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Allen Miracles

REPLACED RIBS and LUNG Proven By X-RAY! Miracle Occurred in Little Rock, Arkansas Under "MIRACLE REVIVAL 'Big Top'!" FOUR YEARS AGO, G. E. Mullenax, had his right lung and three ribs removed by sur gery, because of a dead disc. A hold (large enough to place a man's hand inside) was left in his back for a drainage tube. He came to the meeting under the Miracle Revival "Big Top" in Little Rock, Arkan sas, in May, 1958. Brother Mullenax declares that, all of a sudden, when Brother Allen laid his hands upon him, he felt the assuranced that he had been healed a nd told Brother Allen it was done! We quote Brother Mullenax's words: "I felt the assurance I had been healed and told Brother Allen so! I felt where the sunken place had been and it was filled in with three ribs, and my right lun g also. The hold that had been in my back was gone. The place where the ribs and lung had been removed had been sore. Now, those places are no longer sore. Afte r I had felt of myself and told them what I had found, Brother Allen and Brother Schambach both examined me and they found, too, that the hold in my back was go ne and they could feel the ribs which had been replaced. My friend, who was also in the audience, came up to the platform and examined me too. He testified, al so that the sunken place in my back was gone and that he could feel the replaced ribs. HEALING STILL IN EFFECT ONE YEAR LATER! This man came from Little Rock, Arkansas to our Dallas, Texas Campaign to testif y to what God did for him in Little Rock last summer. He brought the X-ray at le ft, above, of a perfect set of lungs and a perfect set of ribs, with one excepti on - one of the ribs looks like it is not quite as large as the others. HERE IS Brother Mullenax' testimony, as give in Dallas, 9 months after he was h ealed.: "Three of my ribs were removed to get to my lung. The ribs and the entir e lung were removed by surgery four years ago. When he operated on me, my doctor and the others assisting him didn't think I had much chance to live. I lay on t he operating table five hours and 10 minutes. During the operation, the doctors had to take my heart out of its normal position, and massage it to keep me breat hing. They gave me five pints of blood, two quarts of glucose and two tanks of o xygen. I went to sleep on Tuesday and did not wake up until Sunday morning. "I have come all the way from Little Rock, Arkansas, to Dallas, Texas, to tell e veryone that 'Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever!'" The first and greatest miracle He performed for me was when He saved mysoul! "When the doctor made this X-ray and looked at it, he was surprised. He said, "O f all the X-rays I have ever made (and he is a Specialist) you have two of the h ealthiest lungs I have ever seen in my life!' He said further, 'You also have th ree ribs in place, where they were removed! One of them grew back a little skinn y!' He knew all about it, and was immensely surprised, because he was the doctor that had cut those ribs and that lung out of my right side! "I believe God let that rib grow back different from the others to prove that a miracle had been performed in my body! Had they grown back perfectly, no one wuo ld believe the ribs had ever been removed!"

- April, 1959, Vol.4, No.7 Miracle Magazine, page 1 & 14.

But He really heals people? You believe that? It is not all just psychological o r misdiagnoses? I know it. I've seen it. I've experienced it. Let me tell you a story. Almost 40 years ago a young man named G.E. Mullenax wal ked into an A. A. Allen crusade in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was in bad shape. D octors had removed three of his ribs and one lung, all apparently to get to a de ad disc. He had almost died during the operation. He had laid on the operating t able for five hours. During the procedure they had taken his heart out of its no rmal position and massaged it to keep him going. That was just unheard of in tho se days, and it was a very desperate thing to do. Afterward, they left a hole in his side about the size of a man's hand just to help with te drainage. It was n ot a good situation. It was very serious. But he believed that God would heal him. A. A. Allen called him out of the crowd , listened to his story, showed the audience the hole in his side, and then pray ed for him. Mullenax claimed an instantaneous healing. R. W. Schambach was there . Both he and Allen felt the place where the hole had been. Mullenax had a frien d with him who ran up to the front and felt it too. Mullenax said that it felt l ike God had actually restored the ribs, which would have been a real miracle. Th e audience went wild. Mullenax just stood there weeping. Of course, everyone wondered. Who is this guy? What happened to the hole in his side? They had felt it. Or had they? Was his story true? Had doctors really remo ved the lung and ribs? And if so, why did it now feel like the ribs were restore d? Had they instantaneously formed? Or had they been growing back ever since the operation? Well, it turned out to be true. He came back nine days later with the doctor's X -rays and full reports. Allen wrote it up for Miracle Magazine. Now there is a reason I'm telling you this particular story. Just a few months a go, almost 40 years after the fact, The Pentecostal Evangel reported the Mullena x story all over again. The Pentecostal Evangel is th voice of the Assemblies of God. This is the same denomination that had once dismissed and ridiculed A. A. Allen. One could say that this was a vindication for the evangelist. After all t hese years, A. A. Allen is gone, but G. E. Mullenax is still with us. Now let me ask you a question. How could a doctor misdiagnose the removal of a l ung and ribs? Either they were taken out or they weren't. And how could the mind re-create a lung? The sets of X-rays show the whole story. They were gone, and now they are back. Explain that. Now, you can still deny it, of course. Some refuse to even consider any evidence . Others say that it is all satanic, that the devil is doing all those wonderful things. Today we have a whole army of New Age experts. The generation before sa id that all those Bible stories were myths. Now, the New Age generation suddenly claims to be experts on how it all happens. Some say that it was aliens from ot her planets, or they may offer soe new or more trendy, "designer" religion that explains everything while still letting them live the way they want. But to anyo ne who really wants to know, Jesus is indeed the same yesterday, today, and fore ver. He is alive and well. He can touch you. Believe it.

All things are possible. Only believe. Pages 175-176 ONLY BELIEVE, Don Stewart, Revival Press, Shippensburg, PA 1990 *********************

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