Alup Aircomp Sck 5-22

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Alup Aircomp Sck 5-22's compressor manual...



Quality Assurance DIN ISO 9001 certified

Maintenance and Operating Instructions Spare Parts List

Screw-type Compressors SCK 5 - SCK 22

Ident number: 195.02012


XILUP^ Kompressoren



Quality Assurance DIN ISO 9001 certified

IVIaintenance and Operating Instructions Spare Parts List

Screw-type Compressors SCK 5 - SCK 22

Ident number: 195.02012

IMO 9274654 JLZ-020504

BA 100/10.01/04/GB

Index General information and safety instructions Functional description and erection Operating Commissioning Maintenance Troubleshooting Options Technical Data Spare parts overviews Plan and electric parts Suction control and temperature control Unit parts Lines and gaskets Separatorbox Spare parts list Services completed


4 5 6 8 9 11 12 13 14 14 15 16 18 20 21 25

Individual machine data:




System with the following design/options that differ from the standard version:

For the perfect and troublefree operation you expect from your screw- Validity: type compressor, we recommend to l 2 = Operation with a lead/lag control unit with automatic switch to to "local" operation (Option)

The factory settings may be changed by programming 1.

Press the 0-key until the message cod appears


Select the codes described below using the - » . - ^


The code appears with 3 digits in the display Change of the flashing value ( c ^ ) with the - ^ - - ^ keys; confirm yourseleaion with ENTER

keys; confirm your selection using ENTER

Code 11 Cut-in and cut-out pressure When pressing the INFO key once the current cut-in pressure (bar) appears in the display and can then be changed. After pressing the I I^FO key a second time the current cut-out pressure appears (bar) in the display The cut-out pressure can be changed and must always be at least 0.1 bar higher than the cut-in pressure.

Set code

Code 18 Lead / lag operation c^ 0= Standard without lead / lag control unit c^ 1= Operation with a lead / lag control ("Remote" appears in the display)

Programming level


Code 21 Maintenance acknowledgement Relaised maintenance can be acknowledged by immediately pressing the ENTER key and after that the 0 key

Flashing numbei value ( с ^ )

Code 51 Idling, standstill and ru-up time Progr. level 1 : c ^ Idling time (10 -1200 s) Progr, level 2: cr^ Standstill time (0 - 60 s) Progr. level 3: C ^ run-up time (3 - 30 s)

Certain codes allow settings in the second and third programming level after pressing of the ENTER key

Code 90 Change of pressure unit 0= Pressure in bar (g) О 1= Pressure in Mpa (g) ^ 2= Pressure in psi(g)

Press the 0-key to return to the main menue


Code 95 Change of temperature unit 0= Temperature in °C О 1= Temperature in °F cO* 2= Temperature in К О


5. Commissioning

5.6 Starting

Before starting the machine, verify that no persons can be endangered. The sound cover hood is part of the protection against accidental IVlachines which are standing still after delivery ex works or are to be contact and leads the cooling air of the machine. It must be closed stored for a longer period before commissioning, will be filled up with during operation. Open the shut-off valve between compressor and preservative oil. This preservative oil has to be drained and disposed compressed-air system. Switch on the power supply. together with the flushing oil (appr. 1/3 of the normal oil supply, which Push the start key I. The green lamp lights up and indicates operation or, if the line pressure is above the set cut-in pressure, the start will be flushed through the operating unit for about 30 min.). temperature is below + 5°C or with activated remote control, only Please mind the initial lubrication of section 5.4 before commissioning! flashes stand-by

5.1 Preservation

5.2 Oil level check

The maximum oil level is the lower edge of the oil filler neck (11.1). During operation the oil level will slightly fall by internal distribution. With rising machine temperature or even a temperature cut-off due to low oil level, the compressor is to be filled up with fresh oil into the oil filler neck (11.1).

5.3 Oil quality With regard to the high load of the lube oil in oil injection cooled screw-type compressors, we recommend to use very non-aging, waterrepellent, non-foaming, anti-corrosion oils, e.g. our SPECIAL OIL. This oil is filled in by the works (refer to the oil tank (11) sticker). C ^ Different kinds of oils must not be mixed. In case other lubricants are used, you should contact the after-sales service "S. We only grant our warranty for the compressors when the use of equivalent lubricants is verified.

CAUTION ! A FLASHING GREEN LAMP MEANS THE COMPRESSOR CAN ALWAYS START UP AUTOMATICALLY The lines carrying oil and compressed air are to be checked for leakages. After the cut-out pressure is achieved the machine shuts down after the set follow-up time (automatic) or changes over to idle running (load-idle mode).

5.7 Shutdown Push the stop key O. The green lamp extinguishes. The compressor shuts down after the follow-up time, the suction valve (06) doses and the oil tank (11) is relieved. The line pressure is available up to the non-return valve integrated in the separator box, i.e. the compressed-air recooler (09) is admitted with line pressure. Program changing and setting of pressure or time values can only be carried out with the required code and the compressor at standstill.

5.4 Initial lubrication of the compressor stage (04) (refer to section 1.3) 1Ш= After a longer standstill period, e.g. between initial commissioning and delivery ex works or after a longer works holiday, it may happen that there is no oil in the rotor compartment of the compressor stage (04). This oil, however, is absolutely necessary for lubricating rotors and bearings in the starting phase. Therefore it is 6. Compressor maintenance necessary to fill about 0.2 1. oil into the prelube plug of the suction valve (06). Manually rotate the compressor stage (04) in the right 6.1 General information direction of rotation until the sensible resistance disappears and the ' All maintenance work is to be carried out by trained specialists oil is passed through the stage (04). Mount the prelube plug again with the machine switched off, at standstill, pressure-relieved and into the suction valve (06). protected against reconnection. If no additional oil is available (only use the same kind of oil) the oil 6.2 Pressure relief can be drained from the system by means of the oil drain (11.2). Before any maintenance work is carried out, the pressure relief is to be checked as follows : disconnect the compressor from the compressed-air system by closing the shut-off valve. The pressure relief is to be checked by venting the safety valve (12). 5.5 Direction of rotating (refer to section 1.3) B ^ The temperature of the oil tank (11) may not be more than D ^ The direction of rotation must comply with the arrow on the +40 °CI electric motor (01 ). When checking, the machine must only be switched on (and immediately off) for a very short time (max. 0.5 sec.) in order D ^ Attention - caution ! not to damage the compressor stage (04). The direaion of rotation It is absolutely necessary to wear face and body protection can be changed when two external conductors are exchanged. because hot oil mist can penetrate. Irregular operating machines and those which are standing still for several weeks should run for one hour every week, in idle mode, to prevent corrosion damage.


6.3 v-belt drive

6.7 Condensate water

The V-belt drive tensions itself due to our special unit construction. The deflection force, however, has to be checked every 500 operating hours with a tension force meter CBTorder n°. 180.02030 ) in a right angle, midway between the pulley contart points on one V-belt each.

When the full capacity of the compressor is not utilized, condensate water may deposit at the lowest point (heavier than oil) of the oil tank (11).

Deflection at 50 N testing force = 8 - 1 1 mm

This condensate water should be drained through the oil drain (11.2) regularly, when the compressor is at standstill for a longer period, e.g. at the weekend (ret sect. 3.4).

If service is necessary, all V-belts (03) have to be changed as a set. Loosen the three bolts from the compressor flange and turn back the If any condensate water is observed, please contact immediately the tensioning screw. Take off the used V-belts (03) and place the new V- after-sales service 'S, otherwise your warranty might be endangered. belts (03) over the V-belt pulleys (02). Tension the drive with the tensioning screw, untill the a.m. deflection force is achieved and Condensate and "TT^ readjust the flange bolts. oil drain - ^

© 1=- J

6.4 Replacement of the suction filter (05) Warning, / » 1 1 - with flashing red lamp. Replace the surtion filter (05), confirm the maintenance with Code 21 and reset with the О key The used suction filter is to be disposed of as special waste.

6.5 Replacement of the oil filter (15)

( ÖQl1.2


T 6.8 Oil level check (mind residual pressure when opening)

Warning > 12 - with flashing red lamp. Loosen the oil filter (15) with Check the oil level at the oil filler neck (11.1) and refill oil, if necessary. a strap wrench ("B" order n° 180.06075) and remove it. Remove Different kinds of oil must not be mixed. Works oil filling: SPECIAL residues of the old sealing from the housing. Lubricate the seal of the OIL. new oil filter. Screw in the new oil filter (15) up to the limit stop and manually tighten it half a turn. Check for leakage at operating 6.9 Oil change temperature, confirm the maintenance with Code 21 and reset with always together wiht the oil filter (15) the О key. Warning J-15- with flashing red lamp. The oil is to be changed in The used oil filter is to be disposed of as special waste. accordance with the maintenance intervals on page 13 with the required oil quantity. In case other lubricants shall be used, please contact the after-sales service И . We only grant our warranty for the compressors when the use of equivalent lubricants is verified. Suction filter Oil filter Oil change: (only in warm condition) open the filler neck (11.1) as well as the oil drain (11.2) and drain the used oil. Close the oil drain (11.2) and fill in fresh oil up to the lower edge of the filler neck (11.1). -Ш* Check for leakage at operating temperature. Confirm the maintenance with Code 21 and reset with the О key 15 OS The used oil is to be disposed of as special waste.

6.6 Replacement of the oil separator (08)


Oil filler Warning /> 13 - with flashing red lamp. Loosen the oil separator (08) with a strap wrench ('Э order n° 180.06075) and remove it. Remove the residues of the old sealing and lubricate the seal of ( the new oil separator. Screw in the ^Q 11.2 new oil separator (08) up to the limit stop and manually tighten it half a turn. Check for leakage at 6.10 Motor bearings (01) operating temperature, confirm Warning / • 14 - with flashing red lamp. Regreasing of the electric the maintenance with Code 21 motor (01) must strictly be carried out and is performed by means of and reset with the О key. a grease gun with a lubrication nipple according to DIN 3404 (order The used oil separator is to n° 180.06076 B"). If the electric motor (01 ) does not have any grease be disposed of as special nipples, it is equipped with long-life grease closed roller bearings. waste. After their lifetime these bearings are to be changed completely ^






6.12 Set pressure switch points with Code 11

6.11 Safety valve (12)


In order to maintain the proper function of the safety valve (12), it is necessary to check the valve (12) every 2,000 operating hours or at least once a year.

After 3 seconds continuous pushing the 0-key, CODE 11 can be called with the - ^ ' • " ^ ' keys followed by ENTER. Call the lower pressure switch point with the INFO key. Set the required value with the -^^"^^ keys and save it with ENTER. After pushing the INFO key again, the upper pressure switch point can be called and set with the -^b^-^-keys and saved the same way with ENTER.

Checking: disnnount the safety valve (12) from the unit and check it in a suitable device. If no device is available, the safety valve (12) can be checked by us •ST.

6.13 General compressor maintenance

Remove the residues from the thread connection, Wrap the thread of the safety valve (12) with sealing tape and screw the safety valve in. Check for leakage at operating temperature.

Warning / • 15 - with flashing red lamp - to carry out a general compressor maintenance. This general compressor maintenance includes all maintenance work which is to be done, with the unit in normal condition and normal ambient. Our after-sales service ©would be pleased to assist you.

#) Warning 100 h before run out service time

Maintenance intervals IVlaintenance work and compressor checks

Direktion of rotation (01)

before erection

after erection

after the 1st week

every week

each ..operatio ntime #) #) #) 500 h 2,000 h 4,000 h

Oil level check(ll)

Leak check, discharge temperature

• Reteighten electric connections

Condensate collection (11) cooler contamination (09,14) First oil (11) + oil filter (15) change, V-belts check (03) Suction filter (05), oil (11) + oil filter (15) change, oil separator (08), safety valve (12), at least once a year

• •

• •

Regreasing of motor beanngs (01) - maintenance intervals depending on compressor type (refer section 6.10) General compressor maintenance, at least once a year



A reminding information due to a run out service time or a run out service interval must be confirmed with Code 21 and reset with the О - 1::.::i:i5::,>:V;S::20 ::;];.: 'У :Ш:^^:У\-Ж''''Ш^-'Ш^Г^' 5,5 " : : : : : : ' - l 9 r ; i " ^::::ö'V:'''V;^^i;:'-H25:-:::i;:;:,: ШМг['уушГ.Шу'Ш'г:у..

.'":;;SEK 5:|;::::' r;;4:4io::::!^;:-:f ;




••••:;: ^ O J l O ï ' i i h •:?::':7,5:':::,i:; ::;;SCK1:5;:;;,:





;,:;;25V^ :;-:::-Is :;:::;:;;;:35 ,:!;:•


А\!'зб:'[-:ЩЩ]:Ш^Шг-''г •45; • й 5 0: \ i :

^M/:.^.ø23::::У-•::2SU\r[ 6 3 ; : : ; " '•^•Ф:''Ш:Ш-^;''^35;1:.ф

):ш''^'^Ш4М.:,1тШ. •;i;S. -/; ;У';1 |я

{:'рС;ШрШ Ш

^/Suc|Sn':contrQlhpÜsing 'ЩвВ'-' ;::::i pii;ärairi(;Va|vei'l V:::; v!|f "

biilï'^'ÏH:,:-*©! ::;•:,Т:№ j|ii|iiu:]|:|îi : | : р : 1 0 | |

Elastic supports : ; ;Tank;SUpport-P: ::^iti1atör:::Sif' :;'i:QÄ^^^^ :!;^tiiàtor;::;;|:;b :-; :::: ::;;л: : ?Я i l ^ s h ::äi t g r i ^ , i;;,;; \ ; ;: ä^^^^ •1Ôf)èiЗtiorî:Щhè|;:î;:;^;:^Д;::::•:^:}:::^^ ';-:'Exiiaust'äir;gricl--;:''';:3i!i:::: :•':"•'•::lu5^ •lExHaustaiprid >::i'ip,: 'г}Ш: fWencMlMnqfseiettültiorJiho






ла;22.:: is;

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l||S;\::,i::||Éa'' 'vip '. :"'::::|f Ш:^ : Ш:: : Ш Ш \Шш Ш"Ша: ВШа Ш:^тШ^г т& ' '•MS ïïfWf •:ш? ВШЕё^:-'ЩВ\



ЩФ '[

; Special o | 61

::'• i : 5 ' - , . : • : • : ; , • § , ; •

h::;. Т О ' ••

195М 0 14 яг >;1:95|02е5:''>';:':^-'^: •1.9ШО1^6''";';':Й:|'^: ^•I95:pöi7;:;;::";v:.

;;-ppëratiBg:Mruà{fnf||::::'':S'j:::f^^^^^^^^^^^^ s:uperàtii1|:ifistructiônsGB ::ci'f: •: :p0pei|t(iig:jnstractjäHs, ^ ÄOpefatljgmstruiJpns ::'0peralffig1ristru^DrisJ'::-'::£fi''';:i!p :: PRef«ing:instfudfpn5>E'/:^^^^ ':;pp^(Figiihstrü|||ns:5,a:^^^^

ii^- 5;'fi !'-:,8v;'v Ê^:iO.:=:} пМШ :ii:!::l:5?'i: &Мт BmJ Й : :Т 5 ,:: ШП'^Шша тзлш Шт BBiåM' 8-Ш ï'BùB 1ШР> i:; . 1 0 / 1ВШ \''-ё^ЩЯШ':Ш::-::::1,0::>:> шШ '•ШШе ]:^::iЩ|:p-::;iîi:• fF':'îO!l¥ ЦДЙ

iîZ00130: ; 212:00131 ^ : 212 00207 2000209::. 212 00213 :212 00216 212 01126::^ 212 01127' 212 01128: • 212 01129^

Line kit Line'.kit;:, :::/•:::.:• Suction contrail service kit : Discharge valvê:service kit Temperature control service kit IVllriimurTi pressure valveiservice kit,: • Filter kit filterklt : ;: ;:й11 п kit . Service'kit:,:'


|(Й)|о ,ё;г (р |Ща ::::;;::::я1|$



;:;::1'5;,: 'ч .-::22

:.^"ïiO',l: :^5 • • В 10 ;:-;:5':: , ......8::' ю:; ••••:Î5- ,-VV8:-V i.''..10':/,5 : ,8 10' ::J5: Я;':8: 10



:Ш бот^^а-:::'Ш ÉSWi^flftoftlt •г^штФг^ВШ 2щтШ В:Ш'

iFront:'sirø]patdS:e':j':|!rt':|^^^^^^^^^ VRär;Si|e;ipard:-;Й | Щ ; . ]i^''ßMlM' ï >;:Щ1/Н ||&:1о|йа |::|;|::{|::;Ы ::SoiJhH'JföSwpijöca^ä :j|5l!: t


2 2 5 00372 " : " ' j : ^ ' 226 02080 :228:020801:;: 226:02085 •:::::-:,:::• 226 02090; : : : : ' • 22602100 ; : :226::Ö2lb6^.:::':: ::::;, 226,02112 ••:::•" 22602118:^ : : : V

nyentilatPr hub : : r:: , • Compressor pijilèyv \ : Compressorpulley ; : :;Gompressor pulley: : îGpmprèssorpulley:.:;:::;:::: Compressor pulley::::- ;: Corri pressorpùllëy :Gompressör:pul|ey : M •.CorTipressorpulléy';:i'':' ::'::: ::::,: i.:'::::^:

'''"'^'й:-':"^ •'Н:В 3;5 ::::::/: 8-О а :


1-щ.г:, :й о : fi;li;;l !Ш




15 1^ : ' 2 2 : .22:: .15 :• ..:.:>:22,:;

^ 1 5 : :;' 2 2 • :i:5::: :^::.:22i; .;;i-5^ ^ ;''"22;;;

:Ш^ '•••Вя'"' : ' 5 ;;:Н ; :8



':Ш'^''Ш пй'Ш : :н Я,::^: ЙИ






ilBl 1|-Н Й':Щ Й

tMm 1»2":":^ iii:'î tiii;-;: ;|3.|a;j ; ; ; ; ; | | i | :||||:5 ^::.::'Г5:: .:::;';.22\ Шш 2 Шт:м


'Ш ШМ'ШМ ВШ':-:/Шл


: 15-08: ;::;22^08 i;::22-i3 ;15-10;: :В "22-10


10-08 : . 15-13:\ :8й З : : 5-08 10-10


Spare parts list




::::CorTipressor:pulièy:'::'::i:::\i : :С05е Г р Л Г 50Г:|и 1ер у ' .^' /•'''\(К^''\:':^:АЖ-'С' :-'--Сг'^^:1. ' ^' • 1

ШО ;/ Ш::С^Ли\:


;;:^22б , р 2 15о ^ ;;|Ь ; ..:::;'л ; ;:;.:;:. ^ЙЩОШЁ

|У :щ|аУ |/||у/II:*: :^^щ ï||jc: • ^


lil'liäl&:;i=;! 1:/Щ1

;|||VÉiciil^iri|jer;;:j|^^ :Ï:226 0 2 1 3 2


\: .


, - F i .


к 229 00035 ^^\' :im>00miQ.:.::

• Compressed:aii':bnneäiÖri:söcke1:;^-::|:',:^;:=^^ Compressed air connectjbr) socket :; :

'S5 ;^ ЛШ^]

: 10 ;; :;;;15


:"i||||ро|-^(51злсе; 101;!;I-:-,;•;-,',:.;-.-З•Ш " i' -l^^'^Âàm

'ШЩШ. ^г0тш7ЪШ^^\::^^'ФШ -Ша^Ша№$ЯШМп:: ^&ШШжЩ^

:|273;0204Щ ; ;:;1|:5';';'• у Щ

Extérisiop tube /, :;5Й;Щ (:о!г |г1о |::'Ё|№ -i; ;/ 'flP&|öBiq|a)::s:(j£tip||ro :/:.5ер|1зЩВоЕ||||||||Щ:|::^^^^^ /||lpafâi:or-bM||||i|j::!|S,!^^ /"й1а г а р,5г и р Щ |1д|Щ ;и;К :а;^й ^^^^ |:5§р1а 1й ;й ;Н'Шш ^Ш/^:/;|1Щ/П /У^ :№:||Щ|т [|)1р!Щ щ |1Щ|/е;]р с |й ^^^^^ й;|оп-геЫ 1Щ||§е|1й||;Щ |::Sèpa ratof--М в ? 5'Л ;Д Я | Я и * У р а г а 1 р | Ь Щ | а | /-:1/:-/äite |:;Jeijn'p|rai^:Mn|m^:uriit;ge^ Wfefrijîéitujfl^tfpl^jîpK^






; .

lliff: •::^^Ы• jW^/'/l Ш%Шя fSM§§fi"% 1;Ш/11; ii5,:/ :Ш-^А | | / | | 1 К n:';;;| liiiisi 1 Р /Й ;.^' т ' В ^^ш '0Ш '•/;1К Ж Îif/У ; lÊii

'^[':.; /::Ш | |:й - i

ïi'iifâ/ii :|||ifp:; Ш:П


iÉfii! WMSi Шз $ШШ plO';:';/! ШЩшВт W-sM^:aii№ '''.%:i^:йоЦ ;!.ШЖЯе

:.;1,М1Ш'"Ш -чг!!K/Ji;::, 'i^-:;

;/Front plate;:;':/. : Gompressör'flange v ; : : : :: ^ ; 278 00214:' " •Gobiei;;5ic|e;board 278 0021:5 :; : Coolersideboarci :: :Л ::|::|: : :: ^^:;^-' :/ 278:00220 : Framewith oiiprotëctipri;CarterV;V /;;.Щ':^Л :^^ 1Й 8 00274 i v V ^ : Coolersidë board 278 00396:1: ^ • - . : : :::Temperatüre control damp 278 0125Ï ^ ^/;Frpnt:iDlatev ;,:,:;••:•;/!;;,;;;;:;: •• .278 0 1 2 5 2 / : Coflpressorl^ge//://:';. г,:,v:-;^/;:/

!S/#/';'•:• / • 1 5 ••'•^

/;ïlli: !:;/22:#

:|ilfi/ FtBS iiWwi'i' ::.'iffi •JO :r 15 • ' S ' / : й - 8 ' ' ^ ' .;:;1:0;'Я-:: /15 ^5:^^ •j/s/ 10^ : 15

. 22i/-.


Services completed

Operating hours


Servicing work completed



Services completed

Operating hours



Servicing worl( completed


>1LUP Kompressoren

ALUP-Kompressoren GmbH Postfach 1161 Adolf-Ehmann-Str. 2 Phone.: Fax: E-mail: Internet:

D-73253 Kongen D-73257 Kongen

+49-{0)1 80-5 25 87 00 4-49-(0)1 80-5 25 87 01 [email protected]

^ J. P SAUER & SOHN ( ^ ^ M A S C H I N E N B A U GMBH V j / [{ill .Milsiliai der


Schmierstoff-Tabelle für Schraubenverdichter Lubrication- Chart for Screw-Compressors

1 /97

Т Р Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH, Postfach 9213, D-24157 Kiel Tel /Phone: +49 (0) 431/394081-85, Fax: +49(0)431/3940 24 e-maü: [email protected], Internet:


Schmierstofftabelle für Schraubenverdichter

Lubrication Chart for Screw Compressors

Diese Schmierstofftabelle gilt für alle luft- und wasser gekühlten Sauer - ALUP Schraubenkompressoren. Diese Schmierstofftabelle gilt nicht für Kolbenkompressoren sowie für andere Temperaturbereiche als unten angegeben. In diesem Fall fordern Sie bitte gesonderte Schmierstoffempfehlungen an.

This table of lubricants is valid for all air and watercooled Sauer • ALUP Screw Compressors. This table of lubricants is not valid for piston compressors or temperature ranges others than mentioned below. In such a case please ask for special lubricant recommendations.

Die Verwendung anderer als die in unserer Schmierstofftabelle genannten Öle setzt die ausdrückliche Genehmigung durch uns voraus. Nur bei der Verwendung von durch uns nachweislich zugelassenen Ölen übernehmen wir Gewährleistung für unsere Kompressoren.

Other oils than those listed in our lubrication chart may not be used without our permission. Warranty for our compressors is only given under the condition that oil brands are used which have been approved by us.

Schrauben Verdichter

Screw Compressors

Für Schraubenverdichter empfehlen wir zugelassene Schraubenverdichteröle der Viskositätsklasse ISO VG 46.

For screw compressors we recommend approved screw compressor oil brands of the viscosityclass ISO VG 46.

Weitere Information:

Further Information:

Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren Kundendienst unter der Telefonnummer 0431-394087 oder per Fax 0431-394089.

If you need further information please contact our service department by phone int. - 431-394087 or by fax int. - 431 394089.




öle für Schraubenverdichter / Oils for screw-compressors

Marke Brand Agip ARAL

1 Öle für Schraubenverdichter 1 Gruppe 1 Group Oil for screw-compressors

1 Korrosionsschutzöl 1 I Corrosion prevention oil |

Kosmol TL 46



Energol RC-R 46 Energol THB 46


Alphasyn T 46 Aircol SR 46/68 Aircol PD 68


Compressor oil Tegra 68


Actro EP VDL 46 Trion EP 46 Astron HLP 46

Elf •


Kompressor Kühlöl 46 Compressor oil RS 46


Eolan RQ 46 Eolan SPD 46


DTE oil medium Rarus SHC 1025


Compte!la S 46 Compte!la SM SHELL Ol 4038 (РЕ А 15327)


Cetus S 46 Synerol 46 PA Cetus PAO 46


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3.3.99 /fîx



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