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THE PROOF OF THE THE RACIST JEWISH MAFIA - CONSPIRACY AGAINST WORLD CHRISTIANITY! By Alfred Olsen - [email protected] - All the politics of world Jewry is based on the deception,the manner of their action and their satanic Talmud ideology prove that THEY ARE DEVILS INCARNATE. "Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand." -The Jew Benjamin Disraeli THE JEWS IN CLINTON´S CABINET Who Run Clinton and the USA The following is a list (which doesn't include lower staff levels) of Jews in the present Clinton adminstration. (1/4/1998) CLINTON IS A SECRET JEW! (MARANOS) HIS FATHER (William Blythe) WAS A ZIONIST JEW! HILLARY 'RODHAM' CLINTON (MARANOS) IS ALSO A SECRET JEW! Madeleine Albright Secretary of State Robert Rubin Secretary of Treasury William Cohen Secretary of Defense Dan Glickman Secretary of Agriculture George Tenet CIA Chief Samuel Berger Head National Security Council Evelyn Lieberman Deputy Chief of Staff Stuart Eizenstat Under Secretary of State Charlene Barshefsky U.S. Trade Representative Susan Thomases Aide to First Lady Joel Klein Assistant Attorney General Gene Sperling National Economic Council Ira Magaziner National Health Care Peter Tarnoff Deputy Secretary of State Alice Rivlin Ecomomic Advisory Janet Yellen Chairwoman, National Economic Council Rahm Emanuel Policy Advisor Doug Sosnik Counsel to President Jim Steinberg Deputy to National Security Chief Jay Footlik Special Liason to the Jewish Community (no other group has a special liason) Robert Nash Personal Chief Jane Sherburne President's Lawyer Mark Penn Asia Expert to NEC Sandy Kristoff Health Care Chief Robert Boorstin Communications Aide Keith Boykin


Communications Aide Jeff Eller Special Assistant to Clinton Tom Epstein Health Care Adviser Judith Feder National Security Council Richard Feinberg Assistant Secretary Veterans Hershel Gober Food and Drug Administration Steve Kessler White House Counsel Ron Klein Assistant Secretary Education Madeleine Kunin Communications Aide David Kusnet Dept. AIDS Program Margaret Hamburg Dir. Press Conferences Many Grunwald Liason to Jewish Leaders Karen Adler Dir. State Dept. Policy Samuel Lewis National Security Council Stanley Ross National Security Council Dan Schifter Director Peace Corps. Eli Segal Deputy Chief of Staff Alan Greenspan Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank Robert Weiner Drug Policy Coordinator Jack Lew Deputy Director Management and Budget James P. Rubin Under Secretary of State David Lipton Under Secretary of The Treasury Lanny P. Breuer Special Counsel to The President Richard Holbrooke Special Representative to NATO Kenneth Apfel Chief of Social Security Joel Klein Deputy Whlte Honse Counsel Sidney Blumenthal Speclal Advisor to Pirst Lady David Kessler Chief of Food & Drug Adininistration Seth Waxman Acting Solicitor General Mark Penn Presidential Pollster Dennis Ross Special Middle East Representative Howard Shapiro General Counsel for the FBI Lanny Davis White House Special Counsel Sally Katzen Secretary of Management and Budget Kathleen Koch Heads FBI Equal Opportunity Office


John Podesta Deputy Chief of Staff Alan Blinder Vice Chairman of Federal Reserve Janet Yelle Heads Council of Economlc Advisors Ron Klain Chief of Staff for Al Gore The Jewish US. Ambassadors 22/04/98 The Jewish US. Ambassadors mentioned here have been chosen not because of their ethnical origin, but because of their political ideology and POLITICAL position regarding the Palestine question, as POLITICAL actors. They are mentioned not because they are Jews, but they are mentioned because we believe that the Jewish lobby in the US has created a dangerous concentration of power which we believe is troublesome to the democracy of that country and dangerous for the peace in the Middle East. It is a political analysis which has been made by many observers, including Israeli newspapers.Just the fact that the jews don't agree with our political views should not allow them to deprive us of our human right of freedom of speech.The tragic reality is this; freedom of speech is almost non-existent in many European countries. We hope that censorship will not prevail over the content of our or any other homepages.It is the situation in the Middle East that is very much inflamed - the parties concerned in the debate and the conflict only reflect the real polarization. To the Palestinians Christians and Muslims the JEWISH MAFIA appear to be the Nazis of today. To the victims of zionism this ideology is not experienced as something positive, but rather as a symbol of evil. This jewish concentration of power in USA and NATO gives world Jewry tremendous influence to promote their "special agenda". Never before in American history have so many Jews been appointed as US Ambassadors. They are all members of powerful Jewish organizations. These are hardened supporters of Israel and the "Jewish race". It is impossible for them to put the interests of America ahead of their Zionist state. None would hold these ambassadorships unless they were members of the ruling Jewish elite. Here is their listing which you will never see in the daily press. List of some of the Jewish US. Ambassadors: Germany: Ambassador John C. Kornblum Germany has long been seen as an adversary of the Jews. Thus a Jewish Ambassador places them under direct Jewish pressure. France: Ambassador Felix Rohatyn Rohatyn is a former partner in the Jewish Lazard Freres investment bank. In September the French oil company, "Total," invested $2 billion in the production of oil in Iran. Rohatyn is seeking to Veto this project due to Israel's hostility toward Iran. Rohatyn said; "Globalization doesn't carry a threat, but it carries discipline." Poland: Ambassador Daniel Fried Chester Grabowski, editor of "The Polish Post Eagle", and others urged Clinton to name a Polish American. This plea was ignored. There has never been a Jew ambassador to Poland before as Jews hold an animosity toward Poles. This is considered as a gross insult. Regardless, Fried jokingly said: "I will now have to brush up on their language." Denmark: Ambassador Edward E. Elson Dr. Fields attended Marist High. School in Atlanta with the Elson brothers. He learned that their family made a fortune in the textile business and are big contributors to the Democratic Party. Hungary: Ambassador Donald M. Blinken This country has long been considered "anti-Semitic". Budapest has the largest Jewish population in Europe, some 125,000 Jews, only exceeded by Paris Thus Blinken can protect their financial interests. Romania: Ambassador Alfred H. Moses At one time Romania was ruled by an allJewish Communist Party under Anna Pauka. Romania is closely allied with Israel. Six members of the Rumanian Senate, three of them priests, objected to Clinton's 1994 appointment of Moses stating that he was closely connected to the fallen Communist Ceausescu regime. Belgium: Ambassador Alan J. Blinken Antwerp,Belgium is the diamond capital of the world next to Tel Aviv.The diamond business is totally Jew-controlled. Blinken is in a position to further protect their interests. He is related to the Blinken ambassador to Hungary. Belarus: Ambassador Kenneth S. Yalowitzis located between Poland and Russia. It once had a huge Jewish population.. They still have interests there. South Africa: Ambassador James A. Joseph The Jewish Oppenheimer family controls this gold mining capital of the world. The Jewish-run South African Communist Party and the ANC now control the government and loyally do the bidding of the gold interests. India: Ambassador Frank G. Wisner This economic powerhouse has long sided with the Arabs against Israel and needs more Zionist control


Turkey: Ambassador Marc Grossman The "Kemalist" Turkey is the only Middle East border country with a military alliance with Israel.They pose a threat to Syria and Iraq over long simmering border disputes. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a secret Jewish infiltrator ! This explains the alliance between the Ataturk-influenced military regime in Turkey and the fraudulent and criminal state of Israel! This also explains the opposition of the "kémalian" junta against the rennaisance of Islam amongst the muslim people of Turkey! About the jewish Ataturk: visit the jewish home page "Famous Jews". New Zealand: Ambassador Josiah H. Beeman Egypt: Ambassador Daniel C. Kurtzer Egypt is the recipient of the second largest amount of US foreign aid. This is to "buy off" Israel's southern front. Any hostility toward Israel would end the aid.) Sweden: Ambassador Thomas L. Siebert Morocco: Ambassador Marc C. Ginsberg Singapore: Ambassador Timothy A. Chorba Zambia: Ambassador Arlene Render Brazil: Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky This is South America's largest country and economic powerhouse. Jews have huge investments here. Bolivia: Ambassador Curt W. Kamman This is another mineral rich country; copper, magnesium, lead, etc. Mexico: Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow Davidow was formerly Assistant Secy. Of State for South America under Albright. Mexico sends the US more immigrants and trade than any other nation. Canada: Ambassador Gordon Giffin Thus Clinton has given both our border neighbors, Mexico and Canada, to Jewish operatives. Cuba: US Interest Head, Michael G. Kozak One would think that this nation would have a Spanish Catholi "Interest Chief" instead of a Jew??? Norway: Ambassador David B. Hermelin Hermelin is a Michigan multi-millionaire real estate developer and president of the World Jewish ORT Union. Re owns Palace Sports and Entertainment, "The Palace" of Auburn Hills and the "Pine Knob Music Theater". Switzerland Ambassador Madeleine M. Kunin Kunin is the former Democratic governor of Vermont. Her four children attended a Hebrew school. The New York Times of Oct. 4, 1997 says she, "doggedly pursues the Swiss on the issue of gold for holocaust survivors." THE NATO LIST -THESE PEOPLE ARE ALMOST ALL RACIST JEWS, SECRET JEWS (MARRANOS) OR MEMBER OF THEIR MANY UNDECOVER SECRET ORGANIZATIONS, SUCH AS: FREEMASONS, THE BILDENBERGER, THE TRILATERAL COMISION, ECC.

NATO Ambassador or Permanent Representative Belgium Amb. de Gruben. Canada Amb. Wright Czech Republic Amb. Kovanda Denmark Amb. Riberholdt France Amb. Guelluy Germany Amb. Bitterlich Greece Amb. Savvaides Hungary Amb. Simonyi Iceland Amb. Pàlsson Italy Amb. de Franchis


Luxembourg Amb. Kasel Netherlands Amb. Biegman Norway Amb. Biørn Lian Poland Amb. Towpik Portugal Amb. M. da Cruz Spain Amb. Conde de Saro Turkey Amb. Öymen United Kingdom Amb. Goulden United States Amb. Vershbow NATO Heads of State and Government Belgium J.-L. Dehaene Canada J. Chrétien Czech Republic V. Havel Denmar P.N. Rasmussen France J. Chirac Germany G. Schröder Greece C. Simitis Hungary Orban Iceland D. Oddsson Italy M. D'Alema Luxembourg J.-C. Juncker Netherlands W. Kok Norway K. M. Bondevik Poland J. Buzek Portugal A. Guterres Spain J.M. Aznar Turkey B. Ecevit United Kingdom T. Blair United States W.J. Clinton NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs Belgium E. Derycke Canada L. Axworthy Czech Republic J. Kavan


Denmark N.H. Petersen France H. Védrine Germany J. Fischer Greece G. Papandreou Hungary Martonyi Iceland H. Asgrimsson Italy L. Dini Luxembourg J. Poos Netherlands J. van Aartsen Norway K. Vollebæk Poland B. Geremek Portugal J.J. Matos da Gama Spain A. Matutes Turkey I. Cem United Kingdom R. Cook United States M. Albright NATO Ministers of Defence Belgium J.-P. Poncelet Canada A. Eggleton Czech Republic V. Vetchy Denmark H. Haekkerup France Alain Richard Germany R. Scharping Greece A. Tsohatzopoulos Hungary J. Szabo Iceland G. Palsson Italy C. Scognamiglio Luxembourg Alex Bodry Netherlands F.H.G. de Grave Norway D.J. Fjærvoll Poland J. Onyszkiewicz Portugal V. Simão Spain E. Serra Rexach Turkey


H. S. Turk United Kingdom G. Robertson United States W.S. Cohen Chairman of the Military Committee is General Klaus Naumann. The current Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR) is General Wesley K. Clark. The current Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic (SACLANT) is Admiral Harold W. Gehman, Jr. NATO Secretary General is Dr. Javier Solana. The current NATO Deputy Secretary General is Amb. Sergio Balanzino. NATO Military Representatives Belgium Lt-Gén. Bastien Canada VAdm. King Denmark LtGen. Tophøj France Gén. Wiroth Germany LtGen Wiesmann Greece VAdm. Vennis Iceland Amb. Ingolfsson Italy LtGen Marraffa Luxembourg LtCol. Reinig Netherlands LtGen. Blomjous Norway LtGen. Bøthun Portugal VAdm Sarmento Spain VAdm. Poblaciones Turkey LtGen. Ataman United Kingdom VAdm. Haddacks United States LTG Weisman President of the NATO Military Committee 1993- Jamie Shea (United Kingdom) RUSSIA The greatest mass murderers in history of Man were Racist Jews! "It is no wonder, if the Russians nowadays compare their situation with the past (The Racist Jewish Bolshevits),come to the conclusion that the present power is again Racist Jewish and therefore so horrible." Two prominent Jews: Madeleine Albright (alias Jana Korbel, Secretary of State - USA).Yevgeni Primakov (alias Jona Finkelstine) Foreign Minister of Russia, since early September 1998 Prime Minister of Russia.The power in Russia is in the hands on two Israelis: A. Beresovski (more secretly, but the real power player) and Primakov (the man officially in charge, acting as Prime Minister) Russia is ruled by the so-called G7-Racist Jewish Mafia. Boris Yeltsin is acting as their stooge: "I don't need a post in government. I need power,and that has been given to me now." The Israeli Beresovski (photo) in Der Spiegel 4/1997, p. 125. "Beresovski is a member of the G7 circle ... The banker Potanin is one the two no-Jews in the G7 group." Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 29.1.1997, p. 3. "The "Russian Mafia" has become the world's Criminal Super Power. Its way is paved by corpses.


352.000 murdered victims in only four years time. A criminal world record." (Jürgen Roth, Die Russen Mafia, (The Russian Mafia)Rasch und Röhring, Hamburg 1996, covertext.) The so-called Russian-Mafia is headed exclusively by Israelis. The Forbes-Magazine had suspected Beresovski to be the top boss of the Israeli-Mafia World Organisation (called Russian-Mafia). Beresovski is Israeli citizen, but at the same time he holds key positions in Yelzin's government. "Economists estimate that since 1992, more than £90 billion has been exported illegally from Russia. Favorite destinations are Israel." (The Daily Telegraph, London, Jan. 30, 1997, p. 16.) On the Judicial System of The New World Order. Help is needed! Millions of people could die of hunger like in 1919 when the jewish goverment there murdered up to 80 Million people. It can and it will happen again. Even worse, what will happen if One Million decided to "go west"? What will Germany do? Shoot them? And where will they stop? In Londons Hyde Park? An Austrian Newspaper published an interesting story about the seven King Pins of Russia today. Those Bastards who fly to Vienna,London, Paris or New York to purchase a diamond ring for 1 Mill US$ while at home, people die of hunger and dont have enough money to bury their dead. In the wintertime they go skiing at the Arlberg or Zurs with their whores and spend easely 160 US$ for a bottle of champain. Anybody who knows who of the following names of the Group-7 are jewish or has a jewish background pls let us know. The most powerful Jew is BORIS Beresovski who has according to the US Magazine Forbes about 3 Billion Dollars alone. Then comes: Abramovich Beresovski (owner of the main Russian TV stations, newpapers,industrial monopolies, suspected chief of the Israeli-Mafia, better known as the Russian Mafia) Wladimir Potanin (Oneximbank) non-Jew Michail Chodorkowskij (Menatep Bank) Jew Pjotr Awen and Michail Fridman (Alpha Group) - Jews. Alexander Smolenskij (Agro Bank) non-Jew Wladimir Gusinskij (Most Bank) Jew In addition to the Jews in Jelzins Goverment. Lets disclose thoses bastards who run Russia into the ground and could cause another world war. Behind that all is the Hungarian-American Jew George Soros again who run South Africa and East Asia into the ground. Wake up before its too late.


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