Aliens and UFOs (Part 2)

January 29, 2018 | Author: Ana Maksimovic | Category: Dolphin, Alien Abduction, Atlantis, Unidentified Flying Object, Religion And Belief
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Ancient Atlantean Teachings and My Personal Experiences with Aliens & UFOs Part Two By Jon Peniel

ISBN #0-9710740-0-3  2001 the Children of the Law of One

Some of you may not be familiar with the author of this booklet, Jon Peniel, or his best selling book “The Children of the Law of One & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis”. Jon is a teacher from an ancient spiritual order called (in English) “The Children of the Law of One”. The late, famous psychic, Edgar Cayce (the most documented psychic in the world), spoke of The Children of the Law of One many times during the years of psychic readings he gave while in trance. Cayce spoke of the order’s history of championing freedom & enlightenment, and its lineage beginning in Atlantis, continuing through pre-ancient Egypt, and on to the present. Cayce also predicted that an important spiritual messenger by the name of John/Jon Peniel, would come forth near the time of great Earth Changes. According to the entranced Cayce, Peniel was coming to give to the world vital spiritual information - “the new order of things” for a new age/new type of world, and the next step for humanity’s spiritual development. Jon does not claim to be this person, nor does he dismiss it at this point – he doesn’t consider it to be an important issue. But many members of the organization the late Cayce founded (The Association for Research & Enlightenment [A.R.E.], and those who have belonged to Cayce “study groups” for many years, have (after reading the book/teachings) declared that they believe Jon is the messenger Cayce predicted, and now study Jon’s book and the ancient teachings. Born in the US, Jon Peniel began his training in the Children’s Tibetan monastery, while still a teenager. There, he learned, trained, and became spiritually enlightened. After the prophesied destruction of that monastery, he was given the task of publicly releasing their teachings to the world (also prophesied by his teachers). He is now the international head of the order, and is still in the process of revealing the ancient teachings (which in small part includes this booklet) and has released the pertinent information from the fabled “Hall of Records” buried between the Sphinx and Great Pyramid. For many, the ancient teachings have quenched the thirst of a lifetime of spiritual searching. They finally provide the simple pure truth, and answers that “make sense”, regarding questions about life, God, creation, the reason for our existence, what’s coming up, what we can do, and much more. Please see the back of this book for info on our books, seminars, and amazing aids for body/mind/spirit, or go to [not “.com”].


Foreword I’m No Expert First, let me say that I am just a humble spiritual teacher. My only life goal is to help people develop their spiritual natures, return to their original spiritual state of being, and return to Oneness with the Universal Spirit/God. I am not a UFO-ologist, and it is not my field of expertise. While I highly respect those who have these interests, search for the truth about them, and expose the truth about them, that is not my field, and I’m so busy with my other priorities, I don’t have time for it (along with many other things. Heck, I’m lucky to make time for the bathroom!) I also don’t have time for abductions, and I wish some of these darned aliens would leave us alone – I’ve tried bug repellant sprays and they don’t work worth a damn on aliens (joke). But, for whatever reason, I seem to have more than my share of UFO and alien experiences, and I’m happy to share those with others, along with the ancient teachings from Atlantis, that I learned about such things. Also, I don’t claim to be an expert, so if you disagree with what I have to say here, or you believe you can help clarify things for me, please just maintain your own opinion and don’t modify it because of me – you may know far more than I, and my opinions are only from what I’ve personally experienced, and read in the ancient teachings. But please don’t contact me about them, I’m so busy with my duties and responsibilities I can’t even keep up with those alone. I do think you should share info you have though, and there are many resources for that, like Art Bell and others.

[The following book is an edited transcript of a series of lectures Jon gave in March 2001. He is a humorous person and makes occasional “out there” jokes, so you’ll enjoy the booklet more if you aren’t too serious of a person.] …On to our next story about our travels with the ambassador.

Maps to Stars’ Homes Let’s jump to the story of a fascinating scientific find. We had gone to southern California, where the ambassador had set up appointments to meet with various scientists – experts in different fields. I had other people to meet there also. The first scientist we met with was an archeologist at UCLA. I can’t give his name out because he’d probably never work again. Archeologists have been black listed for far less. Anyway, he was on a dig somewhere, and had discovered something that would have set the archeological and scientific world on its ears (if it had ears, and if the revelations of these types of discoveries were allowed). But, any discovery that goes against or shakes up the established view of our modern


day psuedo- scientists, is quashed, and anyone who would dare to go against the power structure and reveal things anyway, is ruined (or worse- depending on what the discovery is). So are you wondering what it was? Oh, you aren’t really interested. Ok, we’ll go on to something else. Oh, you DO want to know? It was a set of ancient maps of the underground inner-Earth tunnel system that the Atlanteans and Lemurians used to travel all over the world. The fact that they were indeed ancient, and not a hoax, had already been tested over and over again, and verified. They also showed all the access (entry/exit) points for the tunnels. We spent a couple of days with him looking the maps over, and over, and over, and finding fascinating areas where there were access points – not surprisingly, many were areas of high UFO activity. I was paying as much attention as I could, trying to lock things into memory, knowing we’d never get copies, and that eventually, they’d probably “disappear”. Since we were in southern Cal., I paid particular attention to the local access points.

Getting Moody Now here’s the next piece of this synchronistic quilt. The next day, I took the ambassador to meet one of the members of the group, the Moody Blues. I know he wouldn’t want me to use his name either, so let’s just call him “Moody”. He wrote many of their old songs and the lyrics. (You can find some of those on the website on the music list). As a side note, the Moody Blues is one of those groups that (I think we talked about them in the last book, like Hendrix, did a lot of songs about end times prophecy, UFOs and “space brothers”. Moody, in particular, wrote many songs about such topics. I thought Helena would be interested in meeting him, and vice-versa, and since we didn’t have another appointment yet, I decided to bring her out and introduce them to each other. Moody had both a new house and recording studio he had built on acreage outside of Los Angeles. [Side note: On an earlier occasion when I first went to visit him at the new recording studio, I noticed a huge painting by Jimi Hendrix’s exgirlfriend, “Rainbow” (who we talked about in the other book). It was hung between the two studio monitor speakers in his recording studio – positioned so that it was right in front of you, and above you, when sitting at the mixing board. Turned out he knew her also. Small world.] As I recall, we were having dinner and Moody started telling us this story about a “grey”. He, and several others at the table, said that during construction everyone around there kept seeing this little alien popping up and peeking out from behind rocks and trees and such. This went on the entire time they were building the place and even construction workers kept seeing it. This was long before there was any real public knowledge or discussion of Greys/aliens, or many people talked about them like they do now - before the “Betty and Barney Hill” story had come out. It was the first time I’d heard one described, or seen a picture of one. He drew a picture of it to show the ambassador, and gave it to her to take with her. She was very pleased about that.


Then Moody told us about having these strange, vision-like recurring dreams every night since he had been staying on the property. To give you a little background before describing his dreams, his property had a huge rock cliff on it, perhaps 300 feet tall (it’s been a very long time and memory details like that are sketchy). As I recall, it had an interesting geological feature, in that there was a spring or creek that started at the bottom of it, coming out of nowhere. Back to Moody’s dreams. He said that in his dream, he’d go over to the side of the cliff, and would somehow get inside of it. Once inside, he’d see this long tunnel – one that went off into the distance as far as his eyes could see. He couldn’t see the end of the tunnel. And contrary to situations in which there is “no light at the end of the tunnel”, the end of this tunnel (where he was standing) had lights and some kind of scientific equipment. In his dream he goes over and touches the lights and notices that they don’t give off any heat. Here’s the reason all this is so significant – remember, the day before we met that archeologist and saw the maps? Guess where one of the entry points was. Right there, where his property was. It was that cliff. He was stunned when we told him about that, and suddenly it all made more sense to him. Question from audience (we’ll just use “Q:” in the rest of this document): “The picture that was in front of mixing board- what was that of?” Answer: I don’t remember what it was… long time ago. I think it may have been an abstract, which perhaps is why it doesn’t stand out in my mind. Although, now that I think about it, it would have been unusual if it were an abstract, because I had never seen her do any abstracts, but maybe she did it specifically for him. He was into color sound therapy and that type of thing also. As an interesting “note” regarding that subject, he said he had found a note, a subsonic note, that he could play, which caused people to have, what do you call it, a peristaltic reaction. It would evacuate people’s bowls involuntarily, instantly, and thoroughly. He said he was tempted to play it sometime during a royal command performance. He thought it would be funny, you know everybody in the audience, ah... Of course he restrained himself because it would be a little bit too much. John Lennon telling the royals to “just rattle your jewelry” instead of applauding, was bad enough.

The Tale of the Boring Physicist Next, we left the LA area and headed down to San Diego to meet with a physicist. He was probably the top physicist of his time since Einstein had gone. Remember, this was part of her goal to get together all the world’s top scientists, spiritual leaders and politicians in one place at one time – the task she said she was given by good aliens, who said humankind would be evolved enough to meet them if she could just accomplish that goal. Q: Did the guy from the Moody Blues ever talk about that hole, did he ever go into it or?


A: As far as the? Q: The dreams, he had the dreams, but did those turn out to be real? A: Not that I know of. I don’t know if he ever tried to excavate or something like that afterwards. As of the next time I had seen him, I’m not sure how long that was maybe six months or a year or so later, he hadn’t done anything to try and get into to it. At least that I know of or from what he told me of. Anyway back to the physicist. I guess that is actually an irrelevant story, not very exciting, so let’s cut that. I mean it is exciting from a scientific viewpoint, but it doesn’t directly have to do with UFOs although this guy had also seen things and definitely believed in their existence and future contact. A lot of top scientists do. Most really intelligent people and thinkers and people that think on a large scale do, because they look out at the stars and they all have the same response, its like, “We can’t be the only intelligent, sentient life in all of this creation. And billions of galaxies are full of billions of stars and all have planets all over the place.” Of course they didn’t have any proof of planets back then, but anyone who had any brains assumed that all those stars were not just stars alone with no planets – that there were other solar systems, not just ours. He talked mostly about the experiments that he was going to conduct, that he had to conduct in zero-gravity. And that conducting them in space was the only way that he could do them. I think he was working on new alloys or molecular structuring at the time, and believed that certain things would only occur if gravity didn’t interfere with the processes.

UFO U Heading towards Phoenix from L.A. on I-10, our next stop was to see a professor from Cambridge University that the ambassador knew well. I think her name was Enid Avery Schmidt. Her story is quite interesting. Apparently, one day when she was in Arizona, she had seen UFOs in the sky out in the desert. When she saw them, she thought of something unusual – she decided to try to ask them questions and use them like an oracle. For instance, she would “think to them” a yes and no question, and tell them that if the answer was yes, move to the left, and if the answer is no, move to the right. You can eventually get into some extremely detailed subjects, by process of elimination, narrowing down specifics. So she moved to the US, I guess, and began years and years of asking questions and logging the answers. I never got a chance to see more than a few pages of them because of what happened to her. We’ll get into that later. Dr. Schmidt decided to build a metaphysical university out in the middle of nowhere, in the area where she did her UFO queries. Of course, it was no ordinary looking university either. Approaching her place, which was about 40 miles west of Phoenix (back then at that time it was very isolated- the only thing around as I recall). It was a ways off the freeway. I don’t recall whether we could see it from the freeway or not. I don’t think so. I think we had to start driving out into the desert for a while and then we saw them… this place. What she built 6

was… all the buildings she had designed to look like UFOs. I think they were white. So as you can imagine, it was quite a sight – here you are in the desert, in the middle of nowhere, and all of a sudden off in the distance you see what looks like a landing field for UFOs – and like they had landed all over the place. There was an auditorium, and offices and houses of different sizes of these things. “Mother ship size and a bunch of mama’s little babies.” When we got there, the place was virtually abandoned. We headed for the “office UFO” building, and a man and woman came out to us before we got there [note: We later found It turned out they were the ones allegedly channeling the “Ashtar” material]. Meeting them was weird. Something was wrong. They were being rather clandestine, and we immediately had a bad feeling about them, or that something bad was going on. We all felt it - the ambassador, a student and myself, felt it very strongly. He eventually told us that she had had a stroke and that he had been her assistant and had taken over for her in her absence. I said, “Well where is she, what condition is she in?” He had moved her to a trailer, off of her own property, somewhere else out in the desert. He’d hired someone to take care of her. We either went there right then, or the next day, can't remember for sure. She wasn’t in good shape, but was still communicative. Although her thought processes were not all functioning well. It was a bit like someone with Alzheimer’s. She thought I was Jesus coming to take her home. She was probably picking up on what/who I was - but that Jesus idea was likely reinforced by my looks. I was still wearing robes and long hair and beard and had a definite stereotypical Jesus-like appearance. We did some powerful energy healing techniques with her, but as always, it was with the “exemption safeguard” of “God’s Will Be Done” not mine, rather than a forced healing. You never know what’s supposed to be, and that’s the only way healings should even be attempted. In any case, nothing helped her physically, although her spirits rose greatly. Her caretaker said that Fry was deliberately withholding medicine from her, like keeping it about a week lag behind. And that her estate was worth around $900,000 or something like that, and that he was in control of all that money as long as she was sick or dead. One of the rooms in her trailer was stuffed full of papers. All the questions she had been asking the UFOs – and the answers. All the way from the floor to the ceiling, completely stuffed. You couldn’t even walk in there, you couldn’t move around in it- it was so full of those papers. So I just grabbed some papers off of a stack that was near the door and looked at it. It was synchronistic obviously. It was information that collaborated things that I had learned at the monastery and the ancient teachings on “space brothers”, the various good & evil aliens and all of that. For instance, the papers talked about, and warned about, evil aliens that used cigar shaped craft. [Note: The typical reported sightings that are related to cattle mutilations involve silent cigar shaped craft.] So I immediately knew that what she said she was doing, was probably true, and her “source” of info was at least true in this case. Imagine, using angelic UFO’s as an oracle – but where are


they when you need to ask an important question… like what to where for a dinner affair. Who would have thought… If she wasn’t really doing that, if she was imagining it, or had come up with the information some other way, in any case, what I read wasn’t bull. And it did lend to the validity of her entire story. The Ambassador and I both knew a special doctor in Phoenix. He was an M.D., but he was also a specialist on the Edgar Cayce readings and an early pioneer in electrical acupuncture. We went to, lets see, I’m not sure of the sequence… We went to see him at some point and talked to him about her case. He said that based on what we had described, that with a combination of the electro-acupuncture and a couple of other Cayce therapies, he should be able to have her functional in a week or two of treatments – and get her back to normal. But he said he could not legally, and thus would not, work on her unless we got the permission of her legal guardians. So we went back out to “UFO university” and talked to her “legal guardian”. It turned out that the woman had been a nurse who once worked with this doctor, and she knew that he could cure her. Of course, if Dr. Schmidt was cured, that would be the end of the golden goose. They didn’t want that! They refused to give us permission, and there was nothing else we could do. Prior to their refusal to let us take Dr. Schmidt to the MD in Phoenix, we were staying overnight in the dormitory part of the metaphysical university, which was connected to an auditorium. During the night I had these recurring visions of being at ground zero of a nuclear explosion. Which turned out to be relevant later when they built, I think it was the world’s largest or most powerful nuclear plant just, like 10 miles or something from there – and I heard it is on an earthquake fault. Anyway, it wasn’t a very good night, obviously, and morning came soon – and strangely. I woke up to what sounded like a tent revival meeting. I could hear a fire and brimstone Christian preacher, and a huge audience responding to him. I went out there and what I found was stranger than what I was hearing. Here was this guy, Dr. Schmidt’s legal guardian, an alleged channeler of the Ashtar stuff, preaching, and acting like, he was talking to a church full of people. That’s already strange considering we were in a metaphysical university, and he’s a channeler right? But what was really “out there” was that he was preaching to no one – an empty auditorium. He was using a tape recorder for his audience response. In other words the audience sounds of a church full of people was on a tape recorder that he turned on to get the effect of them responding to his preaching! He’d apparently become a Christian I guess, but prior to that, and after that, he wrote Ashtar books - he was supposedly channeling from some alien high commander who had a fleet of ships, 3000 ships or something, waiting off earth or on the dark side of the moon just ready to move in and help out humanity here. Well, everyone’s still waiting. And from what I’ve seen and read, they’ll be waiting forever. I didn’t see his book until years later, then I remembered the guy because I saw his name as being author. (Interestingly enough, the name Ashtar is the name of an ancient demon. A name that isn’t even supposed to be spoken according to some texts and cultures, in fear of invoking the beastly thing.) I later had a


neighbor who was into this stuff, and had “channeled drawings” of “Ashtar” on her living room wall, that she’d gotten from the “Ashtar command” or something. Looked like the blind date from Hell. The book gave me some chuckles, and if I didn’t know what I knew about these people, and what had happened to poor Dr. Schmidt, it would have been much funnier. In the book, the being named “Ashtar” had a “letter of recommendation” from Jesus! As if he were applying for a job interview or applying for credit or something! It was pretty much like your standard letter of recommendation. To paraphrase the laughable atrocity, it was like, “Hi, this is Jesus, I just wanted to say that I’ve known Ashtar for a long time and he’s a really great guy. And you know, you can really rely on him and such.” It reminded me of the Simpsons… “Hi, this is Troy McClure, you probably remember me from “the Bible”… Q: In the New Age community there is a lot of talk about the Ashtar command. A. There is? Q: Yeah. A: Great. (sarcastic) Ever seen the pictures? He really looks evil. Hopefully Ashtar has had some newer channeled drawing done since, that are more flattering. Q: Is there something that really exists or is it completely fabricated? A: That’s a good question. [An elder monk speaks up] There is an old demon named Ashtar. I’m not kidding. A: Yes, there are many ancient texts about a demon of that name. The only one worse that you aren’t supposed to say the name of, is… you thought I was going to say it didn’t you? But back to the scary ugly drawings, obviously they don’t have any photographs. I guess Jesus didn’t have a Kodak camera with him the last time he saw Ashtar, and his space command apparently doesn’t have the technology for still pics or video. So all there is are the drawings. And like I said, at least the drawings I’ve seen, looked really evil and scary. It is definitely not somebody I would want to have hanging around, or meet in an alley, or even at a posh party at the Playboy mansion. So if it is real – it’s evil. I would say, based on everything else, based on the guy that was supposedly channeling it, based on the alleged chanelings, based on what I read, it all sounds like fabrication to me. So take it for what it’s worth. That’s my opinion on it. But if it is not fabrication, it’s evil, and people are possibly being tricked into it, and being groomed for what is essentially a demon- worshipping cult. All because they are afraid, and want to be saved without having to earn it. As someone’s father used to call such things – fire insurance. But believing won’t save you, works and changing into a person worth saving is the only thing that will help. [One thing I should say for those who wish to defend any belief that comes from being tricked by false or evil leaders, channelers, or writers. If you are a decent person who cares about others, and you’d met someone who was allegedly channeling something good, but they were doing some very bad things, it would


disgust and alienate you wouldn’t it? I know it does me. I have compassion for anyone who has been misled by any falsehoods or evil. I get very indignant about those who would spiritually mislead others, and it raises my “freedom fighter hackles”. But if you have mistakenly made something like that part of your belief system programming, you don’t need to let your ego get involved and defend it because you don’t want to look foolish. Defending mistakes is what really makes one look foolish, and is the earmark of a fool. You can open your eyes, see that you’ve stepped in the mud, and move on. Most of us have been on paths that turned out to be stepping stones, but not our real core path. Good things don’t come from bad people, even if it’s not just a hoax. If it doesn’t bother you, then fine, that’s probably where you belong. As has always been and always will be with the Universal Law of Cause & Effect, we all eventually reap the harvests of our works, and get back what we put out. Also, all vibration goes to it’s own level. If you make yourself a saint, you will automatically end up with saints. If you are an uncaring jerk, you will end up with them. There’s an old saying, if you lay down with dogs, you’ll get fleas. If you hang out with evil people or demons, you’ll get … whatever they get.]

Moody about Johnny Before we leave the story and go on to something else, I should mention another thing that happened while we were there on that little “UFO dude ranch” out in the Arizona desert. Remember “Moody”? I got a call from him while we were there. This was long before cell phones, and he didn’t know our agenda, so I don’t know how the heck he found us or tracked us down there, but he was panicked. He had heard of the story of Johnny Rivers and the bad publicity that Johnny Rivers got after the incident with the Ambassador out in the Mojave Desert. I don’t know if I talked about that, I don’t think I did in the first book. So I’ll back track a little bit to that story. Johnny is pretty famous, at least to those of you who aren’t in your teens or twenties. He’s had a long career as a singer songwriter, and a long string of hits over decades. He had hit after hit after hit and then he moved into the production end of things in the music business, and then into the executive part of the business. I don’t know how he and Helena had met, or what led to the events that followed. First, I should stipulate that this is all hearsay from the ambassador. I wasn’t there, wasn’t involved, and thus can’t say whether or not it’s true. I do have reason to believe it is true however. So on to the story. She said that they went out to the Mojave Desert together, to have some UFO encounters. As I mentioned earlier, there were UFO sightings wherever she went. I imagine their intention was to have some kind of close encounter or major sighting. They certainly wouldn’t go out there to have a picnic, it’s desolate. According to her, I didn’t talk to him about this, but according to her, she and he were outside of his car, and something, a light glowing alien of some kind actually started approaching them and had his hand outstretched in a “harmless and welcome” type gesture. At


which point Rivers supposedly “freaked out”, jumped in his car and took off and left her there in the middle of the desert. Again, I can’t verify this story without him admitting to it. But there were a couple factors that led me to believe that it was true. One was that she described his car – and that was accurate. I knew him also and knew what his car looked like. Also, she knew the name of his “significant other” and what she looked like. So unless she at least knew him or met him, she wouldn’t know that without having a personal investigation done on him, or getting the info from his friends – all of which would be highly unlikely. Another thing that lent to the story’s credibility, was something that happened at a restaurant one time. We were having a bite to eat in a Hollywood restaurant when she spotted him at another table across the dining room. She became totally enraged, got up, made a bee line over to his table and started yelling at him for abandoning her in the desert. And he had no response to it. He just looked down and it was kind of a look of embarrassment or shame or whatever. Of course he might do that if a mad woman came up and started yelling at him too, but it didn’t have that kind of a feeling to it, nor did he do anything like calling for assistance and saying something like, “Maitre de! Would you get this crazy woman out of here? Security- please security.” I think that’s about it for that aspect of the story, so let’s go back to “Moody’s” call at the UFO university. Q; What happened to her in the desert [referring to the ambassador]? Did she have an encounter with the alien? A: She didn’t tell me, which would lead me to believe that she probably didn’t. I’d assumed that both people, you know the alien and Johnny, “retreated”. When he freaked out, the alien probably responded in like kind and also took off. What was that movie… some movie where they did that? ET - that little boy saw ET and started screaming, then ET is screaming and runs away? Back to the story – so Moody called me, and again, because of the Johnny Rivers incident he was afraid of getting negative publicity and having to deal with that. Back then you were really, really wacko if you openly admitted to an abduction or enounter - it could ruin your career. Or it could at least adversely affect it. It’s still not great, but it’s more tolerated than it was. So he said he wanted that picture he drew for her back. He was adamant - whatever it took - get the picture back. Q. What picture was this? A. The one he drew of the Grey that they were seeing around his place when they were building it. Q. Did she give it back? A. I don’t remember – I doubt it knowing her. [Elder]: Still might be floating around out there somewhere.


A. Yes, she still might have it if she is still alive. I don’t know. I don’t even know what’s happened to her. I guess I could finish up with that.

Discovering Atlantis – No Big Deal? On that note, at some point the ambassador and I parted ways. I heard things about her from time to time, but I haven’t heard anything since the last thing, which was that she was in Puerto Rico, and of course, they were having massive sightings there at the time. This was many, many years ago. Interestingly, at the same time she was in Puerto Rico, and these sightings were occurring, divers had found an underwater pyramid in the general area. It was one of the main temples in Atlantis. I don’t know where or how far off the coast of Puerto Rico and I can remember the details, it was either that it was in 600 feet of water and it was 300 feet high or something like that - some figures like that. Again it was a long time ago. But divers had entered it, and they’d also taken the capstone off of it. The capstone was quartz crystal with formations inside it, and considered priceless by today’s standards. Later on, I’d heard that someone was going to use the capstone crystal to try and locate and open the Hall of Records in the Yucatan – I think it may have been Pat Flanagan. He intended to use it as either a kind of psychic guidance device, amplifier, or as a key. Before you ask – no, it wasn’t a successful mission – as far as the records go. As you know, the “lost teachings” book is as close as it’s going to come for public revelation of the message contained in the Halls of Records. While those divers were in the pyramid… at the same time that was happening, one of the monks at the monastery was writing the events down as they were occurring. His writings indicated that the pyramid had been found and that the divers were entering it. It was like a play-by-play radio sports announcement… “they are swimming into the entrance to the halls… removing the capstone… and things like that. That was kind of interesting too. Q: Did the monk know that it was really happening? A: He believed it was. Q. It was a vision for him? A. I guess you could say that… tuning into the event psychically would be more accurate. Q. Was that the one that blew the roof off? A. Yes, it was the same one. If you have read the Lost teachings of Atlantis, it was the same monk that was getting off track, doing things he wasn’t supposed to, and accidentally blew the roof off while practicing climate control/elemental communication. Q. That was the same monk having the visions? A. Yes. He was also opening up on different levels. Another thing that was happening with him at the time, was he was essentially playing entire unknown concertos, or parts, on the piano, but he didn’t know how to play piano.


A. You had a question or something to say [pointing to someone]. Q. It was night time, I was with five of my friends and we were sitting on the banks of the Susquehanna river, this was in Pennsylvania. We saw in the sky an oval and it was really bright and was glaring off the water. It was the brightest thing in the sky. It was white light, star colored at first but then it changed. I don’t remember the order, but it changed from blue to green and red. A. Are you sure it wasn’t red to blue to green? [dry joke said seriously] Q. I’m not sure [serious-didn’t get the joke]. And then it started moving back and forth across the sky wider and wider and then it just took off. A. You weren’t asking it any questions as it was moving back and forth across the sky? Sure you weren’t thinking some questions? Q. I was just, “Wow!”. But it was interesting definitely. A. It probably just knew you were stoned and was playing with you. Q. I wasn’t stoned. A. Really. [joking] You had a question also? [pointing to someone else]. Q. Yeah, I was just wondering with all the reports of supposed encounters and I don’t know when they date back to, why it’s not more common place for the aliens to be among us or for us to feel at ease with them? Why is there such mystique around it? And fear? A. I think it’s a mix of reasons. That is sort of two questions in one. To answer the first one, in a way you could say they are among us more than people realize. One of the traits they show, at least a couple of different species that I know of, is they aren’t quite of the same physical vibration as humans, or they have some kind of technology that allows them to be able to go through walls and such. They also seem to know when people are sleeping or have gone to bed. And kind of like Santa Claus, they know if you’ve been good or bad and act accordingly [joke]. If that’s the case then they, at least certain species are probably able to exist interdimensionally, at least temporarily, or exist on more rapid planes of vibration. Whether it’s a frequency, or speed of vibration or whatever, it is clear that they could be co-existing right here in the room with us for instance, and we wouldn’t know it until they are ready to do something with us. Because obviously things are happening all the time to people – there are abduction type situations where there are no visible aliens or UFOs around, yet the abduction still occurs. Like missing time and that type of thing. Only some of it can be attributed to blocked memory. I think one of the biggest public exposures of the idea of aliens and Greys in particular, was in a TV movie called the “Betty and Barney Hill Story”. It was a true story. Post abduction, this couple was having all kinds of emotional problems in their lives and not knowing why or what was going on. They started going to a therapist who hypnotized them, and then they started remembering their abduction experience. To them, it was just missing time. But obviously modern physicists


acknowledges the concept of time and space being totally inter-related, the ideas of worm holes, moving through time as well as through space, etc., are pretty well accepted theories now. So missing time incidents could be either from memory blockage or some kind of time shift occurring… a vibrational shift occurring.

I was Early because I Just Lost Track of the Time One of the last stories we’ll talk about with the ambassador was on a trip back from Phoenix to southern California. Again on I-10. Actually, there are a couple stories about this, because we went back and forth between LA and Phoenix several times. But this first one was at night, heading for LA. We started noticing two strange things, one was that there was fog off in the distance, around the foothills of the mountains across the desert. That’s not at all normal. Then we all started noticing caravans of semi trucks in the same area, that were driving along the foothills of the mountains - in places where there weren’t, or shouldn’t be, any roads. Or if there were roads, they would have to be like desert dirt offroads that jeeps would go on, not semis. But they were caravans of semis traveling from one place in the middle of nowhere, to another place in the middle of nowhere. Then this fog started creeping in closer and eventually started coming on to the freeway. Again – that doesn’t ever happen. Then all the sudden we found ourselves in Palm Springs. Not only was the time missing, but the mileage was gone, as if the car had actually been lifted up so there was no mileage because the wheels weren’t turning on the freeway, and then set down again somewhere else. I admit, that sort of thing could be great for resale value, but … Q. How much time was cut out that you missed? A. [To monk] – Do you remember? [monk]: It was like an hour later. A. It was great, wish we could travel like that way all the time. [monk]: It was a 3-4 hour difference. A. It was usually a long boring drive, too. Q. I don’t understand what you mean, you said it could either be a memory block or a shift in time. I really don’t understand what that means. A. Well, that’s like saying you don’t understand Einstein’s theories. Most people don’t. You’ll have to get your physics degree first and then we can talk more about that. I can’t really explain it if you don’t understand those concepts – it’s very complicated stuff.

Who’s Got Gas? Another incident, was, and I can’t remember if I was going to Phoenix to Los Angeles or from Los Angeles to Phoenix, but this was another time –


sometime within six months of that first incident. We had stopped at a gas station that was at it’s own exit, out in the middle of the drive, somewhere on I-10 - that’s all that existed there- was this one gas stop. We got gas there, paid for it there, and we probably got some coffee there. But on the trip back, the very next day, we couldn’t find it - where it had been, there was still a gas station sort of… but it looked 50 years old and 50 years abandoned. It was all rusted up and there was a tall barbed wire fence around it like it had been closed for decades and someone wanted to keep people out. It was very, very strange. What that has to do with anything, no idea, but that ties into this kind of stuff somehow. Q. Have you ever done any meditations to try and remember what happened at those moments where (inaudible)… A. Sort of. More like a vision quest. That will come later in our stories as far as what they do to people and such and remembering that kind of thing. But that brings me to an important issue. There is a lack of respect of free will in these incidences, which I find extremely offensive. It doesn’t bother me in the sense of being scary or such, (what was that noise?! Did anybody hear that?!) [joke]. But it’s odd and I have to think if there is a species that has this much power and capability, and they don’t respect our free will, what are they about, where are they coming from spiritually? It’s not really good. Again, there’s a lot of different species and some I know are tagging people and they may be tagging people for good reasons. Wanting to help them in the future and know where they are – like our scientists with endangered species. They’re studying them and tag them with radio transmitters so they can keep track of them and study their behavior in hopes of saving species or doing something to help preserve them. So some of the aliens are taking an approach like our human scientists do with bears and lions, whales, you name it, and there seems to be the same callousness regarding free will, and the way the “subjects” are treated, and the sanitation and pain issues involved with “tagging”. It is unfortunate that humans are that far down on the alien’s sentiency list, to be considered in the same way we consider endangered Earth animal species, just because the aliens are slightly more scientifically developed. But again, we do the same – with beings like whales and dolphins, you’ve got evidence of very high intelligence and behavior that is very, very sentient. Dolphins’ behavior, especially in a spiritual sense, is so far superior to humans’, it’s amazing. For instance, dolphins have to breathe air - they’re not fish – they can drown if they can’t get to air. One of the things that happens with them when they get caught in tuna nets, is that as the net closes in on them, they can’t get to the surface to breathe. Sometimes, for a while, there is a little bit of the area of the net that is not closed up yet, and one or two out of an entire group can get to the surface to get air. What do they do? They take turns in the spot, getting a breath, until they are all dead. Where as most humans would be fighting and scratching and doing everything they could to claw their way to the surface, stepping on or killing anyone who got in their way. Yet, again we treat dolphins with total disrespect, kill them by the thousands every day, and also do things like the tagging - when they’re


actually our intellectual and apparent spiritual superiors. At least if you want to judge spirituality on that kind of self-sacrificing behavior in the face of death. They have that going for them more than humans do. Q. In terms of the aliens, it feels like we are being treated like guinea pigs. A. Again, we’re talking about different multi-species so you can’t lump them all together, but yes, with some of them, yes that is what is going on, we are being treated like guinea pigs. Q. Against our will? A. Yes, against our will. I should probably save that issue for later because there’re a whole bunch of stories that need to come before that, which lead up to it. [another monk]: I’m just thinking how, in the Christian tradition, you’ve got the rapture, where people are lifted and saved at the end of the world, and various beliefs in aliens doing the same - there are all these stories like that. Then you are talking about the tagging thing, it is possible that some of the tagging is not just to implant you with an embryo or something like that, but maybe to tag you for if some possible crisis happens to get you the heck out of here. A. Yes, and some species do the different things – tag for various reasons. I do think some embryo implanting is going on also. But let me make this very clear one more time – if you don’t change yourself into the kind of person that deserves to live in a better world, the kind of person that unselfishly loves and cares about others first, you aren’t going to be saved. People who think they can just believe in Jesus or mother-ships or whatever, and consider themselves chosen, but are still representatives of the selfish human parasite that has caused so much damage, so much suffering, deserve to stay on this sinking ship, and will. There are going to be a lot of shocked faces when the heavy end times hit. Jesus for instance, NEVER said to believe in him, worship him, declare him as your lord, but HE DID GIVE US A COMMANDMENT. A COMMANDMENT PEOPLE, not a suggestion, not a teaching – a commandment. What was that? To love one another the way he loved us. How did he love us? Unselfishly, totally self-sacrificing, totally tolerant and giving. Anyone who doesn’t follow Jesus’ COMMANDMENT, will not be saved, even if they think they are “saved” just by “believing” or declaring their allegiance. Read the bible, it’s indisputable. The same with the alien rescuer idea. Q. Isn’t that part of the old prophecies, where some space brothers come to help? A. Yes. But two things – IF they help out, they will only help those worth saving, those who aren’t going to selfishly trash out another planet, live against the flow of universal law, nature, etc.. Watch the movie “Brother John”. Also, does it make sense to save an entire species that has destroyed itself and lived so cruelly as humankind has? Or does it make sense to save only those who have changed to where they do not, cannot, hurt anyone or anything else. Save only those who


care and help everyone and everything else, and are a constructive being following the will of the Universal Spirit? The answer couldn’t be any more obvious if it were biting you in the face. But you know, maybe those who still live selfish negative lives, but believe in being taken, will get taken, but not by very nice beings – all things eventually gravitate to their own level of vibration. Next, the teachings about the space brothers, is that their intervention is a “big maybe” and the timing of it is different than what many expect. It’s not necessarily a before the end times deal. Again, our modern day musical prophets, like the Moody Blues, Jimmie Hendrix, Neil Young, ELO, Jeff Lynn, people like that also write about the scenario of being saved, being taken. Unfortunately for the most part, and again this was left open in the ancient teachings, is that it is the saving of a few survivors, and takes place after all hell has broken lose and terrible disasters on the Earth have already occurred. Then certain people amongst those left, get help, get to go to a new and better world – one they belong in. Neil Young’s, “After the Gold Rush,” depicts that so clearly. Anybody who hasn’t heard that song, should definitely try and find it somewhere and listen to it with that understanding. Q. “The Gold Rush” meaning…….? A. If you ever see the original album cover of the vinyl LP, look at it closely with what you know now. I don’t know if the CD has that same cover or not - he’s not talking about the gold rush like the 49ers rushing out to California to find gold. He is talking about the “gold rush” of nuclear blasts. The cover shows a couple of people on a street with a brick wall behind them, and it is black and white except the words, “After the Gold Rush,” which are letting the color through from the picture - which is like a fire orange red. It also shows, I think, a little old lady trying to run or move away, and some one is looking back at the source of some intense light, and their face has this video burned out glow to it, like an over-exposure. The song is definitely about that. Insider information - Young has had many accurate premonitory dreams and visions, verified, and has had recurring dreams of various end of the world incidences, including earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. [Note: The famous scientist and author of “Cosmos”, Carl Sagan, had very strong and logical theories about the Universe. They included the idea that there must be many, many, many sentient life forms throughout the universe (and billions and billions of stars [Sagan joke]), but he believed many of them likely became extinct when they reached a similar point in their evolution that the human race has – a point at which they are technologically capable of totally destroying themselves. And destroying their planet. I think Sagan believed a majority of planetary species would destroy themselves at this level, rather than the majority being able to get beyond it. That narrows down the species capable of inter-galactic space travel a great deal. Still, there’s more than enough. But the message for us being, our power is way beyond our consciousness, and thus, our ability to use power wisely = destruction.]


To Be Continued… In part 3.

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