AMC MCQ Recalls November 2013

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22 NOVEMBER 2013 1. Description of binge eating and vomiting... which past history is important? a. Elite athletism b. Obesity c. Schizophrenia 2. a. b. c.

Commonest site of endometriosis? Ovary Utero-sacral ligaments Round ligament

3. a. b. c. d. e.

Farmer.. got injured... crush injury. TT vaccinated 7 years ago. Now? ADT TT+IG IG i.v. procain penicillin TT

4. Pregnant lady. Previous pregnancy with post partum depression. What for this pregnancy? a. Start antidepression drug now b. Start drug later on c. Call her husband immideitately d. Review her in later in pregnancy with her husband

5. Similar scenario as above. A. Start antidepression drug now b. Start drug later on c. Review her in later in pregnancy 6. Mother came with child. You check his BMI and percentile chart given. BMI was 26. And around 50th percentile was drawn in the chart. Advise? a. He is little bit overweight

b. He is obese c. He is normal 7. Vision loss. Temporal side of right eye and nasal side of right eye. Lesion? a. Left optic arty b. Right optic artery c. Left cerebrum d. Right cerebrum

8. Worst five year survival rate of cancer ?? A) Pancreas B) Lungs C) Breast D) stomach

9. a diabetic foot pt is admitd in hosp for 1 wk..ulcer is abt not healed after wound debridement but discharging..discharge is yellow colord..wht wil u do nxt?? A. a.mri B. oral amoxy/clauv. Acid C. iv ticarcillin/clv acid 10 . picture of varicella zoster case. Came with complaints of 4 weeks. t/t? a. Famicyclovir b. Paracetamol

11. Mother came with her daughter. She is in neat and clean school uniform. Her mother says she has changed. School performance worsened. All day in her room. Talk with her father rudely. What question to her will be important to reach diagnosis? a. Suicidal thoughts? b. Something related to diet? c. Worried about school performance? Sorry forgot the exact options. I chose suicidal one 12. Old recall of opv 3 dose done. Now you only have ipv. What to do? a. No need of ipv b. Contunie with ipv c. Check serum whether it’s needed or not d. And repeat whole schedule with ipv 13. A patient came 56 years age. His Fasting glucose were 7. Something. You do 2 hours OGTT. It comes around 7.3 now? a. No need to screen until he is 60 b. HB1ac annually c. Fasting gluscose after 6 moths Forgot the rest 2 14. 24 hours After operated for perforated peptic ulcer. patient suddenly becomes agitated and violent. Reason? I choose alcohol withdrawal 15. Patient with duodenal ulcer(diagnosis given). H. Urease positive. Treatment? a. Omeprazole b. Ranitidine c. Omeprazole, amplicillin and third antibiotic (triple therapy) 16. A lady came for her influenza vaccination. She told that her daughter is pregnanant. So besides giving her influenza vaccine. What will you give. a. H. Influenza b. Penumococcal c. DPT Some other two

17. A woman who is a shop lifter. She has decreased self esteem. No friend circle. Treatment? a. Drama therapy b. Behaviour therapy starting with D ( I choose this because case was matching borderline personality disorder) c. Controlled exposure and something.

18. That kid fall from cycle. Helmet broke into two parts. Nothing happned. Mother worried. What ix? a. CT b. MRI 19. . 4 month old kid. A sizure came just for once. Now normal. Smiling. Afebrile. Ix? a. EEG b. Lumber puncture 20. A patient on antidepression. wife complained that he now becomes forgetful and aggressive sometimes. MMSE 22/30. You increased dose from 40 mg to 100 mg. Now he is well. MMSE 28/30. What is it? a. Major depression b. Pyschotic depression Some other optons 21. Old recall of patient came for abd. Surgery and he is on warfarin? What to do? a. Go for operation b. Stop warfarin. Give vitk and operation c. Stop warfarin. Give ffp and operation 22. A lady fell from horse. Pain in abdomen. CT given. (some abnormal can be seen in liver) a. Subcapsular hematoma b. Intrahepatic hematoma c. Spelic hematoma

23. Pic is given. There is small swelling in front of left ear. Painful. What to be given? a. Antibiotics b. Irrigation Sorry forgot the options 24. 70 y.o woman complains that she feel a sudden weakness in her right hand and found it difficult to manage the steering wheel when she was about to drive. She also said that her face felt funny during the episode. Now she's fine. What will you do next? a. Urgent admission b. doppler of carotid arteries c. Let her go home d. Emergency surgery E. Do EEG (i was confused b/w a and e but I choose E) 25. In an emergency where there is severe unstoppable bleeding requiring blood transfusion, which will you transfuse? a. fully cross-matched blood b. type O Rh negative low hemolysin, whole blood c. type O Rh positive whole blood d. type O Rh negative low hemolysin, packed cells

26. CT head was given. small hematoma can be seen on the left side. Postion was matching SDH and Epidyral Hematoma. Descrption was had fight in the bar. Nothing happned that time. Now after some hours he is drowsy. Disoriented and can’t respond properly. What’s diagnosis? a. Extradural hematoma b. subdural hematoma Epidural was not in the option

27. Another CT. Complaint of right side weakness. Feeling heavy. Diagnosis? a. Cerebral haemorrhage b. Cerebra tumour c. Cerebral infarction 28. A women. She is just got divorced from her marriage. Physical violence was there from her husband. He was alcoholic. In the past also she was bullied in the school. She was also sexually abused as a child. Now sometimes she becomes anxious and loss her apetite when she is stressed. Diagnosis? I chose post traumatic stress disorder 29. 23 years of age. Came for colorectal cancer screening. His father died at 35 years and paternal uncle at 48 years. What will you do? a. Say him no as at this age cancer is uncommon b. Do it now c. Do it at 40 years 30. Women Condyloma lata on lt libia majora. Cryotherapy done but again it recurs. What now? a. Excision of labia majora b. Chemo c. Some other option was there which I choose 31. Submandibular swelling is there. Not painful. Increased in size. FNAC done. Nothing came out. a. Chemo b. Radio c. Excision 32. Pic given with right red eye. Pt has seasonal hay fever and also complaining of lower back pain. Diagnosis? a. Conjunctivitis b. Uveitis c. Iritis d. Keratitis

33. Egfr=30. Symptoms suggesting pulmonary embolism. Ix? a. Pulmonary angiogram b. CT pulmonary angiogram c. V/q scan 34. Mother came with girl. She doesn’t like to change her routine of playing some game. Language is normal a. Asperger’s b. Autism 35. Handbook question. A child aged 5 years was presented with nocturnal enuresis. No dry night. But during day he is normal. Ix? I choose urine culture a. urine culture and examination b. Ct addomen c. Some other options 36. Pt. Tested for army. Urine results Protein absent. Blood ++. And some test reveals that 90% red cells are from glomeruli. Diagnosis? a. Renal calculi Forgot the other options 37. Couple with 2 years of amenorrhea. Woman’s ovulation occurring normally. Husband’s semen results were grossly abnormal. 20% motility 90% abnormal and sperm count was something 1,00,000 (don’t know exact figure) by what they have the maximum chance of pregnancy? a. IVF with sperm donor b. Intrauterine sperm implantation c. Intracytoplasmic sperm implantation (I choose this)

38. A man come with low back pain after strenuous work 1 day ago. No other symptoms. Tenderness only there. But no more symptoms like referred pain or swelling. t/t? a. PCM b. X ray c. MRI

39. Woman with complain of constant urge to move leg. Can’t sleep at night. Has to wake up and move around for sometime. Mother also has same symptoms. (I think ekbom syndrome) T/t? 3 drugs were given. And some 2 other options. I choose one drug. ( Dopamine agonist) 40. A person got epileptic attack 6 weeks ago.. You said him not to drive for 6 months but he started driving 2 weeks ago. He is saying that it is very important for him to drive on his plumbing job. What will you do? a. Let him drive but do follow up regularly b. Call his employer and tell him about his condition c. Tell him that you are going to notify liscensing authority 41. Patient has some condition. He is not going on work. His employer calls you and asks about his condition and he said he has permission from patient. What will you do? a. Continue conversation b. Write written report c. Call patient and discuss with him something like that d. Ask nurse to deal with him e. There was some option of talking to some board 42. Nurse complained about your collegue doctor who is aggressive, making some clinical errors and so and so. He came to you and ask for diazepam. What will you do? a. Prescribe him diazepam b. Tell him to meet his GP c. Contact medical board d. Some clinical supervisor at hospital 43. You decided to study some infection via case control study. What is imp for good study? a. sample represents various class of people b. Statistically significant sample (I chose this) c. Some other options

44. Kid is lethargic. Lab report of kid given.. ALP around 1250 hb little bit low.. billrubin 24 in stead of 20.. and some other What is most significant from all these? 45. 3 ECGs were there... couldn’t recognise.. I chose holter monitoring in one.. 46. Pt. Come to ED. Alcoholic rt now.. and previous history of alcohol as well. What will you help to come to diagnosis? a. Autobigographic memory b. Orientation ( I choose this one) c. Some other options

47. Belley dancer. Typical case of anorexia nervosa. BMI 16. What will you do? a. FSH & LH b. Refer to adolescent health unit c. Some other investigations

48. Kid came with mother. Kid is obese. Whole family is obese. What will u suggest? a. Focus on diet instead of exercise b. Whole family weight reduction c. Enter him into weight reduction program

49. A 15 y.o boy from the rurals living on the streets came for face suture for laceration after a street fight. He says he is bisexual and would have intercourse with anyone. What would you do after stitching?

A. notify child at risk infectious department b. Tell him that you are going to inform his parents

C . tell him to do safe sex and and such lifestyle is not going to give him happiness d. this option I chose, it was something like that you make sure he is in safe sex or something like that. (was confused b/w c and d.. but choose “D” because C is user based, he follows or not) e. tell him he is underage to practise sexual intercourse

49 . 37 weeks pregnant. Transverse lie. Everything normal. What will u do? a. CS b. induction of labour

50. Pregnant women. Had intercourse. And now complains of fluid discharge. Straw coloured fuid. a. rupture of membrane b. intercourse fluid c. Chlamydia

As of now, I have remembered these much. I will upload more. Good luck to all. And only one tip. DO RECALLS properly. Especially last 3-4 months. And last month’s recall very very well. I will write more in my second upload.

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