Alan Shaxon, Practical Sorcery, 1976

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Book of card magic and mental magic....


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by Alan Shaxon Routined Magic forO The Cabaret Artist O The Mentalist O The Children's Entertainer




DEDICATION To my faithful assistantand dear wife ANNE and our apprentices and chief critics JULIA and PAULA

Illustratedby DENNIS


CO NTENTS FOREWORD by Michael Bailey, Hon. Vice-President of The Magic Circle



INTRODUCTION Make it Magical Chapter 1 GETTING STARTED 20th CenturyCane and Silks Tearing Up the News

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The Nudist Brainwave Deck

Chapter 2 CARD MAGIC Professional Cardsto Pocket The InvisibleCard and Envelopes A Perfect Jumbo Card Chanse My Favourite Card Trick

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Chapter 3 MAINLY MENTAL Television Mindreading The JubileeMedallion Twistecl Psychometry The Great Directory Test

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Chapter 4 A MIXTURE OF MAGIC Sucker Serviettes Smokinga Tin ... Balloon ro Rabbit







Climax Newspaper Test Cabaret Rabbit Vanish

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Chapter 6 CHILDREN'S HOUR ii

Alan is one of the busiestcabaretactsin a highlycompetitive can be found by reading fleld, One of the reasonsfor his success mysterieslike those to it is direct, strong for Sorc:ery, t't'rcliuil he revenlcdwhich havehelpedhim to the top. Tlte routinesin this book are for the practisingmagician, magicsuitablefor presentation who lr lookingfor audience-tested i.e. stage,club or cabaretfloor. underirll conditions, Wc irll hope to find one trick we can use when we dig into a mngicbook. It is rare to find a book so full of goodideasthat dn€ lB temptedto use them all. But that in my opinionapplies f n f hir vtrfume of PracticalSorcery. You nre about to delve into a goldmine of valuableeffects rhlch I know will enhanceyour act. MICHAEL BAILEY,

Final Epic

The Magical TelevisionSet

HOSEwho read Alan Shaxon'sfirst book My Kind of Magic (anA who didn't?) have been eagerly hoping he woul.


During the routine the wand is tied in the centre of the ropeswith the usualfake knot asin'Magic Washing'(Fig. 1), ancl the largesilk is tied aroundthe wand and knot. The endsof the silk are tied arounda boy'swaist as he standsbehindthe ropes (Fig. 2). His wrists are now tied to the ropeswith the smaller silks. Finally one end is taken from each Indian and the rope tied oncebehindback of boy (Fig. 3). Invite a boy to play the part of the Lone Ranger. Dress him in the mask and cowboyhat and arm him with the comedy pistol tucked into the top of his trousers. Another boy and a one of which girl play the Indians,dressingthem in head-dresses, is purposelyenlargedso that it can be put down on the shoulders by accident. Explain that two ropes are neededfor the trick and hand the boy the breakawaywand to wave over the coiled length of rope. Nothing happensand you extract all the comedy you can from the wand collapsing. You need a bigger wand, so as you dump the miniature wand with your right hand, your left hand holding the rope removesthe wand from your inner pocket, loading on the secondrope in the process. Boy wavesthe wand over the rope(s),which doubles,and the two lengthsare allowed to drop down, one rope in each hand. The Indians hold the ropesat the endsand the boy drawsthe pistol on them. He fires and the gun collapses.Now helplessin the handsof the Indians, they tie him up. 58

Rernovingthe wand, the magiciannow has the audiencecall out the magic word, the Indians pull on the ropes and our cowboyhero is free! 8. The Funnel and Foo Can Complimentingthe participantson their acting ability, they are askedif they would like to be on the stage,or even perhaps on television. Explain that the first essentialis stagedeportment, so you will give them each a little test. This is the introduction to the water routine that follows,usingthe Funny Funnel, Foo Can and a sealed-topbeakerfull of water, all set up loadedin the top section of the TV set. Becauseof the ink-well principle usedin the funnel, the water will not spill in transit. First balance the Foo Can on one helper's head and see if he can crossthe stagewithout it falling off. Repeat with all tlrree with varying results. It slidesoff half the time, so suggest it would be easierif the can was heavier. Fill it with water frorn the beaker and try again. However,you explain that the watercannotspill from the tin, evenif it is upsidedown and you but your hanclcoversthe opening! turn it over to demonstrate, "Why doesn'tthe water comeout?" They soontell you, so say that you can take your hand away, which you do as you slide the can on to a boy's head! This was a mistakeyou explain, but you can soonsort him out. He holdsthe can still with both hands,a secondchild holdshis elbowwith one hand and stretches his other hand out with the fingershangingdown, the third holds the beaker under the fingers. You will make the water pass throughthe boy and girl and clripout of his fingers,but to save a nressyou use a funnel. Placefunnel under the fingers,release valve and water flows into the beaker. Carefullylift Foo Can, rattle wand insideto showthe water all gone. Suggesttrying it the other way, have all three hold hands in a row, placeFoo Can on the floor under the first boy's foot, anclslidethe Funnel into sleeveof boy at the other encl. Pout' water into funnel,invert it and placeaside,pump his arm, then shorvwater now back in Foo Can and return waler to beaker, rvhichyou seal. Thus enclsa hilariousroutine. For an addedclimax, note a damp patch still on the boy's head and say it needs"A tap on the head". Fix the comedy tap from Tannen's"Brainwashed"to boy's forchead,turn it on and rn'aterflows out into the beaker! In privatehomes,clrape the car rug o\/erthe carpetto fttrm a'sta-{e'.lestthe odcltlropof water shouldfall.

9. The Givaway Show After going through all that, they deservea reward, so using four envelopescontaining messages"Hard Luck", "You shouldhavechangedyour mind", "Better Luck Next Time" and "Very Near", all numbered1 to 4, alongwith a f5.00 note folded in a thumbtip, perform the usual 'Just Chance' or 'Bank Nite' routine, where you get the 95.00. Finally reward the children with three balloon models, making the last one the familiar sealwith a ball on its nose. 10. Sadiethe Seal Hold back the last child with the seal and introduce yclur own Sadie the Seal, Jack Hughes' version of card in balloon. Use a card box for the vanish of the card that appearswith a bang in the balloon.

o ooo o

on the boards,causingthe load to springup into position. Burst the holesand producethe silks,and from the clown'smouth the coil of paper. 11. Torn and RestoredServiette Using the torn serviette,continuewith the routine "Sucker Serviettes"detailedearlier in this book. 12. Radio to Rabbit This forms the climax of the showand the illustrationsshow the apparatusrequired: the radio and its cover. The cover is made a push fit over the radio, the baseremainsbehind after the vanish. The loaded radio is carried in separatelyfrom the car at the last moment and in a private house stood on a shelf or somewhereas if it is part of the furniture. A small tape recorderis in the top of the TV set with suitablerecording and a pushbutton at the rear of the set. Sayingthat it is time for the little white spot to appear,yotr close up the TV, gathering aerial etc., so that everything is



AUDI Toto the Clown This was marketed by Vampire Magic Co. years ago, no longer available. It is.however easily made up as illustrated. It consists of two boards hinged with rings, and a third hinged board that contains the pocket of silks. A paper serviette is placed between the trvo boards arrclall stood on the card stand, allowing the load to fall behind it. Take out and show the paper and replace. In picking up tlre clown, push clown 60

safelyaway,and sayyou will put somemusicon the radio. Look around and spot the radio, set on top of TV set and tune in, actuallyswitchingon tape recorder. Showcoverwith doors,coverthe radio and havethe audience shout the magic word. During this switch off the tape. Lift cover to revealthe rabbit, as fist punchesthrough the cover, the front door going in and the back out to show it empty. Put it behind the set. Pick up the rabbit, drop basebehindwith cover and sit yourselfon the TV set. To hypnotisethe rabbit, lie it on its back on your thighsand he will appear to be asleep,legs in the air. This gives you completesilence,marvellousafter an hour of hubbub! Finally pinch your kneestogetherand rabbit wakesup. Showhis hutch, placehim inside,bid everyonefarewell and just wheel it all off. * That is the current show that occupiesmy Magical TV Set. photograph,two other routinesare illustrated,which have the In done their share in past programmes. There can be seen the Flintstonesversion of the Elusive Rabbits, and Yogi Bear and Boo Boo with the tarts was a variation on the Robbersand the Sheeptheme. TV comic papersand ChristmasAnnual Books are very useful guides to drawing and painting the necessary characters.

IN C ON C L U SION In past days magicianswent to great lengthsto protect the secretsof their craft. Today alas,theseare readily availablein books adorning the shelvesof public libraries, in magazineson the book stallsand young peoplehave the money to buy the lot from the dealers. It is essentialtherefore, that we should be tireless in our effortsto ensurethat the effectswe use,if not original, are given the thought and study that can alonegive them the individuality that marks the successful performer. Great magic rests undiscovered in the books and writings of the past, so choose those effectsthat are rarely seen today, modernisethem and presentthem in a way that is in keepingwith the times. It is my sincerewish that this book may find its way into the hands of those who are preparedto take at least some of the tricks that I have used and Dresentthem in their own individual wav.

You may have noted that the ChineseLinking Rings is in the TV set. This is a spare routine for those occasionswhen teenagersare presentwho may presenta problem. Well done it will alwaysgain their respect.



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