Allowing God to Choose for Us

August 22, 2017 | Author: JollyLuna | Category: Abraham, God, Prayer, Religious Belief And Doctrine, Bible
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REALITY CHECK: Follow up on Elder’s vision. Are we on track?

EDIFICATION: Gen 13:8-11,14-15. It can be said that our success in life is almost completely based on the small “yes” or “no” decisions we make each day. But as simple as this sounds, several factors can complicate it. First, sometimes we do things that are not in the best interests of ourselves or our family. They’re not sinful, but they present a risk to us. For instance, we might decide to purchase a new car when we really can’t afford it. Or we might get involved in activities that take us away from family time, prayer time, or Bible reading. Thus, what seems like a good decision at the time, later turns out to be harmful. Second, our own desires can cloud our ability to make sound decisions. For example, this happens when someone buys a used car based solely on it’s appearance. However, it doesn’t take long to learn that shiny fenders do not guarantee a good running engine. This is why the Scriptures warn us about the desires of our flesh: “Why do you fight and argue with each other? Isn’t it because you are full of selfish desires that fight to control your body? You want something you don’t have, and you will do anything to get it…” James 4:1-2 CEV

Third, our decision may not be harmful to ourselves or others, but it keeps us from receiving all that the Lord wants to give us. God takes pleasure in meeting our needs, but when we meet our own needs, it stops Him from blessing us with all that He wants to. A good example of this is the story of Lot and Abraham. When Abraham gave Lot the first choice of the pasture land, Lot selected the well watered plain of the Jordan river valley. Naturally, Lot thought he made the best decision. But later when God spoke to Abraham, He gave him ALL the land in EVERY direction for as far as he could see. This also included all the land that Lot had chosen for himself. Remarkably, God chose more for Abraham than he naturally chose for himself! This shows that we will always be better off if we involve God in our decisions and allow Him to choose for us.

QUESTIONS: 1. Why should we involve God in making decisions when we already know what we want to do? (* It honors God when we ask His advise.) (* God knows every detail about the situation.) (*God knows the end result before we ever make the choice.) (* We’ll avoid a lot of trouble in life, if we discipline ourselves to ask God.) 2. When is it most important to have God’s help in making decisions? (* When a wrong choice would be harmful, either spiritually or naturally.) (* When God impresses us to wait on Him for an answer.) (*When our own choice strongly appeals to our fleshly desires.) (*When there’s any risk of compromising our convictions.) (* When our friends, spouse, or family disagree with our decision.)

3. Should we ever ask others to help us in making a decision? If so, when? (*When our decision will affect them as well.) (* When we can’t seem to get a clear answer from the Lord.) (* When we ask God for direction, and the answer is exactly what we want to hear. Then we should suspect that it’s our own human spirit that’s directing us and not God.) 4. (* (* (* (*

Why don’t some Christians include God in their decisions? They feel foolish for asking God’s help in simple things.) They think God doesn’t talk to them when they pray.) Some don’t feel it’s necessary.) Some don’t want God to say “NO” to their plans.)

5. Is there any decision that you are about to make? Can we pray for your decision? (*C.S.—Pray for any decisions that will be made in the near future.) For every Cell to develop their own vision of growth and outreach into their community and to be reminded daily of that vision.. Discussion: 1. In your opinion, is there a breakdown of respect of children toward adults and what seems is different about the way children view their parents than you did when you were growing up? 2. What do you think are some major factors influencing young people’s attitudes toward their parents? 3. What are some ways that parents can prevent the breakdown of respect and honor in the home? (There are many ways and I hope the discussion will be active, however, consistency is imperative.)

4. What issue, if any, relative to this topic is affecting you today and how can this group pray with you to bring about a healing and change in the circumstance? PETITION CLOSING PRAYER

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