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it is a test for level 5...





English File 2

File Test 5


Comple Complete te the senten sentence. ce.U Use the infini infinitiv tivee or -ing  form form of the the verb verb in pare parent nthe hese ses. s.

4 They They walk walked ed ____ ______ ____ ____ ____ ____ ___ _ the the street street unti untill they  they  found found a good good restau restauran rant. t.

Exam Exampl ple: e: She She left left witho without ut closing (cl closing (close) ose) the door door.

5 Come Come ____ ______ ____ ____ ____ ____ ___! _! It’ It’s wond wonder erfu full to see you. you. 6 We wentfor wentfor a long long walk walk ____ ______ ____ ____ ____ ____ ___ _ the the lak lake.

1 I enjo enjoyy ____ ______ ____ ____ ___ _ (wal (walk) k) in the the rain rain..


2 Try not not ____ ______ ____ ____ ___ _ (spen (spend) d) too too much much money money.. 3 I need need ____ ______ ____ ____ ___ _ (buy (buy)) some some new new shoe shoes. s.

Grammar total


4 ____ ______ ____ ____ ___ _ (swi (swim) m) is very very good good for for you. ou.

 VO  V O C A B U L A R Y

5 I sentT sentToman oman e-ma e-mail il beca becaus usee I want wanted ed ____ ______ ____ ____ ___ _ (tell) (tell) him about about the party party.


6 We weresorr weresorryy ____ ______ ____ ____ ___ _ (see (see)) him him go. go.

Exam Exampl ple: e: Do you you ____ _____ _ read readin ing? g?

7 She’ She’ss very very good good at_____ at_______ ____ ____ __ (tal (talk) k) tonew peop people le..

A enjoy   

8 I forg forgot___ ot_____ ____ ____ ____ __ (buy (buy)) milk milk..

8 2

Comple Complete te the senten sentence ce.. Choose Choose the correc correctt word(s word(s). ). B want 

C think 

1 Jung Jung is ____ _____ _ in in fish fishing. ing. A interested  B excited 

C happy 

2 She _____ _____ a lot of time time watch watching ing TV. TV.

Comple Complete te the senten sentence. ce.Cho Choose ose the corre correct ct phrase phrase..

A has 

B spends 

C does 

Exam Exampl ple: e: You haveto haveto / don don’thave ’thave to clea clean n up your your room. room. It’ It’s a mess. mess.

3 I’d I’d _____ _____ to to go out out this this evening. evening. A feel like  B think  C like 

1 You don’t don’t have have to / can’t swim there. there. It’s It’s dangerous. dangerous.

4 I’ve I’ve _____ _____ talkin talkingg to to him. him. A finish 

2 I haven’ haven’tt to / don’t don’t have have to do my homewo homework. rk. I’ve I’ve alread alreadyy finish finished ed it!

B stopped 

C dreamed 

5 He doesn doesn’t ’t _____ _____ walkin walkingg to work. work. A want 

3 She hasto / can’t practic practicee the the piano piano tonigh tonight. t. She’ She’s not very good. good.

B good 

C mind 

6 I’m I’m _____ _____ of study studying ing law law. A hoping  B thinking 

4 All All pass passen enge gers rsmust must / must must not go through through security. security. If not,they not,they can can’t board board the the plan plane. e.

C spending 

7 We _____ _____ going going to to the the beach. beach.

5 We must must not / don’t don’t have have to buy tickets. tickets. Admission Admission is free. free.

A need 

B love 

C want 

8 I _____ _____ to to go to to the the superm supermark arket. et. A need  B dislike  C think 

6 You can’t / have have to go to the the party party.. It’ It’s too too late late..

6 3

Comple Complete te the sente sentence nce with a preposi prepositio tion. n. Use each each word word only only once. once. down


in over

through into


Exam Exampl ple: e: He walk walked ed out out of th of thee hous housee and and neve neverr came came back. 1 Go ____ ______ ____ ____ ____ ____ ___ _ the the brid bridge ge and and tak take the the firs firstt turn turn on the the left left.. 2 She She came came ____ ______ ____ ____ ____ ____ ___ _ the the livi living ng roomand roomand sat sat down. 3 You can can’t drive drive ____ ______ ____ ____ ____ ____ ___ _ the the tunn tunnel. el. It’s It’s closed.

8 5

Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word(s). Example: I find find English English a little / very difficult.  very difficult. 1 This This exer exerci cise se isnot is not very / very / extremely hard. extremely hard. We can’t do it! 2 Of course course I can can ride ride a bike, bike, it’ it’ss not very / very / really easy. really easy. 3 This This ques questi tion on is little / fairly complicated. fairly complicated. 4 I’m not very / very / a little worried about the exam. I’ve studied hard. 5 He’s a little / really motivated really motivated because he wants to get a good job. 6 He’s really / really / a little friendly. He talks to everybody.

6 American English File 2

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English File 2

File Test 5



Complete the phrase with play , go , or do .


Example:  play football 1 __________ skiing

Which is the stressed syllable? Choose the correct answer. Example: A difficult  B difficult  C difficult  

2 __________ basketball 3 __________ aerobics

1 A dangerous  B dangerous  C dangerous 

4 __________ tennis

2 A pretended  B pretended  C pretended 

5 __________ judo

3 A forgotten 

6 __________ cycling

4 A possible 

B possible 

C forgotten 

C possible 

5 A interesting  B interesting  C interesting 

6  Vocabulary total

B forgotten 


20 8

Write the word with the same sound. out

over tw o along hate

Example: boot

en joy 


1 computer __________ 2 dow n


3 phone


4 jazz


5 house



American English File 2

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Pronunciation total


Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total






English File 2

File Test 5


6 When Tim was traveling, he _____. A met a lot of Americans  B spent a lot of money  C spoke a lot of Spanish 

Read the article. Choose the correct answer. How many ways are there to learn a language?

7 Samantha learned Japanese _____.

 Do you want to learn a language? We interviewed three people who  learned a language in very different ways.  Louisa is 36 and a mother of two. She went to evening classes. “I quit working when I had my first child. Then a year ago I signed up for a Portuguese evening class. At first, it was really difficult. We had to speak Portuguese all the time in the classroom, and I didn’t understand anything. Also, when you only have one class a week, you have to do a lot at home. I studied when the children were in bed and listened to Portuguese CDs in the car. At the end of the year I could speak Portuguese fairly well.”

Tim is 23. He went to Spain to learn Spanish. “When I finished college, I wanted to travel and learn a language. I already knew a little Spanish, so I decided to go to Spain. I didn’t want  to take formal classes, so I bought some CDs and listened to them before I went. I traveled around the country for six months. It’s the only way to learn! I didn’t have much money, so I worked in cafes. That meant I met a lot of people and learned a lot of Spanish. I also had a great time. I’d definitely recommend it.” Samantha is 29. She took an intensive course in Vancouver. “I studied French and Chinese in college and got a job with computers. I missed learning a language, so I asked my boss for a one-month  vacation and enrolled in an intensive Japanese course in Vancouver.  We had six hours of classes every day, so it was really hard work. We all communicated in Japanese. The problem was that when I went home, I spoke English again. The course was fun and I learned a lot, but I’d like to take a course in Japan next time.”

Example: When Louisa’s first child was born, she _____. A worked in the evenings  B continued working   C stopped working  1 Louisa found learning a language _____. A easy  B boring  C hard  2 She took a Portuguese class _____. A once a week  B every evening  C during the day  3 Louisa did extra studying when she was _____. A taking care of the children  C in bed 

B driving 

4 Tim went to Spain because he _____. A could speak Spanish very well  B knew some Spanish  C studied Spanish at college  5 Before he went, Tim _____. A took some classes  B practiced on his own  C bought a home-study book  American English File 2

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A at work  B in Japan  C at a language school  8 When she was in class, Samantha spoke _____. A a lot of English  B Japanese all the time  C in different languages 

8 2

Write L for Louisa, T for Tim, or S for Samantha. Example: Who … is planning a trip abroad? S  1 studied for a year? __ 2 has a job? __ 3 can now speak three languages? __ 4 didn’t take any classes? __ 5 couldn’t understand anything at first? __ 6 had classes all day? __ 7 thinks traveling is the only way to learn a language? __

7 Reading total


 WR ITI NG Read the ad and write a formal e-mail (100–150 words) telling the language school what course you would like to take. The English School – Denver, Colorado, USA Learn English in Denver, the mile-high city! We offer one-week, two-week, and six-week courses with accommodations in an apartment or with an American family. We sponsor skiing trips in the region with skiing lessons. E-mail us to find out more.

Paragraph 1 Why are you writing? Who are you?

old are you? • • How •Paragraph 2 • Where are you from? is your level of English? • What long do you want to study? • How Where do you want to stay? •Paragraph 3 • What other information would you like to receive?  Writing total


Reading and Writing total

25 3




English File 2

File Test 5



 AE F 2 T 10 Listen to the interview. Choose the

Work in pairs.

correct answer to complete the sentence.

Student A, look at Speaking Test A.

1 Adriana probably works as a _____. A poet 

B scientist 

Student B, look at Speaking Test B.

C linguist 

2 Adriana speaks _____. A 30 languages  B 40 languages  C 14 languages 

Speaking total


Listening and Speaking total


3 In school, Adriana spoke _____. A Spanish and French  B Spanish and English  C French and English  4 In college, Adriana studied _____. A Portuguese  B French 

C Chinese 

5 According to Adriana, to learn languages, you have to _____. A be smart 

B work hard 

C go abroad 

5 2

 AE F 2 T 11 Listen to five conversations. Match the

speakers (1–5) to what they do (A–H). In conversation 1, Allison is _____. In conversation 2, Dan is _____. In conversation 3, Joe is _____. In conversation 4, Pedro is _____. In conversation 5, Jasmine is _____. A an architect B a pilot C a high school teacher D a doctor E a professional soccer player F a hairdresser G a college professor H a nurse

5 Listening total

American English File 2


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