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Voith Turbo

ALADIN® Diagnostic software for the DIWA®.5 transmission

More than 150 000 Buses world-

Transmission control unit E 300

Convincingly simple – simply

wide have one thing in common:

and diagnostic software


a DIWA automatic transmission

ALADIN – a powerful combi-

Diagnosis with ALADIN:

from Voith Turbo.


DIWA means economic efficiency by superior technology. The DIWA automatic transmission is ideal for application in all urban and longdistance transit buses.

Forget everything you ever heard about diagnostic systems. ALADIN informs you comprehensively and quickly, but it is still extremely easy to operate.

The new DIWA.5 transmission with electronic control unit E 300 and diagnostic software ALADIN consequently continues this proven technology and further widens the innovation advantage of Voith Turbo.

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Simple, intuitive operation Fast, detailed and precise troubleshooting High diagnostic depth Open for additions and always up to date in technology and knowhow Direct integration in OEM diagnostic systems possible

Your benefits: " "

Minimization of standstill times Reduction of operating costs

ALADIN® – Fault finding in seconds

What happened? What must be done? These and other questions are answered by ALADIN – in seconds.

Overview of individual faults

Fault description

Mounting drawing

Event message –

Instructions –

Knowledge-based help

The how/where/when of your

what must be done?

system – step by step to the


The precise instructions with respect to each fault message allows you to remedy faults quickly and in a goaloriented manner.

quick solution

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What happened? Where did it happen? When did it happen? Is it a consequential damage? What are the possible causes? Which reactions may the eventcause?

The help system of the ALADIN Diagnostic program, along with context-sensitive repair instructions, offers a variety of benefits: " " " " " "

Circuit diagrams

Installation description

Detailed fault descriptions Mounting drawings Circuit diagrams Connector assignments Installation descriptions Instructions for remedial actions

Connector assignment

ALADIN® – Analysis down to detail level

ALADIN allows detailed analysis not only in case of defects. With the help of the DIWA operating data, even extraordinary questions can be answered.

Environmental parameters

Operating data visualization

Online monitor

Comprehensive environmental

Operating data – the auto-

Always informed– with the


biography of your vehicle

ALADIN online monitor

ALADIN indicated for each event, along with the date and time, the environmental conditions at the time of occurrence.

ALADIN gives you the opportunity to get an overview of the main operating data of your vehicles.

It allows permanent observation of the changes in the event buffer and assists you in trouble-shooting, e.g. in case of loose contacts and intermittently occurring faults. Upload & download

ALADIN has functions for upload and download of: " Data (operating data, event buffer, identification data, etc.) " Function software or records

Time stamp

Operating data report – results at a glanced


ALADIN® – User-friendly at a glance

ALADIN proves that increased functionality does not have to result in higher complexity. One example for this is the report generator, which presents faults or operating data in clear, compact and printable reports.

ALADIN prepares a comprehensive, scalable HTML event buffer report in tabular form for you, from which you may use the entire help system. "

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Operating system Windows 2000 or XP Serial interface RS 232 or USB 256 MB RAM Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 Display resolution ≥ 800 x 600

Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG Product Group Commercial Vehicle Transmission Alexanderstraße 2 89522 Heidenheim, Germany Tel.: +49 73 21 37-8615/4219 [email protected] [email protected]

G 1852 e (RTS/WA) 09/04 Print Run 1000 Dimensions and illustrations non-binding. Changes possible at any time.

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