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At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to: a. Define postharvest handling;  b. Identify the various postharvest procedures; procedures; and c. Observe proper postharvest handling to minimize losses. II.


Topic: The Postharvest Operations/Handling Operations/Handling References: LANTICAN,R.M.2002. LANTICAN,R.M.2 002. The Science Production.SEARCA Production.SEARCA UPLB .College, Laguna


Practice P ractice


Crop C rop

http://eagri.tnau.ac.in/eagri50/HORT http://eagri.tnau.ac.in/eagri50/HORT381/pdf/lec02.pdf 381/pdf/lec02.pdf Materials: Visual Aid Values: Appreciation III.


Students Activity

a. Prayer “Let us pray first, anyone who wants t o lead the prayer?”

(One student will lead the prayer)

b. Preparation “Good morning class!” class!”

Good morning Ma’am!

“Please arrange your chairs according according to your row.” row.”

Students arrange their chairs.

“You may now take your seat.” seat. ”

Thank you Ma’am!

“Miss Secretary may I know who are the absent for today?”

( The Secretary will stand and tell the absentee)

By the way before we are going to start our lesson, let me introduce myself, I am Jenessa Villanueva- Romanillos from Braulio E. Dujali, and I’ll be your teacher for fo r Agricultural Crop Production.

B. DEVELPMENTAL ACTIVITIES Teacher’s Activity a. Motivation “Okey, are you all ready for our lesson?”

Students Activity

Yes Ma’am!

“Who among you here have farms?”

(students will raise their hands)

“What crops are planted? Have you tried harvesting your own planted crops?”

(students will raise their hands and answer)

“So I want You now to enumerate and identify the steps you perform to your harvested crops.” (Pick 3 students to answer)

(students will raise their hands and answer)

“Thank you class all of your answers are correct  because we have different kinds of crops the grain crops includes the rice and corn, and the perishables which is the fruits and vegetables belong. So it requires different steps after harvest to lengthen the shelf life of that specific commodity” b. LESSON PROPER “Today our topic is all about the POSTHARVEST OPERATIONS/ HANDLING. “ The teacher states the lesson objectives

“When you hear the word POSTHARVEST HANDLING what comes into your mind? Anyone?” (Pick 2 students to answer) “Thank you; please listen attentively because after the discussion we will have our short quiz.” “POSTHARVEST HANDLING” “Is the specific term used for the movement of commodities and operations through which the commodity undergoes from harvest to  possession to the fixed consumer; this includes the technological aspects of marketing and distribution. Different crops undergo different steps on  postharvest. “ Why are postharvest practices done? 

 

Vegetables/fruits are living tissues that undergo continuous change after harvest Rapid deterioration can occur Can affect quality of vegetable/fruits (Freshness and nutritional) Safety of the vegetable/fruits (Pesticide residues)(Microbiological organisms)

(students listen to the lesson objectives) (students will raise their hands and answer)




Selection, Cleaning and Disinfection





packing and Packaging

other treatments



Reception or it’s is either to the packing house or to the shaded place which is not exposed directly to the sun and the preparatory steps for storage to market is done. “What is pre-cooling class?

Yes, that’s right. Pre-cooling-

Pre-cooling refers to the rapid

removal of field heat shortly after the harvest of a crop. Field heat can be defined as the difference in temperature between the temperature of the crop harvested and the optimal storage temperature of that product. In general the temperature should be cooled down till it reaches 88% of the existing difference in temperature and its optimal storage temperature. Field heat should be removed as fast as possible since, for most produce, an hour delay at field conditions of about 35°C will lead to a loss in shelf-life of about 1 day  –   even at optimal storage conditions.

“Ma’am removal of the harvested  produce from the field Ma’am so that it will not expose to direct sunlight/ high temperature.”

“Then next is the Selection, cleaning and disinfection”

It means class that in this stage of the commodity Selection or sorting the process of classifying into groups designated by the person classifying crops or commodities the produce either according to set criteria. It means class that in this stage of the commodity Selection or sorting the process of classifying into groups designated by the person classifying crops or commodities the produce either according to set criteria. Sorting is done by hand to remove which is not suitable to market or storage due to damage by insects, diseases and mechanical. Then cleaning  before the commodity are marketed various amounts of cleaning are necessary which typically involves the removal of soil dust, adhering debris, insects and pest residue. But we just don’t need to clean it we need to make sure that we used clean water for washing our commodity. There are several types of cleaning: −1.Washing –  dunking, spraying, wiping. −2. Dry brushing –  no water, just brush. −3. Don’t wash –   washing/extra handling can cause damage, decreasing quality. and because washing is not enough disinfection needed to apply to the commodity. Chlorine in fresh water is often used to disinfect to wash the commodity. After that Drying to the excess moisture caused by washing will be removed then grading will be the next step it is the process of classifying into groups to a set recognized criteria of quality and size, each group bearing an acceptable name and size grouping. Then some of the commodities undergo other treatments like CURING, WAXING.

Then after which the Packing or it is the act of  putting commodities in a container. The packaging is the process to ensure adequate  protection and safe delivery of the product from the ultimate consumer. “Pay attention at the grocery store and at farmers “At the Grocery Ma’am since it was pack markets class to how produce is displayed, what  properly compared to the Farmers market looks good to you?” that was displayed directly without  packaging.” “Yes that is right and did you know if our commodity is directly exposed/ displayed it is

“Yes Ma’am”

subject to pathogen and microorganism that can contribute to the deterioration of our produce so it means, it will affect the farmers income, right class?” Storage is the next it is the process of keeping crops in structure designed to protect to stored products from inclement weather and pest for a short or longer period of time to await processing or transport to other location. In the case of fruits and vegetables it should be stored in specific temperature since it perishables crops have a short shelf life compare to the grain crops. Lastly is the Transport during this step we need to consider on how it is transported. Is the vehicle clean and cool? We need to see to it that we should not load our commodity with a very warm vehicle it will affect the shelf life of our commodity. c.


So now I will group you into 3 groups. Then answer the following question IN 5 MINUTES You will identify the cause of losses at the different (Students will have their group activity)  points of the system For Group 1: During Packing For Group 2: during STORAGE. For Group 3: during Transport “ok class time’s up” “The first to present is the group 1 followed by the group 2 the last is the group 3” “Thank you class. All that you mention was correct. There is a big losses on our produce during that time.

During the PACKING;   

 

Improper postharvest handling Delays Physical (large packaging  bags),(inappropriate packing materials) mechanical (Inappropriate technologies)  physiological damage

(Students present their answers on the  postharvest losses during the movement of the commodity from packaging, storage and transport)

During STORAGE;  

Physical  physiological damage caused by rough handling,bacteria,fungus, insects, rodents and other environmental factors

During TRANSPORT;  

 

Delays caused Environmental conditions Physical (overloading).(poor road condition), mechanical  physiological damage

Yes Ma’am

So, Am I understood?


GENERALIZATION Teacher’s Activity

Students Activity

“I know you have learned a lot from this day’s discussion, so anyone who can summarize the lesson?

(Students raise their hands)

Call 2 students to summarize the topic. “thank you “ POSTHARVEST HANDLING specifically involves the movement and the operations that commodities undergo from harvest to the time immediately before meal preparation It main concern is to keep commodities in an acceptable state from harvest until it reaches the consumer since most commodities are transported in their perishable state. In addition, postharvest handling aims to minimize losses at the least possible cost. The existing postharvest environment requires appropriate technologies to maintain quality of commodities. Poor handling of agricultural commodities can result in quality deterioration and losses. Is everything clear class?

Yes Ma’am!


EVALUATION Please get 1/4 sheet of paper for our short quiz. And answer the following questions.

1. It is the rapid removal of the field heat to the commodity._____________________ 2-3 give at least 2 reasons why postharvest is done? 4. Is the stage of crop production immediately following harvest, including cooling, cleaning, sorting and packing. 5. The main reason for this step is for the appearance of the commodity that will be attractive to the consumer. 6-15 for 10 points what are the procedures in postharvest. “Ok Class pass your paper in front.” Answer Key: 1. Pre-cooling 2-3 Rapid deterioration can occur Can affect quality of vegetable/fruits (Freshness and nutritional) Safety of the vegetable/fruits 4. Postharvest HANDLING 5. Packaging 6-15 harvest-reception-precooling-selection, cleaning and disinfection-drying, grading,-other treatments-packing and packaging-storage-transport


ASSIGNMENT Teacher’s Activity For your assignment please research on THE STORAGE PEST AND DISEASES. Write it in a 1 whole sheet of paper.

Students Activity

That’s all for today. See you all again next meeting! Class dismissed. Good Bye Class!

PREPARED BY: Jenessa V. Romanillos

Good bye and Thank you Ma’am!

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