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August 2, 2017 | Author: Bleidd-ddyn | Category: Playing Cards, Science, Philosophical Science
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Cartomancy in one night...




ALEXANDRE * Please do not make illegal copies of this eBook * Please visit: Copyright 2005 by Alex T Productions Inc.

Everywhere you go there is a deck of playing cards. Almost anytime, anywhere, you’ll be able to have a sitter shuffle the cards, you do a spread and give an interesting reading. This you’ll be able to accomplish mere hours after reading this manual. Why am I so sure? Because I have written a simple guide that will make it very easy for you to remember what all the cards mean. With just a little effort on your part, you could be doing readings by tomorrow night! Cartomancy, like tarot, is the use of cards to divine the future. Both divination with playing cards and tarot can be referred to as cartomancy but typically the title refers to divination with regular playing cards. Cartomancy works on the same ideas and principles as tarot except that, instead of having the minor and major arcana, it only has the equivalent of the minor arcana. Divination with playing cards however is much more difficult in some ways because regular playing cards lack the pictures to act as clues to the meanings of the cards. Therefore, in order to help you with learning cartomancy overnight, listed below are the numerological meaning for each card with some mnemonic memory suggestions for you to better remember them.

MEANINGS 1 - No mnemonics for this, one is INDEPENDENT, the BEGINNING.

2 - Pairs - Noah using TACT and DIPLOMACY to get animals in the arc.

3 - Tree - a big beautiful tree, EXPRESSIVE and CREATIVE with its branches and massive beauty.

4 - Door - SYSTEMATICALLY going through the front door of your house and through other doors and into other rooms ... one step at a time....

5 - Hive - Bees and their FREEDOM and the VARIETY of flowers they frequent.

6 - Sticks - Building a house with sticks for your FAMILY, having the RESPONSIBILITY to do so.

7 - Heaven - WISDOM and SPIRITUALITY, Faith, Knowledge.

8 - Big gold gate ... behind it MONEY, FINANCES, MATERIAL THINGS.








10 -Hen laying the egg, ENDING, COMPLETION, REWARD for it.

Using the memory anchors above, you should have this licked within a few hours, a couple of days at the absolute most! When doing a reading, you shouldn’t limit yourself by just using the above list and not using intuition. We all have intuition. It may seem difficult to apply it, but it isn’t. Trust that inner feeling and go with it. It is my belief, that if you use the system and combine it with your intuition, you’ll have a much better reading. Extrapolate on the words, let your mind run free, look for impressions you might be getting from the sitter. At the end of the reading I usually ask if the sitter has a question for me. I answer it using intuition and the cards I just read to help me along.

SUITS Suits shouldn’t be hard to remember, but if you have difficulties at all, try to come up with a memory hook that suits you, just as I’ve done with the number meanings .

SPADES: Conflict, Challenges. CLUBS: Matters of the Self HEARTS: Love, Fulfillment DIAMONDS: Money, Finances, Material Things.

Generally speaking, more Spades in a spread signify an issue concerning Conflicts and Challenges; more Clubs, Matters of the Self; more Hearts, matters of Love and Fulfillment; and finally Diamonds which suggest matters of Money and Finances.

COURT CARDS Almost done! You’ll also have to remember the court cards, but these are also fairly easy to remember. Just read through them a few times, maybe write them down and you should have it recorded in memory! KING: Father Figure, Strength, Authoritative, Could represent a man. KING OF HEARTS has a special meaning. He is often called the “Suicide King”, and this card represents personal sacrifice. Just look at the sword to his own head to remember this.

QUEEN: Mother Figure, Nurturing, Fertility, Could represent a Woman

JACK: Naive, Innocent, Messages, Travel, Could represent a young man.

JOKER: You could use it if you like, it means DECEIT

SPREADS These are the two spreads I use, whether I’m reading regular playing cards, Psy Cards, or the Tarot. They work, so why go crazy with the million spreads out there? Over time you might come up with your own or discover ones that suit you better out there, but for now you have these. I usually do brief readings and mostly for fun, I don’t sit with someone for an hour reading their cards, it’s too draining for me. I prefer the fun, quick readings, but it’s your choice how long your reading will be. You’ll certainly have enough material to go on.... Three-Card Spread The Three-Card spread is useful when you want to give a quick reading. The most common application of the Three-Card spread is to select three cards and designate each of them as Mind, Body, and Spirit. In this type of spread, the Mind card indicates the attitude of the person you are reading for, the Body card represents actions being taken, and the Spirit card shows what lessons might be learned from the experience.


or X XX

or X X X

Seven-Card Spread this is the one I use most often. It gives me more to talk about. XX XXX XX Generally, and this is not a rule, The top, middle and bottom cards of this spread will sometimes represent the same as with the three card reading above (Mind, Body and Spirit). Usually though, I read all of them together trying to get a whole picture. I often see the middle card as connected to every other card. Practice this reading a few times on your own and you’ll begin to see what it can do for you.

SAMPLE READINGS Now I’ll do a couple of sample readings to get you going with the right thinking. I would suggest you get these cards out and set them up in the spread as shown. Take a moment to think of how I am coming up with my interpretations. I will be using no intuition here, just the information I have given you thus far.

First Reading:

8H 5S 8S 10S 9C 6H 2S

“I can tell you right off the bat that I see some challenges and conflicts but it seems like you might be at the tail end of them.

Seems like whatever you might’ve been doing with money and finances was bringing you some fulfillment ... but to the expense of freedom and variety in your life. There’s definitely a money challenge here right now, but it seems to be coming to an end. You are a generous person, but you might need to control your generosity and humanitarian desires for a while, at least as far as money is concerned. I see love and fulfillment in your family life, and also a challenge coming up that will need tact and diplomacy to resolve ... nothing major ... but a little diplomacy here will go a long way ... yes ... Do you have a question for me, I’ll try to answer it quickly for you now....”

Second Reading:

3D 5D KH 4C 9H 6S 4S

“I see here that you’ve been creative and expressive with your finances, perhaps making those material purchases you’ve been wanting of late. This financial expression has brought you a certain amount of freedom and variety to your life... I do see that you are currently sacrificing yourself ... or at least you feel you are and you’ll need to take things through systematically, one step at a time, to resolve it ... I’m not sure, but I’m getting the feeling this sacrificing might be coming from a relationship. You’re a generous and humanitarian person, and that can bring you some needed fulfillment during this time. I see some concerns creeping up as far as family and responsibilities are concerned ... again, you’ll have to be systematic about your approach for things to clear up faster. Remember to take it easy and think things through, everything should be fine ... otherwise I don’t see anything bad in your cards ... do you have a question for me? I’ll try to answer it quickly for you....”

Third Reading

2C AD JH 3S 10D 9S 10H

The first thing I see here is some challenges as far as creativity and expression goes ... you might be a little frustrated at this time ... let me look further ... It appears here like you got a new job or started a new project recently, and it really came form your efforts, I’m also seeing that you were tactful and diplomatic about it ... either way it looks like it worked for you ... But that project is coming to an end, or the money has been reducing ... I see a young man involved in some of this, perhaps bringing you some kind of message related to the situation ... it’s a good message, something that should give you much needed fulfillment. I getting here that if you deal with things in a humanitarian way, being generous, you’ll be rewarded with fulfillment ... this is not the best spread of cards I’ve had today, but I don’t see anything terribly bad in here, so there’s nothing dramatic to worry about, nothing permanent, just the ups and downs of life I suppose ... do you have a question for me, I’ll try to answer it for you....” (After a reading like this, put a real good light on what your intuition tells you)

CONCLUSION Every reading is different, trust your instinct to pick up a first impression. Sometimes it’ll be the card in the middle, sometimes pairs that grab your attention, like a pair of Queens or a pair of 8’s. It could also be the domination of a certain suit that deserves your immediate attention. No two readings are ever alike. Keep that in mind. Trust your intuition. If at any point in the reading you get a question you feel you have no answer for, say that it’s just not clear to you right now and move on confidently. If people start with serious questions for you, and sometimes this will happen, tell them you’re just not clear and give them some sensible advise like maybe seeing a doctor, a psychologist, an accountant, etc.... In having fun while doing these kinds of readings it’s important to keep it positive, light and fun, nothing heavy and too serious. If people want you to elaborate on the reading, do so if you choose to by maybe laying down more cards, or simply say that the information you passed on is what you happen to have right now, that you’re just not getting any more details related to the issue. Leave it at that. I hope this system serves you as well as it has me over the years. People always enjoy a quick and fun card reading ... and since cards are everywhere, I’m always on demand! Now go out there and win ... what else is there to do anyway? –ALEXANDRE - 2005

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