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February 3, 2019 | Author: Arian Mahmud | Category: Immigration, Migrant Worker, Employment, Facebook, Digital & Social Media
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AP/ADMS1000 F - Introduction to Administrative Studies (Fall 2015-2016)

Session one: Question one: The initial and widespread success of Facebook may be seen as largely a result of external factors harnessed by an individual with a unique idea. This is supported by a widespread  perception of the companys fluke success. !lobally" societies became somewhat integrated through the worldwide web and relevant technologies posed opportunities for gathering gathering valuable market information and advertising strategies. This is illustrated by Facebooks main strengths including being a high traffic venue for ads and brand awareness. #n addition" users u sers who pay for items in game play" are willing and able to do so. That is" individuals seem to hav e enough downtime and disposable income to spend on Facebook games. $oreover" $oreove r" while Facebook is not without considerable competition" it remains the choice tool for professional social media users. %ithout the available technology" available information and the willingness to participate in modern society" Facebook probably would not have succeeded. #nternally the company seems to boast a lean structure and a youthful supply of labour. The The average age of executives is under &'" the company was created by a college(age kid and began as a tool for college)university users. This may or may not be conducive to innovative ideas in a rapidly changing technological environment but at the least it is something unique about the company. #n addition a smaller team may reduce resource inefficiencies and act as a b reeding ground for creativity. *ne of the criticisms expressed in this case is regarding the +,*s -on(the( go- philosophy-" that is periodic changes to privacy" features" etc that have the potential to damage the companys reputation. *n the other hand this may be characteristic of a unique strategy. necdotally speaking" every time there is change to Facebook features" social media users are up in arms breeding a discussion about Facebook" away from other o ther social media sites. This may be something to look into. +ontinuous adaptation seems to be a necessary feature of Facebooks strategy for success. ,xpansion into the mobile market" easing user access is an example of strategic investment. Finally" we see that the Facebook brand has recently stepped into advocating for certain social issues including removing censorship restrictions" and  promoting universal internet access. These movements may be interpreted interpreted as part of a strategy to ensure future success. uestion 2!

%hich elements of the external and internal environment are beginning to create challenges for Facebook/ Ans"er!

The first element that is creating a challenge for Facebook F acebook is the technological force. s technology is continuously advancing and evolving" this creates great pressure for Facebook to do the same as well. Facebook always needs to come out with updates for smartphone applications" more attractive and efficient desktop layouts and of course n ew features to keep

 people interested. #f Facebook were to stay the way it is" people would eventually get bored and move to other social networks" leaving Facebook Fac ebook behind. +onstant innovation is key ke y in today0s  business world. nother force that creates challenges for Facebook is the competitive force. This one is probably one of the biggest factors as there are now so many social networks to be a part of. 1eople have Twitter" Tw itter" #nstagram" #nstagram" 1interest" Tumblr" !oogle 2 and the list goes on. ll these accounts are free" quick and easy to sign up for and allow you to connect with friends or complete strangers from around the world. #f Facebook wants to continue to be successful" it has to bring a particular edge that will ensure people want to continue to use it along with their other social media accounts.

Question 3 What force must Facebook work the hardest to address to continue to prosper ?

# believe the force Facebook must work hardest to address in order to continue con tinue to prosper is the societal force. The main component which determines Facebooks Faceboo ks success is the amount of  people who are using Facebook and how satisfied those Facebook users are. # feel that currently Facebook does not take enough feedback from it users in terms of updates that could be made to make use more easy and en4oyable for Facebookers. in addition Facebook also needs to work on its company transparency so users can feels more secure that there information is kept private and in the right hands. 5uring the original burst in facebooks popularity it was a new and exciting easily accessible form of social media which many people peop le flocked to because of it originality. Since then many new forms of social media which have raised users expectations6 $any of these new platforms such as snapchat" and #nstagram offer original content while integrating ideas from their users to make and even removing features that the users do not find en4oyable.. en4o yable.. The difference with these other forms of social media which are in high demand and facebook is that they take into consideration and attempt to include ideas from their users while faceboo k will often make changes that users find unnecessary and over o ver complicate things while not really taking into account the idea users have which they feel will improve the site. #n order for facebook to continue to progress it must take in consideration that users have different expectations and integrating their ideas will help continue to build its popularity. nother thing Facebook needs to work on in order to continuing prospering is its company transparency. Something Something that has turned alot of o f people away from facebook the lack of feeling that there information is secure do to indiscretions with the companies privacy policy and having their information sold to companies with out their knowledge . $aking customers more conscious of these things and educating them on how to opt out o ut earlier on or better protect things they want to keep private will will help build more transparency and make make people more trusting and secure in using the site.

Session Two: Session 7 ( #mmigrants 8 9abour ights +ase 5iscussion Question one: The language barrier is the first contributing factor mentioned in the story but language is 4ust a small part of the larger issues immigrant workers face. #n *ntario" the ,S minimum standards are outlined in a poster available on the website: http:)) . #t even clearly states that the information is available in multiple languages" which should make the rules readily accessible to workers who do not yet have good" or even any" ,nglish language skills. ;ut the workers will not know of either the rules or their ability to read them in their own languages if these posters are not mandated to be displayed in all workplaces" as has been prescribed by the health and safety guidelines. This is the result of the lack of reinforcement ? also mentioned. #f the government is not attempting to monitor employers" to ensure that the rules are being followed" it allows for the many gaps in the system =unethical employers> use to create the awful working conditions described and the exploitation of new immigrant workers. This is compounded by the attitudes of the workers themselves fearing repercussions of complaining about poor working conditions. Starting fresh in a new country is scary enough without the added fear of unemployment added to the mix. ll of this is added to the already =unstable labour market"> [email protected] by increased part time)temporary)contract employment that offers no security" even for long(time residents of +anada. The implication is that immigrant workers have many difficult barriers to face entering and staying in the workforce. t one time" these may have been less insurmountable if new residents were able to find work protected by unions" but the declining numbers of unions is adding more misery to the situation. The protection once offered by the union environment is  being replaced a survival of the fittest" =competitive markets> mentality.

2! #o" do $ou t%in& t%is stor$ "ould 'e elained t%rou*% t%e lens o+ eac% o+ t%e +our ersectives discussed in t%is c%ater, %e .eoclassical Persective  believes that people and businesses are motivated by self(interest" and thus will make decisions that will [email protected] fulfilment of their personal interests gradually distancing Jodak as a competitive threat. s the article mentions" Jodak made the mistake of focusing on the printer and did not embrace the opportunity to branch out into other modes of photo(capturing technology. Jodak0s use of developmental changes halted their  progress. Their attempt to rebrand" most likely a transitional change" came too late for them to recoup the market shares they once commanded. ltimately" their failure to implement a transformational change when they developed the new technology led to loss of consumer appeal)demand and competition that was too great to meet once they0d decided to make the shift. ,ach step of the way" Jodak faced the economic force of these elements" as seen by the drastic stock price declines. #n the end" factory closures"  4ob losses" and bankruptcy were the inevitable path for the public consumer side of Jodak0s  business because of its =inactivityR> in moving with the market shift. Question 7: %hy was it so difficult for Jodak to adapt to change/ %hen the company Jodak first started" back in ANNN" they became successful by being the world0s first flexible roll film. Got long after" in AHDD" they transformed photography into a big sensation with a UA ;rownie camera. ,ver since then the company had continuously made many sensational innovations" such as a slide and motion(picture film" colour p hotography" replacing  box cameras etc. $any of their innovations has what allowed the 7Dth century to have high quality and ease of use in filming" whether it was someone professional or an amateur. The company0s innovations was also known and successfully sold globally. Eowever" as the years went by" the revolution in technology has changed dramatically. This was the main cause that made it so difficult for the company Jodak to adapt to change. 5uring the

years of their success" the company had avoided the possibilities of how the digital technology was possible to change faster than they would have predicted. #n AHB'" Jodak invented the digital camera" and although they have made a report on how  people will eventually change from using film to digital" they remained inactive to enhance any changes on their other products. ;y the time the company had [email protected] that no one would use film anymore" they gained many competitors that focused on digital cameras" and instead of creating something new" such as improving their own digital camera or even creating a new  product to enhance their company" they decided to focus on printing and developing photos. lthough the company Jodak could have been as successful as other companies" they have failed because adapting to change was simply not their ideal strategy. The company has always  been comfortable with what they started with" but when the revolution in technology changed drastically" Jodak has failed to transform their products into a better version .

Question three: s we live in a technology era and competing globally" all [email protected] should be aware their surroundings and should be measured what they are facing the external forces such as environment" economic" political" competitive" technology and social sources in order to sustain their business in the competing !lobal market. Jodak0s case is clearly shown as a failure" even though they were dominant for B& years and leading company. Eowever Jodak is far behind in competition and in fact they declared  bankruptcy. ccording to the findings" Jodak and many other [email protected] still today encourage single loop of learning" this way of operating resulted in failure. They are more lay back in a sense of innovating new items to the changing market. The new technology0s digital products" this digital revolution made Jodiaks were not able to compete and sustain as all other film related industry are changing to the digital way of producing their products. Jodak0s Single loop behaviour of operating the business and this resulted in failure. ( ( ( ( (

Geglected to fully acknowledge the digital technology posed until it was too late %hile competitors pursued of method of enhancing the digital future of the camera Jodak remained inactive. They launched printer dock CDDD W where now many consumers print their pictures with low costs at the shopper0s drug store or %al($art. This focus of printer was wrong. Geglected focus on youth driven consumer. #ncapable at dealing with innovations

Study suggests that to all [email protected] should try 5ouble loop learning to sustain their business (

+ould more forces on market research so that when they invented the digital camera in AHB'" they should have more focused in the future generation0s needs or might needs.


They could have used its leading edge technology to develop other items other than focusing on printer  oot cause analysis needed !et more involved the market trends" 9isten to the customers im to change the status and promotes innovations. $odifies underlying policies.

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