AMOS, Advanced MO Scripting, User Guide

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AMOS, Advanced MO Scripting, User Guide...


Basic commands acc[e]/lacc[e] acl/lacl bl[s]/lbl[s] cr[e] ctrl-z deb/ldeb del/ldel fro/lfro[m] get/lget Getmom

Execute an MO action. Lists available MO actions. Lock or soft-lock MO(s). Create an MO. Abort an MO command or a "for" loop. Unlock MO(s). Delete MO(s). Read MAO data of an MO and/or froid of the MO. Read CM/FM attribute(s) attribute(s) from MO(s). Check the MOM version currently stored on the Network Element.

hget[c]/lhget[c] hget[c]/lhget[c] kget/lkget kget/lkget lc[1-9]/lcc Ld lk/llk lko/llko lt/ltc[1-9] ma/lma mom[tcdr] Mp mr/lmr Parsemom pol[shcumk] pr/lpr Prod rdel/lrdel re[i] rset/lrset set[m][c]/lset[m][c] set[m][c]/lset[m][c] sget/lsget shget/lshget st/lst trun[i] u+[s]/u-/u?/u!

Read CM/FM attribute(s) attribute(s) from MO(s), print horizontally one line per MO (instead of one line per attribute). Display CM/FM attributes in exportable printout format. Load MO tree (full or partial) and build proxy table. Load one MO from the tree and add to the proxy table. View all MO's linked to an MO, and their states. The old lk. Load MO tree (full or partial) and build proxy table. Add MO(s) to an MO group. Print description of MO classes. Print all defined MO groups. Remove an MO group or remove MOs from an MO group. Parse an xml MOM file. Poll the Network Element until the CM service is up. Print MO LDNs and proxy ids currently loaded in amos. Print productData of MO(s). Delete MO(s) together with children and reserving MOs. Disconnect and reconnect to the CM/PM service. Set attribute value on a restricted attribute. Set an attribute value on one or several MO's. Read CM/FM attributes from MO(s), one by one ("Slow" get). Read CM/FM attributes from MO(s), one by one ("Slow" get). Print state of MOs. Run a command file in EMAS/MoTester format. Handling of undo mode(for undo of del/rdel/set commands).


Run a command file in amos format.

MO commands al[atkc] cab[slxradgtme] ced[h][r] cvls/cvmk/cvms/cvset /cvrm/cvcu/cvget /cvls1 dcg[measrfki] diff[0]/ldiff Hc inv[hr] lg[acdefghilmnopqrstuvwxyz] lg[acdefghilmnopqrstuvwxyz] lkr[a] remod[u][2] Resub stc[p][r] std [ar] str[12ft] stt[r] stv[b][r] tg[r][c][d] time[t] uer[d][t][i][s]

Print the list of active alarms. Display of miscellaneous COLI printouts. Print dynamic cell data or capacity usage ConfigurationVersion (CV) handling.

Fetching data for defect reports Parameter auditing or MO dump comparisons. Run a general healthcheck on the Network Element. Obsolete Command. Obsolete  Command. Use dcg command instead. Complete HW/SW inventory. Fetching and processing of logs (alarm, event, etc) Print RNC Iub resources allocation Remodule an IubLink (RNC only). To move Iub resources within or across Subracks for RNCs Display state and configuration of AtmCrossConnections. AtmCrossConnections. Display state and configuration of devices. Print status of the IubLinks/AbisLinks(RNC/BSC IubLinks/AbisLinks(RNC/BSC only). Display state and user of Physical Ports and Ds0Bundles. Display state, user, and bandwidth usage for ATM ports. Print Resource Object information for MOs in LmCell. Measure time taken by an AMOS command Print UE context data for all active calls (RNC only).

PM commands Emom hpget[c]/lhpget[c] pdiff/lpdiff pget/lpget pgets[mn] pme[fd][cgu] pmom[acd]/lmom[c] pmr[agf] pmx[hfdnc] Pst spget/lspget

Display list of events for event-based scanners. Read PM attribute(s) from MO(s). Print incrementation of PM attributes. Read PM attribute(s) from MO(s). Print scanner contents. Fetch/decode event ROP files (RNC/RBS only). Print description of PM counters (pmom). Produce PM KPI reports. Display counter values. List all PM scanners and their state. Read PM attribute(s) from MO(s) one by one (slow pget/lspget)

Admin commands !/l alias/unalias bo[ar]/ba[swdp]/br[wd]/bp Col conf[bld] Edit fclean[f|ff|d|e] Ftdel ftget[c]/ftput[c]

Execute a unix command on the PC/workstation. Print or define command aliases. Manage board groups. Toggle display of colors. Toggle confirmation on various MO commands. Edit a file on the Network Element. Removal of obsolete loadmodules on the Network Element. Delete files/folders over ftp. Transfer files or directories to/from the Network Element, using ftp.

Ftree gs/gsg h2b/b2h h2d/d2h Hi Htget ip2d/d2ip l+[m][m][s][o]/l-/l? Lh lmid[c] mon/mon+/mon-/mon? ose/coli command p/w/pw/b pgu[c][f][r] Print Progkill proglist[e] Prox Pv q/bye/exit/quit Return Smd ul upid[m] uv wait

Recursive listing on the Network Element's file system. Toggle display of old/new attribute value in set/bl/deb. Convert a binary to hexadecimal or viceversa. Convert an integer to hexadecimal or viceversa. Print history of amos commands entered. Transfer files from the Network Element using http. Convert an IP address into the format used in the fRO. Open/close amos logfiles. Run COLI commands on all boards of a board group. Print translation of loadmodule product number. Start/stop/check the target monitor server on the. Send a COLI command to the Network Element's OSE shell. Change amos prompt and/or window title. Program Upgrade. For STP use only, eg, to load black LMs. Print a line or variable (scripting). Restart a program on a board or board group List programs on a board or board group Toggle display of proxy identities in printout. Print scripting variables. Exit amos. Exit from a command file without exiting from amos. Server maintenance, disk usage reduction. Toggle display of userlabel in st/lst and pget/lpget. To upgrade package product number or T&E error codes Print or change amos configuration settings. Specify a delay in hrs, mins, secs, or rops.

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