also tell us how the healing energies from a healer may affect the physical body of a patient?

38 Burr could detect energy field changes that diseases like cancer emitted. This was a logical conclusion with the knowledge that every cell type emits a different frequency. However, it has not been until recently that sensitive devices have become readily available for exploration of these emissions. James Oschman in Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis (2000) shows us that recent work using the SQUID magnetometer has found that measurements of physiologically generated fields outside the body (biomagnetic fields) are often more indicative of events taking place within the body than are standard electrical measurements taken at the skin surface (such as EEG’s or ECG’s). Each charged particle creates a disturbance or a condition in the space around it so that the other charge when it is present feels a force. This was surmised by Faraday and Maxwell in the early 1800’s!

They proposed a new type of physical electromagnetic phenomena that could not be

described by Newtonian physics, which looks at our universe as only made up of solid objects. This led to their Field theory, the concept of a universe filled with energy fields that create forces that interact with one another. By looking at the world through the eyes of energy fields I am to able comprehend and understand much more easily how healers or even ourselves can affect other people from a distance. A buzz word at the moment seems to be “quantum entanglement” and by visualizing a load of energy fields (or spider webs as I like to think of them) interconnecting and effecting each other all at the same time (whether they are in the same place or not) seems to make sense to me. I hope it does to you too! Bruce Lipton in The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles (2005) furthers our understanding of field theory and quantum entanglement by explaining that each atom has waves of frequency energy therefore each atom vibrates at a frequency both emitting and absorbing energy. In short he says that energy fields act as signals in our environment that then turn on various switches in our cell membranes that then turn on and produce various proteins that in turn create life and what we call behavior.

Our behaviors he then states our

happening 95% of the time totally unconsciously! This is certainly food for thought.

39 So when thinking about energy fields (that most of us can’t see) affecting our behaviours through various levels of energetic and then molecular reactions through our cell membranes, it makes me wonder whether we are really on the inside or actually on the outside of what we call ourselves. Barbara Brennan in Light Emerging: The Journey Of Personal Healing (1993) describes the human body as a derivative of the HEF which would thus coincide with Lipton’s idea of energy fields acting as signals to create physical matter and behavior. We (as in our consciousness which creates our thoughts and feelings and gives us an identity) may actually really be part of this outside energy field or “the” energy field that acts through the surface of our skin (through sensations) with the physical body. To me this would certainly make me understand life after death and reincarnation much more easily, by explaining that after we die it is only our physical bodies which vanish where as our energy field, our energy template or our consciousness continues and perhaps always will continue! When considering field theory (this ultimate energy matrix soup of interconnected energy fields of which the HEF is one) the theory of reductionism and determinism, trying to understand everything by reducing every interaction to its individual parts and trying to determine why and how everything happens becomes a seemingly extinct objective. Or should I say an absolutely impossible one. Understanding our universe in terms of interacting energy fields means that the theory of reductionism must move to one of holism. The idea of determinism should be thrown out of the window so to speak as we just can’t control everything, we just can’t keep breaking everything down in the hope that it will provide us with all the answers. Energy is always moving. Energy is always everywhere. Analysis must turn to synthesis. I hope that quantum physics and quantum mechanics will act as a catalyst for this change to happen. Based on the knowledge of this energy matrix which everything is intertwined in or with, we need to take a holistic view and approach to how we deal with the challenges that life presents us, understanding that everything affects everything else. Further evidence for this is J.S Bell’s 1964 Superluminal theorem that really piggy backs onto and supports the Field theory. Bells theorem mathematically supports the concept that subatomic particles are connected in some way that

40 transcends time and space. Anything that happens to one particle affects all other particles. The effect is immediate or “superluminal”. Einstein said that nothing travelled faster than the speed of light, however, Bell's superluminal theorem is supported by experimentation. With Bell, we are now going beyond Einstein and even beyond the wave/particle theory. As we learn how this instantaneous connectedness works, we might learn to be consciously aware of our instantaneous connection to one another and to the universe. In my mind and heart (and I’m sure in yours if you really stop, think and feel it) we as a species of sentient beings are really at such an exciting time in our understanding and advancement of science. We are on the threshold of a scientific, technological and spiritual revolution where we will move into a totally new understanding of how our world really works and how we perceive ourselves as part of it. Only last month (on September 22


2011) did I read an article on Scientific American’s

website titled Particles Found to Travel Faster Than Speed of Light - Neutrino results challenge a cornerstone of Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity, which itself forms the foundation of modern physics.

The experiment called OPERA took place in Italy and Antonino Zichichi, a theoretical

physicist and professor at the University of Bologna speculated that the "superluminal" neutrinos detected by OPERA could be slipping through extra dimensions in space, as predicted by theories such as String theory. Dimensions and String theory aside, If indeed these neutrinos are traveling faster than light speed, which I believe will finally be proven, then one of the most fundamental assumptions of science that the rules of physics are the same for all observers would be invalidated. The world and the knowledge that we base our beliefs on our changing fast and in my opinion we should embrace this change with open hearts and open minds as it’s what will drive us on in our evolution of awareness that we can make this world a better place and we can make ourselves better visitors who live upon it. Moving on somewhat from the metaphysical perspective of HEF to one of a more practical nature, the medical community is continually seeking new methods to better understand the mechanism of disease. With our scientific observations and increased understanding of energy fields and in particular the HEF, one area of increased interest is the study of the electromagnetic fields

41 generated by the body as a measure of internal physical and mental health states. Travelling to India and visiting CHEFR certainly provided me with a direct understanding of how beneficial this approach can be. The small practical study that I carried out on myself using the 4 diagnostic devices (detailed in chapter 3) gave me clear qualitative evidence that the HEF certainly does exist and that these devices can go some way to identifying areas of psychological and energetic imbalance in the HEF that correspond to a person’s physical and emotional states of health. In my mind this can only support the development of a more integrated and non-invasive approach to assessing health states, possibly as a preventative measure before physical issues manifest. Having spent time with the dedicated scientists, researchers and doctors at CHEFR I have seen and heard of many years of anecdotal evidence that has linked deviations in detected fields using the devices of which I studied, with stress or disease on a psychological & physical level. To be more specific CHEFR states that many of the congestions identified at the chakra sites seem to have a basis within psychological processes.

Thus we can therefore relate energetic

congestions to that of personal psychological emotional issues.

This makes me think, could all

disease and illness be psychosomatic? Maybe it’s possible that every dis-ease starts in the mind, in our beliefs, in our perceptions of our environment? I think it’s certainly worth considering. I often wonder sometimes what life would be like if everything we thought throughout the day came true instantly. I wonder if we would last very long. I certainly wouldn’t! Taking a holistic approach, for disease to develop there must be a combination of all factors contributing towards breakdown, both physical, psychological and energetic (Mind, Body and Spirit). Barbara Marciniak in her book Family of Light (1998) believes the discomforts and dis-ease that may move through someone’s physical body are there because the person didn’t deal with them in the mental or emotional body or in the ethers. An interesting point. It seems to suggest that to be holistic we must create multi-dimensional ideas and solutions. We must heal and help people on many different levels not just on one. It may be the case that a person’s heart is particularly genetically weak and so disease happens there and not in the endocrine gland area of the chakra that was most blocked.

42 Furthermore the chakras seem to act as ‘breathing holes’ where blockage only prevents a person from rebalancing thus enabling them to become more susceptible to environmental and psychological disorders. The scenario is therefore not a black and white issue as many within the medical world would have us believe.

As CHEFR points out, it is interactive, complex and

completely unique to each individual. Everything we are is a combination of everything that came before.

Everything is

cumulative adding onto the last experience to create a unique new one. Taking the understanding of frequency communication, waves combine to form additive or subtractive results. With billions of reactions occurring every second the process is very unique and very complex. It really is aweinspiring when you come to think of it. If I am to be totally honest, the state of the art devices that I tested at CHEFR that give us an indirect glimpse at the HEF are tapping into a very small part of what the HEF seemingly seems to be. Yes they can show us some of our problems (both physical and psychological) that we may need to work on but what are the solutions? It’s all very well talking about problems but with problems we need to offer solutions. CHEFR believe in a holistic approach to healing that I certainly would vouch for but what is the holistic solution? Clearly if we are all different and all unique then a holistic solution for each individual needs to be too? Again this is certainly food for thought. One thing that comes to straight to my mind is that in attempting to answer these questions we should explore them with joy and adventure and not impatience, worry and impulsiveness. Stripping all the detail away, it may just be that everyone’s life goal and destiny is to truly heal ourselves as a person and not just cure the disease. A lifelong process of growth and learning as Brennan (1993) puts it. A great adventure that takes one to ever deeper and fuller experiences of life. Aside from this, does the awe-inspiring existence of the HEF surely not make a little voice inside or outside of your head say, “we are not just here by chance!” Solutions or therapies that may fit into the idea of a holistic approach to healing are HEF’s and therefore our physical body, mind, feeling and emotions are certainly aplenty.

Using the

devices that I experimented with at CHEFR can provide detailed analysis on the before and after affects of these therapies showing the changes that they can help us make to our HEFs.


Therapies include things such as Reiki, Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, Ayurvedic massage, EFT (emotional freedom techniques), Bio-resonance, the list goes on and on. Classical understanding of health from eastern medicines such as Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) suggests energy imbalances are often associated with sites of physiological disturbance. Motoyama (1997) suggests this is due to the Ki (Qi or Chi) energy assembling in an affected area to restore the imbalance. This of course totally concurs with what I learnt from CHEFR described above. As a recommendation, please check out Motoyama’s book The Functional Relationship Between Yoga Asanas and Acupuncture Meridians (1979) for exercises that he has developed to positively impact the HEF. Certainly the discovery of biophoton emissions by Fritz-Albert Popp in the 1970s lends scientific support to some of these unconventional methods of healing and gives credence to healing through our energy fields. In a journal article titled Biophoton Emission from Hands by Choi et al (2002) it is proven that the extent of biophoton production directly reflects functional health. Various somatic therapies, homeopathy and acupuncture are all based on concepts of homeostasis (self-regulation of the organism). It is all about balancing, supporting and controlling our energy systems and subsequently are biophoton emissions. The "Qi" energy flowing in our bodies' energy channels (meridians) which according to TCM regulates our body functions seem be directly related to the node lines or structure of our biophoton field or HEF. The "prana" of Indian Yoga physiology may be a similar regulating energy force that has a basis in weak, coherent electromagnetic biofields. As I previously mentioned comparisons can be made between the results of each HEF device to assess the effectiveness of various treatment modalities as described above.


comparison of the images and data that each different device shows can then provide us with very useful data on the HEF and energy distribution in and around the body in response to the various holistic energy therapies that may have been administered. Although there are limitations in as far as the current diagnostic devices can only pick up indirectly very small parts of the HEF it is as they say better than nothing and the technology surrounding the analysation of HEFs can only advance, evolve and become more sophisticated.

44 Furthermore, these instruments and the great work I have seen organisations like CHEFR do seem to very easily prove that modern allopathic medicine needs to be united, partnered and connected to energy healing or energy medicine so that not only are we helping a person from their physical perspective but also we are helping them from their energetic perspective. It is much the same as my earlier point where I emphasised the need to bridge our new understandings of science with our understandings of spirituality. Lipton exclaims that medicine today is locked back in a pre 1920’s version of physics. I couldn’t agree more. He advocates the increased use of energy medicine as it could in many cases enable us to not cut out the problem as an allopathic doctor would advise but instead shift the energy to another state. Remember that everything is energy, so through the eyes of an energy doctor the physical matter could be changed and removed by giving or letting the various molecules of matter absorb or release more energy. To be holistic we should marry and use both philosophies together. Chronic illnesses for example may be best treated with an allopathic solution first followed by an energetic solution and for more acute illnesses maybe vice versa. It baffles me that this is not happening today throughout every health clinic or doctors practice in the land. But then energy medicine is based on empowerment and learning more about yourself. It’s about becoming your own doctor and using your HEF and all its intricate parts to move through whatever illness you may have, learning and growing as a human being in the process.


pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest money making industries that our world has ever seen. Why on earth would they promote free energy healing and an in-depth understanding of our HEF and our true “scientific” origins? I think I will leave you to answer this one! Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) a famous American psychic and healer also agreed that healing appears to take place at the energetic level linking the life of cells to energetic vibrations. In the book There Is A River by Thomas Sugrue (1928) more of Cayce’s thoughts are revealed. He said that each cell has its own appointed job in the body and is programmed electronically to fulfil its task. Cells do not always reproduce themselves according to their correct programme and the immune system identifies these failures and expels them from the body. It is only when the immune response is not working correctly that an increasing number of wrongly programmed cells can form tumours or

45 cause other problems. This seems to link in well with the idea of our energy systems, meridians and chakras in our HEF becoming blocked or stagnant and thus not being able to function at their energetic or electronic optimum. So what causes are energy systems to get out of balance that subsequently affects are physical bodies? Not an easy question to answer and I am sure it is not just one thing but a multiple amount of factors that in a holistic fashion need to be looked at. One hugely fundamental factor that Lipton sites as being are main cause of imbalance or upset to our systems is our perceptions. Our awareness and beliefs of whom we really think ourselves to be and what we really believe the environment that we live in to be like. He believes that perception literally changes our genes and thus our behaviour. I think we should look at this idea very seriously as he certainly lays down some very scientific proofs for it. If you take the nucleus and genes out of a cell the cell still functions and survives. It is therefore not the nucleus and DNA which drives the actions of the cell but something else. As already described, Lipton believes the signals that drive our cells are the energy fields from our environment thus making us complete products of our environment and how we chose to perceive it. In John Cairns article The Origin of Mutants (1988) he describes an experiment with defective bacteria and lactose. The bacteria not having the genes to assimilate the lactose (the only food source available to them that would allow them to survive) somehow were able to mutate their genes so that they were indeed able to assimilate the lactose, survive and proliferate.

Was it the

environment that the bacteria were in that created the signal, changed the perception of the bacteria, which then allowed them to change their genes? Another interesting example of this environment and perception phenomena would be the famous hundredth monkey effect that is explored in The Hundredth Monkey by Ken Kyes Jr (1982). A young female monkey on an island of Japan began to wash the sand off her potatoes before she ate them. Then her friends also imitated her and at one point the potato-washing phenomena, in a single day, expanded to the other monkey-inhabited islands and even to the mainland of Japan! So how can we explain this or even the bacteria changing their genes and behavior to be able to feed on

46 the lactose? Surely it can’t just be some Darwinian chance or coincidence of genetic mutation and change in behavior. There must be something else to it. Rupert Sheldrake, in his book A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Morphic Resonance (1995) describes his theory of morphogenetic fields. He proposes that all systems are regulated not only by known energy and material factors, but also by invisible organizing fields. Whenever one member of a species learns a new behavior, the causative field for that species is changed. If that new behavior is repeated long enough, its "morphic resonance" affects the entire species. The hundredth monkey principle seems to fit this idea very well. Indeed, Dr David Bohm in his book Wholeness and the Implicate Order (1980) states that the same thing is true of quantum physics. One subatomic particle affects all subatomic particles. In my view, these changes that occur are not due to some random behavioural coincidence or fortunate genetic mutation. There is a controlling force behind it. An organizing field of energy so to speak that I believe (as does Lipton) begins with our beliefs and perceptions of how we chose to interact and behave with our reality or environment.

By 100 monkeys changing their belief,

awareness and thoughts of how they should eat a potato a different vibration was created in their energy fields, which created a large enough vibrating force or resonance, which transcended time and space and spread superluminally through the interconnecting fields of energy to the energetic fields of consciousness surrounding other monkeys in different places. Remember that our thoughts create changes in our HEF and these changes must affect everything else when they reach a certain threshold or level of resonance. Another example would be that of an opera singer smashing a glass with her voice as it reaches a certain vibrations which equals that of the molecules that make up the glass. This is surely what is happening here and our energy fields are acting as signal carriers and communicators. Evolution in my mind is an increasing and unfolding of awareness. It has not occurred by accident. It has occurred by program and creation. Programmed and created by our very selves, through our interconnected beliefs and thought systems, 95% of which remember Lipton informs us our unconscious! How we perceive both our inner and outer environments, how we believe things to be makes us think, act and behave in the ways that we do.

47 Basically then, what it comes down to for me is this. By making changes within ourselves (by analyzing and changing our beliefs and unconscious thought systems) we help make others make changes within themselves and then, if we create the “hundredth human effect,” can we then not change the world for the betterment of our mother earth and all life that live upon it? Again I will leave you to answer this one. Another subject that is a fascinating one to discuss and one in which directly links into the whole premise of the HEF is of course light.

As I have previously mentioned Einstein in 1905

published his paper to explain the photoelectric effect proposing that light traveled as discrete bundles of energy later known as photons. The energy contained within a photon was related to the frequency of the light and as was discussed earlier (in quantum variations of the double slit experiment) light was seen to function as both a particle and a wave, depending on how the experiment was conducted and when observations were made. This basically showed that the observer was affecting the experiment and the results or furthermore, consciousness was affecting matter. Consciousness was affecting how light behaved and as I write this sentence I wonder what consciousness really is. Is consciousness light? Is our whole energy matrix, which we are a part of, one big conscious energy mass and through interconnecting energy fields and superluminal patterns are we living a physical illusion of being separate and mortal? An interesting thought. I believe Einstein was right when he said we were beings of light. By studying the HEF I see that much of what we can interpret is based on electromagnetic fields of energetic radiation that light is inherently a part of. Our lives revolve around and work in circadian rhythmic order to the biggest light emitter of them all, our sun. In Bringers of the Dawn (1993) Marciniak devotes a whole section of her book to the language of light and as Melchizedek in The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life (1999) tells us, “the body is light and it responds to consciousness. It responds to whatever a person truly believes. Reality is light, not solid and is held in place by consciousness”. To me this epitomises everything that studying and understanding the HEF is all about. We are indeed made of light, we are not really physical in the physical sense that we think we are and more importantly light (or us) responds to and is effected by our consciousness, by our thoughts, by

48 our beliefs! As Lipton remarks “you are what you believe”. To me it is that simple. Why does it have to be all so complicated? Linking onto this, I could not discuss light without mentioning the work of neurophysiologist Dr Karl Pribram and Dr. David Bohm and their proposed Hologram theory. They combined to theorize that, Our brains mathematically construct 'concrete' reality by interpreting frequencies from another dimension, a realm of meaningful, patterned primary reality that transcends time and space. The brain is a hologram, interpreting a holographic universe. (The Holographic Paradigm and Other Paradoxes by Ken Wilber, 1982) During the course of ten years, Pribram showed that the human brain's deep structure is seemingly holographic. The brain structures hearing, sight, smell, and taste holographically. He demonstrated this by the sophisticated analysis of temporal and spatial frequencies stating that the net result of the activities of the brain transcends time and space. Much the same as healers can energetically heal someone from a distance or even the fact that the hundredth monkey effect caused monkeys on other islands to instantly learn a new behaviour. Pribam went onto further suggest that the holographic biophoton field of the brain and the nervous system, and maybe even that of the whole organism may also be the basis of memory and other phenomena of consciousness. The consciousness-like coherence properties of the biophoton field or HEF (or in other words the fact that our thoughts can affect the nature of light and matter) indicate its possible role as an interface to the non-physical realms of mind, psyche and consciousness. Bohm importantly also notes that primary physical laws cannot be discovered by a science that attempts to break the world into parts. As I mentioned earlier we must move from analysis to synthesis if we are to really work out the magic or unknown forces behind nature’s laws. Bohm writes of what he calls an "implicate enfolded order" which exists in an unmanifested state, and is the foundation on which all manifest reality rests. This manifest reality is or what we call “normal” life is "the explicate unfolded order".

49 There seems to be a pattern, an order, a template of geometric intelligence to all of nature’s creations and this is something that Melchizedek delves deeply into. Indeed, Marciniak touches on the same idea of there being a geometric pattern or as Bohm put it an “implicate enfolded order” to what we call life or reality. Marciniak says that geometry (the foundation on which mathematics and thus science is based) is “an evolved intelligence, a collection of experience that can communicate huge amounts of information”. She then goes onto to say that “geometric shapes and forms are carriers of intelligence and are frequency waves that can be modulated and changed”. Intuitively, this suggests to me that maybe consciousness is what is created from these invisible fields of patterns, shapes and geometric templates or consciousness is actually what creates them. Either way, the existence of the HEF is a direct example and proof of how an invisible field of organised energy (the implicate enfolded order), can then produce or manifest the physical body or reality (the explicate unfolded order). So what does all this mean?

In my opinion it means that the physical world is like a

holographic projection. Including time it is the most amazing of 4-D interactive computer games! Holograms are made of light and our projections of light, so are we. Shakespeare’s famous quote comes to mind of "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. We are players of the game, actors on the stage but we must open our awareness to the audience, stage directors and critics who are watching us act. They are symbolic of the multiple amounts of interconnected energy fields that act as templates to create are physical reality of what we “see” before us. It is our beliefs, thoughts and perceptions of those people that are watching us act out our play and our awareness of the stage, the location and the environment that we are acting in that shapes the way we act, the way we behave and thus what we find ourselves living in. The human energy field is as real in my opinion as the keyboard I am now typing on. It is an energetic template for my physical experiences and I believe behind the template of my energy field and your energy field are more interconnected energy fields which act as templates for our energy fields.

Templates within templates within templates and so on.

Fractals epitomise this notion

brilliantly. The human energy field acts as a pattern for our physical bodies and as everything is

50 linked this pattern spreads out further and further through an amazing geometrical mathematical formula that vibrates across our planet and out to space and to our universe and beyond. So, again I question, perhaps consciousness is the energetic templates and patterns that everything physical seems to be contained in or based upon?

Perhaps consciousness is what

organises these invisible organising fields? To me, consciousness is the stuff that is faster than light that transcends time and space and can reach into all and other dimensions. It can’t be named or analysed only realised. Above all else, discussing consciousness is not the main aim of this thesis! The main aim is to discuss the existence and understanding of the human energy field and by doing this I think it surely opens our heart and mind to the clear realisation that life is truly bewildering and truly amazing. It is one big quantum jazz and we should all enjoy it regardless of our perceived circumstances.

51 Chapter Six Summary & Conclusion

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right. (Henry Ford, American Industrialist, 1863 - 1947)

This thesis has investigated the human energy field (HEF) from a multiple of perspectives and I hope has given the reader a clearer idea and understanding of what an HEF actually is. A summarized and succinct description of an HEF would be an elliptical lattice of vibrational frequencies, which emanates from the human core and permeates the physical body acting as an energetic template for its molecular assembly. The history of the HEF from ancient cultures such as India and china dating back over 6000 years were described and discussed, alongside famous modern day experiments, which provides concrete evidence to prove the existence of the HEF and show that it can be seen or detected. This was juxtaposed with clear and concise information on the actual science behind energy fields and how the physiology of our physical bodies are constantly receiving and emitting information or signal in the form of electric, magnetic and photonic fields of radiating vibrations. Seeing or detecting the HEF was further supported by an account of my own personal experiences at CHEFR in India using state of the art bio-medical devices that can indirectly detect and analyse the HEF. This was then compared with direct observations of the HEF from famous psychics and aura readers. The similarities are profound. Using the sources of information from above, the actual structure and nature of the HEF was then focused on that suggested that what surrounds the human body is not just one energy fields but a series of interacting layers of energy bodies that interconnect through energetic centres or vortices known as chakras that operate much like a series of ‘transducers’ converting energy information in one form into energy information in another. At least 7 distinct layers of the HEF have been observed so far too date that vary in their structure and functionality, but in essence seem to hold the various energies or consciousness of each different aspect of ourselves such as our emotional, mental and astral bodies which all link in to

52 our true multidimensional nature. 7 major chakras have also been identified that are located along our vertical spinal axis and are seen to have direct energetic connections to our 7 endocrine glands that make up the bodies hormonal system. A subtle, energetic, control and feedback system is therefore seen between the different layers of our HEF, its various chakras and our physical, mental and emotional health. All the information on the HEF was then reviewed and synthesised to find out what it can actually tell us. It was clearly evident that knowledge and understanding of the HEF could propel us into a new paradigm of health and medicine and act as a catalyst for changing our core beliefs surrounding consciousness, our environment and the questions of who we are, where we are from and what we are here to do. In terms of health and medicine, being able to detect the HEF provides us with a new way of diagnosing and treating illnesses. Imbalances in the patterns of the HEF or blockages in the chakra regions have been shown to equate to various physical and psychological illnesses. The research seems to also show that problems occur in the HEF first before they manifest as a physical aberration. Thus, by working with the HEF we can understand that people can be treated and cured on an energetic level through energy healing, energy therapies, energy exercises and pure conscious intent. This therefore prevents the need in some instances for having a physical operation or taking a physical medical prescription. By working with the HEF it can also allow physical illnesses and disease to be prevented before they even happen! Now surely prevention is better than cure? If you agree with this then the HEF and energetic medicine needs to be brought into the mainstream for all to see and use. As Plato said around 400 BC “The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole.” This is another huge benefit that the research on the HEF will bring us back to understanding. As multi-dimensional beings with various different aspects and layers to ourselves other than merely our physical appearance, we need to heal ourselves in the exact same way, in a holistic way that treats the energetic and physical sides of us together. A picture is worth a thousand words. The non-invasive diagnostic devices that I tried out in my study provide us with images that can tell us much about the current status of our health and in

53 my opinion every doctor’s practice and hospital should be using them alongside their current methods of detection.

What’s more is that these devices are far lower in cost than the other types of

diagnostics equipments that are hospitals are currently using and buying into. These scientific instruments prove what ancient scriptures and psychics have been saying for thousands of years. They allow us to view the human body and how to take care of it and how to make it better in a much broader more open minded way. They further our understanding of the HEF and the hugely intricate energy system that we are a part of, making us have to think out of the box, more holistically and more open to other possibilities of how things work together and interact. To have our human bodies working at optimum we must also have our other so called “metaphysical” parts or aspects also working at optimum that transcend the physical dimension of reality. All parts of the puzzle must be considered in order to find complete balance and if we observe nature it is all about balance. In terms of further research that could be beneficial on the subject of the HEF, I would suggest continued studies into the benefits of various different healing modalities using the HEF devices to analyse the before and after effects, which will help to further establish the multiple benefits of energy medicine. Further research is certainly needed on the exact role of each major chakra and its energetic and physiological link in to specific glands of the body’s endocrine system. I found so much conflicting information with regards to what chakra actually links to which gland so clearly further insight is needed. However, one part of me says that it may just not be possible to separate and analyse the function of each individual chakra completely. Based on the knowledge of how energy fields work everything is interconnected and therefore, instead of looking to heal and balance one chakra to assist in healing, it would perhaps be better to work with and balance them all.

Again, we must start thinking about how things work together and not on their own.

Certainly a whole thesis could be based on the chakra correlation between the HEF, mind and body and indeed this is an ongoing process that organisations such as CHEFR are currently investigating. Remaining objective as possible, future research should also be carried out on exploring the concurrent validity of each of the HEF diagnostic systems against already established measures of psychological and physiological health.

Also, considering that the HEF seems to have a large

54 electromagnetic (EM) core to it I think it would be highly advantageous to further our research into the ever increasing amounts of EM fields that are bodies and HEF’s are constantly coming into contact with, whether it is from mobile phones, computers, household appliances etc. Observing the effects that they may create in our HEFs and subsequently our mind, bodies and emotions could be very revealing. Understanding variations in the HEF from various factors and perspectives gives us the tools to build a bridge between science and spirituality. The project of scientifically mapping the HEF has continued for many years but has remained a mystery due to a lack of objective equipment to measure its parameters. Now that the technical sophistication of our current measuring instruments is getting better and better we will hopefully hear a lot more about the HEF in mainstream science and the many benefits this new way of understanding ourselves can bring to us. In summary, this thesis has investigated many facets of the HEF and discussed in detail the benefits its understanding may bring to many facets of our lives. The HEF certainly seems to tell us that seeing is not believing and that there is more to us and to life than what we can perceive through our five physical senses. HEFs tell us that the human organism is not just a physical structure made of molecules; but like everything else is composed of energy fields, waves and vibrations.

Our energy fields are

constantly changing and interacting, and scientists are learning and machines are being made to measure these subtle changes. The HEF should certainly be at the frontier for modern research, and the development of new diagnostic and treatment systems. We are literally swimming in a vast sea of life energy fields, thought fields and emotional fields. Biophotonic or bioplasmic waves of vibratory energy are streaming all around us and are also being emitted from every single cell in our body. I like to call this the energy matrix or put more simply our environment! There is constant communication and interaction going on (transcending time and space) between the layers of our HEF (including our chakras) and this energy matrix environment that we are embedded in or attached to. In my opinion it is how we chose to perceive these signals from our environment through our HEF’s that create the subsequent electrical, magnetic,

55 physiological and chemical pathways that drive our behaviours and give us what we call life and our individual realities. When we are perceiving and receiving signals in a particular way there is a smooth flow of energy exchange between our HEF’s and our environment and health and perhaps a fulfilling way of life is spontaneously created. However, when external forces like trauma or mental and emotional forces like negative emotions block the flow of this free-flowing life force by changing the signals we perceive and receive from our environment, the resulting effects are the manifestations of physiological or psychological symptoms and most probably a way of life that it quite unfulfilling. Within the ancient teachings and practices of India and China there is reference to the seemingly intelligent behaviour of the subtle energy system that surrounds us and makes up our environment. Whether you call it chi, qi, prana, vital force, spirit it doesn’t matter. To me it’s a totally limitless, underlying sea of zero point energy fields moving within all matter and space in the universe, which our HEFs, physical bodies and physical world is plugged into. The ancients observed that this energy matrix, this subtle energy system would always try and rebalance itself in areas it was out of balance. Nature is all about balance and we are all a part of nature and so when we first came into this world as babies I believe our HEFs were in equilibrium with the energy matrix around us. However, as we developed and started to perceive and become aware of our environment in our own unique ways, our experiences, beliefs and thoughts changed our HEF’s so that they would pick up and interact with totally different signals in the environment that over time would cause us to lose our balanced connection to the energetic environment we found ourselves in, thus changing the way our HEFs interacted with our physiology, behavior, mind and emotions. Are bodies are a biophotonic organic computer systems constantly emanating and receiving wireless information! We are indeed beings of light, beings of energy whose source is not one of physicality and separation but one of waves, fields and interconnectedness.

We need to stop

analyzing and separating all the time with our minds and start focusing on synthesising and connecting with our hearts. Our linear way of thinking, seeing, and expressing needs to expand to accommodate this new reality.

56 It is time for a new paradigm of science, reality, and consciousness. It is time to bridge the gaps between science and spirituality, physics and metaphysics, and to stop separating the outside environment from our inside environment.

Understanding and learning about the HEF opens

ourselves up to so many possibilities, so many new ideas, creations and ways to move forward. It may well act as the interface for the unification of our concepts of mind, energy, and consciousness. It perhaps may be the case that consciousness is all one and the same? Sticking to hard core evidence and black and white facts, I believe we as individuals and we as one humanity need to become much more conscious and more aware of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and perceptions, because the most important piece of information that this thesis on HEFs has taught me is that they really do have an energetic and subsequent physical effect to both ourselves, to others and to our world as a whole.

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