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CONTENTs K O N G S B E R G A eros t r u c t u res A eros t r u c t u res

Ce nte r o f Exce l l e n ce - Composite s a nd Alloys

kongsberg va lu es A eros pa c e & d e f en c e i n d u s t r y - f i rs t c a pab i l i t i es break t h ro u g h m i ss i l e t e c h no log y o f f s h ore an d s u bsea

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Wor ld - cla ss expe r tise

Step by step co m p os i t es

World class - through people, technology and dedication

a d van c e d m e c h an i c a l m an u fa c t u r i ng re pa i r an d o v er h au l o f rotor c ra f t

tota l q ua l i t y m anage m en t s tat e - o f - t h e - ar t m an u fa c t u r i ng

Kongsberg Gruppen ASA (KONGSBERG) is an international technology corporation that delivers advanced and reliable solutions that improve safety, security and performance in complex operations and during extreme conditions. KONGSBERG is a customer focused organization with a worldwide performance culture. KONGSBERG works with demanding customers in the global defence, maritime, oil and gas and aerospace industries.

m e t r i c an d p er f or m an c e - base d c u lt u re co m p e t en t m anagers , p rogra m - an d p ro d u c t i on t ea m s b u s i ness con d u c t w h at w e s tar t, w e f i n i s h . w e d o not g i v e i n

KONGSBERG Aerostructures - Center of Excellence for Composites and Alloys a total of 30,000 square meters production area

KONGSBER G GR OUP KONGSBERG creates and delivers high-technological solutions to people operating under challenging conditions on the oceans, in the deep sea, in defence and in space. KONGSBERG har facilities world-wide, with over 7000 employees working in more then 25 countries around the world. The Group’s most important markets are Europe, USA, the Middle East and Asia with main focus on offshore, merchant marine and defence.

KONGSBERG Defence Systems (KDS) is one of 4 strategic business units in KONGSBERG. KDS is Norway’s leading and major, international supplier of defence and aerospace systems, and delivers products and systems for command and control, weapons guidance and surveillance, communications and missiles. KDS produces also advanced composites and engineering products. KONGSBERG Aerostructures is one of six divisions under KDS with key focus on complex composites and high-alloy metal structures.

- Center of Excellence - composites and alloys

KONGSBERG Aerostructures is a leading, international supplier of complex sub-assemblies to large international manufacturers in the global aerospace and defence industry. The division also supplies the offshore and subsea market with key structural elements, and has through many years offered overhaul of military rotorcraft. Co m p l e x S y s t e m s f or E x t re m e Use KONGSBERG Aerostructures is Center of Excellence for complex composite structures and metallic alloy assemblies and details, for systems operating under extreme loads and conditions. Our core capabilities ranges from design, prototyping and industrialization, to large volume manufacturing for Aerospace and other high performing markets. We offer leading manufacturing- and engineering expertise in material and processing technology; specializing in carbon fiber composites and titanium. We have competent program managers, project and production teams with broad experience from international developments, ramp-ups, and full-rate productions. Kongsberg Aerostructures is a key supplier to several major ongoing international programs such as Naval Strike Missile (NSM), Remote Weapon Station (RWS), NH-90 and F-35. We have today long-term agreements with Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman for the F-35 program, as well as agreements with Marvin Engineering (MEC). Kongsberg Aerostructures has a solid business management platform for handling large volume programs. Business results are driven through a metric and performance-based culture, with a continuous focus on risk management from start to delivered product. KONGSBERG’s vision is to always strive to stay in the forefront in everything we do and always meet our customers and partners expectations and needs. Kongsberg Aerostructures’ goal is to deliver Affordable Products with the Right Quality, at the Right Time – Always.

//:O p t i m i z i ng p er f or m an c e f or c h a l l eng i ng m i ss i ons i n e x t re m e en v i ron m en t s

kongsberg Aerostructures

Kongsberg Values

K O N G S B E R G Va lu es are nor m at i v e f or h o w w e be h av e an d w ork , an d c h ara c t er i z es o u r coo p erat i on w i t h i n an d o u t s i d e t h e K ongsberg G ro u p. O u r 4 ke y va lu es are :

Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

Norway (15) * Main Office in Kongsberg

Vancouver (Canada)

Denmark Sweden Finland


Lynwood (USA) Salt Lake City (USA)

London (Canada) Pocasset (USA) Johnstown(USA)

Houston (USA) New Orleans (USA)


St. John’s (Canada)

Poland (2) Germany Hungary Netherlands

United Kingdom (8) Ottawa (Canada) Halifax (Canada) Long Island (USA) Spain West Mystic (USA) Algeria Mount Arlington (USA) Washington (USA)


Dalian (China) Kuwait

Zhenjiang (China) United Arab Emirates


India (2) Saudi Arabia


South Korea (5) Shanghai (China)

Guangzhou (China)

Mexico Nigeria

Singapore (2)

Brazil Australia

South Africa



Kongsberg , Asker, Bergen, Billingstad, Horten, Kjeller, Kristiansand, Oslo, Sandefjord, Sandvika, Stavanger, Stjørdal, Svalbard, Tromsø, Trondheim.

[ De t er m i ne d ]

What we start, we finish. We do not give in.

[ i nno vat i v e ]

living world class KONGSBERG vision WORLD CLASS – through people, technology and dedication

KONGSBERG mission Increased safety, security and performance for our customers

KONGSBERG always strives to be in the forefront and never settle for less than world-class. KONGSBERG’s systems, services and products are in the international top league – an achievement obtained from 200 years of innovation, hard work and determination.

KONGSBERG creates and delivers high technology solutions for people that operate under very challenging conditions on the oceans, in the deep sea, in defence and in space. KONGSBERG has a mission to provide increased safety, security and performance for companies operating under such conditions.

we relentlessly pursue improvements, new ideas and new solutions

[ co l l aborat i v e ]

We collaborate as individuals and as an organization.

[ re l i ab l e ]

We are reliable people. We are responsible citizens.

Aerospace & defence

- world-class achievements

A reas O F E XP E R TI S E

Progra m R e f eren c es Progra m R e f eren c es C u rren t: Pas t:

• • • • • • • • • • •

Pre-preg technology (BMI and epoxy) Composite moulding tool design and manufacturing (BMI, steel and Invar) Design and manufacturing of tools, fixtures, assembly jigs High precision machining of composite materials Machining of non-metallic cores Machining of titanium and high alloy materiale Surface treatment of titanium (pre-bond etch, priming) High speed machining of aluminium Bonded assemblies Integration and Assembly Non-Destructive Testing (ultrasonic, X-ray, FPI) Manufacturing Engineering Lean Six Sigma

• • • • • •

F35 Lightning II – Rudders and Vertical Leading Edge, various Center Fuselage Parts and Pylon. NH90 – Cockpit Floor Naval Strike Missile (NSM) – Airframe Joint Strike Missile (JSM) Airframe Penguin Missile - Airframe Remote Weapon Station (RWS) Structural parts Ariane 5 – Booster Attachment and Separation System

• • • •

• •

• • •

Boeing 777 - Flaperon Support Parts Boeing 747 – Intercoastals deHavilland Dash 8 - 100/300 Tail Cones Eurofighter Tyhpoon – Inboard Flaperons & Rudder, Nose Landing Gear Parts NH 90 – Main Rotor Sleeves Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS) Launcher CV90 Combat Vehicle – Structural parts and sub-assemblies Sea Sparrow - Launcher Envisat – Platform panels Aeolus/GOCE/Planck/ Galileo - Solar Array substrates


Key supplier on the F-35 program //: the world’s only 5th generation multirole stealth fighter Industry–First Capabilities

- commit ted to maximizing F-35 performance K ongsberg p rovi de s t h e F - 3 5 L i g ht n i n g II p ro gra m w i t h l e a di n g te c h n o l o g y exp e r t i s e a n d l o n g - te r m i nte r n at i o n a l p ro gra m exp e r i e nce t h ro u g h o u r s k i l l e d F - 3 5 p ro gra m - , e n gi n e e r i ng- , a n d p ro du c t i o n p ro fe s s i o n a l s.

Kongsberg has signed long-term contracts with the F-35 Lightning II program for production of advanced composite and metal structures as follows: JSF F-35 Rudder and Vertical Leading Edge A bonded assembly comprising machined EB welded titanium structure, multi-density core and various composite parts. Delivered ready for final assembly to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. F-35 Center Fuselage Composite Parts Work Package including high tolerance composite structural panels and doors. Delivered ready for final assembly to Northrop Grumman Corporation. F-35 Air-to-air Pylons High speed machined aluminium structure, including integration and assembly. Pylons are delivered to Marvin Engineering Corporation.

Prototyping and production of airframes and control surfaces for the Joint Strike Missile (JSM) program

Breakthrough Missile Technology

- o f f er i ng a K O N G S B E R G Fa m i ly o f h i g h - Pre c i s i on S t r i ke M i ss i l es

KONGSBERG has been prime contractor in cruise missile design, development and manufacturing for over 40 years. The Penguin Anti-Ship Missile developed in the sixties is still one of the preferred anti-ship weapons carried by helicopters. The Naval Strike Missile (NSM) and the Joint Strike Missile (JSM) represent the latest generation of Precision Strike Missiles from KONGSBERG; the JSM is still under development. The NSM is today marketed for naval ships and coast defence systems; on the latter the missile is launched from trucks. The JSM is designed to be carried both externally and internally in the weapons bay of the F-35 Lightning II. Both missiles have a passive imaging IR seeker, and combined with high maneuverability and low signature they are able to penetrate highly defended targets both at land and sea. High maneuverability is achieved by high aerodynamic efficiency and an all composite airframe. KONGSBERG, as prime contractor, is involved from Conops (Concept of Operation) developed together with our customer through to design and development of the missile. A number of the sub-systems in the missile is designed and developed by KONGSBERG, hence this gives KONGSBERG a good understanding of trade-offs required in aerospace design and development work.

//: KONGSBERG relentlessly pursues improvements, new ideas and new solutions

//: offering broad engineering expertise //:modern production equipment and a strong quality management culture dating back to 1814

Offshore and Subsea

- e x p er i en c e d, kno w l e d gab l e an d co m m i t t e d KONGSBERG operates within a multitude of areas in the oil and gas industry including KONGSBERG Aerostructures supplying key structural elements to the subsea market. Current product groups are tie-in and manifold systems were our key deliverables are: • • • • • •

Umbilicals and Jumper Spools Connectors Hubs Termination Heads Clamps Manifold Blocks

We have a clear ambition to deliver products and services higher in the value chain that includes design and system deliveries. Core competence covers: • • • • • • • • • •

Complex machining Cladding (In-lay welding) Electron Beam Welding Welding robotics for large volumes NDT – Ultrasound and x-ray Assembly Testing Program and project management Engineering support Strong supplier network

Pictures from our production of


New, modern facility

- b u i lt to s u p p or t F - 35 f u l l - rat e p ro d u c t i on

KONGSBERG's new, modern facility ARSENALET opened in 2008 and provides a total of 30,000 square meters production area. Composite activities are operating two-thirds of the total area and mechanical operations one-third. 4,500 square meters is allocated to an administrative building. ARSENALET is constructed to support a high production rate. Facility design and shop floor lay-up can easily be expanded with little interruption to ongoing production. The facility and equipment are in excellent condition due to low age and an optimal maintenance program. Maintenance is fully outsourced to Kongsberg Terotech AS, which is a 50/50 joint ownership between Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace (KDA) and Volvo Aero Norge AS. A frame agreement with Kongsberg Terotech AS ensures dedicated and efficient maintenance and repair services of AEROSTRUCTURES total equipment park. • • •

F l e x i b l e S h o p F loor Layo u t Lo w A ge E q u i p m en t O p t i m a l Ma i n t enan c e

//: Efficient production through standardization, automation and unmanned machining

Strategic Focus Au to m at i on an d S tan d ar d i z at i on KONGSBERG'S efficiency goal is a 24/7 utilization of production equipment. Available are flexible manufacturing systems with highly automated 4-5 axis machining centers constituting a manufacturing facility built for high volumes of complex parts. The functionality of these machines enables us to run our production efficiently with low manning.

Q ua l i t y an d O n - T i m e De l i v er y KONGSBERG has long-term experience in manufacturing high-quality products with strict requirements and tight tolerances destined for operating under extreme conditions. Safety, Quality and Performance is important to our customer and is a key focus through KONGSBERG'S total value chain from supply chain, through manufacturing and to delivered end-product.

R i sk Manage m en t an d M i t i gat i on KONGSBERG has rigorous processes for risk management and mitigation. Risk management is a key focus with KONGSBERG'S program managers from design and development stage to delivery of final product to our customers.


- w or l d - c l ass e x p er t i se

KONGSBERG is the premier aerospace engineering environment in Norway. KONGSBERG is a prime contractor in cruise missile development and manufacturer of aerostructures. Additionally KONGSBERG design, develop and qualify complex space subsystem for launchers and satellites. Me c h an i c a l Des i gn & De v e lo p m en t • Computer Aided Design – Catia V5, FiberSim™, SolidWorks • Finite Element Analysis – MSC.Software tooling suite, CATIA V5 • Computational Fluid Dynamics – Cobalt • Thermodynamics – MSC.Software, CF Design Man u fa c t u r i ng E ng i neer i ng • • • •

Computer Aided Manufacturing – MasterCam, CATIA and VeriCut Manufacturing Execution System – SAP-ME Design and manufacturing of tools, fixtures, assembly jigs Lean and Six Sigma implementation

In - Ho u se S p e c i a l Pro c ess Ca pab i l i t y an d Cer t i f i c at i on • • • • • • • •

Composite (Epoxy, BMI, monolithic, sandwich, bonding, potting, riveting, ClickBond) Chemical Etching Heat Treatment Electron Beam Welding Hard Surface Welding Prime and Paint Grit Blasting NDT (X-ray, Ultrasonic and FPI)

//: In-house special processes offers full control of performance

Tes t i ng • Material testing, including establishing design allowables • Static and dynamics structural testing • Flight Testing • Environmental testing • EMC testing

L i s t o f C u s to m er A p p ro v e d Proce s s e s NAS 410 Certification & Qualification of Nondestructive Test Personnel MIL-DTL-5002 Degreasing of aluminium LMA-PG001 Pre-Penetrant Etch, Titanium MIL-F-18264 Prime/paint AMS 2801/AMS 2750 Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloy Parts LMA-PE007 Electron Beam Welding LMA-PC001 Ultrasonic Inspection ASTM E1742 Radiographic Examination LMA-PC201 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection LMA-PC301 Radiographic Inspection NS-EN 3834/ASME IX/ NACE- NR175/ NORSOK standards Welding standards

//: Design, development and production of complex carbon fiber composite components and assemblies


- f or A eros pa c e an d ot h er h i g h p er f or m an c e m arke t s


Mater i al Han d l i ng, C u tt i ng an d K i tt i ng

The following step-by-step process describes manufacture of a simple composite structure demonstrating KONGSBERG’S manufacturing process at large. There are countless varieties of manufacturing some of which require three autoclave cures. Manufacturing Capabilities and Capacities are found in detail in our separate Manufacturing Capabilities List


H i g h p rec i s i on m i ll i ng ( PMM )

Part surfaces are machined, the outer edges trimmed, and the holes drilled. Our Zimmermann PMM provides the high precision milling necessary for large volumes of complex structures. Offering high volumetric accuracy better than 55 microns and large dimensions on parts in an integrated automated manufacturing cell.

Rolls of prepreg (resin impregnated CFPR ) is stored in our automated freezer hadlingsystem at appr. -20°C to delay curing and ensure up to two years shelf-life. The prepreg is cut into different sized pieces based on design requirements. A cutting machine with a vibrating knife enhances cutting quality and capability. Pre-cut kits are stored for large production series.


Co - or d i nate Mea s u r i ng Mac h i ne ( C MM )

Subsequent to the milling of the part, it travels down into an automated co-ordinate measuring machine. The part’s dimensions are verified to the requirements. All this happens with the part still attached to its tool, vacuum or mechanically clamped.


L a m i nat i ng/lay - u p i n C lean R oo m

The prepreg is placed in moulds, layer by layer, to build structure and strength. The direction in every layer is predefined, influencing strength and stiffness. Laser projectors project the end-of-plies to facilitate its location and sequence in complex structures. Clean Room of 2800 m² offers high capacity for large simultaneous production mixes.


In - h o u s e u ltra s o u n d an d x - ray i n s p ect i on

Once a part has been bought-off in the CMM area, it is inspected using ultrasonics to check the integrity of the material; free from pores, other defects or foreign objects. Ultrasonic scanning of highly complex curved surfaces is performed using a Midas 5+5 multi-axis scanner. Further, we are capable of conducting X-ray inspection of thin composite panels up to 250 mm steel or titanium.


B agg i ng

Typically a plastic film is placed over the composite component, edges sealed, and air is extracted to prevent entrapping volatiles/air before the mold is placed in the autoclave.


Pr i m e an d pa i nt

In order to environmentally seal the composite part/assembly, various types of paints are sprayed onto the part. This can be done manually or using a robot. KONGSBERG uses a CNC Robot ABB with a painting area of 2100 x 4400 mm. To enhance bonding properties primers are also sprayed onto the details.


Autoclave / Demould

The autoclave cures the composite material at a pressure typically up to 7 bars and 180°C. Autoclaving is used to ensure high quality and level of repeatability of the production. In Demould, the composite component is taken off the mold and prepared for next operation.


Mec h an i cal a s s e m bly

Usually before a part is delivered to the customer it goes into mechanical assembly. After surface treatment/ painting, all mechanical details are drilled/countersunk/deburred before they are bolted/bonded in its correct locations to the requirements. A part is completed after surface treatment. Metals are then mounted such as fasteners.


B on d i ng

Parts can be integrated into assemblies. Ingoing details can be composite laminates, various metallic details (steel, aluminium, titanium) or metallic/ non-metallic honeycomb core materials. In most cases the assembly operation is done using various types of adhesives. The preparations prior to adhesive application is of paramount importance and consists typically of chemical cleaning and light sanding/ abrasion to remove any traces of dust, grease or any other contamination which may affect the bonding quality. The bonded assemblies are usually cured in ovens at elevated temperatures to reduce cure cycle times.


F i nal i n s p ect i on

At final inspection the part’s build-history is verified. An inspector checks that all operations have been signed off, and all applicable document records have been collected and are in line with both customer and internal requirements.

Advanced Mechanical Manufacturing

- f or l arge v o lu m es o f co m p l e x a l loy s

KONGSBERG'S mechanical expertise comprises three central areas: machining, welding and sheet metal production, and development of tools and prototypes. All areas of the department have production equipment with a low average age and run by skilled, trained operators. Focus is on automation.

Ma c h i n i ng Works h o p • 11 machining centers • 2 x 4-axis machining centers • 3 x mill/turn with 1 x 9-axis with geantry and palletts • 1 x FMS workshop with 2 x 4-axis and 2 x 5-axis machining centers integrated, together with a washing machine We l d i ng Works h o p Offering effective serial production of high volume products • 9 manual welding points • Welding robot • Hot wire tig for in-lay welding of Inconell • Necessary equipment to buckle and cut sheet metal Too l s an d Protot y p e Works h o p Offering a varied selection of equipment to design and manufacture production equipment (jigs and special measuring instruments) and prototypes: • CNC machines (turn and mill) • Grinding machines (round, plane and coordinate jig grinding machine) • Honing equipment • Coordinate jig boring machines • A varied selection of manual machines • Coordinate jig bores and jig grinding machines are located in a separate temperature controlled room. K O N G S B E R G A E R O S T R UCTU R E S Manufacturing Capabilities and Capacities are found in detail in our separate Manufacturing Capabilities List

Highly automated 4-5-axis machining centers run by skilled manufacturing professionals

//: one of Europe’s most advanced manufacturers of complex structures in high-alloy metals//: specializing in titanium



Rapid prototyping and small size serial prodution is performed in 3-axis machines by highly skilled operators. Our NC-controlled jig bore machine manufacture advanced fixtures and tailored measuring equipment. Various grinding machines ensures our capability to manufacture products with high degree of surface finish and accuracy.



4 to 9-axis machines manufacture advanced products from aluminum to high alloy. Semi-automation and pallets enable us to minimize changeover time.


w el d i ng

Hotwire tig overlay of Inconel for advanced products is our specialty for some of our customers. Together with robotized welding machine for advanced sheet metal, tubes and bend welding in super duplex and a line of manual welding stations, our capability has a wide range to offer. Our welders also support tooling in rapid prototyping.



Our Makino machine center includes 3 A81/92 and 3 MCD 25/30 with both 4 and 5-axis capabilities, manufacturing complex titanium, high-alloy and aluminum products. The machine pallet-system ensures a high degree of automation and unmanned production.


E b - w el d i ng

Fully automated and NC-controlled EB-welding machine are used for products with high degree of accuracy and complex structures. We are also certified to do EB-welding repair in controlled environment.


Pr i m e an d pa i nt

In order to environmentally seal the composite part/ assembly, various types of paints are sprayed onto the part. This can be done manually or using a robot. KONGSBERG uses a CNC Robot ABB with a painting area of 2100 x 4400 mm. To enhance bonding properties primers are also sprayed onto the details.



Fully integrated FMS system, including 4 machines and a washing machine, enables us to manufacture a wide range of products. All from high alloy to high speed aluminum machining. (33000rpm)



3 CMM machines and several certified inspectors ensure that our products are delivered to customer specifications.

Kongsberg has for more than 25 years performed overhaul and repairs on the Sea King SAR and Lynx Aircraft dynamic components with license from Agusta Westland.

Repair and Overhaul of Rotorcraft

- a ke y p ro v i d er o f essen t i a l h e l i co p t er l i f e - c yc l e s u p p or t

KONGSBERG performs services on key dynamic helicopter components: Main, Tail and Intermediate Gear Boxes, Main and Tail Rotor Heads and Drive Shafts. KONGSBERG has carried out work on the following components for Agusta Westland Sea King and Lynx: Main Gear Box, Main Rotor Head, Intermediate Gear Box, Tail Gear Box, Tail Rotor Head and Drive Shafts. Previously, KONGSBERG has participated in the F-16 program with production and maintenance of: Adapter Penguin MK3 missile, Air Circulation Equipment (Cooling Turbine), Brake & Anti-Skid System. KONGSBERG has also been involved in maintenance of the following artillery: L70 Anti-Aircraft Gun and 20 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun. KONGSBERG has today ongoing contracted services on NH-90, Sea King SAR and Lynx helicopters and will be a main contributor for years to come.

//: repair and overhaul of dynamic components for helicopters in civil and military service

Main Phases



Pre-inspection stadium



Rework and modifications of components


Assembly Process


Assembly and Test

• Incoming inspection • Technical documentation issue • Disassembly • Inspection • Reassembly • Test bench run • Inspection after green run • Oil leak test and preservation • Painting • Issue of acceptance documentation (statement of maintenance conformity) • Delivery

• The component is dismantled down to all the assembled pieces. • Cleaned for dirt and oil to allow for inspection. • Removal of paint where NDT is required. • Trained inspectors with long experience will go through all ingoing parts to discover any abnormallity.

• • • •

All components should be cleaned Visual inspection Dimensional inspection Special inspection due to experience or incidents. • NDT (non destructive test): Magnetic particle and fluorescent penetrant inspection. Eddy current and X-ray inspection. • Release of work

• • • • •

• •

Local repair by hand Repairs of components according to approved procedures Installation of oversize liners Introduction of modifications after written procedures. Restoration of surface protection as Cadmium plating, chromic acid treatment for magnesium , chromate conversion coating. Stopping and removal of corrosion Painting.

• Local Repair by hand. • Local repair of surface treatment. • Use of special tools during assembly.

• All hoses and tubes are pressure tested • All valves are tested in accordance with their manuals. • Components are testet for cor rect torque, flow and oil leakage. • Main components such as the main gearbox are tested in a special testbench simulating operating conditions.

//: kongsberg products cannot fail in service - operating on the sea bed, on military vehicles and aircraft

Total Quality Management

- f or bes t sa f e t y, q ua l i t y an d on - t i m e p er f or m an c e CONTINUOUS IMPR OVEMENTS KONGSBERG never wants to settle for second best. We will always strive to improve through continuous focus on “COLLABORATION”; building efficient teams and work processes throughout our organization and manufacturing facility.

ATTITUDE AND SKILLS “DEDICATION” at every level and through each worker is how we achieve our strict product requirements and build, step-by-step, a sustainable performance platform to ensure our present and future business success.

RISK MANAGEMENT Minimizing and preventing risk is key to how we do our business and is a clear focus in cooperation with our international suppliers and customers.

Our employees are trained in all aspects of their work from skills and methods to awareness and problem-solving. In 2011 twenty-tree lean-six-sigma greenbelts were educated in lean principles.

INSPECTION Products are inspected as they are manufactured. The inspection is performed as a natural part of our manufacturing process. Advanced equipment like the CMM and multi-axis NDT is used when manual methods are inadequate. A first article inspection (FAI) is performed in accordance with AS9102.

KONGSBER G MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Our Quality System is certified in accordance to the following standards: • ISO 9001 • EN/AS 9100 • ISO 14001 • AQAP 2110/2210

FOD For KONGSBERG prevention of FOD (Foreign Object Debris/ Damage) in our facility and in our products is of vital importance. The manufacturing facility is divided into FOD areas, each responsible for daily monitoring and follow-up of their own progress with regards to FOD prevention.

KONGSBERG also certifies personnel in accordance to international standards. Examples are Non-Destructive Testing personnel certified in accordance to EN 473/NORDTEST and/or NAS 410/EN 4179.

LESSONS LEARNED Root cause analysis and lessons learned methodology is a natural part of how we work and seek to learn and improve our skills, products and services.

Inspection personnel is trained in the following standards: • NS-ISO 8015 • ASME Y14.5-2009

//: Complex

structures for Extreme Use

State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing

- m ajor v o lu m es an d co m p l e x p ro d u c t i on ser i es ERP-LN and ENOVIA (PDM) KONGSBERG uses the Enterprise Resource Planning system ERP-LN, and the Product Data Management system (PDM) ENOVIA as our backbone manufacturing system. Our integrated ERP-LN system includes quoting, planning, scheduling, inventory management, and material management. MANUFACTURING EXECUTION SYSTEM SAP-ME AND SPC Processes are developed and implemented in SAP-ME (MES). All process descriptions are in English, digital and with hyperlinks to ENOVIA, to ensure configuration control. With SAP-ME, we are able use the Statistical Process Control (SPC) feature for monitoring processes during operation. Process capability data can be collected on processes affecting KCs. UNIT TR ACKING All production reports and COCs are filed as electronic buy-off packages. These can be sent directly to customer through an as-built structure.

LOB AND PERFORMANCE ME TRICS We operate an efficient schedule and progress control and reporting system, using an automated Line of Balance (LOB) from our ERP-LN system. Daily updated LOB and metrics reports are visualized on status boards in production. C APACITY ANALYSIS AND IMS The Shop Floor Control function in ERP-LN is used for near future analysis based on sales orders. A supporting in-house database offers longer-term simulations of required resources and procurements related to capital equipment. These analyses form the basis for our Integrated Manufacturing Schedule (IMS) visualizing desired capabilities, learning curves and need for future capital investments. IMPR OVE IMPROVE is KONGSBERG’s overall quality management system for handling internal non-conformance processes, providing mitigating plans, reports and statistics. IMPROVE is also used by our Procurement Department for risk assessments of sub-suppliers with subsequent mitigation plans.


Driving Results

- t h ro u g h a Me t r i c an d Per f or m an c e - base d C u lt u re

KONGSBERG drives results through a metric and performance-based culture improved through lean six sigma methodology, integration and standardization. Key focus is on reducing process lead time, quality defects, cost, and invested capital. Lean Six Sigma is used by our key international customers NGC and LMA and we have 20 trained Lean Six Sigma Green Belts working on our international contractual programs. A master black belt is supporting on-going work. Value Stream Mapping is an integral part of our continious improvement work and provides product and process control throughout our value chain. KONGSBER G BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM KONGSBERGs overall business management system is mandatory to all business units including KONGSBERG Aerostructures. Designed to manage performance and achieve business goals through highly professional product and project management. HSE MANAGEMENT KONGSBERG focuses strongly on: • Systematic approach to HSE • Promoting job satisfaction • Good and safe working environment, • Maintaining low level of sick leaves • Avoiding injuries and accidents • Analyzing and controlling risks and threats

Competent Managers, Program - and Production Teams

- ke y to K O N G S B E R G ' s s u cc ess

The key to KONGSBERG'S success lies in the combination of good leadership and dedicated skilled co-workers. KONGSBERG focuses strongly on post-education and in-service training for our experienced employees. KONGSBERG is seen as an attractive workplace and was in 2011 rated the 5th most desired work place for young engineers in Norway. Apprenticeship is a clear focus at KONGSBERG and is offered in cooperation with Kongsberg Technology Training Center (K-Tech) at the heart of Kongsberg Technology Park. K-Tech is a joint ownership between Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA), FMC Technologies, and Volvo Aero Norge AS, and offers professional industrial technology training. Areas of apprenticeship are: • Automation • CNC machining • Industrial mechanics (Industrimekaniker) • Assembly (Industrimontør) • Tooling (Verktøymaker) • Welding • Logistics • IKT (IKT servicefag) • Composites • Dimension control (Dimensjonskontroll) Overall, 18 apprenticeships was successfully completed at KONGSBERG Aerostructures during 2011. The first person obtaining a polymer composite certificate in Norway completed her apprenticeship with KONGSBERG Aerostructures in 2011. Kongsberg offers project professional certification and training for project and line managers and project team members. The KONGSBERG Leadership Model ([email protected]) is built up around four principles: • Pursue ambitious goals • Promote improvement processes • Set a good example • Ensure development through challenges

Martin Munkeby (21) came to KONGSBERG for his apprenticeship in 2008, and completed his examination as CNC machinist in 2010. He was appointed a CNC programmer in the beginning of 2011 after his silver medal in the Norwegian National WorldSkills event. He also successfully participated in the world championship achieving 11th position– a very strong performance for a young Norwegian apprentice.

Business Conduct Behavior in business matters is governed by KONGSBERG’s Code of Ethics, Business Conduct and Compliance, together with internal procedures and relevant laws and regulations

What we start we finish //: we do not give in

S e c u r i t y at a R S E N A L E T All KONGSBERG Aerostructures employees must complete a training session with regards to our facility Arsenalet‘s Security Plan, Security Instruction INS0096 and ITAR regulations. Persons entering Arsenalet must carry a visible, valid identification card. Photographing including use of cell phone cameras is forbidden. Food, drinks or tobacco is prohibited in the workshops throughout the facility.

KONGSBERG Aerostructures’ success is founded on a 200 year long KONGSBERG history of world-class achievements gained through a relentless quest for world-class innovations, continuous hard work and unmistakable head-strong determination. KONGSBERG Aerostructures will always strive for world-class performance and is committed to ensuring the future success of our customers and partners operating in global, highly competitive and extremely challenging industries from Subsea to Aerospace. We will relentlessly pursue innovation and new solutions, always having quality, safety and security in mind, aspiring to achieve sustainable development with a good balance between financial results and corporate social and environmental responsibilities. KONGSBERG Aerostructures is committed to always be in the forefront and always remain world-class through our people, technology, and continuous dedication. Our four KONGSBERG corporate values define who we are and how we do our business; Innovative, Reliable, Determined, and Collaborative. What we start, we finish. We do not give in.

Terje Bråthen Executive Vice-President KONGSBERG Aerostructures kongsberg Cor p orat e co m p l i an c e Compliance with the Code of Ethics is mandatory, and all employees and representatives of KONGSBERG are required to pertain to the Code’s provisions. K ongsberg cor p orat e so c i a l res p ons i b i l i t y ( c sr ) KONGSBERG aspires to achieve sustainable development; to strike a good balance between financial results and corporate social and environmental responsibility. The value created will accrue to owners, stakeholders and society-at-large. K ongsberg h ea lt h , sa f e t y an d E n v i ron m en t KONGSBERG is a responsible organization characterized by integrity and concern for health, safety and the environment.

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WORLDWiDE OPERATiONS KONGSBERG is an international corporation with strong Norwegian roots. Collaboration with our customers, partners and suppliers, and a commitment to understand the context where our technology is applied, are important driving forces behind the corporation’s international development and growth.

Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

Norway (15) * Main Office in Kongsberg

Vancouver (Canada)

Denmark Sweden Finland


Lynwood (USA) Salt Lake City (USA)

London (Canada) Pocasset (USA) Johnstown(USA)

Houston (USA) New Orleans (USA)


St. John’s (Canada)

Poland (2) Germany Hungary Netherlands

United Kingdom (8) Ottawa (Canada) Halifax (Canada) Long Island (USA) Spain West Mystic (USA) Algeria Mount Arlington (USA) Washington (USA)


Dalian (China) Kuwait


Zhenjiang (China) United Arab Emirates India (2)

Shanghai (China)

Saudi Arabia


South Korea (5)

Guangzhou (China)

Mexico Nigeria

Singapore (2)

Brazil Australia

South Africa



Kongsberg , Asker, Bergen, Billingstad, Horten, Kjeller, Kristiansand, Oslo, Sandefjord, Sandvika, Stavanger, Stjørdal, Svalbard, Tromsø, Trondheim.

- through people, technology and dedication


Site Address:

Kirkegaardsveien 45 P.O.Box 1003 N-3601 Kongsberg Norway Telephone: +47 32 28 82 00

AEROSTRUCTURES Bergmannsveien 241 N-3615 Kongsberg Norway Telephone: +47 920 600 22

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